Cosmic Love Notes July 24-30

June 24-Venus opposes Saturn

June 25- Mercury into Virgo

June 26-Sun conjunct Mars

June 30-Venus sextile Uranus

Sunday’s New Moon in Leo offers us a pathway to return to our heart’s desires. The path may begin with a bit of thorns and briar patches, and ask us to fight for what we are passionate about, but this is one way we know it’s really ours. Venus opposes Saturn on Monday, emphasizing this message of commitment to our heart and what/who we love. Love and relating aren’t always easy, but it’s getting through the tough times together that strengthens our bonds and deepens our commitment. This Venus Saturn opposition will remind us of this, and ask us to double down and stay true to our commitments. On Tuesday Mercury moves into its own sign of Virgo and slows down, getting ready for its August retrograde cycle. Mercury in Virgo brings a focus to communication and information exchange, encouraging us to get down to earth and remember the devil in the details. Mid-week, the Sun meets Mars in Leo, punctuating this powerful Leo season with a burst of fiery passion. This can be an excellent day to pay extra special attention to our hearts and focus on what it means to live a “heart-centered” life. The week ends with Venus sextile Uranus, giving us a gentle reminder that love doesn’t always follow the rules and sometimes it pays to add a little spontaneity and excitement into our relationships.



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Your heart and mind are both strong this week, as Mercury moves into your solar 6th house, bringing your awareness to your health and wellness routines. This may sound boring at first, but as an Aries, you will most certainly find a way to come up with your own personal style of wellness. The trick is just to put your mind to the issue and take a look at how you have been doing with your relationship to your body and your daily routines. Or there may be a greater focus on your work life now, where you get new ideas on how to tweak your work environment to make it just a little bit better (one of Virgo’s greatest skills). Meanwhile over in the territory of the heart, Leo is lighting up its very own 5th house, as the Sun and Mars join up giving you quite an exuberant burst of life force energy to guide you now. What are you in the process of creating, or what do you want to create? How can you create from the heart? You may find these questions helpful to you this week as you navigate these dual terrains of heart and mind.


When Mercury moves into Virgo, it brings an earthy calm to your nervous system, toning down some of the high fire energy and bringing a welcome touch of grounding to the current planetary scene, which is dominated right now by air and fire. Because this configuration is influencing your 4th house of home and family, you may be able to approach issues related to this part of your life with more of a practical, logical frame of mind now. You are more likely to notice the details and how to problem solve, getting to the heart of the matter or at least recognizing patterns that you want to change. But the Sun/Mars conjunction in Leo takes place in your 3rd house of communication, so there is still a possibility of fireworks and some drama when it comes to communication. Try to channel some of that calm, earthy Mercury in Virgo energy if things start to get heated, especially when interacting with neighbors and siblings. Though you may feel a need to get your particular point of view across, if you try to also take the other person’s perspective into account, it is more likely that communication will go more smoothly.


You might get brought down to earth a bit this week Gemini, as first Saturn opposes Venus in your sign and then Mercury moves into earthy Virgo. You may need to look at yourself in the metaphorical mirror, taking stock of what you are putting out there to other people and if you are communicating as honestly as you can. Integrity and patience are two key themes to focus on in relationships now. If this seems irritating or boring, or makes you feel impatient to get through the week, then you know there is work to be done. Your special super power is the ability to bring movement, energy and flow into your immediate environment. You know how to communicate with words, images or physically in ways that people really enjoy and resonate with. But in order to make the most of that super power, sometimes you need to stop and check in with yourself to see if you areactivating this power at the highest level. You are so fast moving that you might sometimes leave other people behind in the dust, wondering if there is substance and depth to your message or just a lot of show. You can prove to them you’ve got the real thing going on if you do the work to make it real.



Oh Cancer, what a relief! The current planetary emphasis in fire and air has probably been a little unsettling to your nervous system, unless you have other harmonious planets that welcome this high octane energy. But as Mercury moves into Virgo it provides you with a supportive earth sextile to your watery vibe. As the planet of communication settles into your own solar house of communication for the next month, you have an opportunity to put some of the feelings that may have come up during the last few months into form. Virgo grounds information and makes it accessible in a practical, organized way. This influences your ability to feel like you are making an impact on your environment and getting your voice heard. As the Sun and Mars meet in Leo in your solar 2nd house, you have even more of a chance to feel you power, getting a boost of fire mojo in your 2nd house of self-esteem. On a mundane level, this week you could see a boost in your income that comes from your belief in yourself. Roll with the Leo passion, creativity and heart and watch what kind of magic comes your way.



Wow! Are you going to get a boost this week, like, a fireworks exploding in the air kind of boost, as the Sun conjuncts Mars in Leo in your solar 1st house. Now, this will be coming on the heels of a Venus/Saturn opposition affecting your house of friends/community and your own house of self-expression. So it’s important to pay attention, before you launch yourself into the world with your beautiful Leo roar, to what it means to balance your needs with the needs of your friends/community. The more you can integrate, listen and take note of what the community around you is asking for, and what is needed seven generations down the line and act accordingly, the more you will succeed now. You are prepped to get an enormous ego boost, a halo of sunshiny light is on its way to laser beam you with Leonine love. How you handle this is up to you. It’s a lot of power and, as they say, “with great power, comes great responsibility”. So hopefully, you will make some good choices this week, drawing on the discerning power of Virgo to keep you focused on service, accountability and practicality.


