Cosmic Love Notes July 31-August 6

July 31 Venus moves into Cancer

August 2 Uranus goes Retrograde

August 4 Jupiter square Pluto

August begins with the stars supporting us in becoming more human, connected and alive. Since May, the North Node has moved through the sign of Leo, awakening our hearts and creative potential. There is a part of each of us that wants to express itself, be seen and heard and appreciated. Collectively, we need this force of life right now, as it reminds us of what it means to be joyously human. If this impulse if stifled, denied or tampered with in any way, more than likely, we will be feeling grumpy and irritable. When Venus moves into Cancer on Monday, the love planet helps us in tapping into our imagination and a dreamy, heart centered, emotionally connected reality. Venus joins the asteroid Ceres who has been moving through Cancer for the last few weeks, giving us a powerful dose of the Great Mother archetype. Now is your chance to love each other up! And that’s love each other up, not smother each other up. Too much of a good thing can be wonderful, but when Cancer love goes bad it can be stifling, smothering and suffocating.

Uranus, the planet that is ruling the current South Node transit through Aquarius, goes retrograde on Wednesday, asking us to explore Uranian themes in a deeper, more personal way. Uranus rules technology, the future, science and also revolution and radical change. Because the transiting South Node is  now in Aquarius, Uranus’ ruling sign, the focus is on releasing and moving away from the more destructive Uranian habits. Device addiction that keeps us separated from the real world, cyber-reality as opposed to human reality and science at the expense of emotion and intuition are all areas that we may want to delve into more deeply now. Our mission is to figure out how to transform and heal disconnection and turn it into the leonine fire of power and creativity.

The final square from Jupiter in Libra to Pluto in Capricorn further emphasizes the need for BIG CHANGES. “Go big or go home” is the perfect quote for this planetary meet-up. Look inside yourself and all around you for areas of inequality, disconnection and injustice. Root out what is standing in the way of love, connection, empowerment andcreativity. You’re getting ready for the double eclipse season and this week’s transits are offering up an abundance of opportunities to help you make the most of August’s double eclipse extravaganza!

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You’ve been stepping way outside your comfort zone for awhile as Uranus has made its way through your Sun sign over the last several years. You’ll get a chance to touch base and assess how far you’ve come with all the changes you’ve made. If there hasn’t already been some kind of radical transformation in your life in the last 5 years, you might want to get ready for the one that is on its way. The Uranus retrograde is your 6 month time to digest and process or prepare for change, upheaval and pattern breaking. Your natural inclination is to do things your own way and Uranus only adds to that impulse. As you track the retrograde influence in your life, you may want to ask yourself if the different beat you have been dancing too is still working for you? Or if you haven’t found quite the beat you were looking for yet, in which direction are you going to start your search? The people you are closest too (friends, family, significant others) are open to negotiate some of the rules of engagement if you are willing to try and find some middle ground.



Over the last year, as Jupiter has traveled through your 6th house of health and wellness, you have had a chance to create more balance in your diet, exercise and daily maintenance routines. Sometimes you may have had to learn the hard way, by getting way out of balance before returning to habits that were more sustainable. As Jupiter squares Pluto this week, your changing beliefs and philosophies play a big part in influencing your self-care and wellness practices. You may become more aware of an inner conflicts that showcase the difference between what you believe vs. how you act. Try to go gentle on yourself, you are uprooting old patterns, patterns so old they may even be from past lives and this takes time and patience. You’ll need a chance to process and download any upheaval that takes place, digesting the new direction you are moving towards, even before you begin to move there. Venus’ movement into Cancer supports you in nourishing yourself at all levels: body, mind and spirit. You have everything you need to take care of yourself in the most loving, gentle and healthy way and this week’s transits help remind you of that.



