January 2018 Capricorn New Moon

I recently started watching “The Crown” a historical drama about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. My desire to learn more about Britain’s royal family arose not out of any kind of royalist leanings or deep Anglophile sentiments, but because the show seemed like an entertaining way to learn more about the nature of the approaching Capricorn season. In one of the earlier episodes, Queen Mary writes a letter to the soon to be crowned Queen Elizabeth in which she advises her to put her emotions aside and focus on her duty, “Your people will need your strength and leadership,” she writes, “I have seen three great monarchies brought down through failure to separate indulgence from duty.”

This Tuesday’s New Moon will help all of us understand where in our lives we might be over indulging in unhelpful, destructive emotions and attitudes and also where we might need to realign ourselves with our “duties”, ie responsibilities and practical actions that can help us to live our best lives. Whether you have been indulging your own addiction, or someone else’s, a fantasy that you have yet to turn into reality, bad behavior from yourself or someone else, or any number of toxic, unhealthy situations, now is the time to LET THAT SHIT GO.

The reality train takes off on Tuesday, January 16 at 6:17pm pdt with the New Moon in Capricorn. On this day the Sun and Moon are joined by Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Pluto, all in the sign of Capricorn aka the Sea Goat. Capricorn is a sign shaped by the element of earth and the season of winter. Known for grit, resiliency and fortitude, Capricorn knows how to endure and survive.

Take a moment right now to imagine your spine, picturing and sensing with your inner eye the series of 33 bones that stretch from your sacrum to your cervical column. This is the axis that connects you to the earth and the sky, the intermediary zone, the backbone that holds your place in reality, the trunk that is the bridge between your roots and your branches, leaves and fruits. Capricorn holds you here on earth, attuning you to the laws of gravity and teaching you about the boundaries and limitations, but also the long term gifts of being human.

This oh so very Capricorn New Moon offers us the chance to realign ourselves with our own integrity, our physical and spiritual “backbone”. If ever there was a time to get on with “adulting”, now is that time. What begins on this New Moon is an introduction to the way things are. Not the way we imagine them to be, not what we wish for, dream of or hope to manifest, no this New Moon gets us on the same page with The.Way.Things. Are. aka reality.

So what does your life look like when stripped back to its bare bones? Do you have a strong foundation and sturdy walls? Is your backbone ready to test its mettle? Tuesday’s New Moon brings you the opportunity to get with the reality program and take a practical, long view look at your life. Where have you been cutting corners and taking the easy way out? What needs more careful preparation and planning? How have you been letting emotions and sentimental attachment to the past keep your from your purpose?

This New Moon, if you allow it, can act as a cosmic chiropractor, realigning the spine of your life so that you can find your focus and get clear on your goals and life purpose. You will have plenty of time over the next several years to do the work and carry out your mission as Saturn, the planetary ruler of Capricorn, will continue to travel through its own sign for the next two and half years, moving in tandem with Pluto who will remain in Capricorn through 2024, but this New Moon is the beginning of a whole new chapter of the one book we are all reading, called “Life on Earth.”

 Put On Your Own Oxygen Mask First

Collectively we are looking at an influence that has the potential to value practicality and realism over kindness and compassion. This is an extended winter season, where we can become more authentic and strip down to our pure essence, but there may also be a simultaneous tendency towards austerity and deprivation. We will all be learning how to be responsible and protect those who are having a hard time breathing in the turbulence ie those who may be weaker and more vulnerable, (represented by Capricorn’s opposite sign of Cancer,) but we need to help others breath without suffocating ourselves. Capricorn reminds us to make sure our own oxygen masks are in place before we help our “children”. What boundaries, limits and structures need to be learned and practiced so that you can more effectively reach out to others with a helping hand? Putting your mask on and watching everyone around you struggle to breath will only make you cruel and inhumane. The cosmic dance of the Capricorn front moving in is to get yourself in order so that you can reach towards the essence of the other sign that Saturn rules: Aquarius, and make sure that everyone has their mask on as we take our collective plane ride through turbulent skies.