You get a visit with your home planet this week as Mercury moves into Virgo, bringing a clearer sense of focus and intention to your life. You will be the force that brings in a calm, grounded, practical and organized perspective to the Leo passion and fiery creativity that is lighting up the cosmos now. But first you have to navigate the Venus/Saturn opposition on Monday, which is activating your 10th house of career and 4th house of home and family. The part of you that is feeling activated out in the world, busy and productive, is needing to talk to the part of you that keeps the home fires burning. There may be some responsibilities and accountability that call to you this week from your nest. This can be a check-in session with yourself, to see what you need to feel supported and nurtured, or it could feel like demands from those you share your home with and typically take care of. Put simply, they may not be all that supportive of your launch into the public eye, wondering how it’s going to effect them.  If this is the case, do spend some time assuring them of your love, but also stay true to the work that is calling to your heart right now.



Mercury in Virgo is going to be hanging out in your 12th house for the next month or so. The 12th house is a house that speaks more through symbols and images than words, so as Mercury activates this house, you may find that your dreams and unconscious mind become more noticeable and obvious. There is an opportunity now for you to understand more of what you are trying to tell yourself without words, as Virgo, the sign of order, discernment and details helps you put formlessness into some kind of form that you can access. Paradoxically, the Leo force of Sun and Mars shows up in your 3rd house of communication, so there may be a creative overflow that occurs as inspiration wells up in the hidden 12th house and is translated into a more overt form via Leo’s charismatic powers.  Also look for some activity around neighbors, siblings and communication of all kinds. These areasalso fall under the umbrella of the 3rd house and as the sunbeams of Leo light up this house, one or all of these areas can experience a “coming out” party of sorts.



In general you prefer to stay hidden, whether you are behind the scenes, underground or hiding in the shadows, your instincts are usually to retreat from the limelight. However, there are some realms of life where you do crave recognition and appreciation and your career is one of them. As the Sun and Mars in Leo move into your 10th house of career and public acknowledgement, you may find that now more than ever, you are wanting to feel more sunny and more shiny, especially in regards to how you are seen by others. But the 10th house, like all the houses, has many layers. Besides career, dharma and public reputation, this house can also tell a story about the parent who most influenced you, or who dominated your world in a particularly impactful way around your career or reputation. This parent, or your memory of them can demand your attention at this time. Are you feeling grateful for their influence or resentful? The Leo powerhouse energy shaping the cosmos now is asking you to take a closer look at your relationship and take whatever action feels the most appropriate, whether this means thanks are in order or some kind of release of bitter feelings from the past.



Mercury in Virgo brings centers your thoughts on your career and public reputation. The 10th house is also where you will find clues about your life path, or “dharma”. You may not necessarily earn your living by following the theme of your 10th house sign and planets, but this will be the area that you consider your “real” work. As Mercury settles into this house, so will your thoughts. Even if you are not interested in being a professional writer, now can be a good time to record your ideas about what you feel you are really here to do. Turning your mind to this part of your life allows you to follow the flow of the cosmos, bending with the turns in the river and making the most of this month long transit. At the same time, the Leo convergence of the Sun and Mars is amping up the ante in your very own 9th house. You will be feeling the urge to grow, expand, travel and step outside your comfort zone. But….Saturn is still retrograde in this very same house, asking you to put some work in and pay some dues. Expecting your Sagittarian gifts to arrive easily now means they will be unlikely to arrive at all.



You are going through a growth spurt and the planets are trying to help you. The worst thing you could do right now would be to try and keep things “the same as they ever were.” The movement now is all about growth and transition and stepping outside of your comfort zone. Mercury’s movement into your 9th house brings your thoughts to what you think it all means. What it is the meaning of your life? What is the meaning of life at all? Why are you here? What do you believe in? What don’t you believe in? You will hopefully be asking yourself and others lots of questions, you may even find yourself answering them, becoming a teacher or guide to someone else. But ultimately your best road right now is to continue to search for the answers and ask the questions. The Leo duo of the Sun and Mars is bringing its full force to your 8th house, a house that is concerned with the mysteries of life and death. Here also you are searching for answers, trying to understand what it means to move energy from one form to another. Your best bet for this cosmic cycle is to try and cultivate two allies: an open mind and an open heart.



Relationships are mirroring back to you all the parts of yourself that you both love and hate. It really is that black and white with Leo involved. There’s drama, there’s noise, there’s love, creativity and in your face awareness. You are deep in the thick of it, hyper-focused on all the ways you connect and disconnect with many of the important “others” you have in your life. Sun and Mars are moving like a forest fire through your 7th house of relationships. They’re bold and forceful, and take no prisoners in their quest to keep you 100% focused on your heart and what it wants, needs and demands. At the same time, Mercury in Virgo is moving through your 8th house of mystery, intimacy and energy exchange. This is the realm of sex, death and money. If that’s not intense enough, Virgo wants you to analyze it all, making some kind of sense of how your skeletons have been rattling closets and trying to figure out what they want from you. This is an exciting time, but not necessarily a calm time. The more you can face the intensity head-on, the more empowered you’ll feel as this Leo season passes.


When Mercury in Virgo begins its month long journey through your 7th house, it will be a time for you to contemplate all of your closest partnerships. Virgo is the sign of discernment, separating the wheat from the shaft. So you’ll be asked to think about what nourishes you in your partnerships with others? What are you receiving in a grounded practical way and what are you giving back? Are your partners showing up for you in their actions and are you showing up for them? You are a sign that thrives on the magical and mysterious, but sometimes those qualities can be found in the every day. Mercury’s movement through your 7th house is asking you to look for the everyday, practical magic to be found in your relationships. This is the realm of who pays the bills, takes the garbage out and make sure that the dog is walked. The Leo “kapow!” of Sun and Mars is taking place in your Virgo ruled 6th house, lighting up once again the realm of practical service and daily maintenance. You are challenged to really get creative and fun in this area of your life, putting the magical back into the mundane.


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