Cosmic Love Notes July 10-16


July 11-Ceres into Cancer

July 13-Mercury quincunx Neptune

July 14-Sun quincunx Saturn/Mercury sextile Jupiter

July 16-Mercury quincunx Pluto


If you survived last week’s Full Moon relatively intact, this week will give you a chance to readjust, reconfigure and realign yourself to the current reality. The planetary shifts are minor, with most of the movement happening in the form of a quincunx (also known as an inconjunct) aspect. The quincunx is one of those funny aspects that is somewhere between a major (impactful) and minor (not so impactful) aspect. It’s not quite a square and not really an opposition. A teacher of mine once described the quincunx as having the two planets involved separated by a hallway with each in a room that was just off the hallway but around the corner from each other. It’s a strange and slightly uncomfortable relationship, where the energy doesn’t really understand or have a way to connect, but there is still some kind of drive to relate. The key to navigating the quincunx is adjustment, so this week, where we will see three quincunx’s (two of them to Mercury), will bring a need to adjust yourself, especially in regards to communication. Mercury sextile Jupiter however, will bring opportunities for growth and expansion of communication and connection with others, rounding out the mercurial vibe in a more satisfying way.

The only other significant cosmic movement this week comes via Ceres. Ceres was once called an asteroid but has since been re-classified as a dwarf planet, giving her a heightened presence in the astrological playbook. She rules over abundance, nourishment, protection and nurturing on one end of the spectrum and on the other, rage, grief and loss. This week Ceres moves into Cancer after a month long stay in Gemini. This transition is a comforting one for most of us as Ceres is much happier in Cancer, sharing many qualities with this motherly sign. There may be a greater ability to feel at home, to nurture ourselves and to understand what is needed to create environments that are nourishing and safe for those we love.



You are going to be focusing on becoming more at home with yourself as Ceres moves into your 4th house of home and family. What needs to be nurtured or tended to in your home environment? What prevents you from feeling at home? There is an opportunity for a healing to happen on the home front, but first it is important that you assess what wounds are in need of attention. Mercury in your 5th house of creativity and self-expression offer some opportunities for growth, but first there is a need to adjust to changing energies by stretching yourself to learn new ways of thinking. The planetary movements are encouraging you to incorporate your imagination, dream-life and your awareness of your own power into the way that you communicate your particular brand of creativity out into the world. You may have encounters with children or people younger than you that force you to shift your perspective and take a different approach to expressing yourself. The more you work to step outside your normal way of being and try to take in new information and insights, the more benefits you will reap.



You may be thinking a lot of home and family these days, turning your attention to the people and environments that make you feel safe, nurtured and comfortable at home. It is a good time to assess these areas of your life, giving careful consideration to what you need to create a home environment that feels good to you. Ceres moving into your 3rd house can also bring you a greater understanding and awareness of what feeds your mind and leaves you feeling intellectually nourished and supported. If you have been feeding yourself mental junk food, now is a good time to try and clean up your diet and replace it with material that stimulates your mind in a more substantial way. You are in charge of what kinds of thoughts, ideas and information you take in from the outside environment, so it is up to you to make any needed changes. There may be a few challenges as you shift gears mentally, but if you take the time and make some effort, you will be rewarded with a new perspective that offers you more creativity and inspiration to work with in the future.



You are in the process of learning how to nurture your talents and gifts so that you can have more abundant resources. As Ceres moves out of your sign and into Cancer you have an opportunity to build on the lessons you have been learning over the last month around self-care. Your attention is now turning towards developing more confidencein yourself and your own skills, so that you will began to rely more on your own resources and began to generate more abundance in your life. Your ruling planet Mercury is also in the spotlight this week and happens to be right at home in your solar chart, as it navigates through it’s own 3rd house. You will need to find ways to stretch your mind and adapt to new information and insights, but in the process there is so much potential for you to grow and learn. With both Neptune and Pluto in the mix it’s important to incorporate a more spiritual slant to your thoughts and communications, as well as greater depth and intensity. Jupiter will bring you a chance to expand your point of view and broaden your perspective, as long as you do the work of adjusting to new people, places and ideas that come your way this week.



Ceres moves into your sign and brings you an opportunity to return home to yourself, opening to the deepest essence of who you are. The divine mother is offering you a chance to soak up her love and care, attuning yourself to a wellspring of nurturing and nourishment. This is a good time to take a look at how you are caring for yourself, with special attention to the food you eat. Try to make sure you are feeding yourself food that not only nourishes your body, but that also nourishes your soul. If you have been feeling at all depleted or emotionally needy, this transit of Ceres through your sign offers you a chance to rejuvenate and replenish yourself. What do you need to feel full and juicy? What is stopping you from getting what you need? As you focus your powerful healing abilities on yourself, tapping into your deepest needs and desires, you are able to gain strength and more confidence in your skills. If grief or feelings of loss arise now, try to amplify your kindness towards yourself and direct as much compassion and love in your own direction as you can.



This week brings you a push/pull dynamic. On the one hand there may be a part of you that feels a strong desire to speak the truth in your heart and let other people know exactly who you are and where you stand. You may be feeling a need to really share your “boss” self with others and lead them in the direction that you just know is the way to go. But remember that this is also a week of adjustment and so mistakes will likely be made. If you can try to approach any mistakes that arise as opportunities or lessons and also as a chance to approach situations from a slightly different perspective, you will gain the most from this week’s cosmic powers. Ceres movement into your 12th house of retreat brings the need to pay more attention to how you replenish yourself through sleep, dreams, meditation or prayer. For this reason now is a good time to reconnect to your inward journey, taking time to track your soul’s deepest messages and assessing what you need to replenish and stay receptive to your inner voice.



