Cosmic Love Notes August 7-13


August 7 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius

August 10 Sun Sextile Jupiter

August 11 Venus trine Neptune

August 12 Mercury retrograde

This is the week we’ve all been waiting for (or dreading) as the first of two eclipses kicks off with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Monday in the sign of Aquarius. Probably, you’ve already been feeling this topsy turvy energy, either in your own life, or by witnessing the dramas unfolding around you. Like all astrological events, how much you are impacted depends on how closely the event connects to your natal birth chart. Collectively, the Full Moon eclipse on Monday brings us a greater awareness of our personal impact (or lack of) in our broader community. Leo is the sign of self-expression, ego, creativity and drama. The Lion roars because it wants to express itself and be heard and what a roar it has! Aquarius, the Water Bearer is a diviner, looking at the larger picture to see where events seem to be headed and how this will impact humanity as a whole. At the Full Moon eclipse, there can be an awakening to how our unique gifts are appreciated (or not), by the collective. There may be a yearning or desire to feel more recognition, or an understanding that more needs to be done to impact and serve the community. There are many possible stories that can and will play out along these themes now, your work is finding your own story and figuring out if it is a story you want to keep telling.

Mid-week, there is a restorative and easygoing aspect between the Sun and Jupiter, give us a possibly much needed boost, followed by a soothing trine involving Venus and Neptune, before Mercury goes retrograde in Virgo on Saturday. As always, Mercury retrogrades are a chance to take a break from the standard operating mode of modern communication. Doing “Re”’s” of any kind is way to thrive: re-think, re-negotiate, re-new, re-member, re-work, etc. Because Virgo, one of two signs ruling Mercury is involved, this retrograde can be more impactful than most, as we realize important details we might have missed, mistakes that were made and criticisms we need to just let go of for once and for all. This is an excellent time to “re”member the blessed words of Leonard Cohen once again: “Forget your perfect offering, there’s a crack, a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.”


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You have already been in “shake-up” mode for quite awhile as Uranus has traveled through your solar 1st house, so eclipse season may just be more of the same for you. The Full Moon eclipse lights up your 11th house of friends and community, so this is the arena of life where you will be receiving information that wakes you up and illuminates your understanding of where you stand in your circle, your group, your tribe or your gang. Is your unique essence appreciated, seen and understood? How is it for you these days with your friends and community? Are there radical changes that need to be made or are currently happening? You may need to make some adjustments in this area now, or the adjustments may have alreadybegan and you are only now understanding how deep and wide the changes go. Eclipses have a reputation for ending situations that have run out of life force, pruning the branches that are already dead, so we can redirect our juicy current into a direction that is more likely to flower and bear fruit. Take heart in knowing that there is a new beginning already on it’s way to you.



Feeling at all like a deer caught in the headlights? The spotlight is shining right on you at this Full Moon eclipse, lighting up your 10th house of career and reputation with powerful lunar mojo. You’ve had an opportunity in the last couple of weeks to gain a greater understanding of who you are and what you want and delve deep into your inner self to find sustenance in your private realm of home and family. If you’ve accepted this opportunity, you may feel a reverberation now in the world at large, as your public face yearns to see your new understandings of yourself be acknowledged by others. You may not be able to hide your own needs in order to “get the job done” anymore and feel a great need to express your inner self in your more public life. If you haven’t been able or willing to soak in the sustenance and keep your inner home fires burning, this eclipse can bring a greater understanding of a need for balance in your home/work, family/career, public/private realms. You may need to make some changes in how and where you spend your time, accounting more for your personal needs and desires.



Have you been discovering new ways to express yourself on your quest to become more creatively fulfilled? If so, what kinds of opportunities have been coming your way that could possibly expand your reach? This Full Moon Eclipse falls in your solar 9th house, giving you a clear message: “it’s time to take the show on the road”. But not just yet. There’s a big, exciting world out there, just waiting for you to explore, filled with new opportunities for discovery and venues to share your gifts. But first there’s a little more work to be done. The Full Moon asks you to distill all the creating and percolating you’ve been doing into a message of meaningfulness. What is your bigger picture? What is your philosophy and code of conduct? It’s time to sit with what it all means, asking yourself how what you’ve got should be shared with everyone else.  The Mercury in Virgo retrograde cycle gives you just the time and space you might need to withdraw a bit from the outside world and sit with these questions. Go deeper and discern what is really true for you and what is not and  you will come up with a vision, message or creation that you feel confident about sharing with the world.



