“That was just the most fantastic experience yesterday- you are the best!”
Deanna Cooper, Director of Social Work
“My experience with Fern, as both a client and a student of Astrology, has been life-changing. Fern has an ability to explain what’s happening with a transit that helps me to move in my life in a new way and make better decisions. She helps me see what forces are at play and how to best channel the energy of that force for the best outcome in my life. I love when she says, “A good use of that energy would be...”

She also helps me deal with others in my life by showing me what’s up in the relationship and how to best move through it. It also helps me understand the other person in a way that allows me to interact with them better. Working with Fern has improved many relationships in my life. I appreciate Fern and highly recommend her.”
Kimberly/Mom and Organizational Consultant
“I was always a curios skeptic about astrology until I met Fern- I’d read the little blurbs in magazines and try to stretch them to fit my life. After seeing her and hearing a spot-on description of my personality and strengths through her reading of my natal chart, I’ve been converted.

Fern has helped me understand characteristics and opportunities in my own life and helped me understand the strengths and overlaps in my relationship with my (now) husband through a relationship reading for the two of us. Later, she helped us choose an auspicious wedding date and supported me to get mentally prepared for my wedding and the powerful transition it involved by talking to me about what was coming up in my own chart as well as looking at planetary “weather” for the big day.

I would definitely recommend working with Fern!”

Hannah/Mom and Project Manager