Cosmic Love Notes August 28-September 3

August 29-Sun in Virgo square the Moon in Sagittarius

August 31-Sun trine Moon

September 1- Mercury retrogrades back into Leo

September 2-Mars trine Uranus

September 3-Mercury conjunct Mars both conjunct August 21st Leo Eclipse Point

 An eclipse is not just a one day phenomena. The day that the moon’s shadow crossed the face of the sun brought this cosmic event to our attention, but really, the eclipse energies have been building for months prior to August 21st and the eclipse energies will still be felt for months beyond August 21st. This week, in fact, is a turning point in our collective eclipse experience as both Mercury, the planet of communication, travel and information and Mars the planet of action, anger and cross over 28 degrees Leo, the exact degree of the August 21st eclipse. Mercury is still retrograde, so we are still in “re” mode, re-viewing, re-leasing, re-thinking, etc. the events and experiences, both inner and outer, that occurred around the time of the exact eclipse. Wherever 28 degrees Leo is in your chart is your opportunity to return to yourself, express yourself and appreciate the light and life you bring into the world. This week’s horoscopes go deeper into the house that is spotlighted by the eclipse and offers questions and suggestions to work with these energies more deeply.

With the Sun now in Virgo, we are able to digest and analyze our eclipse experience more carefully and hopefully come up with some practical ways to make the most of our realizations once Mercury goes direct next week. The Sun in Virgo is getting us ready for fall, helping us to discern what in our lives is important to keep for nourishment and sustenance and what can be turned into waste and released.


Please remember to read both your Sun Sign Horoscope and your Rising/Ascendent sign if you know it for more insight. You can look up your Rising sign at (look for the abbreviation “ASC” at the bottom of the chart where it lists your planets).

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You have all the fire you need right now Aries to make things happen. As Mercury and Mars in Leo re-activate the eclipse degrees in your Leo ruled 5th house, there is so much available to you now around fun, leisure, creativity, risk taking and self-expression. This is also the house of children, so if you have them, want them or are around them, pay extra special attention to their energy, their teachings and your relationship with them. It might seem like all systems are go, go, go now in this house of good times, but Mercury is currently still retrograde and even more to the point, is stationary retrograde, which basically means “completely stopped.” So the planet of communication is at a standstill in your 5th house, what could this possibly mean? My spidey sense says that it’s of the utmost importance that you stop, look and listen to the circumstances that arise in your life relating to the themes of this house. Mercury wants you to open up all of your communication portals and LEARN about the 5th house however you can. Creatively go deeper in your understanding of the 5th house terrain, explore, ask questions, write, talk, listen and learn. Once Mercury begins to go forward you will have so much to gain!



The underground, midnight realm of the 4th house is still on the front page of your cosmic headline news, as Mercury and Mars re-activate last week’s eclipse point at 28 Aries. How do you want to both take action (Mars) and communicate (Mercury) about matters related to home, family, the past, your private life and whatever makes you feel safe, secure and comfortable? This is the most hidden house in the zodiac wheel, it’s the house where we go to restore ourselves before we go back out into the world for our work,  interactions with the public or any kind of external relating. And this is the terrain that you are travelling in your quest to find yourself in a whole new way. How can you express yourself more fully at home, with your family or in your private life? What kind of actions can you take? Remember that with Mercury still retrograde this continues to be a time to plan and research, although you may be feeling the urgings of Mars now which can be pushing you to act, do and move somehow. Try to harness these powerful energies and allow them to accelerate your planning, without motivating you into any kind of hasty, reactiveactions.



There must be sooooo much you want to say right now Gemini as the Leo eclipse team of Mercury and Mars continue to emphasize your very own 3rd house of communication, siblings and neighbors. Now that Mercury has retrograded back into this house, there is even more emphasis on words and ideas flowing in all kinds of directions, networking that wants to happen and connections that need to be made. The push is great with Mars involved to make yourself heard and share what is on your mind and in your heart. But Mercury at a stationary standstill in it’s retrograde journey is encouraging you to try to remain patient and continue to do your due “re” diligence, researching, rethinking, rebuilding, etc. before you make your move. Your sign thrives on spontaneity and impulsive actions, but try to remember that your words and ideas will be so much more effective if you can wait until Mercury is moving forward once more. The Leo visitation in your 3rd house has hopefully brought you some creative, juicy, fun and special interactions that have inspired you to new directions in life. Mercury stationary now in this house is giving you an opportunity to fine tune and get really clear on how you want to best use all this exciting new energy.



