Cosmic Love Notes September 11-17

Sun, Mercury, Mars and Vesta in Virgo (joining fixed star Regulus)

September 12 Venus trine Saturn

September 13 Sun square Saturn

September 15 Venus sextile Jupiter

September 16 Mercury conjunct Mars

September 17 Venus trine Uranus

art by Stuart Littlejohn of Virgo Marie Laveau


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A super powered Virgo vibe is coming along this week to bring a wave of earthy goodness to whatever house in your chart Virgo is currently traveling through. Like a cosmic Mary Poppins, Virgo is a sign that can take a situation that has dissolved into chaos and put things right again. But Virgo is also a powerful earth priestess like Marie Laveau who can make "things" happen on the physical plane,  working with the earth's gifts of plants, herbs, crystals and stones. Virgo understands the earth mysteries and knows how to transform fixed matter by making it a just a little more magical, applying soothing touches of healing and care.

Virgo ruled Mercury is now in Virgo but still in shadow phase, and surrounded by the strength of Mars and the Sun also in Virgo, there is a slow surge of grounded movement forward.

These planets are the clean-up crew following the storm, the earth warriors who are coming to help put our planet in order. If you had a rough ride following last month's eclipse, hurricane, fire, etc. season, you have an opportunity to receive some healing from the down to earth power of Virgo. Get ready to distill the best parts of yourself, clear your clutter (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually), get back to work, heal your body and soak in the pragmatic, terra firma of earth goddess Virgo. She’ll make things right for you if you let her.

Venus is also in the planetary news this week, with three aspects to the outer planets: Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus. Venus at the tale end of Leo gives you a chance to bring your heart back into your relationships, to find your passion if its been lost and to immerse yourself in your passion if its been found. Her trine to Saturn, helps you get real with your love, sextile to Jupiter encourages growth, fun and creativity and at the end of the week her trine to Uranus propels us in new and exciting directions in matters related to love, beauty and values.


Your Virgo makeover is long over due as you’ve been doing a crazy tango with Uranus for the last several years, experimenting, trying on new hats and flying your freak flag high. The abundance of planets in fire signs all summer long also encouraged rule breaking, tearing down of walls and re-connection with your inner teenager. But now Virgo is here. And while some of you Aries’ are still experiencing the rebellious, wild spirit of Uranus, some of you might be on the other side of the transit and ready now to come down to earth and ground all your new understandings and mind blowing realizations into the practical realm. Clean your house, pay your bills, take care of all the built up “gunk” that may have accumulated. This kind of work may sound boring to you or it may sound calming, soothing and refreshing after a long time of struggle and strife. This is the week to touch base with your body. This is the week to check in with how “well” you are: body, mind and spirit. You are a warrior, a leader and a boundary pusher, but even superheroes need to rest sometime.


As the Virgo trio makes a trine to your own earthy self from your 5th house of pleasure, you have a chance to soak in the abundance of life and revel in your ability to relax, slow down and take it easy. Virgo likes to be busy and wants to be useful and needed and this sign is activating the realm of your chart that is all about leisure, creativity and FUN! So maybe for you it’s fun to put your Fall garden in, or spend hours on an arts or craft project or take a whole day to bake or preserve the summer harvest. Fun can mean different activities to different people and one person’s fun time can be another person’s nightmare. This week for you is about re-connecting with whatever brings you pleasure and allows you to express yourself. With Virgo as part of the mix, there may be a de-cluttering or clearing out process that needs to happen before you get to the essential essence of what fun and pleasure look like in your life. If this is the case, take the time to really assess your needs in this area and make adjustments as necessary.


This week you home is due for a Virgo style makeover. When I speak of your home, I don’t just mean your physical home, I’m also talking about what some have called “the seat of your soul”. This is the realm of your emotional and spiritual home, the place you go to retreat and gain a sense of security and comfort. As Virgo sweeps into your 4th house energized by Mars, you have the power to clear out what is cluttering your inner self, to get rid of all that is holding you back from tapping into your own deep sense of home. You don’t need to try and achieve perfection as you go through this process, all you need to do is have a willingness to do some improvement projects and make your inner and outer environments just a little better than they are now. You may also feel a call to analyze, discern and organize your inner and outer spaces right now, making more room to be more of who you are and releasing whatever is preventing you from having a solid foundation to rest on.


