Cosmic Love Notes August 21-27

August 21-Total Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Leo

August 22-Mars trine Saturn

August 24-Venus square Uranus

August 25-Saturn Direct/Venus into Leo

August 27-Jupiter sextile Saturn

I'm guessing you've heard (a lot) already about Monday’s total solar eclipse. You’ve probably even been feeling the effects of this powerful eclipse as it approaches and may even be getting ready to see it in its totality as it moves through parts of America on August 21. This total solar eclipse, which the U.S. has not experienced since 1979, has been activating some major collective energy in the United States as it prepares to directly oppose the natal Moon in Aquarius in the U.S. Sibley chart (the chart most used by astrologers as the “official” chart of the nation.)

The Moon in Aquarius is the part of our collective inner self that represents technical expertise, our belief in individuality and freedom of speech, our trend-setting, experimental and cutting edge reputation as a country. But. But the Moon in Aquarius is also: our emotionally cut-off, disassociated, unhinged, cold, tech-addicted collective American face as well. As the Solar eclipse has amplified in energy as it approaches the exact conjunction of the Sun in Leo at 28 degrees and the New Moon in Leo at 28 degrees, it opposes this U.S. Moon at 27 degrees in Aquarius  by one degree. It also conjuncts the transiting North Node (place of collective karmic north star, evolutionary growth as human beings.)

The questions Leo raises and  the challenges issued to our collective soul are: where is our heart? Where is our creativity as a nation to respond to the racism of our past and present? Where is our generosity of spirit? How can we move beyond our individual egos and respond from the best part of our human selves? The cosmos reflect these questions to each of us individually in a myriad of ways. How they will play out in your personal life is unique to you and your birth chart. Eclipses always bring surprises, so there is no way to predict exactly how the eclipse will effect your life, but you can do some work and gather clues by looking at the house in your natal chart where Leo is on the cusp (free chart at, if you need more guidance, book a reading with me. I’m offering an eclipse special of a half hour eclipse overview for $65 through Sept. 1-message me at: to book).

You can also read your Sun Sign horoscope below for a little more insight into this week of change, this week that brings us to a crossroads and this week that is an offering of love from the guiding influence of the stars, planets and spirits of nature who want to see humans survive and thrive.


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This eclipse cycle wakes up your 5th house of creativity, self-expression, play,  children, hobbies and romance. Sounds fun right? It certainly can be! But as with any eclipse there can be a “housecleaning” period that is necessary before the rewards are felt. The New Moon offers you an opportunity to plant the seeds of growth in this house, to set intentions on how you want to express yourself, what kind of relationship you want with your children, what kind of playing you want to do, etc. Mercury is still retrograde, so this is a visioning, rather than an action time, as you gain clarity and sort through the old ways of being in the 5th house and make plans for the new ways of being. You may need to be patient as you wait for your seeds to grow, slowing down and observing yourself and taking notes to help you plan your approach to a relationship with your 5th house that is innovative, different and fully you.



Your eclipse experience is shaped by your home, family and roots as your solar 4th house is highlighted by the New Moon in Leo. What do you know about your ancestors? How have their stories shaped your life? Your family history and the psychological patterns that have been passed down through the generations have shaped your present life, the question is: how? You may not know your family stories, or be aware of family patterns, but this is the time to begin to put some clues together, no matter how little information you have. This eclipse energizes the foundation that you stand on, the roots that feed the tree of your life. Your physical home may also be up for some renewal, so this can be a good time to consider a makeover, or clutter clearing of the space you live in. Finally, this eclipse can catalyze a new understanding of your emotional needs and your most private self, shining some light on the parts of you that are normally hidden from the world. Use the last couple of weeks of this Mercury retrograde to investigate yourself, coming to a new understanding of what makes you tick.