Last week’s eclipse hopefully made you more aware of what you’ve got going on. Like a sunburst in your 2nd house, the Leo eclipse lit up your awareness of your gifts, skills and resources. Now, as Mercury and Mars move through this house of self-esteem, money and values, you’re putting the pedal to the metal and hopefully making the most of this powerful grouping of planets. Mercury is stopped here, concentrating the energy of your mind to think deeply about what you value, what you own (inner and outer) and what you do with what you have. Questions to ponder: are you making the most of your skills? Do you fully appreciate what you bring into the world? Does what you own and what you buy match your values and resources? Mars wants you to make some movement here, to do something to act on what you’ve been seeing in the bright light of Leo, but Mercury retrograde and at a standstill says that SLOW is the way to go. Keep things conscious, intentional and continue with a questioning attitude regarding all things 2nd house related (money, self-esteem, your body, possessions and gifts, skills and other resources), until Mercury goes direct on September 5. 



Leo, you have so much cosmic juice going on these days you may be wondering how to channel all this solar power into some kind of spiritual battery pack to be stored for later. Your 1st house of self is lit up like a bonfire, shining brightly and raring to burn through all the parts of you that feel old, outdated and better off left in the past. Mercury’s bringing you new insights and awareness and Mars is amping up your courage, confidence and desire to act. But. I do have a responsibility as your friendly astrologer to remind you, that Mercury is still retrograde and in fact stationary (ie stopped dead). So what’s that mean? It’s still not go time just yet….First there is more research to be done, more brain’s to pick, more understanding to acquire. First you have to listen a little more than you speak, learn a little more than you teach and seek out a deeper level of knowing and communication than you have before. I cannot emphasize the importance of this enough. The more you reign in your ego now and instead focus on planning, preparation and inclusion of others, the greater a powerful force for good you will be when Mercury goes direct on September 5. Patience, as much as you may resist it, is really an important virtue right now.



Your great Leo eclipse experience has probably taken place largely unnoticed by the public at large. It may even have passed unnoticed by your very own self, as you watched all the fuss and wondered why you weren’t noticing a whole lot more. In true Virgo fashion, you’ve probably had one of the least dramatic (barring Leo eclipse interactions with the other planets besides the Sun in your chart), eclipse experiences of all the zodiac signs. But there’s always more to those with a Virgo infused chart than meets the eye. In your case, a lot was happening behind the scenes, playing out on the unconscious stage of the 12th house. What was lit up for you was your dream self, your retreating inclinations, your magical, mystical realm. Maybe even you noticed areas where you sabotage yourself or get in your own way? This is all 12th house terrain and now Mercury, your ruling planet ventures back into your 12th house for one more round of information gathering, wisdom seeking and all around “re” doing, “re” thinking, “re” juvenating. Mars also journeys through this house, bringing a burst of energy that enlivens and wakes upthis quiet realm.



The eclipse lit up your 11th house of groups, community, friendships and the future. This is the house of wishes, where we create a blueprint of the life we hope for and the kind of future we would like to create for ourselves and the world. The New Moon influence of the eclipse has opened the door of new possibilities here and questions that you may not yet have any answers to: Who is your tribe? What do you want, need and expect out of your community? What kind of future do you hope to create? As Mercury lingers here, stationary retrograde and at a standstill and Mars joins the eclipse degree, there canbe a push/pull, one step forward, one step back kind of feeling. You may began to have some glimmers of the future, but need to do more research and gather more information before you move forward. At the same time Mars wants to feel a sense of progress and motion, so there is a will trying to have its way in this house. It will be up to you to mediate the slow down/speed up influence of these two planets, finding a way to accommodate both, as you search for answers to some very important questions.



