Cosmic Love Notes September 18-24

Planets and points in Virgo this week: Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Vesta (moves into Libra on Tuesday) and Regulus

September 19-Venus moves into Virgo/Virgo New Moon

September 22-Sun moves into Libra/Fall Equinox

September 24-Mars opposes Neptune

The Virgo Magic continues and amplifies, as Venus joins the rest of the earth goddess crew, entering Virgo on the same day as the Virgo New Moon (Tuesday, September 19). You have a chance to purify, renew and clarify before Fall begins, returning to your own sacred work and purpose . Virgo wants to distill the very essence of a person, place or thing into its most healing, empowered, perfectly imperfect form. So how can you be proactive and work with the cycles of the stars by distilling your own essence now? What do you see in the reflection of the Virgo mirror about the harvest you are about to reap? On the Fall Equinox (Friday, September 22 at 1:02 pm pdt), as light and dark balance, and night and day rest for a moment in perfect balance, how can you honor and appreciate the abundance in your own rich life?

The Fall Equinox is a powerful time for taking stock and witnessing the ebb and flow of life. Whether you are harvesting food, an idea, project or relationship, this is the moment to observe and appreciate any work and effort you contributed. If you have been having a hard time with the “gratitude attitude” so far this year, on the Fall Equinox it can be helpful to make a renewed effort to recognize the blessings that are already in your life and honor the abundance that you have.


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With the Virgo crew doing a major overhaul of your 6th house of wellness and work, you have probably been pretty busy. Now Venus arrives to bless your efforts, bringing her grace, beauty and love to one of the most practical, mundane and some would say boring houses of the zodiac. But the 6th house is actually the linchpin of life, it’s the place where we breed both sickness and health. It’s the realm of the kinds of daily routines that if ignored long enough create major problems. Take care of your 6th house and everything else gets just a little bit better. So when Venus moves in on Tuesday she helps you enjoy the process of your 6th house makeover more and also creates a bridge from your house of wellness and work to your 7th house of relationships where she is the Queen . The Fall Equinox begins here in your 7th house, shifting your focus from your own wellness to the health and wellbeing of your relationships of others. What’s been going great? What’s out of balance? This week you’ll have a chance to understand more of both what you need in relationships and also gain some clarity on the needs of your partner, best friend, or “mbp” aka most beloved person.



Your 5th house has been undergoing the Virgo clean-up crew this last month, helping you clarify, clean up and distill your relationship to your creations (art, children, projects), your fun and your ability to take risks. Hopefully you know just a little bit more about this part of yourself now than you did before. Hopefully you’vedone some clutter clearing and renewed this area of life. Because now it’s Venus’ time to 

bring the love to your 5th house. She’s the goddess of pleasure, beauty and good times. She is moving through the sign of Virgo now, which makes her just a little more industrious, but in general she’s more about relaxing than she is about working. So as she strolls into your 5th house you have a chance to enjoy the fruits of your labor and find pleasure in your work. This theme gets even stronger as the Fall Equinox lights up your 6th house, which is also Virgo’s house. As the Sun in Libra begins its month long journey through your house of wellness and work, you have an extended opportunity to find the joy in your everyday activities and mundane tasks.



Your Virgo inspired housecleaning project has hopefully been a success. Maybe you’ve only gone so far as to let go of some emotions that were holding you back. But maybe you embarked on a full on clutter clearing that began deep inside you and extended all the way to your actual physical home. Hopefully you’ve gained some clarity and insight and maybe freed up some space. Your airy nature thrives on freedom of movement and the ability to shapeshift as needed. Virgo’s vibe helps you to create that space to be who you want, when you want by helping you discern what is no longer needed. As Venus moves into the sign of purity, clarity and sacred work, joining the rest of the Virgo tribe in your 4th house-you can soak in the pleasure and satisfaction of a job well done. Appreciate your work and honor the space you have created. The Fall Equinox moves you into the next house on the zodiac wheel, the 5th house of creativity, fun and self-expression. This is where you are going to take what you’ve been working on in the 4th house and turn it into something wonderful, something that is a joyful expression of all that you are.