You and Virgo have a unique relationship that is mutually creative and inspiring in a gentle way. You “get” each others need to create healing spaces, to take time to retreat and be in silence. You also share a desire to heal and help others. Your watery, emotional, imaginative self is brought down to earth by Virgo’s grounded practicality and you offer Virgo a unconditional love that is a respite from Virgo’s sometimes hyper-perfectionistic self. Your“Virgo experience” this week takes place in your 3rd house of communication, neighbors/neighborhood, siblings and education. This is the terrain where you will be embarking on your very own Cancer-style Virgo clean up project. What needs de-cluttering in this area of your life? Are there thought patterns and ideas that it’s time to let go of once and for all? Or maybe there’s just a little tidying up that needs to be done, with pieces put back where they belong. If there are conversations that you know need to happen, or other types of communication you have put off,  now is the time to follow up, completing tasks left undone. As you clear more space in this part of your life, you create room for something new to grow.


You’ve got a double whammy of goodness this week as Venus dances through your 1st house (great time for a new “look”), and the Sun, Mercury and Mars in Virgomoves through your 2nd. The 2nd house is Venus’ house and it’s the place where you find your self-worth, activate your gifts and skills and know what you value. With Venus showing up all over your solar chart this week, you have a unique opportunity to re-connect with your values Virgo style. This means, clarifying, purifying, discerning and serving. How do you love to serve? What has meaning to you? How do you share your gifts, skills and value in the world and how do you present yourself to the world? This could be time for polishing up your appearance, matching your outside to your newly polished insides. Leo’s love to make a good impression, so this week consider if the impression you have been making matches what you value about yourself. If money has been an issue for you, you may re-discover some skills that you have that can help you generate more income and a greater feeling of abundance and gratitude.


If your self-esteem has been fragile, if you’ve been questioning yourself and your path, if you’ve been seeking answers that don’t seem to be coming, this week brings you relief. The world needs what you’ve got this week and you need to be needed. You have a planetary superhero team of support including: the Sun, Mercury (your ruling planet) Mars, the fixed star of royalty, Regulus, and the asteroid goddess Vesta, all now in Virgo, ready and willing to help you make miracles happen here on earth. This is your time Virgo, so how are you going to use it? You’ve been learning a lot this last year or so as Saturn in Sagittarius has squared your Sun and this last month as Mercury went retrograde in your sign. You’ve been learning about how to serve yourself first so you don’t get depleted when you serve others. You’ve been learning about how you in particular love to serve, not just how others might want you to serve. You’ve been learning about loving the cracks in yourself, because they let the light in (Leonard Cohen). Now’s the time to put all you’ve been learning to the test. Are you ready?


With the Virgo energies lighting up your dream space, your retreat place, your very own 12th house of soul seeking, letting go and collective unconsciousness-well, you’re not really in the world these days. You’re taking a vacation to never-never land, swimming in the waters of your unconscious mind and hopefully just allowing yourself to float in the void. There’s no point in struggling against this powerful planetary current, but with the force of Virgo moving through your 12th house right now, you have the ability, if you like, to do a serious clearing of the “flotsam and jetsam” of your unconscious mind. The 12th house is also the house of self-undoing. It’s the place where we take those two steps back when we were trying to move forward. So use those Virgo powers and analyze, discern and observe how you do your own self in. When you’ve located the pattern, the behavior or the ways that you undercut you, you can stop there if you like, you’ve observed and identified, Virgo has been put into action. Or, you can go further and do a cleaning of that 12th house. One method is to write down the behaviors you’ve noticed and bury them in the earth, drawing on Virgo’s element to be transformed and born into something new and healing.