Aries and Aries Rising

Have you made your “mark” in the world Aries? This Capricorn New Moon invites you to assess your purpose and mission in life to see how far you’ve come and how far you want to go. You may need to cut your losses and move on in some area of your career or work. Or you may need to dig in and commit to making things work no matter. No matter if you are bored, no matter if you’d like to go on to the next challenge, no matter if the long road you chose seems to be stretching on longer and longer. Capricorn deals in commitment and focus, patience and persistence, this is the currency of the times. If you shudder at these words, now is the time to get over yourself and get on with the work of adulting, finding new meaning in maturity and a greater depth and integrity within yourself.


Taurus and Taurus Rising

Earth sign to Earth sign, Capricorn brings you much needed sustenance and support, as you navigate the deep waters of Jupiter in your opposite sign of Scorpio. The New Moon shines its lunar blessings on your 9th house of travel, higher education, law and belief systems. Though change is really not your thing, Jupiter’s current transit through Scorpio is demanding you investigate life below the surface, poking around in the underworld of emotions. Tuesday’s New Moon helps support this process by broadening your horizons and offering some new possibilities of exploration. Whether you choose the more physical adventure of travel to unknown destinations, or mental/spiritual/emotional adventure of embarking on a new course of study, or exploring a philosophy or set of beliefs, the Capricorn New Moon is your ticket to a broader, richer, more fulfilling life.

Gemini and Gemini Rising

Earth and air have an interesting relationship. Earth can weigh air down, feeling oppressive and heavy, but it can also ground and add depth to air that is chaotic and flighty. Capricorn’s earthy New Moon on Tuesday highlights your 8th house of sex, death and shared resources, encouraging you to get real about the more intense realms of life. Need to “put your affairs in order?” Now is the time. Been wavering about commitment to a person, place or thing? The New Moon brings your decision down to earth and encourages you to either sh*&t or get off the pot (to put it bluntly). Capricorn isn’t messing around and you shouldn’t either. If you stay overly attached to any unneccesary silliness right now, Capricorn could bring some unpleasant realities into a much clearer focus. Better to find a way to work with this practical, resourceful vibe than against it.

Cancer and Cancer Rising

The New Moon in Capricorn is going to offer you a powerful opportunity to look at your relationships from a mature, grown up, full on adult kind of way. If you’ve been trapped in a role that makes you too much of the “mommy”, “daddy” or “baby” in your most important one on one relating, this New Moon is going to bring to light all those patterns that are outdated and ready to be kicked to the curb. Boundaries are going to be a big word for you, as you either set some of your own, or deal with those of others. The great cosmic mirror is reflecting you back to you right now-if you like what you see, keep up the good work. If you don’t, then now is the time to get to work.  The more you put into the art of relating, getting practical about what is possible, the more you will experience some tangible results.


Leo and Leo Rising

As your 6th house of wellness, mentorship and service welcomes the grounded practicality of Tuesday’s Capricorn New Moon, you have a chance to develop new habits and patterns that will help you build a stronger foundation for your life. Jupiter in Scorpio is revamping your core, the root that connects you to your deepest self. Now, Capricorn comes along, introducing you to new ways of serving both yourself and others that brings you greater authenticity and sense of purpose. Don’t be afraid to admit you were wrong if you need to shift your direction now. This is a time to explore what it means to be humble. Notice your reaction to that word and reflect on how you embody humility in yourself. The New Moon can bring you new insights on how you can welcome the gift of humility as a way for you to more powerfully realize your goals for the future.

Virgo and Virgo Rising

The Capricorn New Moon issues you a rather paradoxical invitation: to get very serious about having fun, expressing yourself and re-discovering the joy in your life. The Capricorn contingent sets up camp in your 5th house of pleasure, romance and creativity, forming an earthy trine to your Virgo self. You now have permission and support to enjoy yourself, but you may have some work to do before you actually experience the emotional promise that lies in 5th house. Here are some questions this New Moon may raise: what is fun for you? What brings you pleasure? What is romantic? How do you express your essence/creativity/self? Approach these questions as your own personal hero’s/heroine’s journey over the next little while, as you embark on a 5th house quest that will hopefully re-connect your to yourself in a whole new way.

