Cosmic Love Notes July 3-9

July 4-Venus into Gemini/Mercury square Uranus

July 5-Mercury into Leo

July 8-Full Moon in Capricorn conjunct Pluto/square Uranus

July 9-Sun opposing Pluto/Mars quincunx Saturn

This is a topsy turvy week with Venus and Mercury changing signs and a Full Moon in Capricorn that promises to be interesting (to say the least.) Venus throws off her earth mama Taurus dress and steps into Gemini, the sign of the communicator, the flirt, the journalist and the teacher. Love and relating become more fluid and loose, as we open up and gather new information. Before moving into Leo, Mercury gives us a last call in Cancer and forms a late square to Uranus. This possibly tense meet upsignals a wake up call on Tuesday, pushing us to look more closely at how to incorporate boundaries into our communications. When Mercury moves into Leo on Wednesday, we began explore our creativity in our speech, writing and teaching. Why talk when you can sing? Why walk when you can dance? Mercury in Leo reminds us to have fun with our minds, transforming worry and negative self-talk into creative expression and art. This weekend is a dooziewith the Full Moon on Saturday in Capricorn conjunct Pluto and squaring Uranus. This lunation brings to a head many of the themes and issues that we have collectively faced over the last several years. Desires for structure, tradition and stability (represented by Capricorn) have been challenged by the need for freedom, autonomy, and independence (Uranus in Aries). As the Full Moon joins with Pluto there is an opportunity to look with clear eyes at the underbelly of the broken system that is in place. When the Moon squares Uranus on Sunday this brings a growing desire to break free of these systems and transform them. This will show up in a very personal way for those who have planets at 15-18of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), and more as a collective manifestation for those who don’t have close planetary contacts. Mars quincunx Saturn early Sunday morning can bring some frustration in our desire to resolve tension, but also point the way to where we need to take action to build more resilience and fortitude. Later on Sunday the Sun opposes Pluto bringing even more of a need to look squarely and honestly into the face of power, noting what we see there and protecting our vulnerable selves, from invasion (Sun in Cancer).




Your Full Moon story involves a recognition of the tension between your home life, your inner world and your family and your career, reputation and public face. There has been a lot brewing in these realms for awhile and you’ve likely learned a lot about these two areas of your life over the last several years. This weekend’s Full Moon asks you to recognize and reflect on what you have learned. You may feel some tension as you seek to find yourself in the midst of what everyone else expects from you. You may even feel tempted to escape from the needs, demands and desires of others. But know that the only way out on this Full Moon is through. You’ll need to touch base with your inner adult and get clear on your commitments and responsibilities. It may be that you come up with a plan to re-negotiate some of the duties that have weighed you down. Just don’t try to fight for freedom all at once. There is an explosive potential to this lunation that can encourage some to burn bridges and leave town in a hurry. If you act on your impulses under this moon, you may find that regrets follow you no matter how far you try to run.



The polarity that this Full Moon awakens for you is a greater awareness of how your day to day mental chatter and self talk influences what you believe. You have an opportunity to really notice your inner dialogue as the moon grows into fullness this week. Mercury’s movement into Leo brings an even greater awareness of your inner voice and what it is trying to say to you. If your beliefs feel challenged at all during this Full Moon time, pay attention! Challenges help you to see where the growth is, challenges sharpen your edge and encourage you to get more real with yourself. The Full Moon asks you to explore your comfort zone and maybe even take a baby step outside of it. What feels safe to you and what feels exciting, daring and a little scary? What does adventure mean to you? In your wildest dreams what have you longed to do, but never believed was possible? Notice where your mind wanders as you ask these questions of yourself, follow your wanderings and take note. You’re only job now is to carefully and patiently observe yourself: your thoughts, actions and beliefs.


What is yours? And what is someone else’s? What do you share? And what do you keep to yourself? This week’s Full Moon encourages you to take a look at the resources that are yours alone, that come from your own gifts and skills and talents and those resources that were created with another. You may share your own personal resources, you may exchange them for money or goods, or you may hoard them, keeping them all to yourself for fear they may be lost or stolen. As for the resources you share with others, how are you feeling about this sharing? Does it feel fair and equal? Are you benefitting from the sharing? Is the person you are sharing with getting their fair share? The spotlight is on now. The universe is knocking at your door. It wants to know what you’ve got and it wants to know how you are sharing what you’ve got. More importantly, there is a part of you that wants to know and explore this realm and the cosmos are giving you the opportunity to take this time to take a deep and real and honest look.


The Full Moon in Capricorn lights up your 7th house of relationships, highlighting your path towards wholeness. What qualities do you find most irritating in other people? What qualities intrigue and captivate you? You are learning more about how opposites attract now, you are also learning about how you operate better in relationships. Some of these lessons may feel hard, some of the lessons are probably somewhat surprising and some of them may feel more intense than you could have ever expected. You have been enrolled in Pluto’s school of relationships for awhile, and this Full Moon only amplifies what you have been learning about power, control, sexuality and dominance and how you encounter these qualities in yourself and others. As a being who knows how to feel, you have probably been having lots of feelings lately as we all have been immersed in the powerful waters of your Cancer archetype. This Full Moon asks what you to look at what you need to survive in a relationship, what structures, boundaries and long term plans will help you feel more whole and valued.



As Mercury moves into your sign this week, you finally feel like you can begin to communicate some of the deep soul work you have been engaged in. There is a particularly pressing need in fact to clear the channel between your spirit and your voice as the Full Moon lights up your 6th house of service and day to day routines. The time for drifting, dreaming and going with the flow continues, but the Full Moon puts the spotlight on the question of how you want to manifest your spirit work in the practical, real world. Capricorn is a practical sign, a sign that likes to make things happen and see results. As the Full Moon in Capricorn lights up your 6th house of wellness, service and work, you may be asking yourself how you want to be useful in the world and what you need to do to take care of yourself so that you can be more useful. What have you got to give and how are you giving it? And are you giving yourself some too? The answer to these questions this week, will say a lot about what direction you should go in next.



