Cosmic Love Notes July 17-23

July 17-23

July 17-Venus square Neptune/Mars square Uranus

July 18-Venus trine Jupiter

July 20-Mars into Leo/Venus quincunx Pluto/Sun square Uranus

July 22-Sun into Leo

July 23-New Moon in Leo


The week begins with a bang and a whimper as Mars squares Uranus and Venus squares Neptune (both on Monday.) Love and pleasure are elusive and our energy is erratic, but there is hope if we can re-channel any disappointed feelings into a creative or physical outlet. Had a date cancel on you? Write, paint, sing or dance it out. Feeling misunderstood and angry? Go for a hike, take a swim or otherwise physically wear yourself out. Venus trines Jupiter on Tuesday making love feel a little more expansive, a little more joyful and a little more pleasurable. The Sun squaring Uranus on Thursday is the final clearing out of emotions, gunk from the past and other Cancerian themes that we need to let go of before the next cycle begins, because as the week goes on the planets become all about Leo, which is just the way that Leo likes it. First Mars moves into Leo, followed by the Sun two days later and then a New Moon in the sign of the great cat the day after that. The cosmos are amping up, getting ready for the great Leo eclipse in August. So now is the time to practice getting your Leo on, which anyone can do just by checking out which house or planets are Leo related (check out for your free chart or book a reading for more on your Leo connection).

Leo is the Sun King/Queen, solar radiance and the heart of a whole lot of warm, playful deliciousness. Leo reminds us of all the best parts of being human and cautions us on the worst. When we are doing Leo well, we are heart-centered, generous, creative, laser beams of love. When we are Leos gone bad, we are spoiled, self-indulgent, narcissistic, navel gazing, over-grown children. As the eclipse grows closer the spotlight loving Leo moves to center stage, and we will all need to decide if we are going to support and encourage the good Leo or indulge in the bad.  

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You’ve got a chance to start blooming and blossoming all over the place, you only need to find a way to activate yourself. What makes you laugh? What does fun mean to you? How do you play? When is the last time you created something (or someone)? Reflect back to these times and remember what it felt like. You are getting ready for some kind of new and amazing creation, even if you don’t know exactly what it is yet. Your dream self is colluding to provide you with inspiration and imagination, as you open up to your own divinity, growing more receptive and listening to your inner wisdom. Early in the week, you may need to go through a bit of a learning curve, but as you ground yourself in your own power and passion you began to clear the way for an amazing new chapter in your creative life. The eclipse next month will bring an even greater awakening, now is simply the time to open up the space in your life and imagine that a new and exciting creation is on the way.




Leo lights up your 4th house of home and family for the next little while. This house is known as the “midnight house” and is a realm of life that is hidden, private and below the surface. You may not even be aware just yet of everything that is stirring inside you, but there is so much inner creativity and passion brewing beneath the surface. Of course there are many ways that all this energy can manifest and drama is just one of the more challenging potentialities of Leo vibes. So how do you want to channel this new moon of possibility in the sign of the lion? Is there some way you can give your home/family life greater attention now? This can be a great time to host some fun parties and gatherings for your peeps, making your home a place of pleasure and joy. Or it could be time for re-decorating, looking at what can you get rid of to make room for something new and more “you”. There are many ways to allow the Leo sun to shine inside you as you explore what makes you and those you love light up with joy.



The Leo party falls in your own special house: the 3rd house of communication, siblings and neighbors. This is the area where you shine and as the Sun and Moon meet in Leo, this house begins to glow with a golden sunbeam of expression and creativity. If you have been trying to find your voice, or wanting to speak the truth of your heart, there is no better time than now to begin to explore how you bring what is inside of you out in a fun, creative and playful way. Leo wants to shine, Leo wants to play, Leo wants to enjoy life and revel in all the pleasures available to us as human beings. How can you share this Leo energy with others via words, ideas, images or other mediums? Your job is to communicate and articulate concepts to people in a way that they can easily understand. As Leo lends you a generous dose of fiery passion, you have an opportunity to amplify your reach, making connections and gaining new insights and understanding that can be of great benefit to you in the future.



You are getting ready to enjoy a mega-dose of self-esteem and confidence as Leo brings a breath of fresh air into your 2nd house, reminding you of all the gifts and resources that you already bring to the world and helping you figure out what new gifts you might like to develop. If you’ve been doubting yourself in any way, or wondering whether you have what it takes, the Leo line-up going on now is here to remind you of everything that you are and all that you have to give. You can help support this array of planets in Leo in your 2nd house by spending some time  reconnecting with the skills, gifts and talents that you most enjoy. Or, now can be the time to learn new skills, as you discover that you are ready to branch out and grow in a new direction. If you could know or have anything, what would it be? What quality do you have that you are most proud of? You are at the beginning of a process that involves you noticing for yourself what you do well and also what you most appreciate about yourself, so that you can share your skills with others from a place of confidence and pride.



The spotlight is so on you right now and if you’re not enjoying it, well, you may not really be a Leo. This is literally your moment in the sun, where you can soak up the nourishment of the light pouring in and create something wonderful out of it. If you have been feeling like you haven’t been getting the recognition you want or deserve, this is the time to change that. Now, it is still important to keep your feet on the ground and not get too swept away by the perfect storm of Leoliciousness that is afoot right now. Leo can sometimes overdo the “me, me, me all the time,” thing and in getting stuck on the me button, end up losing most of their adoring audiences. Better to remember the amazing capacity for generosity and warmth that Leo is also known for and share some of your Leo shine with those who may be lacking right now. As the Leo extravaganza of planets falls in your 1st house of self, personal appearance and body, you may feel inclined to refresh your look somehow either via a new hairstyle, wardrobe or personal style makeover. Whatever move you make, it is sure to be fabulous as you have the most delicious Leonine support behind you now.