The Virgo planetary power this week is amplifying your awareness of 11th house themes. The 11th house is ruled by Aquarius and is the realm where you explore how you intersect with your community and with humanity at large. It’s the “big picture” house that gives you clues about how you relate to your tribe/group/community, how you see your future and what your goals and wishes are for your life.

As the Virgo entourage of Sun, Mercury, Mars, Vesta and Regulus moves through this house, the earth sign asks you to explore both how you serve others and how you are served. Virgo asks you to take another look at your life blueprint, re-connecting to your life goals and wishes and your wishes for the planet and its future as well. How can you offer up your skills to humanity in a way that feeds you and supports you as well as those you want to serve? You’ve got some work to do in this house and Virgo is here to help you do it. This is the time to get organized, make some lists and take some practical steps to make your biggest dreams come true.


Your planetary ruler Jupiter has been moving through Libra this last year, encouraging you to bring more balance, beauty and harmony into your life. Now Virgo has come along to help you also do some practical, hands on work. The area in question is your 10th house of career, public reputation and need for recognition in the world. Virgo likes to dissect, analyze and organize, taking big things and breaking them down into little things. How can you do this in your 10th house realm? Virgo brings you the gifts of service, humility and clarity. What big pieces need to be broken down into a more manageable size? If you are wanting more recognition for what you do and who you are, how can you humble yourself enough to find the right people to give it to you? What kind of clarity do you need to get the recognition you want? Your gift is to see how to expand and look at the big picture, to keep a story of meaning alive in the world. Virgo wants to help you bring this gift down to earth and find a way to make it accessible and real so more people can benefit from what you have to offer.


Finally after all the fire in the cosmic scene lately, the planets circle round to bring you a gift of earth. All that Virgo goodness harmonizes and supports your goaty self-so you should be getting a lovely boost of groundedness and solidity this week as the earth signs unite to get some work done. Virgo is travelling through your 9th house, of philosophies, travel and higher education, boosting the signal in this realm and calling on you to clarify, clean up and organize your approach to all things meaningful, adventurous and consciousness expanding. If you feel the call to explore and grow, follow it! But in your own pragmatic, careful way, supported by the practical planning skills of Virgo. You might need to clear out some old belief systems and life philosophies that really don’t mean anything anymore. Or, you might need to define and clarify where you really want to travel that will really help you to grow in meaningful ways. This can also be a week where you gain a better understanding of your own morals, “rights and wrongs” and ideas about what it means to live a good life. This week, the questions are more important than the answers.


Life may feel like it comes down to earth with a bit of a thud this week, as a large portion of the transiting planets and an asteroid or two have moved into earth signs. The Virgo contingent that is making the planetary news this week moves into your 8th house of shared resources, sex, death and transformation. This is the home of energy exchange, taboos and ghosts. It’s a little bit scary and a little bit exciting at the same time. Virgo’s come along to clean up this watery house, bringing a touch of clarity, perspective and observation to your experience of this realm. This is a good time to do an inventory of your most intimate relationships with other people, living or dead.  It’s a good time to take a deep look at how you share your resources, do you have investments that need changes? Debts that need attending to? These can be emotional and spiritual investments and debts as well as physical. The important thing is that you apply some psychic elbow grease to whatever 8th house themes seem most relevant to you right now. Use the Virgo powers to clean up, clear out and organize whatever is not working.


Pisces tend to arrive on this earth plane with a bit of a psychic open door policy, offering an open hearted welcome to all who want to share your space. Probably, over time, you’ve learned more discernment about who you welcome into your loving, compassionate Piscean waters. As Virgo, your opposing sign, takes up camp in your 7th house of relationships this week, it may be time to do a clean up, clutter clearing project on your relationships. This is where you take a long and critical look at who you are depending on for support and love, analyzing how equal your exchange is and assessing whether there is a need for tweaks. It may be that you have to say goodbye to walking your best friend’s dog every week so that you can take a yoga class during that time instead. You may need to hire an accountant to manage the finances of you and your business partner instead of shouldering all the burden yourself. This is the week where you decide to be compassionate to yourself first, putting on the air mask, so that you can survive and then help others.


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