Navigating Neptune's Waters-Horoscopes for November 2018

Below are some astrological “amuse bouche” in the form of horoscopes by the sign (read both your Sun Sign and your rising sign if you know it). If you’d like a little “more” schedule your end of year Astrological Consult HERE

 Aries-As you swim in the great cosmic soup, travel through the realm of your unconscious mind to look for answers via hypnotherapy, dreamwork and automatic writing and/or spend time with those who have been forgotten by the masses: those in prison, hospitals, mental institutions or those on the streets who have nothing. Find your humanity through sharing what you have without getting lost in the suffering of others.

 Taurus-Your answers will come when you understand what you want to create for the future and surround yourself with others who support your dreams. Dream big and bold and dream for all of humanity. Dream yourself and your people and the people of your people, dream for the animals and the plants and all of life. This is no time to be rigid and narrow, but rather expand, be generous and imagine a world that embraces everyone.

 Gemini-It is almost time to step out onto the world stage and declare yourself as who you have been becoming. When you begin to do so, remember that all you have been dreaming and imagining will be shaping your grand entrance. Are there edits to be made? Additions to bring in? You will find that gathering feedback and input about your impact in the public realm can help you shape your understanding of what is possible.

Cancer-The power of Neptune’s waters are your allies as you reach out, stretching yourself to grow and expand and take in more understanding, greater perspective and new possibilities of being in the world. If you can travel the world (or at least one or two unknown and foreign places), if you can’t travel the world travel your mind instead, exploring the limits and far reaches of your belief systems and comfort zones.

Leo-You have been letting go of outmoded forms of sharing and exchanging energy/sex/money/power. Now it is time for un update/upgrade/do-over in this area of life. Maybe it’s time to share with some different people, or share in different ways. Maybe you need to (re)invest in an important shared value, or divest in something that makes you feel like yuck.

 Virgo-Other people have been both incredibly inspiring and utterly disappointing, sometimes the same person all in one. You have been gazing in a magic mirror, looking for those qualities that make you feel whole. Yearning and longing can be illuminating and empowering as long as you don’t get stuck there. How can you find the qualities you yearn and long for in others in yourself now?

 Libra-Finding the magic in the mundane can be as simple as noticing the way the afternoon light falls on the wall and sitting with it for awhile. But sometimes the mundane overrides the magic, leading to an empty sort of angst and meaninglessness. Is this all there is? Your mission has been to re-enchant the ordinary, noticing the exquisite in the everyday. Can you upgrade your service to yourself and everyone else with a touch of fairy dust? Neptune wants to know.

 Scorpio-There’s possibly been a lot of dreamy possibility and passionate exploration in the realm of love and romance this year. Or maybe you’ve just created some really interesting experiences, had some fun times and pursued a fantasy or two, (or three). Now that you’ve had a chance to dabble and play, you are heading towards a time of honing in on what really brings you joy. Got any ideas?

 Sagittarius-Like living on a boat, you have felt the ground beneath your feet moving and rocking this year. How do you stay rooted in water? It has been a tricky task and there are fathoms of deep exploration into your past, your roots that may have risen to the surface. Family ties and old patterns are drifting away and now is the time to think about where you want to set your anchor in this great sea of life. Dream up a location and navigate yourself towards it.

 Capricorn-You may be wondering how to capture and express the most interesting thoughts and ideas that have wandered through your mind this year. Perhaps you have been listening to music with greater enjoyment, or taken up meditation or prayer on a more regular basis. This is a time to begin to share your more compassionate and loving thoughts with others. If your thoughts have been more confused and sad than kind, it might be a good idea to consider new ways to shape your brain to spread more empowering thought forms.

Aquarius-What matters to you and what you’ve got (what you own, possess or have) may have been going through some shifts as the tide has come in and out, washing away old values and bringing in new ones. It might be time to do an inventory of what you have (inside of you and out) that can be shared freely with others and what you just really want to keep to yourself. There’s no shame in holding on to the things that help you feel comfortable and there can be great self-discovery in noticing what you can share with others.

Pisces-You know in your deepest self what it means to let go and surrender. You have been washed clean by the salt and sea, the water taking away what is not yours and what now emerges is a new you. You are beginning to know this emerging self, discovering what it likes and doesn’t. Take some time to observe and witness who you are becoming and how the present you now relates to the world.


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