Lightning Illuminating Your Heart's Desire

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius/ July 27 /1:20pm PDT

Sun and Moon square Uranus

Mars in Aquarius conjunct Moon and South Node

Sun conjunct North Node

Moon conjunct South Node

Sun trine and Moon sextile Chiron

Venus opposing Neptune and Trine Pluto

Mercury Retrograde

Lightning Illuminating Our Heart's Desire

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Every month when the moon is full, the sun and moon pause for a moment in time to face each other, creating a tension of opposites, a polarity of separate but equal forces. This is the point in the lunar cycle where we are asked to bear witness to the darkness that is now illuminated. During a lunar eclipse, the light of the moon is hidden behind the earth, symbolizing release and transformation.

Friday’s eclipse puts the spotlight on Leo and Aquarius, as these two fixed signs act out a show stopping planetary drama that asks us all to participate, whether we want to or not. Think of this as experimental theater, where the audience is part of the show. Even if our natal astrological charts aren’t directly involved, the energetic waves that reverberate out from this Full Moon have already been felt and will continue to impact us on a collective level for months to come.

Aquarius is the rebel or outcast and also the community builder and humanitarian, genius and truth teller. Paradoxical and quirky, Aquarius resists labels, zigs where others zag, and thrives on breaking rules and living outside of any kind of “normal” box. Aquarius can prefer the idea of people to the reality of relating to an actual human being. There can be an emotional coldness and detachment to this fixed Air sign, like a metallic tang, a disappearance into reason, analysis and mind when the messiness of feelings threatens to spill over. Aquarius can have an almost robotic approach to life that links this sign to computers and other machine technologies, tools that have the potential to offer opportunities for progress and equality (two of Aquarius’ favorite words), but that also threaten to de-humanize and destroy the very essence of life.

On the other side of the Zodiac wheel, exactly opposite Aquarius, sits Leo, the royal lion of the celestial kingdom. Proud and lovingly fierce, Leo channels the warmth of the Sun, the powerful rays of light that feed and nurture life. Without joy, creativity and fun we would wither on the vine, undernourished by the juice and vitality the feed our essential natures. Leo brightens hearts and adds a touch of glamour and shimmery gold  “oomph” to the world. But out of balance, Leo can roar too loud, dominating needlessly, repelling rather than attracting with its lion sized appetite for attention, affection and recognition.

Uranus (currently moving through Taurus) is Aquarius’ natural ruler, and at this eclipse Uranus will form a square formation with the Sun, the Moon and also the North and South node. Uranus is electric change, lightning bolts of illumination that reveal the truth, destruction followed by innovation. Squaring the Full Moon Eclipse and the Nodes, Uranus propels us to evolve as a species, crackling with intensity and power. Uranus in Taurus is lightning in Bull form, a potent force of earth and matter that is unstoppable and relentless. No sign is more steadfast and stubborn than the fixed earth of Taurus, no planet more unpredictable than Uranus.

With the Sun now in it’s home sign of Leo, conjunct the North Node in Leo, and propelled by a square from Uranus, our collective mandate is clear, our path ahead laid out like the yellow brick road, awash with the golden light of Leo. This is the juncture of the heart, where we turn towards our own inner sun for warmth and inspiration. The eclipse reminds us all that a community is made up of individuals with talents, gifts and skills that need to be seen and recognized. Art, joy and laughter are the way forward, connection, celebration, generosity and gratitude are the answer.

The Aquarius South Node (point of our karmic past)reminds us that we won’t win the game of life by sidestepping our humanity and handing it over to the Aquarian lure of technology and detachment. As Emma Goldman, writer, anarchist and healer with a Cancer Sun and her North Node in Leo) once said (or was said to have said), “If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be part of your revolution”.  Goldman fought for the right to be free to celebrate life, integrating her South Node in Aquarius into her North Node evolutionary journey.

Our eclipse experience likely won’t be without some struggle and challenge as the transiting South Node in Aquariusis currently joined (conjunct) with  retrograde Mars in Aquarius and forming a square to Uranus, its ruling planet. But Mars retrograde opens up the door for us to reflect on the right action to take and invokes a need for patience in our responses, asking us to slow down our impulses and presenting us with the opportunity to to make different choices about how we express our will and fighting spirit.

Chiron in Aries is trine the North Node and Sun in Leo and sextile the South Node, Mars and the Moon in Aquarius, offering up the wounded masculine to our conscious awareness for healing and transformation. Where do we find the wounds in ourselves around our ability to act, lead and fight for what we love? There is an art to setting boundaries well, to moving ourselves from a place of inertia to action, to protecting and defending the oppressed parts of ourselves and others-how versed are we in these sacred tasks?

Mercury (also in Leo) continues on its retrograde journey, moving slowly backwards for another week. The planet of communication, information and travel supports this eclipse by offering up time to reconsider, reflect and regroup as we encounter life changes or attitude adjustments. Mercury, the planet of communication thrives on asking and answering questions, so this Mercury retrograde in Leo mirrors many of the same issues as the Lunar Eclipse. Mercury in Leo asks: how well are we living from our heart? Can we strike a better balance between love and reason? What role does creativity, play and self-expression have in our lives? How do we express our generosity and gratitude? What kind of stage are we acting out the drama of our lives and is it the right one?

*Because eclipses repeat every 19 years, you may want to look back to July of 1999 to see what similar themes may arise during this current cycle in your life.

*Read your Sun and Rising Sign Full Moon Eclipse Astrological Message Below

Aries-Fire feeds fire, now is your time to shine. Invoke all of you, gather your courage and jump into the cauldron of life to be reborn in a new form.

Taurus-Electric jolts are cracking open your earth baked surface to the molten core inside. Draw this fire up like a volcano and allow the lava to flow, aligning with the plant power stirring below.

Gemini-The pollen of ideas in motion now can keep you busy for a long time. Gather, sort and set aside what brings you nourishment. There will be time for sharing soon, but that time is not now.

Cancer-Embark on a treasure hunt, allowing the light of the full moon to guide your way. You are ripe for discovery, ready for creation and renewal as you gaze into the pool of your deepest caves.

Leo-All you need to do is shine, your brave heart guiding the way, a glimpse of golden shimmer in the darkness. Much depends on the flickering of your inner flame.

Virgo-You are the rhythm of the earth pulsing gently in the darkness, drawing down the warmth of the sun, feeding your roots, readying for growth and change.

Libra-Imagine a flower blossoming.  Petals slowly opening, scent and color emerge as it blooms, sharing the beauty once hidden inside. You are almost there Libra, on the edge of emerging.

Scorpio-Your waters are mostly still and always deep, but outer currents are rippling now, calling for change. How can you keep your soul intact as you respond to the planetary push for change and evolution?

Sagittarius-What is your offering to the fire of transformation? How do you feed the spark, blowing it into a blaze that warms and inspires your creativity and pulse of life?

Capricorn-Rocks and stones and the bones of the earth are your magical tools. Wield them with the most focused of intentions as you prepare yourself to face the blowing winds of change.

Aquarius-Your electric intuition is so necessary to staying in alignment with the language of the stars. But now it is time to turn your attention to that other rhythm, the pulse of your blood, your beating heart. What does it tell you?

Pisces-Listen now to a language you speak so well: the voice of the plants, the roots deep in soil, the flowers reaching towards the sun. Their guidance is all you need.

Flower Essences for the Lunar Eclipse: Sunflower, Iris, Zinnia

Stones: Rhodonite, Tiger Eye

Image by Shawn Marie Hardy