“Sharing” is your word for the Full Moon eclipse. How do you share, what have you shared, what do you want to keep sharing and what do you not want to share anymore? This includes sharing of your: energy, body, money, skills, and really anything of value to you. You have been learning how to value yourself in a whole new way, understanding that you have a lot to offer, a wellspring of wisdom and gifts that you bring into the world. You are a child of the moon, who is able to regenerate every lunar cycle and so eclipses, especially lunar ones have a powerful effect on you. As this first of two eclipses in August highlights your 8th house of shared energy, resources and values, you are given a chance to see your choice to either merge or set boundaries in a bright light. Of course, it may take a little time to communicate what you are feeling and Mercury going retrograde in your 3rd house of words gives you an opportunity to really think carefully about how to say what you need to say in a way that has love and integrity, for yourself and whoever you are communicating too.



Time to look deep in the mirror Leo and see how your reflection is rippling out to those you love and relate to. How are these important people receiving what you have to offer? How are you relating and negotiating with the friends, significant others and business partners that are represented by the 7th house in your chart? This eclipse season puts you in the spotlight in a big, juicy way. You have what everyone needs: fun, creativity, heart and style. The Full Moon Eclipse (showcasing your solar 7th house) is a reminder to include those you love the most in the “Season of the Leo”. Sometimes you may be having so much fun that you forget not everyone has been invited to the party and this Full Moon may bring a few instances of people up crashing the very same party they got left out of. You can avoid such a scenario though by remembering your big, fabulous, generous leonine heart.  You don’t need to include everyone to every party, but you can help make sure there’s something else fun to do for those who didn’t get invited to yours. Or at the very least, you can offer genuine love and warmth as you respectfully communicate why you didn’t invite them to join in.



You may have felt as if you’ve been viewing this eclipse season as if through a smoky piece of glass as the Leo sun has focused your awareness on your solar 12th house of retreat and spirit. There’s lots happening behind the surface, so much that you yourself are probably not even aware of everything that is percolating. Mercury turns retrograde this week in your 1st house as well, offering you a chance to re-think how you are putting yourself out there in the world. You are officially on a “down time” cycle, slowing down and making the space for information and ideas to drift up from your unconscious mind. There’s no benefit to rushing, pushing or forcing anything to happen, it’s all about patience, listening and making space for spirit to guide you in the right direction. If you feel frustrated or wish things would move along more quickly, it can be helpful to pour your feelings into a hands on project like cooking, gardening, crafting, massage or exercise. You need a wellness routine that keeps you focused on the moment and engaged with your senses. Hiding out and escaping from the “real” world will only slow the process down even more.



What’s been happening for you around friendships, groups and community? It would seem that you’ve been spending a lot of time with the “tribe” lately or at least thinking about your tribe if you have one, or looking for one if you don’t. You are a social creature and love to focus on connecting with and pleasing others as this feeds your sense of self. The Full Moon eclipse however, lights up your 5th house of divine fun and creative self-expression, spotlighting who YOU are in the midst of your crowd. What makes you feel shiny and special? What brings you joy and pleasure and puts you right in that place sometimes called the “Zone”, where you aren’t thinking about anything but being in the moment? This is the area to pay attention to, as you uncover some perhaps surprising information about what makes you happy. Mercury going retrograde in your 12th house of retreat puts an emphasis on spending some quiet time listening to your intuitive inner voice, your dreams and any spirit guides you might connect with. There are treasures to be gleaned here, if you can quiet any worries and mental chatter and just pay attention to what feels true.