If you have been feeling a lack of abundance in your life, or questioning what you have to offer the world, you will get a nice boost this week as Venus moves into your solar 2nd house of resources and self-esteem. Though this is a short transit, lasting about a month, it can add a rosy glow to your life, bringing you a greater appreciation for yourself and your gifts. A romantic relationship can go through a turning point this week as well, as Jupiter squares Pluto in your love, sex and romance houses. You may find that you want to make a decision about whether to take the romance to a deeper level. If you are already in a relationship, this week can awaken you to a desire for more intimacy and depth in your connection. Part of you may want to keep things fun and light, while the other part secretly wants to know that you are in it for the long haul. This can also manifest as one of you in the relationship wanting more of a commitment and the other person wanting more freedom and independence. It is up to you to figure out where you stand, drawing on your Venus in Cancer enhanced connection to your self-worth.



This is one of the best months of the year to reconnect with your own beauty. As Venus moves into your 1st house of body, self and appearance, you’ll have more mojo to work with, as the goddess of all things good blesses you with her magic. So if you’ve had any inclinations to try a new look, now is the time. On a deeper level, you will have an enhanced capacity for love and pleasure this month, as Venus continues to move through your sign. You may also feel more social than usual, as you connect with your own capacity for connection. Any changes you have been making in your home environment this last year will  come to some kind of climax this week, possibly through a partner or close friend, as Jupiter in your solar 4th house of home and family squares Pluto in your 7th house of relationships. You have been seeking expansion and growth and yet there are real world challenges to be worked through before you can experience the freedom you seek. You may gain more understanding or awareness of what hurdles need to be worked through before you goals are met.



This is your season and this year you are even more in the spotlight, with two eclipses getting ready to rock your world. Eclipses effects are sometimes very obvious and sometimes more subtle, only you will know how they manifest. But one thing is certain: these eclipses will bring new awareness and insights into your life, particularly in the realm of relationships. You want and need to be seen and heard, expressing the essence of who you are into the world. Sometimes there is a ready audience at hand, eager to shower you with applause and appreciation. Other times, your audience might be hard to find, leaving you feeling cranky and ignored. This weeks transits are asking you to up your game, by retreating and getting clear on what you want to put out into the world. What do you believe and how are you expressing these beliefs in your words and actions? How can you maintain your health and wellbeing in a way that allows you to express yourself as fully as you want? These are some of the questions to ponder, as your own personal eclipse season approaches.



Your eclipse season revolution is happening behind the scenes as the planetary fireworks light up your more hidden, watery houses. You are re-arranging the furniture of your psyche, coming up with a layout that is more comfortable and free from the clutter of the past. This we grounded in what you have to offer and making you look more closely at how you can use your creativity to enhance your self-esteem. With Venus moving into your 11th house, comfort and support comes from friends now, as you turn to your community for pleasure and connection. Parties, social gatherings and hostessing with the mostessing, is in the cards this month, with Venus blessing you with watery, mother love. In your more intimate relationships, you have an opportunity to re-negotiate agreements made, into a form that is more fitting to your current self. You have undergone many changes in the last year, but your relationship may not yet have adjusted to the new you. This week brings more awareness to this issue, offering opportunities for you and your partner to bring your connection to a place that is more in line with your current reality.



Your natural charm is heightened this month as Venus moves into your 10th house, smoothing over rough edges and bringing grace and calm to your life. Your reputation gains a sparkly “something” and a boost in your career is possible. This is a good time to form new relationships with people who share your values and goals. Meanwhile, Uranus, the planet of lightning, transformation and being “woke”, also goes retrograde in your house of relationships, giving you a chance to process and make sense of some of the changes you’ve experienced in the last few years. Uranus shakes thing up, breaking down false gods and reconnecting you to the sacred pulse of life. Moving through your 7th house, Uranus has made you aware of patterns in relationships with partners (business, love, friendship), that are outdated and don’t fit your current reality. As Uranus goes retrograde you have a chance to distill the wisdom of the trickster planet deep into yourself and develop a greater understanding of what patterns and relationships have outlived their life span. This is a time to stay highly alert to your inner self and aware of what you need to grow and thrive.



You’ve got pleasure possibilities percolating in your house of travel as Venus in Cancer takes up residence there for a month. Cancer is known as the sign of home and family and the 9th house is the place where you stretch outside of your comfort zone and encounter people, beliefs and languages that are new to you. This is the house of diversity and expansion of the mind, where you go to either create or challenge your beliefs about life.

