Super Blue Blood Moon in Leo

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You’ve probably heard by now of the “super blue blood moon” aka “lunar trifecta”, arriving in a sky near you on January 31st (in the Northern Hemisphere/February 1st in the Southern Hemisphere). This lunation, if nothing else, is big, bold and dramatic, featuring a show stopping Leo Moon opposing the Sun in Aquarius.

Wednesday’s lunar eclipse is one in a two part series of eclipses (the other on February 16, 2018) that are guiding us towards the culmination of a cycle that begin during the extraordinary eclipse season last summer, which also took place in the Leo/Aquarius polarity.

These next two weeks will show us the other side of last August's two eclipses. At that time, there was a Full Moon eclipse in Aquarius and a New Moon Eclipse in Leo, whereas this cycle features a Full Moon eclipse in Leo and a New Moon Eclipse in Aquarius.

Leo, the sign of royalty, the heart, creativity and the “have’s” opposes Aquarius, the sign of community, technology and the “have-not’s”. Perhaps as you read these key words they trigger some recognition in you, maybe you've noticed similar themes in current events, or events in your own life.

But what makes this eclipse cycle even more special is Ceres, the asteroid goddess of abundance, cycles ( birth/death) and nourishment forms an exact conjunction (joining) with the Moon and North Node in Leo, while Venus in Aquarius more loosely conjuncts the Sun and the South Node. These influences tell a story of a feminine influence that wants recognition, appreciation and attention. Women and the inner feminine principle of men need some love right now, the “Queen” demands her due, she wants her subjects to show their love, to express their devotion. Otherwise, she can be a powerful, demanding, “in your face” force to contend with. Aquarian style detachment and a “hey, we’re all equal” is not the way forward at this Full Moon, though it may feel like a default approach that feels safe and comfortable, if ultimately unrewarding. Hiding behind devices and expressing feelings via social media is only a part of being fully human. This lunation reminds us of raw passion and emotion, the blood pumping in our hearts, the thrill of falling in love, the song (or book, painting, movie) that makes us cry, laugh, or yell-the creation that reminds us of what it feels like to be alive.

While Leo is the pathway towards evolution now, we are still reminded to share our personal emotional, creative experiences with the collective as a sacred offering, an intention of our commonality. Aquarius represents equality and individuality, and carries the seed of our connection to each other, reminding us that  the experience of being human is one we all share.

The Lunar Trifecta also opens the magical doorway to one of the most sacred days in a witches year: Brigid aka known as Imbolc or "The Feast of Bride". Brigid is a warrior of the heart, strengthening us in her cauldron, transforming us with her fire and inspiring us to stay open to the poetry of life. She helps us make the transition from the depth of winter to the blossoming of the springtime, turning the wheel of the year forward towards the sun.

*If you want to explore the meaning of this cosmic drama in your own life, keep in mind that the last time this same eclipse cycle took place was in January/February of 1999. Although the trifecta of the blue/super/blood moon last occurred in 1866.


Aries and Aries Rising

What have you created in your life that fuels your pride and passion and how can you do more of it? These are your eclipse questions to ponder. You may want to make a habit, starting today, of checking in with how your heart feels when you embark on a new project, creation or relationship. The heart is the ruler now, not the head, so do what needs to be done to follow your own heart’s path, even if it may not seem to make sense to you in the moment.


Taurus and Taurus Rising

Do you feel like a Queen or King at home? If not, this eclipse offers you a chance to make some changes. Leo offers you the invitation to warm up your inner world, your private space and your relationships with those you share your home with. This can be a great time to assess whether you are having enough fun with yourself, expressing your creativity and living from your heart. If not, why not? You may even feel an urge to re-decorate or even move as this Full Moon eclipse lights up a new understanding in your life of what you need to really feel at home in the world.


Gemini and Gemini Rising

Do you feel like your voice is being heard and appreciated? What is it that you want/need to say and how are you saying it? As the Full Moon eclipse in Leo lights up your very own house of communication, you may feel a greater desire to get your views out there in the world. Leo encourages you to speak from the heart, letting your love and passion guide your words. This can be a good time to give your logical/rational mind something else to do, so that you can really let your heart shine through to the world.


