Cosmic Love Notes September 4-10

September 4th-Sun opposing Neptune

September 5th-Mercury direct

September 6th-Full Moon in Pisces/Mars into Virgo

September 9th-Mercury into Virgo


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Welcome to the dream space, the in-between place, the home of mermaids, the realm of spirits and magic and mystery. Before we can move forward into Fall with a sense of direction and clarity from our eclipse experiences, we first need to dance with the unseen energies and swim within the cosmic cauldron of renewal and rebirth. This is the realm of Pisces and its planetary ruler: Neptune. The god of the ocean, the spirit of the sea, the terrain of dreams, imagination, creativity and compassion. Yemaya, the goddess of the Ocean is also a Neptunian diety, though from the Yoruban rather than the Roman pantheon most associated with the astrological planets.

The Sun opposes Neptune on Monday, moving us all into a place of softer focus. This transit is short, but reminds us to integrate our desire to “get the job done” (Sun in Virgo) with the need to “go with the flow” (Neptune in Pisces). We may feel a strong need to escape from reality today, and it can be wise to take a break and allow ourselves some space and time to drift and dream.

Mercury goes direct on Tuesday, signaling the slow beginning of smoother communication, happier travels and movement forward in our projects and ideas. However…whenever a planet goes direct, there’s a period of time (called a “shadow”) that lasts about a week after the direct motion takes place, this is a time when the planet is still finding its footing and getting up to speed.

Wednesday’s Full Moon in Pisces magnifies the watery, mystical and otherworldly feel of this week, with a tight conjunction to Neptune, we may not feel that there is any solid ground to stand on-in which case, the best course of action may be to swim.

Whatever life brings you this week, try to put yourself in the Pisces zone of letting go, surrendering, staying open to cosmic clues and spiritual messages and loving up as many of the beings that you come into contact with as possible.

When Mercury moves into Virgo on Saturday, joining Mars,  now also in Virgo, we may feel like mermaids starting to get our landlegs. As we return to terra firma, hopefully we can draw on all that we have learned and realized during the eclipse season/mercury retrograde cosmic storm to evolve more in the direction of the life we are here to live.



You may feel pulled in two directions this week Aries, as one part of you wants to retreat and commune with the spirits, or your own inner world, and the other part of you feels the need to be making things happen on the outer plane. The big question this week is: can you find a way to balance the needs of your body, mind and spirit? Your 6th house of health and wellness is emphasized as the Sun and Mercury in Virgo make their yearly rendezvous through this terrain, reminding you of everything you already know about staying healthy and well. Your body wants a little extra time right now, but so does your spirit. The Full Moon in Pisces is calling to you from its very own 12th house, singing to you with a very special song. The Full Moon in Pisces has messages from your spirit house, so as you show your devotion, make your prayers and create room for more quiet and stillness in your life, you will hopefully receive the answers you need to create the balance you are searching for.



The Full Moon in Pisces is a magical lunation, fueling our imagination and awareness of the spirit realm. But like every planetary movement, it too has a challenging side, one that can make us want to escape from reality, and detach from those pesky details that keep life on earth moving smoothly. With your solar 11th house of friends, groups and community activated by this Full Moon, you may feel called to merge with your tribe, immersing yourself in “hive mind”, and letting the cosmic waters smooth over any rough edges between you and your community. But Virgo Sun and then Mercury’s movement into Virgo later in the week are going to come along to remind you of who YOU are, and what it is that you need to communicate to the group to define yourself as separate and unique. Your challenge is like the Temperance card in the tarot, in which a figure pours water from one cup to the other, creating an alchemical blend of two different energies into one. As you dissolve a little into the power of the collective, how much of your own special essence can you retain? This is your magic and your place of power this week.