Home/safety vs. diversity/expansion? Paradoxical much? But this is soooo perfect for complicated, multi-layered Scorpio. As Venus enters the 9th house she brings you a sweetness and renewed pleasure to your desire to grow in a safe, familiar and comfortable way. This can take many forms: a family trip to a foreign country, learning something new about your family lineage that brings you happiness, taking a Cancer themed class (cooking, geneology, antiques, vintage, history of any kind) that opens up your mind in a new way. Uranus retrograding in your 6th house of routines and daily maintenance emphasizes this message of “change but in a familiar way” even more. Yes, it’s time to take some risks and shake things up, but you can make a plan that takes your innate nature and needs into account.



Conflicts that arise this week can probably be traced back to the part of you that is seeking more security and trust in yourself. It’s been a long journey and you are still in the middle of it, but the cosmic changes this week give you a chance to see how far you’ve come and what needs to happen next. One of the bigger questions that may have recently floated to the surface has to do with groups, community and friendships. Are they making you feel better about yourself or worse? Who around offers support and sustenance? What do you most want out of a community or group of friends? There’s a chance to make connections, deep connections, but it may be helpful to first understand better what kinds of people you want to connect with and how. If you feel a desire to free up some of your energy so you can devote it towards your own self-expression and personal growth, this is a good time to do so. You are learning to go deep and wide right now, expanding your circle, while coming to know yourself and what you need and want in a whole new way.



This week is your chance to show that you really care. Venus only travels through your 7th house once a year and this week as she joins Ceres in your house of relationships and significant others, it’s an opportunity for you to really focus on how you are connecting to the most beloved of your loved ones. How do you treat them? How do they treat you? Is the exchange of love, care, support and nourishment feeling good for both of you? This is not a time to focus on controlling other people and situations, instead, it’s a time to learn about what it means to just deeply connect with another human being. If there is a part of you that is holding back out of fear of change, now is the time to have a good long talk with that part of you and figure out what the resistance is all about. You have a chance to really transform your reality, but you have to take this chance and run with it. There’s an unraveling trying to happen in the deepest core of your being. The more you work with this unraveling, rather than against it, the greater your opportunities for growth and expansion in the outside world.



After all the work you’ve been doing on your health and well-being, you can start to feel some positive reward now as Venus joins Ceres in your 6th house. Self-nurturing and self-care can be so powerful, as you realize more and more that how you treat yourself is often reflected back to you by the outside world. Your Sun sign is ruled by lightning, so you do have an explosive side and as Uranus has moved through your solar 3rd house over the last several years, you may have seen this explosiveness show up most often in the realm of communication (and possibly in particular in communications with siblings and/or neighbors). When Uranus turns retrograde this week in your 3rd house, you can explore how to re-vision and re-view the way that you say what’s on your mind and exchange information with others. Are you getting your point across in a way that people can understand? How can you stay true to yourself without alienating those you want to be in connection with? There may be some mind expanding shifts that need to happen and some layers of your unconscious mind that need exploring before you can really feel free to speak from your heart.



Venus in Cancer brings a dreamy blessing of watery inspiration to your solar 5th house of pleasure, fun, creativity and children. You may be feeling particularly called to nurture a project, work of art, or small being as this month long transit take splace. Ceres joined with Venus brings a gentle but powerful fertility into your life, offering you a chance to dream up something new and birth it into the world. Meanwhile, Uranus turns retrograde in your 2nd house of resources, self-esteem and your personal skills and gifts. If you’ve been a little erratic lately in how you spend money, value yourself or share your gifts and skills, then the five month retrograde period offers you ample time to reflect, renew and regenerate your approach in this area of your life. A transformation can also occur in how you share your resources with others, if you’ve been too accommodating, or bent over backwards to try and make someone else happy, this week you may feel inspired to shift the dynamic, so that you can make more of your dreams come true, without having to sacrifice everything for someone else.



Image by Mariano Peccinetti

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