Cancer and Cancer Rising

What do you like the most about yourself? What makes you happy to be you? As the Leo moon shines in your 2nd house of self-esteem, values and resources, you have an opportunity to recognize the gifts and blessings you bring into the world. You may find that others want to reward you by giving you praise, money or other offerings. Now is the time to cultivate receptivity and accept their appreciation with an open heart. You have a lot to offer the world, but only if you recognize your worth and share your skills with others.


Leo and Leo Rising

The spotlight is turned once more on you Leo, which is just the way you like it. Before the light moves away, what do you see reflected in the mirror the cosmos is holding up to you in the form of this powerful Full Moon eclipse? Do you like what you see? Now is a time to recognize yourself and notice what kind of face you are sharing with the world. You don’t need to be happy all the time, you just need to be you.


Virgo and Virgo Rising


Dreams are your medicine as this Full Moon Eclipse lights up your house of  unconscious mind. You may receive more guidance from symbols now than logic. Pay attention to this non-linear realm, seeking truth through your heart and spirit as you navigate the dynamic lunar cycle of the Full Moon in Leo. Though you may not find clarity about practical concerns, you do have a chance to learn the pathways of your soul, understanding more about your true purpose on this earth as a spirit. This doorway into the magical side of life can help you to re-assess the direction you are going in and make adjustments as necessary.


Libra and Libra Rising

The Full Moon Leo eclipse brings its powerful beams of light to your 11th house of dreams, making this the perfect time to DREAM BIG, inviting your imagination to play a part in shaping your future. While we can’t, as the Rolling Stones say, always get what we want, we do have the right to dream, to create and to allow our heart to have a say in our wishes and hopes for the future. If you could have, do, be anything, what would your life look and feel like? The first step to living a tomorrow that makes your heart sing is to create a vision of that tomorrow. This rare lunation is ripe with opportunities to create that vision.


Scorpio and Scorpio Rising

While you generally prefer a more private, reserved approach to the public realm of life, this Full Moon offers you a chance to step out onto the world stage with power and presence. Now you can feel your own magnetism, drawing others to you who can help you move forward in your career or mission in life. This lunation re-aligns you with your heart center, helping you to connect more deeply with what you really love and want to do in the world. Allow the intensity of the eclipse to resonate with your own intensity, bringing you clarity and a greater sense of purpose.


Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising

The Full Moon in fiery Leo is like a blessing from the cosmos, bringing you support and inspiration to guide your journey forward. Arriving in your own 9th house of consciousness expansion, travel and beliefs, the Leo Moon offers you a chance to connect with your feelings of hope and optimism. You may have an opportunity to grow or expand your frame of reference now, incorporating new ideas or beliefs that shift your perspective to a happier place. Change is in the air, bringing endings, but also many new adventures to liven up your days.

Capricorn and Capricorn Rising

If you can play well with others now, you have a chance to attract many opportunities for greater emotional and material abundance. This Leo lunation is amplifying your 8th house of sex, death and shared resources (including investments, inheritances and any money/property that you have in common with another or that you could receive). Leo, the sign of the heart, brings a generous spirit to whatever area of life it touches. If you can share your wealth (emotional and material), you will find that others are more likely to share theirs.


Aquarius and Aquarius Rising

This Full Moon Eclipse brings you a magical mirror to gaze into and see your own reflection through the most important relationships in your life. As you look into this mirror are you able to see your own heart? Do you feel the power of you? You have an opportunity now to gain insight and clarity on what it means to have partnership in your life, to understand more about what it means to love and give with all your heart. Notice if you have been holding back or giving too much as you have a chance to shift the balance to a more equitable place now.


Pisces and Pisces Rising

You came into this world with the gift of imagination and creativity and you have an innate desire to share your gifts with others. This Leo Full Moon Lunar eclipse has the potential to give you a new awareness about how you might draw on your creative powers as a form of sacred service. Notice what your imagination is brewing up and then look for ways to bring your dreams into the material realm. It may be important to strengthen your physical body now in order to ground your vision in the real world.









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