This eclipse is special in so many ways, but for you it is very special as it is activating your very own solar 3rd house of communication, siblings and neighbors. This is the house of both the teacher and the student, as it rules information exchange and learning that takes place in a familiar, everyday environment. This is the house of your neighborhood and community, the territory that you navigate on a daily basis. As the house of siblings, it also represents the people you communicate with everyday, such as siblings, neighbors and roommates. When the solar New Moon eclipse lights up this arena of your life, you have an opportunity to transform your relationship with this terrain, making it fit your current needs more exactly. Your ruling planet Mercury is still retrograde, so the changes happen more on the internal level now, as you reap a deeper understanding of what your needs are and how to meet them. This can be a planning time, a time of research and information gathering, as you fine tune your 3rd house interactions and develop a greater sense of awareness of what needs to change and what can realistically change.



You are getting ready to get generous with yourself as the New Moon Solar Eclipse brings its transformative rays to your 2nd house of self esteem, money and values. There’s an opportunity here for you to really appreciate yourself in a whole new way as you clear out the dreck of the past and began to see your gifts through new eyes. What can you truly appreciate about yourself? How do you share what you value with others? What do you reap from the sharing of your gifts? Part of valuing your worth is to acknowledge and recognize it, which means you first have to see it clearly. This New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo gives you all the tools you need to seeyourself more clearly. You can be a star, if you know exactly who you are-so the question is do you? As Mercury continues its retrograde motion, you have a chance to explore yourself more deeply, gaining greater awareness and understanding of what makes you tick. You are preparing and getting ready to communicate what you learn to others, but right now is a time of seed planting and information gathering, as you prepare yourself for a broader reach.



Who are you? Really? This eclipse season has given you plenty of opportunities to find out, as first the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and now the New Moon Solar Eclipse put you at center stage, highlighting your awareness of your very own Leo the lion self. This can be a time of heightened insight and also great change as you see the self you once were rapidly leaving and the self you are becoming arriving in its place. Your mission is to track these selves, observing and recording their similarities and differences. With Mercury still retrograde there is no need to take any great action or particular stand based on what you are noticing. It’s simply a time to witness and allow yourself to be exactly who you are, for better or worse. Leo at it’s very core wants to shine, to be recognized and appreciated and will do almost anything to meet this need. The “almost anything” is the part to pay attention to now, as you may want to notice what it is you have done, or are currently doing to get your core needs met. It could come to pass that you decide to shift your approach, very slightly, or a lot, in order to fulfill your needs without sacrificing your integrity.



Eclipses are mysterious and so is the 12th house, a realm that is hidden behind the veil of reality and which offers a home to spirits, visions and people who may not be easily seen in our day to day world. With the eclipse happening in your 12th house, your more mysterious, hidden self can become more noticeable, at least to you. Your unconscious mind makes itself known, as the Leo spotlight rests on this area, highlighting the parts of you that are not easily seen. Your connection to spirit and the divine can feel stronger now, as you remember the gifts that are available to you from invisible and supportive energies. Meditation, prayer and communion with nature can help you to open up to your inner guidance and make the most of this powerful eclipse. You may also notice the areas of your unconscious that keep you trapped in some way, catching you up when you least expect it. The eclipse offers you an opportunity to clear out old messaging and influences that have held you back and renew your deepest intentions for your best life, free from self-sabotaging patterns that you may have once indulged in.



This eclipse cycle has brought you a greater understanding of your role within your “group”, community or circle of friends. Illuminating your 11th house, the Leo New Moon offers you an opportunity to make changes in the way you relate to the people you consider your “circle”. This can also be a time when you move away from friendships that no longer feel alive and began to seek out connections that are more in alignment with who YOU currently are. The 11th house is also the house of the future and our wishes for this future, so this is the terrain where we envision or plan our blue print for our lives. You may find as the eclipse energies peak that you want to go back to the drawing board and sketch out a new “wing” in the house of your life. Information or guidance that encourages you to “Dream Big” may have you revamping your previous plan to incorporate a vision that includes more of who you are now. It may be helpful to fully honor and recognize your old wishes before you release them, letting them go with love and respect for the person you once were.