Virgo’s vibe has been getting the job done in your 3rd house of communication, neighbors, siblings and networking. If you’ve been clearing up communication confusion (especially now that Mercury is direct), reaching out for connection with those in your immediate environment and activating your throat chakra, then you’ve been doing the Virgo work. And Virgo loves work. But now it’s time to shift the energy a bit in your 3rd house as Venus enters the picture and brings a little ease, a little grace and a little pleasure to the mix. The New Moon also brings an opportunity to plant the seeds of new patterns and fresh starts. So hopefully now is your time to greater enjoyment from all things communication related. This is the time to read some good books (especially love/beauty/romance themed), socialize with your neighbors/siblings/community members, and write, say or listen to some beautiful words. When the Sun moves into Libra on Tuesday, activating the Fall Equinox, you’ll be returning to your very own 4th house to rest, rejuvenate and reconnect with yourself. As you turn towards your comfortable cocoon what sparkling new insights will you bring with you to dream about? What words of inspiration have you brewed up?



Although many non-Leo types may think you have no problem appreciating yourself, everyone needs a little support and encouragement at times, even you Leo. So while Virgo’s been moving through your 2nd house of self-esteem, skills, gifts and resources, you’ve had a chance to get real with yourself about how you feel about what you’ve got. Hopefully you’ve cleared out some old patterns and habits that may have been holding you back. Maybe you’ve even gotten rid of possessions or “things” that really weren’t reflecting who you actually are in the current moment. As Venus and the New Moon enter your already Virgo filled 2nd house on Tuesday, you’ll be able to bring some pleasure and blessings to this area of your life. Now you can reap the rewards of your labor and began to enjoy exactly what you’ve got. The arrival of the Fall Equinox on Friday will begin a new cycle in your 3rd house of communication, siblings, neighbors and education. You’ll be finding your balance here and practicing your best lion’s roar. But in the meantime, you can rest on your Leo laurels for a little while, recognizing your gifts, appreciating them and sharing them with others.



This has been quite a cycle for you Virgo and it’s not over yet! Venus and the New Moon join your tribe on Tuesday, extending your season for another month of earthy Virgo goodness. You have hopefully been spending this Virgo vibe timefeeling your power and “getting down with your badass self”. But if there’s anything holding you back from appreciating yourself, honoring yourself and enjoying yourself, do your best to get rid of it. Now. And if you can’t get rid of it, don’t beat yourself up, instead just proceed with celebrating all things Virgo. These efforts will be helped along by the cosmic sway of Venus and the New Moon in Virgo who will bring blessings, joy and pleasure to your life (if you let them.) The Fall Equinox’s arrival on Friday continues this theme of self-appreciation and pleasure by showcasing the Sun in (Venus ruled) Libra, arriving in your (Venus ruled) second house. Are you detecting a theme here? It’s all Venus, all the time right now for you Virgo peeps. You have entered the pleasure zone, now what will you do in this space of beauty, relaxation and connection?



The deep soul waters of your 12th house have been calling to you, reminding you of the need to take time away from the world of people and things. While Virgo has been visiting this house, you have had an opportunity to discern which voices from your unconscious mind are supportive and which voices are leftovers from other times, other selves. Virgo has given you a chance to do a clean sweep on your more hidden side, releasing karmic patterns of unconscious behavior and habits that undo you. Now the planets begin their movement towards your own sign-starting with the Sun’s entrance into Libra this week, signifying the Fall Equinox. This is the beginning of your season and your time, though the Virgo emphasis remains until the end of the month. This dual Virgo/Libra cusp energy gives you an opportunity to to figure out a new relationship with yourself now as you also continue to understand more and more about any remaining influences that effect you from your past. As the Libra season grows stronger you can begin to bring all that you have been processing out into the world, sharing what you have discovered and uncovered about yourself with others.



