Cosmic Love Notes September 25-October 1

September 25-Mercury square Saturn, Ceres into Leo

September 27-Jupiter opposing Uranus

September 28-Pluto goes direct

September 29-Mercury in Libra

October 1-Mars trine Pluto


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This week marks a big shift in the planetary story we have been living over the last year. As Jupiter finishes up its final few weeks in Libra, it completes the last of three oppositions to Uranus in Aries that have spanned the time period from December 2016 until now. The Jupiter/Uranus opposition has taken many forms including: expansive justice interfacing with pioneering innovation, opportunities for justice integrated with explosive movements towards change, growth in relationships opposed by a need for fierce individualism. Collectively, we have seen this on the political stage as the current powers that be create conflict, chaos and challenges (Uranus in Aries), which has been met with a growing movement for equality, fairness and balance (Jupiter in Libra). This week brings our final report card for the meeting of these two planets. If you have personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars) at  25-29 degrees of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), you will feel the last days of this transit more than most.

Ceres then moves into Leo after three months in Cancer, bringing a fiery passion to our desire to nurture and create abundance. But this shift can also bring challenges in feeling seen and heard, increasing our need for external acceptance. It can be important to remember that sometimes the only way through feelings of loss and insecurity are to go inward and reconnect with our own feelings of self-love and respect, rather than depending on others to feed this to us.

Pluto also turns direct after five months of retrograde motion, reigniting our power, passion and intensity. You may feel called to make big changes this week, driven by a desire to live a more meaningful life. Pluto brings everyone closer to their raw animal instincts, tuning you in to what it is you really need to feel alive. With the direct motion, there is a feeling of “now or never”, “do or die” in the air, as if the chance to fully live will only last a short time. With Pluto in Capricorn, it is important to take the long view into account, translating emotions into practical, realistic action steps, rather than impulsive moves to fulfill primal urges.

Finally, Mercury moves into Libra, tipping the planetary scales in the direction of the sign of balance and harmony. Opportunities to relate with more grace arise, as the planet of communication turn towards collaboration and connection.



You have an opportunity this week to find out what it is you need in your life to experience a greater sense of wholeness and completion. You may feel like experimenting with yourself, trying on new ways of being and acting. This is good and part of your lifelong work anyway, what’s new this week is that you have a chance to bring other people along for the ride. Your mission is to find ways to invite them that are, well, inviting. What can you learn about the people you want to be around that will entice and excite them to join your experiments in wholeness? That’s your Jupiter/Uranus opposition challenge and god/dess knows, Aries loves a challenge. As Pluto turns direct in your 10th house of public relations, career and being in the worldness, you may experience a bit of a “power palooza”. In other words: the sh#t starts to get real. This is why you’ll be glad you did some work on the “inviting other people” part, because you’ll need the support of a team to do the big things that you are getting ready to pull off.


You have a special talent, whether you know it or not, of excelling in the fine art of pampering and indulgence. It is a uniquely Taurus skill to know how to be able to create and appreciate comfort. But as the Jupiter/Uranus opposition completes its final pass, you may come to understand that you have been undergoing a cosmic course in self-care that has included gaining a greater understanding of what it means to indulge without overdoing it. With Pluto working it’s way through your 9th house of belief systems and poised to turn direct there this week, you can begin to recognize some of the changes you have experienced, especially in regards to shifting your sometimes stubborn point of view. You’ve been slowly transforming old beliefs and opening up to new world views and perspectives. The changes have already occurred, but now it’s up to you to do a little astrological detective work to gain perspective and understanding about what has shifted for you over the last year. As Jupiter gets ready to travel into your house of relationships for the first time in 12 years, these inside changes will take on an even greater sense of meaning and weight.



Your week might begin with a few bumps in the road as your ruling planet, Mercury, forms a square with Saturn, currently travelling through your opposing sign of Sagittarius. Pause, take a breath and figure out what you really want to communicate. Take some time to work on it, think about it and practice the listening part. Then say it, write it, sing it, paint it, or dance your truth. Pluto goes direct in your 8th house of soul growth this week, so you are hopefully taking what you learned about depth, intensity and transformation and channeling it into a new, more grounded communication style. Ceres moves into your own 3rd house on the same day, bringing a greater feeling of abundance and growth to your ability to give and receive information and ideas. Ceres opens the door to what could be a great week of creative awakening as the final opposition between Jupiter and Uranus emphasizes your 5th house of self-expression. There’s been big possibilities brewing in the realm of creation and if you’ve been working with these energies already, the chances are good that you will begin to see some rewards from your efforts.