You have been perhaps more in the spotlight than you would like lately as the eclipse highlighted your 10th house of career, public reputation and authority. This is the terrain that is also associated with the parent who had the most influence on your relationship to work and career. As the eclipse energies took hold you had a chance to explore what kind of influence you have on the world and what kind of influence you want to continue to have. This week brings Mercury stationary in your 10th house along with Mars at the same eclipse degree of last week. Mercury retrograde gives you an opportunity to think more deeply about the direction you are going in and Mars insists that you start to take some action. Like all the other signs, you are feeling the push/pull of this dynamic as Mercury tries to get you to go slow, while Mars advocates for a faster pace. The balance comes when you can follow your instincts and take some action while holding off on making any kind of commitment to a particular direction. There is still new information on its way that you may need in order to fully understand what kind of choices you will make.



You are hopefully beginning to understand more about what kinds of terrain you want to explore physically, mentally or both. The eclipse highlighted your own 9th house of travel, education, philosophies and belief systems, awakening you to yourself once more. As Mercury retrograde joins Mars in this realm, there are more chances for you to understand what is in you want to make happen in relation to the themes of the 9th house. Do you understand more about what you believe in and what makes life meaningful for you? If not, this is the time to do some research and explore what you do and don’t believe. Do you know how you might like to grow, expand and adventure? Again, if not, now is the time to gain clarity and deeper understanding. Mars wants you to move forward, and the time is coming closer but still not quite ripe.  You can make the most of the Mars energies in your 9th house by noticing what it is that attracts your energy, passion and will. Where do you find yourself naturally gravitating? Wherever or whatever it is that you are drawn towards, do more of it now.



You haven’t quite left the realm of your own deep waters yet, as Mercury and Mars continue to activate your 8th house, the terrain that was in the spotlight during last week’s eclipse. The 8th house, as you are probably learning by now, is an area that is very private and personal. This is not a house that you share with just anyone, as most of us tend to keep matters like our sex lives, feelings about death and our financial matters close to our chest, sharing these topics only with those closest to us, or with trusted advisors who may specialize in these topics. But with all the focus on this part of your life now, it can be helpful to check in with yourself and make sure you haven’t kept the matters related to this house so private and personal that even you don’t know what you think/feel about them. Mercury retrograding back into this house may raise more questions than answers, but Mars will have you wanting to make something happen here, as you seek some kind of satisfaction or expression of your will in this area of your life.



Relationships continue to hold the focus of your attention this week, as Mercury and Mars huddle in your 7th house, revisiting and amplifying the themes that arose during last weeks eclipse. Mercury retrograde in your house of relationships beckons you to return to the past somehow, perhaps revisiting either in real life or just your imagination important relationships that impacted you strongly, either positively or negatively. Mercury going backwards in this house is asking you to slow down and be open to learn something you didn’t know before about how you relate to other people. What is the mirror that you are looking into now and what is it reflecting back? On the other hand, Mars, planet of anger, action and passion is also travelling through this house, bringing a force to reckon with. It can be helpful to have some kind of outlet, creative or physical that allows you to burn off some of the intense energy of Mars in Leo in your 7th house, otherwise it can play itself out in the form of high drama and intrigue, two qualities that you may want to avoid right now as you process through the lessons of this last eclipse season.



You may not be crystal clear yet on how to best take care of yourself, even though last week’s eclipse raised questions, it may not have brought any answers. As Mercury retrogrades through this area of your chart, even more questions will come to light, as you sift through all the possibilities of the 6th house. How can you best serve in the world? And how do you want to? What do you need to care for yourself as you serve? What makes you sick and what makes you well? You probably already know the answers to some of these questions, but Mercury retrograde will help you fine tune and get even more detailed about what it is that you need to really engage with your 6th house. Mars moving through this realm brings a renewed sense of energy, possibility and possibly passion, as it revitalizes your house of health, wellness, service and day to day routines. You may feel a renewed sense of self-confidence and courage as you face any self-destructive tendencies head on and get to the heart of whatever may be holding you back in this realm. Keep in mind that all the work you do here will help to support your efforts to make changes in your most important relationships.





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