It can sometimes be too easy for you to get lost in helping other people because you thrive on feeling useful, needed and necessary. And it is pretty likely that people who are close to you do depend on you to take care of all the little details of life and sometimes the broader brush strokes as well. But this week the Full Moon reminds you to re-charge your battery so you can keep on giving. As the Capricorn moon lights up your 5th house of pleasure, it reminds you of how important it is to play, let loose and have fun. You too were a child once and that child inside you is asking for some attention now. Your childlike self needs a little vacation from your responsibilities and the demands of adult life and a little respite from the daily grind. Art and creativity or just hanging with a kid for real or a kid at heart are a few good ways to heal the wound of seriousness that may have been feeling so very present lately. There is a heart that needs tending too before you can return to your role as a support system to the world.



The undertow of your 4th house feels strong this week as the Full Moon lights up your center of home, family and roots. There is a lot going on under the surface, with deep feelings emerging and heavy changes taking place. But, at the same time, there is so much also happening in the outside world. So many new people to meet and opportunities to explore. You may feel like just ignoring that powerful pull ofyour past influences and inner self, because you want to move on with your life and be in the action, not just observing it from the sidelines. But this week’s lunation asks you for patience and understanding. There are hidden emotions at work that need a little time to get untangled and feelings that want more space to be understood. There may even be issues at home or with your family that need attention. Though it seems like staying in the light is where it’s at, this week, digging down into the sweet darkness of your own earth home will allow you to unearth more potent treasures.



Sometimes it can be hard for you to communicate what is really on your mind. But you have been working very hard and learning a lot over the last several years about how to clear the clutter from your thoughts and speak your truth clearly. You have been learning about the messages you send yourself and the messages you send to other people. You have been hard at work unearthing the deepest understandings you can from the people that surround you on a daily basis. You may also have gone through some profound changes with your siblings or neighbors. This week, the Full Moon in Capricorn in your 3rd house brings all that you have been brewing to the surface. You get an opportunity to really see what you have been doing all this time in a clear light. You may feel some tension now as you wonder what all these thoughts and ideas you have been studying and learning about really mean, you are eager to know what it is that you really believe. This Full Moon lunation moves you one step closer to understanding what your philosophy on life really is. As you transform your thoughts, you discover a whole new perspective on reality.



You take your resources very seriously and give careful consideration both to what you value and also what you have to share with the world. As Pluto has been moving through you 2nd house over the last several years, you have probably paid even more attention to your values, resources and money. There may even have been periods of great loss or periods of great gain in your financial situation in these past years that have served to remind you of what is most important to you in life. You may also have struggled with your self-esteem as you wondered what you offer to the world. This week as the Full Moon lights up the 2nd house, you have an opportunity to return your awareness to this realm of life and gain a clearer understanding of your most important gifts, skills and resources. What are your special talents? Are there new skills you might like to learn? How do you want to share your gifts with others? These are all questions to explore this week as you dig deep with the help of the Full Moon in Capricorn to revamp your 2nd house terrain.



If you’ve been looking for a breakthrough, this week you should feel a shift in energy, as if you can finally see all the parts of you that have been holding you back.  The Full Moon illuminates and shines light on you and your patterns of relating What do you notice as you look around at your life? What do you notice about the people that you love and have relationships with? There are powerful forces of change at work right now and change can feel overwhelming at times as you try and figure out how to navigate through shifting terrain. The power of the Moon asks you to let your feelings guide you through the unknown places that you encounter. Your emotions can also help to connect you with other people who will act as allies for you as you face the transitions you are making. Find the strength and power in vulnerability now, as you search for a new foundation to rest on. You are used to being in charge, but the times right now demand that you adapt to reality and make the best of what you have in front of you.



Sometimes you may feel like a creature of mystery, even to yourself. It is a fact that there is a lot going on inside you and it can take a skilled and savvy someone to navigate the strange terrain of your psyche. Fortunately, this week you have the Full Moon in Capricorn coming along to illuminate your 12th house of mystery, retreat and the unconscious mind. If you’ve been saying and doing things that leave you muttering “WTF?!” to yourself, you will find that this lunation gives you an opportunity to at least turn the light on in the dark, scary closets of your hidden self and take a look around. The resident skeletons want a little attention, they may even be ready to leave the closet, but you’ll never know until you ask. This is the week to strike up a dialogue with the parts of you that you may not have been paying attention to lately. These parts have some valuable information to share, information that may lead you closer to a place of greater self-understanding and acceptance. You have a chance now to clear up some deep and powerful blockages that may have been preventing you from taking really good care of yourself.



The Full Moon lights up your chart by asking you to reflect on the transformation you have been undergoing in your 11th house of wishes, the future, friends and community. There’s been a lot of change over the last several years and you’ve probably made new friends and let go of some old friends. You may have revised your template for your ideal future a few times and at the very least you’ve likely undergone a shift in your thinking about what the future holds for you. This lunation offers you a chance to take a look back at how far you’ve come, while also opening the door to let you take a peek at what may be on the way. Use the power of the moon to illuminate your heart and light up the secret wishes and unspoken hopes and dreams you may not have been able to be open to before. Use the power of this moon to re-connect you with friends and communities new and old. This moon in Capricorn is a serious moon and wants to be taken seriously, but you can leverage it with your signature Pisces style into a cosmic cauldron of possibility, gazing into a variety of different futures until you try one on that feels right.