As Virgo has moved through your 4th house of home and family over the last couple of weeks, you’ve been encouraged to do some clean up work, sorting out what is no longer relevant or useful in your life. Your clutter clearing efforts may have been purely emotional (or spiritual,) or you may have been doing some actual, physical housecleaning. Either way, your clean up efforts will not have been in vain , because as the Full Moon lights up your 10th house of career, there’s potential for both magic and mayhem. If you’ve been busy preparing and cleaning up your foundation, the chances are better that you’ll encounter the magical side of this powerful lunation. Haven’t been able to address the mess or clutter at home? Don’t panic, you still have time to clear out whatever might be keeping you stuck. Keep in mind that the more you make your home life a comfortable and safe place to retreat to, the more energy you will have in your professional, public realm.

If you start to feel the mayhem potential of this full moon ramping up, your best bet is to simultaneously surrender to the flow, while you clear out any gunk hanging on from the past.



The Full Moon brings you a greater awareness of how you use your mind. Do your thoughts tend to be more creative, imaginative, practical, worrying positive? How do you talk to yourself? Are you mostly kind and loving, or critical and impatient? What do you believe in? These are all questions that will be helpful to focus on this week as the Pisces lunation lights up your 9th house of beliefs, philosophies and mind expansion. Virgo has been keeping things real in your 3rd house of communication, maybe too real, so if you’ve been keeping yourself down thinking thoughts that make you feel bad, this is the week to challenge that movie and write yourself a new script. It may even be helpful to take a trip someplace new, to stimulate your mind and open yourself up to experiences and ideas that shift your perspective on life. Your self-esteem has the potential to take a great leap forward as Mercury goes direct in your 2nd house, but you need to lead the way, by adjusting your beliefs to support you as you navigate through your life in a whole new way.



Mercury goes direct in your sign, in your 1st house of self. Sounds pretty good to a Leo, right? But there’s always more to the story and in your case, the more comes in the form of the powerful Full Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune which will light up your 8th house of sex, death and shared resources/energy. This lunation challenges you to draw the curtain back and look at what is playing out behind the scenes of your life. How are you sharing your resources and values with others? Is it fair, equitable and representative of what you really care about? Pisces softens and dissolves whatever it touches, so you may feel called to let go of some of the barriers you have up that keep you separate from those you love and care about. You may be asked to let go of old values that have no meaning to you anymore and find a new pathway that leads to feelings of greater connection and depth in your life. There’s a deep, spiritual love that is possible in your cosmic story this week, a generosity that only a Leo is capable of. How are you going to share your bright, shining heart in a way that is the most meaningful and real? This is your challenge.



You are coming into the spotlight now after many months of a more incognito kind of reality. As Mercury moves forward in your 12th house and back into your own sign at the end of the week and Mars also moves into your sign, you may begin to have a greater sense of understanding of what you need to move forward in your life. You’ve been doing some deep sea diving in the oceans of your unconscious mind, but now is the time to rise to the surface with what you found there and share it with others. You have a lot to learn from the people in your life who you would call “partners” now, as the Pisces Full Moon lights up your 7th house. There’s a dual message here that involves integrating your practical, organized, “get it done” sweet Virgo self, with the magic, mystery and shape shifting qualities of Pisces. You don’t need to let yourself be deceived, you don’t need to close your eyes to what is real, you just need to invite more love, more spirit and more help from the divine and watch who walks into your life. Or notice who is already in your life who acts as a conduit for the Pisces vibe of bliss, compassion and mystery.



There can be an opportunity this week to bring more clarity and understanding to your unconscious mind as Mercury and Mars move into your 12th house. There’s movement and energy behind the scenes of your life which may show up in your dreams or during quiet moments you spend with yourself. As the Full Moon energies pick up on Wednesday, the Pisces lunation brings awareness to your 6th house of health and wellness. The 6th house can bring clues about what makes you sick (body, mind and spirit) and also what makes you well. You may have a chance to uncover some of the secrets to your own relationship to wellness as this Full Moon brings it’s serendipitous magic into your life. Pisces is the sign that rules the feet, so take note of how hard or easy it is for you to keep your feet on the ground this week. Notice how your feet feel as you walk through the world, do you walk with a sense of connection or detachment? How present are you in your feet and lower body? Pisces brings awareness to our lives of our spiritual connections but also can make us more aware of how we escape or disconnect from reality.