You are preparing for a major revamp in your career, public reputation and life direction as the New Moon Solar eclipse plants the seeds of change in your 10th house. There may be a new understanding coming to light, as you seek recognition for your work in a whole new way. What do you bring out into the world? Is this satisfying you or is there room for growth? If you feel good about what you do then you may want to think instead about how you share your work with others. If you feel there is room for growth, this eclipse can catalyze you into making the changes needed to propel you forward. You are in the midst of a course correction as you re-direct the ship of your life, so there may be a need to slow down and assess before you turn the ship. Luckily, you are helped right now by the Mercury retrograde cycle, which supports any efforts you make now to plan and prepare for a new way of being in the world. Plan to take action after Mercury goes direct and you have a better idea of how you want to manifest your eclipse changes outwardly.



How have you been growing, learning and expanding your consciousness? This New Moon Solar Eclipse is going to wake you up to the most essential parts of you in a whole new way as it illuminates your very own 9th house. If you have been feeling stuck or stagnate, the eclipse will remind you of the Sagittarius you were born to be. Part of your essential nature is to grow and explore both your mind and the world around you, but as Saturn has moved through your sign over the last year and a half, you may have felt restricted or held back in expressing your most basic needs. This eclipse frees you up, reconnecting you with your core self and bringing a wave of energy and understanding to your consciousness. Because Mercury is still retrograde, the time to act is not yet here, but you can make use of the retrograde cycle to plan and prepare for your future adventures. If you feel unable or unwilling to physically explore your world, plan to take adventures of the mind instead by taking a class, finding a teacher or learning something new.



Your eclipse adventure takes place in the realm of energy exchange, as you gain a new clarity on how you share, give and receive energy with others. As the eclipse illuminates your 8th house of sex, death and joint resources, you become more aware of your most intimate connections and how you relate to them. You may feel called to make some changes in this arena, or the changes could be brought to you by someone else. As you delve into one of the most private arenas of your chart, you will want to tread gently, taking the time to really understand why you have made the choices you have made in the past. The eclipse will likely bring you a new perspective that could inspire you to completely transform your relationship to how you approach the resources you have in common with certain people in your life. As Mercury continues to retrograde through your 9th house of belief systems and life philosophies, this can be a good time to rethink some “sacred cows” that may be stopping you from fully enjoying life. Which of your long held beliefs is it time to let go of in order to move forward?




Your eclipse experience is all about relationships as the New Moon lights up your 7th house of the “other”. Your connections and interactions with the people closest to you are going through powerful changes now as you let go of some old patterns and began to forge new ones. Leo, as the sign opposite your Sun sign, awakens you to those qualities and behaviors that can irritate you, but also teach you how to become more whole. As the most heart-centered of the signs, Leo is able to be fully in an experience without distance or over-analysis. Leo lives in the moment and celebrates the experience of being alive. How can you too bring greater celebration and a spirit of playfulness into your most important relationships? You will become more aware, likely through the other people in your life, of what you need to do to more fully develop into the you that you want to be as this eclipse energy develops. You may need to rethink some of the ways that you are sharing energy with others as Mercury continues to retrograde through your 8th house, gaining a new understanding of what changes need to be made in order to make resources more equitable for everyone involved.



The Leo eclipse shines in the house that rules your opposite sign of Virgo: the 6th house. As the arena of wellness, service and daily maintenance routines, this realm is a reminder to be mindful of the practical, earthy needs of being human. Your innate strength is in your empathy and compassion for other people, which is a great blessing to the world, but can sometimes leave you drained and desiring to escape from daily reality. This New Moon Solar Eclipse helps you to release old patterns of taking care of yourself that are sapping your life force and replace them with more positive and heart centered habits that will support and enliven you instead. As Mercury retrogrades through your house of relationships, you may also begin to question the relationships in your life that are encouraging old patterns that you are ready to be rid of and rethink how you want to connect with these people in the future. You are being asked to stretch and grow during this eclipse cycle, stepping out of your normal comfort zone and becoming more fully yourself in all of your many varied aspects.






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