You’ve been shining like a bright star in the night Scorpio, lighting up rooms and magnetizing people with your powerful Plutonic charm. Leo’s been bedazzling your 10th house of career and public reputation, so how could you not? But eclipse season always brings some shifts and changes and as the Full Moon Eclipse magnifies your 4th house, it’s time to dig back down into your roots and unearth a few nuggets of wisdom to feed your ongoing quest for your life path, your dharma and your “love work” ie the work you do more for love than money. You might be asking yourself this week about what it is that you do to sustainyourself as you pursue your goals and ambitions? Where is the nest you return to and how is it feathered? Are you spending enough time with yourself and your family or is your private life suffering as you activate your career/public self? You’ll probably being making a few choices this month as eclipse season continues, hopefully you’ll be making some choices that is. These choices can bring you to a place of greater balance and harmony, so that one area of your life doesn’t sacrifice too much, for too long, for another part of your life.


You and Leo have been fire dancing through the cosmos, doing a spicy tango that has hopefully brought some new energy, inspiration and adventure into your life. Leo is the sacred child, who knows just what it feels like to embrace the “Zone” of wild creativity. As the eclipse activates Leo in your very own 9th house of consciousness expansion, higher learning, adventure and life philosophy, your attention is drawn to the opposite house by the Full Moon arriving there in Aquarius. This 3rd house focus challenges you to bring back all that you have been learning as Leo has traversed the 9th house and not only bring it back, but communicate it to those nearest and dearest to you in a way that they will understand and appreciate. If you’ve been making meaning out of your life, what have you figured out so far? Have you revised your philosophy’s and belief systems? Even a little? Had any consciousness shifts or changes in your paradigm? Now is the time to share what you’ve been learning with those around you. You are in revision mode, especially while Mercury travels back through your 9th and 10th houses during it’s retrograde cycle.


As you continue to wander through the pathways of your soul, the Full Moon Eclipse offers you a punctuation point and an opportunity to pause and examine your very own gifts and skills. You’ve been learning about how you share energy, values and resources with others, but now is the time to take a look at what you personally offer to the world. What skills and gifts do you have? What is it that you value more than anything else? This eclipse focuses you in on what you have and gives you a chance to take a look at whether or not you are in balance with sharing what you have with others. Maybe you need to share a little more, or maybe you need to share a little less. Use this eclipse season to explore this balance point, delving deeply into what feels just right for you. How much do you need to keep to yourself to maintain a sense of security and comfort and how much do you need to make available to others to maintain connections and energy flow? The resources in question may be physical like money or property, or they may be less easy to measure, such as time or emotional support.



This eclipse is a portal of sorts for you Aquarius, opening your eyes to a whole new way of relating to the world. You have been deep in the trenches of your relationship patterns, learning more about who it is that you are connected to and also how exactly you go about connecting. You’ve probably been learning a lot about the mirrors in your life, those others who reflect back to you exactly what you need to grow. This eclipse lights up your relationship to your very own self. Now that you’ve had the chance to look in the mirror, this Full Moon Eclipse in your sign wants to know: “who are you now and who do you want to become?” When you are being your best self, who is that? This is a time to really assess you as lovingly and honestly as you can. It’s not about critiquing or finding wrongdoing, it’s about getting the measure of YOU. So much of your life has been focused on making the world a better place for the group, the collective and the future, that this process can feel a little strange and unfamiliar, but as you embrace it with your classic maverick style you will discover many new and forgotten treasures along the way.



If you have been feeling like you are on the road to crazy town, take heart, it’s just the voice of your soul calling you home for a visit. The eclipse in Aquarius falls in your very own 12th house of magic, mystery and retreat (on the upside) and victimization, sorrow and self-undoing (on the downside). You get to choose which way you are going to ride these big energies out. Ideally you’d take a big dose of Pisces healing juju pills and spend some time doing those activities that feed your Pisces spirit. Here’s a sampling: hypnotherapy or trance work, ocean walks, prayer/meditation, photography, dancing, singing, or music making or listening, helping folks who are suffering, communing with an animal, sitting with the mystery of life. Each of these are specially designed to take it all down a notch. Leo’s been helping you get more playful with the humdrum details of life, teaching you that fun, service and wellness can exist in the same moment. But now it’s time to visit the realm behind the veil and use what’s there to go a little further on your healing path.





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