Relationships loom large this week as Pluto in Capricorn turns direct in your 7th house. There have been many changes already in your basic approach to relating, as Pluto has slowly transformed your 7th house landscape, breaking old mirrors of reflection and changing the way you respond to others. As Pluto picks up speed going forward, you can begin to sort through the changes you’ve made, taking stock of where you and your relationships are in current time. If this isn’t enough to keep you busy, you’ve got the final Jupiter/Uranus opposition lighting up your other angular houses: the 4th of home/family/roots and the 10th  house of career/public reputation/life path. There are new and unexpected possibilities that may click into place this week to be integrate and investigate. This Cardinal modality emphasis is demanding your attention, calling out your best/highest self to be present and asking you to sit in your power. Ceres movement into Leo only amplifies this message as it moves into your 2nd house of self-esteem and asks you: how can you give yourself more praise, appreciation, recognition and attention? Ceres in this house can teach you how to feed yourself the nourishment of self-love that you want and need.



Ceres enters your sign at the beginning of the week, bringing you a growing awareness of how you nourish and take care of yourself, but Ceres here can also wake you up to all the ways that you may have abandoned yourself in the past. Ceres in your 1st house of self is ready to help you heal any wounds you may have accumulated from past mistreatment of yourself to yourself. The proud Leo face you wear to the world can be so intent on creating a great impression, that you forget to ask for (and give yourself) the tender loving care that you might desperately need. Of course it’s also possible that as Ceres moves through your sign, you actually began to embody the energies of this asteroid goddess. You may notice an increased desire to feed others, both emotionally and physically. You may find that you feel an increased longing to mother, nurture, protect and care for the important people in your life. But you may also become more attuned to how betrayal and loss have shaped you and gain a new understanding of how you can retain your sense of self, even when others have abandoned you.



As more of the planets get ready to transition from your own sign into Libra you have the opportunity to fine tune and refine how you are offering yourself up to the world. Your ruling planet Mercury, which is still in your sign, starts the week off with a square to Saturn, giving you a test of your commitment to any work you have been doing around communication. Trying to worry, criticize, nitpick or analyze a little less? On Monday, you might find yourself challenged to stick with your new plan of behavior and tempted to slip back into the old patterns. The more aware, conscious and prepared you are to resist and face this challenge head on, the more you will be able to see the progress of your efforts. Pluto moving forward in Capricorn in your 5th house of creativity can support you in your efforts to sustain positive change by amplifying your ability to transform your hard spots into jewels that can sustain you for a life time.  The Jupiter/Uranus opposition in your 2nd and 8th houses, will offer up a values check, raising your awareness of both what you bring to the table, ie the gifts you have to offer and how you are or want to share these with others.



Jupiter is almost finished travelling through your sign, not to return for 12 more years. But before this planet of growth and opportunity leaves Libra, you’ll be offered up the razzle dazzle show of the last round of the Jupiter/Uranus opposition. The last pass of this transit gives you a chance to see how much you’ve grown into a new kind of Libra. How have you integrated the exciting, rule breaking, innovative, revolutionary qualities of Uranus in Aries into your awareness of your self? How have you shaken things up, created something new, or re-invented yourself with greater independence and daring? As Pluto goes direct in your 4th house of roots, you are poised to continue to make changes in your deepest self, taking action or moving forward with some of the plans that have been brewing in your underground cavern of self. Mercury also moves into your sign later this week, joining the Sun. This transition will give you a greater capacity to communicate what’s on your mind and in your heart, so if you have been holding back saying something important, now is the time to speak your truth.