Libra and Libra Rising

Laying a foundation is one of the first steps involved in building a house. As the New Moon in Capricorn emphasizes your 4th house of roots, family and inner self, you may begin to plan for a new foundation on which to build your life. This process will take some time if you do it right. You’ll need to move slowly, carefully and with great intention as you choose the qualities that you want to hold you up for the next 30 years (one Saturn cycle). You may need to rethink the physical location of your home, or just explore the emotional patterns and lessons you learned from your family and ancestors. What the New Moon offers you is a chance to start fresh, to leave the past behind, closing the door on what no longer works and turning your face to the future, ready to embark on a new direction in your life.

Scorpio and Scorpio Rising

Imagine that you can choose a new way to perceive the world, one that is pragmatic, focused and grounded. How would your thoughts change? How would this influence all of your communications and interactions? What would you write, teach or say to others? The Capricorn New Moon offers you the opportunity to literally “change your mind”. If anxious or depressing thoughts are part of your daily reality, now is the time to set boundaries with yourself by integrating cognitive techniques that shift your perspective on reality. You may need to practice these new ways of thinking often in the form of meditation or a daily writing practice, because for Capricorn, practice equals perfect. The more committed and focused you are on changing negative thinking habits, the greater will be your rewards.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising

The dawning Capricorn influence effects your 2nd house of money, resources, values and self-esteem, offering you the chance to bring greater stability and substance to all that you “own”. This is a time to think about how you invest in yourself, valuing what you offer to the world and assessing the skills you have to share. You may need to set some limits on your spending or what you give if it has exceeded what you earn or receive. A New Moon is an opportunity to start fresh, planting new seeds and setting intentions for the future. Tuesday’s New Moon invites you to take yourself and your resources more seriously, setting boundaries where you need to and committing to goals that will help you save (money and self-worth) for the future.

Capricorn and Capricorn Rising

Welcome to your world! We’re now deep in the heart of a very potent Capricorn season, one that will last for the next couple of years. This week’s New Moon introduces the themes and issues that will shape this particular Capricorn cycle and for you, this time will likely feel uniquely personal. You are at the threshold of a new time in your life, poised at the crossroads and ready to take a Capricorn style (careful, considered and practical) Fool’s leap into the future. Your methodical approach to change will serve you well now, as you lay the groundwork for a new you to emerge. You’ll be activating your backbone, your fortitude and all your hard earned survival instincts as you navigate the road to the future. Rest easy knowing you have all the tools you need to carry you forward towards your goals.

Aquarius and Aquarius Rising

The Capricorn vibe is both deeply personal and strangely mysterious to your Aquarian nature. While you resonate with the long term approach to time and the “big picture” nature of the Sea Goat, you also chafe at the limits inherent in the law and order Capricorn style of navigating reality. You are more of a rule breaker than a rule maker, desiring to shake things up and challenge the status quo, while Capricorn prefers to create and sustain ongoing systems of order. The Capricorn New Moon influences your 12th house of unconscious mind, asking you to excavate the hidden crevices of your psyche, to discover the ways in which you keep yourself trapped through automatic rejection of anything that seems to “establishment”. Your invitation to the Capricorn party is centered on finding a way to embrace the energies of resilience, fortitude and self-discipline, incorporating them into the deepest parts of yourself.

Pisces and Pisces Rising

At heart you are a visionary and a mystic, able to tap into the soul of the collective and channel our deepest dreams and fantasies into the world. This is why you also known as a poet, artist and troubadour, because you are uniquely able to express the very essence of what it means to be human. As the Capricorn New Moon and it’s powerful Capricorn entourage amplifies your 11th house this week, you have a chance to reconnect with your human tribe and draw strength and support from community. You may even realize that now is a good time to move in a new direction with some of your friendships or perhaps work towards befriending a new group or circle of like minded others. Whatever you decide, stick to it, drawing on the Capricornian power of focus and determination to continue to channel the best of humanity into the world.

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