You’ve been doing powerful work re-imagining your future, dreaming up some new dreams and figuring out how you want to structure your service to community. Hopefully you’ve also been exploring how and who you want to “be” in your tribal family over this last month or so. When Venus joins the Virgo vibe this week, she brings a greater ease, a receptivity and a sense of grace to your life. You can dream bigger, call in more pleasure and joy and infuse your plans with a greater sense of hopefulness. The Fall Equinox on Friday signals the beginning of a cycle of turning inward as the Libra sun enters your 12th house, your cave of retreat and renewal. Libra season is your annual time of reconnection with your dream self, your places of mystery and magic. The 12th house is the realm where release and let go of our ego and swim with our soul. You have a chance as Libra begins to activate this house to grow more aware of unconscious patterns that may hold you back, facing those habits that are undermining you and dreaming up new ways to be in the world that are more fitting to who you are now.



You are really good at reaching out across boundaries and barriers to understand what is on the other side, because your sign thrives on diversity and growth. Virgo on the other hand is a sign that likes to keep things small and manageable, perfect to discern what is most important and necessary, but not usually all that exciting. As the Virgo tribe has been moving through your 10th house of career and public reputation, you may have had to narrow down your choices and get more focused in on a smaller scope of space or territory. Saturn moving through your sign has also supported this process of focusing, limit setting and boundary making. When Venus moves into your 10th house this week, she brings a little more pleasure to the party. Venus’ effects can be subtle, so be sure and take notice of any signs of ease, grace and beauty that show up in your life. Then the Fall Equinox comes along later this week and takes your perspective back towards a bigger, broader picture, a more Sagittarian way to be. The Libra season begins to activate your visions for the future, your wishes and dreams and also your connection to community, or desire to have a greater connection to community.



Hopefully you’ve been enjoying the season of fellow earth sign Virgo and using this practical, grounded energy to gain some clarity and understanding. Virgo has been strong in your 9th house of philosophies, law, travel and higher education. This is the house where you go to figure out what is right and what is wrong, what has meaning and what you want to know more about and understand. This can be the house of expansion and growth, or it can be a house of fundamentalism and narrow mindedness. The Virgo clean up crew has been helping you get more real about what it is that you believe and how you make sense of the world. As Venus moves into this house on Tuesday, supported by the New Moon, you have an opportunity to gain clarity on how you can better serve your belief system and become more honest with yourself about what you believe is true, right and moral. This will be important in the coming month as the Fall Equinox activates your very own 10th house of career and public reputation as you have will have a growing opportunity to showcase your beliefs to the public at large.



Virgo has been keeping things personal for you, digging up the dirt in your smoky, mysterious 8th house, of sex, death and shared resources. There’s been some clean up to do and maybe some practical decisions to make here, as you’ve had to organize, compartmentalize and get real with your self about how you are sharing your energy with others. Hopefully the work has been done and you are now getting ready to come out the other side, because Venus is coming along to add a little sweetness to all the intensity. When Venus joins the New Moon in your 8th house in Virgo, it signals the beginning of fresh starts and new beginnings in your house of transformation and power. Hopefully you will find that sharing with others gets not only easier, but more enjoyable. The New Moon in Virgo is a wonderful bridge to the Fall Equinox which will activate your 9th house of beliefs, philosophies and how you shape your world according to the stories you tell about reality. You can draw on what you learned journeying through the 8th house to reshape your beliefs and find a new place of balance and harmony during Libra season.



You have been in a school of mirrors over the last month, learning about yourself via the reflections of others while in the school of Virgo. Virgo has been asking you to get more discerning in your choice of partners, to narrow down what is really important to you and to witness your own ambiguities in love. Sometimes it can be easier to keep it vague than to really commit to a choice or direction. But when Venus and the New Moon enter your 7th house this week, joining the rest of the Virgo tribe, you have a chance to bless new beginnings in love and relating. You can open new doors that you might not have even known were there and explore how to love from with a more grounded sense of reality. The Fall Equinox signals the beginning of a new path of exploration, as the Libra sun lights up your 8th house of sex, death, transformation and power. This is the realm of energy exchange and shared resources and is a house of depth and intensity. You’ll be finding new ways to be as the lessons of this house unfold during Libra.


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