Thank you for booking a Wisestars Astrology session! I'm really excited to work with you. Because every session is different, your answers below will inform how we structure our time together.

Please fill out and return this section to me at least 12 hours before your appointment time. 

If you have any trouble at all, send me an email: hi@wisestarsapothecary.com! I am looking forward to sharing the magic and mystery of astrology with you.



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Do you want a Zoom or Phone Session?
If your choice is to meet by phone or Zoom, please know that because I'm hard of hearing I use a closed caption phone that allows me to both hear your voice and also has captions as a back up. Sometimes there is a time delay as the computer translates your words, and sometimes this can cause a bit of overlap in communication. But overall it usually works pretty well. I welcome any questions, concerns or other thoughts about how we will communicate.
Do you want an In-Person Session?
I will send you directions to my home office in Sebastopol once I receive your payment for our session.
Do you want an MP3 Session?
This is the recording only session for those who don't have the time to book an appointment. You are welcome to email me after you receive the recording with any questions you have.