Your ruling planet, Pluto, goes direct this week after a five month retrograde cycle. This movement forward gives you a boost of power, amplifying your ability to make changes happen in the world. You will be feeling the Pluto vibes especially in your 3rd house of communication, siblings and neighbors, which is where Pluto has been travelling over the last several years in your solar chart. Observe what happens this week in your life around 3rd house themes to gain clues as to what you have been trying to transform and what direction you need to go in to complete the job. The 3rd house is a house of information exchange, where listening happens and also speaking. It’s a house that tells us what is on our minds and our typical patterns of thought. The 3rd house needs to have outside stimuli and new information coming in or it grows stagnant and stuck. As Pluto has traveled through your 3rd house, you mayhave had to re-negotiate your relationships with those who you exchanged information with when you were younger (ie siblings), or needed to shift your dynamic with your neighbors, or learned something new that has the potential to change your life.



Virgo’s been pushing your buttons this month, encouraging you to get organized, pay attention to details and make some moves on the health, diet and wellness front. You’ll get to check in with a progress report on how well you’re doing on Monday as Mercury in Virgo squares Saturn in Sagittarius. Then the ongoing overhaul of your 2nd house, courtesy of Pluto’s long transit through this terrain, commences with a bang as Pluto turns direct. Pluto in your 2nd has brought you an intense awareness of your self-esteem (or lack of) , skills, inner and outer resources and values. You’ll still be in Pluto school for a while, but the forward motion of this power planet recalibrates you to your 2nd house work, giving you a look backwards at what you’ve already accomplished and a look forward at what you still need to complete. When Mercury enters Libra on Friday and moves into your 11th house, you may get a greater understanding of what you want your future to look like. Take advantage of Mercury’s month long visit by visioning, planning and “dreaming big”, setting aside Saturn’s limiting reality based conditioning for a time and letting your imagination go wild.



When Pluto turns direct in your 1st house of self this week you have a chance to check in with your own personal revolutionary process. Have you been making changes in your life and transforming yourself lately? How have you grown and learned about power and intensity in the last nine years since Pluto entered your sign? Pluto is just about past the half way point in Capricorn, so this is update and check-in time. You can look backwards at the roads you’ve already traveled and also forwards to see what road to take next.  Those of you who were born between January 6-8 are going to be feeling this week very intensely as Pluto makes it’s final pass over your sun, completing the work of transforming your relationship to your self, identity and power. The Jupiter/Uranus opposition that completes on Tuesdsay is also going to effect those of you born January 17-20 so pay particular attention to what goes on this week in relation to your work/career life and your home/private life. You may find yourself experiencing unexpected breakthroughs, lightning fast changes and new opportunities that transform your perspective on life.



With Uranus (your ruling planet), in the cosmic news this week, you will probably have the experience of your Aquarian antennas beginning to activate. This final Jupiter/Uranus opposition brings you an opportunity to add a little more zig to your zag and get a nice dose of electric, Uranian juice to light up your path ahead. Be open to revolutionary ideas, bursts of inspiration and influences that encourage you to connect, harmonize and balance. Then, as another planet turns from earth to air (Mercury moving from Virgo into Libra), you may experience a gradual lightening up of the energy around you. You can began to allow yourself to flow with the faster energy of this airy vibe, as you move away from the slower pace of the strong earth influences that have been guiding the planets over the last month or so. Pluto also goes direct in your 12th house of unconscious mind, so if you haven’t already done a major clearing out of your psychic space, NOW IS THE TIME. You will have a chance to check in with what kind of job you have done so far in this area and also get a sense of the work left to do.



As the last sign in the zodiac, you represent the final place of rest before life begins again. You are a sign that is both human and divine, moving between the worlds of matter and spirit with relative ease. Part of your gift as a Pisces is to help the other signs reconnect to their own inner worlds and spirit selves with compassion and understanding. As Pluto in Capricorn turns direct this week in your 11th house of community and the future, you may begin to feel a desire to offer your gifts more directly to the collective. What is it that you have to share that can help the human community live their lives in a kinder, more loving way? Pluto has been preparing you to answer these questions for years, catalyzing changes in your life that have propelled you further down the road of understanding and action. This week you have an opportunity to gain a new understanding of your role in the greater scheme of things. You may begin to start connecting the dots in the picture of your life, dots that once connected, create a road forward to the future. Do what you do best as this process unfolds: let go and move with the flow of the energy that arrives.

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