Scorpio I’m seeing this week as a time for you to finally have a little fun as the Full Moon lights up your 5th house of play, creativity and leisure time. Want to make the most of this lunation? Focus on doing the things that make you laugh, center you in the present moment and allow you to forget (for a little while anyway,) the responsibilities of being an adult. Your tribe may being calling on you for support as the Virgo energies take residence in your 11th house, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself while you tend to the needs of your friends and community. This week asks you to integrate yourself into the equation, paying special attention to what you are creating, how you are expressing yourself and what you need to have more play/leisure time in your life. If you feel like you are getting too caught up in other people’s dramas or needs, take a play break that’s solely centered on your pleasure and enjoyment. You can go back to being responsible and thoughtful whenever you like, but this week also demands that you have some “me time”.



This week is a particularly good one to create an oasis for yourself, a place where you can go to escape and retreat. A place that is private and safe. Your 4th house of home, family and your internal realm is activated by this week’s Pisces Full Moon and this can bring about feelings of being rootless and drifty if you haven’t created your own personal space to hide. With Virgo planets lighting up your 10th house of career and public reputation, there are plenty of demands in the practical, earth bound world that are calling out to you for attention and it is important to take time to attend to these demands, but it will all go a little easier if you have spent some time and energy on developing a comfortable place to run to when you need a break. This can involve doing some redecorating of your home space, or just finding a place in nature that feels welcoming and healing. You may even find a quiet desk at a library or a café where you can go to write or a meditation class that brings you a sense of inner peace.



As the full moon in Pisces lights up your 3rd house of communication you have an opportunity to learn about more intuitive ways to communicate. This may challenge your normally very pragmatic belief system and ask you to stretch your mind and open it to receive new insights that emerge from a more spiritual perspective. You are in a place of growth right now and this stage of your cycle is about learning to be more receptive. As you interact with other people, it will be important to cultivate a sense of compassion and connection. You have a chance to expand your awareness of the world around you and learn in a very different way. If you feel at all confused or overwhelmed as the Full Moon grows closer on Wednesday, try to spend some time in nature or with animals observing and noticing how these non verbal life forms behave and interact. This can help you to stay grounded and receive more of the lessons the Full Moon has to teach you. Though there may be a part of you that is afraid to make mistakes and believe in the “wrong” philosophy, this is an important time for you to experiment with new ideas and concepts.



This Pisces Full Moon lunation is your chance to share what you most value with others. If you feel hesitant to expose your real values then this Moon offers you an opportunity to find out why. If you were to truly embrace, love and honor your completely quirky Aquarian self what would that look like? How can you both appreciate yourself while also merging with another? You get a chance to understand more about all that you offer to the world and how those closest to you are receiving these offerings. You may find that you already feel quite loved and appreciated by the ones you love, or you may find that you do not. This Full Moon is a time of observation and noticing whatneeds adjustment in your life as it relates to your values and resources (inner and outer). You may feel moved to share what you have a little more, or you may feel moved to share a little less. The important piece is that you take some time to really understand yourself better so you have a better understanding of what really matters to you.



This is YOUR Full Moon! Only once a year do you have a full moon in your sign and this year is even more special than most as your ruling planet Neptune, also in its home sign of Pisces, is exactly conjunct this watery, dreamy, mystical lunation. In case you haven't gotten the message yet, this is a very important week for you as you come to an entirely new awareness of yourself. Your only challenge is to stay grounded and connected to the people in your life who you can really trust to have your back. You may be tempted to allow yourself to go so along with the flow you find yourself drifting a little to much away from the shore of reality, that's why it's important that you set an anchor before you get too far out to sea. You are ripe and ready for spiritual adventures and a new way to connect to the divine, just try and make sure you have all your practical bases covered before you head towards Nirvana.


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