Your Leo experience is most likely to take place behind the scenes as Leo lights up your house of shadows: the 12th house. This is the realm of spirit, the unconscious mind and dreams. But the 12th house is also the house of service to those who fall in the “underdog” category in our society, especially those who have been forgotten about, oppressed or marginalized in some way. As Leo brings your awareness to this house, you may feel called to share your inner (and possibly outer) wealth with people who most need your care. This type of service can also be very healing to you as you make an offering to your own inner underdog, through an act of generosity to an outer underdog. Pay extra special attention to your dreams now, as your dreams have messages of guidance that you can use to direct your path in your waking life. If you are unsure of what direction to go in, or feel stuck in limbo, offer up your problems to your dream life and see what kind of magic comes back to you.



When Leo enters your 11th house this week you may start to feel that finally some of your wishes are starting to come true. Influential friends especially can light up your life now, bringing a radiance of good luck and blessings that you may really be in need of.  Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries have been a tag team of change and transformation in your life for awhile and you’ve been having to dig deep and go below the surface, seeking the root of who you are and why you’re here. It’s probably been a hard, intense, soul wrenching process and you likely are ready for some kind of a break from it all, or at least a vacation. Luckily, as the host or hostess with the mostess, you’ve built up lots of friend credits over the years and this next couple of months may be the time for payback, when you reap what you have sown with friends and your community and receive some thanks for all that you have given to others over the years. At the very least, you may start to spend time with new friends and community who value what you have to offer and show their appreciation in thoughtful and generous ways.



At heart, you are a private person, someone who doesn’t allow just anyone to know what really is going on for you under the surface. But everyone needs some appreciation and praise sometime and as the Leo confluence of planets moves into your 10th house of reputation and career this week, you become one step closer to getting the recognition you deserve. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to seek out those who can really see what you have to offer and allow yourself to receive appreciation from them. Leo’s dark side involves creating drama and intensity just to get attention, so if you find yourself feeling at all tempted to get involved in a drama of any kind (yours or someone else’s), try pulling back and asking yourself what kind of attention you would really like to receive from others. Then, put yourself in the proximity of those who have positive feedback to spare. One way or another you are likely to be out in the public eye more than is usual for you, so how do you want to be seen and what parts of your personality do you want to highlight?


If you don’t have plans for some kind of amazing adventure already, then now is the time to start planning, plotting and preparing. Even if you don’t currently have the time, resources or opportunity to go on your dream adventure, you will benefit greatly from dreaming one up. This is the time to let your imagination go, exploring where you would go and what you would do if you could do anything and go anywhere. Leo lights up your very own 9th house of travel, foreign countries, higher education, law and religion. So your lifelong quest for growth and meaning is highlighted and supported in the best possible ways now, all you have to do is give yourself the permission to expand and follow the yellow brick road of your life. You may find that for you adventure is learning something new, or spending more time with people who are different from what you are used to. You may discover a new author or teacher who inspires you or read a book that opens your mind in an amazing way. The opportunity now is for you to go on a quest for growth and expansion, how you do this is up to you.



The 8th house of sex, death and other people’s money is an intense house. It’s a place of passion and mystery, where a lot goes on behind the scenes. Power is found in this house, as exchanges of energy between people create a potent charge of life force that is found nowhere else in life. Because you have a natural draw towards power, including powerful people and situations, the 8th house is of great interest to you. So imagine what the next couple of months could bring as all these planets in Leo, plus the coming eclipse, light up this realm of your life. There is lots of potential here, as I’m sure you are realizing. Potential for more opportunities to exchange energy and resources with other people, potential to deepen your understanding of the mysteries of life and potential to understand more about the nature of power. You are entering an interesting and dynamic time, where you will likely go through some deeply transformative experiences. As the house of merging, the 8th house teaches lessons about letting go and surrender, so you may want to ask yourself what you need to release in order to more authentically connect with your deepest self.


Sometimes Aquarius you can be just too cool for school, a lover of humanity, as long as the actual people themselves don’t try and get too close to you. In relationships you can attract people who want more from you emotionally than you really want to provide. Intellectual exchange sure, but emotional exchanges can feel too messy, too involved, too stifling. So what’s it going to look like when Leo, the sign of maximum drama, fills up your 7th house of relationships? If you’re single, there’s probably going to be some new and exciting activity in love and relating coming your way. Already in a relationship? This is a chance to renew the romance, go on more dates and focus on how you bring your heart, rather than just your mind into your relating. You may fall in love all over again with your special someone, or, if Leo’s more challenging face is making an appearance, they may drive you crazy with all kinds of Leo inspired drama. Just remember: if   a dramarama is taking place, that the person in question is only trying to get your attention, any which way they can. As an antidote, rather than withdrawing further, try instead to offer them up some really focused quality heart time, which may be exactly what is needed to end their operatic shenanigans.


The 6th house is a place that is a little bit foreign to your basic Pisces style whimsical, magical nature, as it deals with the practical, mundane and some would say “boring” realm of life. This is the house that has to do with brushing your teeth, making doctors appointments, taking the garbage out and maintaining all the little routines and rituals that keep life running smoothly on the physical plane. But there’s always a deeper, more spiritual side to every house, even the 6th. At the most essential level the 6th house  has to do with the spirit of health and wellness and all the factors that go into having a life that feeds and unites our body, mind and spirit rather than a life that just depletes us. This week, as Leo brings it’s glamorous entourage into your solar 6th house, you have an opportunity to jazz up your basic routines. Tired of your go to exercise modality? Now is the time to try out something new, fun and playful. Your objective with this current Leo infusion is to renew your passion in the structure of your daily life, seeking out ways to bring more creativity, glamour and Leo style “oomph” into the most mundane of activities.

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