Ceres movement into your 11th house brings you opportunities to gain support and sustenance through your friends, groups and community. If you have been neglecting this part of your life, now is a good time to put renewed energy into re-connecting with your tribe. How can you both give and also receive nourishment? What do you most want from your friend’s right now and what do you have to share? This can be the time to come together over a meal, or through exploring what it is that feeds you all spiritually and emotionally. There is power to be gained in spending time with others of like mind and the influence of Ceres brings the spirit of abundance to the table. Mercury travels now throughyour 12th house, indicating that you can best gain insight through your dreams or while meditating. But with the quincunxes this week it may be necessary to work a little harder, or you may need to try something different to access the wisdom that you have inside. You may even find that your love or romanticact as a mirror to show you the direction you need to take to more readily connect to the voice of your inner self.




The symbol of this goddess of the harvest is a cornucopia, representing the bounty of the earth and all the blessings that can manifest through the earth. This week, as Ceres moves into Cancer and into your 10th house of the public, you may find that others began to see you as something of a Ceres figure. The people that you interact with in your work or career may turn to you for comfort, nourishment and a dose of motherly love. Your mission, (should you choose to accept it), is to allow the bounty of Ceres to pour through you, nourishing you along with those you decide to share the abundance with. As the goddess of fertility and prosperity, Ceres has many riches to offer, but she can also be a goddess of loss and destruction if she is not respected and honored properly. You are her channel as she moves through the sign of Cancer for the next month, so it is important to respect her energy as it moves through you, by only offering the goods to those who appreciate and acknowledge their worth. In other words, don’t sell your gifts too cheaply and make sure that there is an equal exchange, with others giving back to you in a way that feels equitable and respectful.



You may find, as Ceres moves throughyour 9th house of philosophies and belief systems, that you develop a greater interest in what is going on in your local environment or region. You may feel a desire to deepen your roots in the area in which you live, or find your roots if they currently seem a little mysterious. There can be a powerful move now towards understanding how the locale you currently find yourself in is shaping your perspective on life. What are the most influential beliefs of the area you live in? What religious ideals hold the most power and what are your own thoughts about these ideals? How do you agree or disagree with these philosophies? Gaining perspective on how you are being shaped by your environment can bring you a greater awareness of how your beliefs are either nourishing you or depleting you. As you come to know more about the history, native plants, regional foods and traditions of the area in which you live, there is an exchange that takes place, as your relationship with the land you live on deepens.



Ceres’ movement into your 8th house signals that this is a time to conjure up an understanding of what your soul hungers for, especially when it comes to intimacy and deep connection. How have you been feeding yourself and what have you been accepting from others in the form of emotional nourishment? You have a chance to do some important work now, but you need to gain some clarity about what you really need at the deepest level. If you are feeling needy and small, wanting more from others than they can provide, now is the time to find a therapist or healer who can skillfully guide you to a place of greater fulfillment when it comes to getting your needs met. Because Ceres is so connected to the mother archetype, some of what you may have been missing can be linked to your early childhood and wounds you might have experienced then from not getting what you needed from your mother or other maternal influence.  There can be great healing possible now if you can address these hurts and try to release their power to control your current emotional responses.



The focus is on relationships now and how you communicate with the most beloved people in your life. What is getting in the way of a greater sense of connection? How can you communicate to bridge the distance between yourself and those you relate to? What are you saying or not saying to others that hurts your relationships? As Ceres moves into your 7th house of relating, and Mercury holds space in your 8th house of intimacy, your primary concern this week is exploring how you show up for others and how they show up for you. Are you being fed and are you providing enough emotional nourishment to your most important people? You may feel a strong parental archetype at work in your relationships now and while this is necessary from time to time, it can be important to take a look at how often this archetype is at play in your relationship dynamics. Has the balance slipped? Are you still able to relate to them just as a Man/Woman, or has the Parent/Child role eclipsed all? There may be a need to try out some new ways of relating to tilt the balance another way. This week (and the entire month) as Ceres continues to visit Cancer you will have a chance to work on this dynamic if it is at play.



You have been doing so much work around self-care lately, changing up your health routines and really focusing in on how you serve yourself and other people. When Ceres moves into your 6th house this week you may find that you have even more energy available to you in this area of your life. Ceres’ close relationship to food and nourishment is also heightened in the sign of Cancer, so it will be very important to look at how you are feeding yourself by paying careful attention to what really nourishes you. The connection to food and emotions is so strong with Ceres in Cancer, that noticing what you are feeling when you consume foods or substances that you know are not nourishing will help you uncover important information about your relationship to your health and well-being. Because Ceres and the sign of Cancer are so closely connected to the feminine, women will be particularly important in your life now and you may find that you meet or spend more time with an important mentor or teacher, or that you feel more of a desire to deepen your mentorship of others.



The relationship between mothering and creativity, whether you have children or not, is an important one to explore now. As Ceres moves into Cancer and settles in your 5th house for the next month, you can learn a lot about your approach to nurturing something into life. How do you mother and take care of not only the little people in your life, but also your art, projects and other creations? This time is an opportunity to look at your own particular style of mothering and nurturing and assess if you are providing the kind of support and care that your creations need to thrive. If you have already been putting substantial attention and time into the people and projects that you have created, you may began to see some payoffs now, as you notice a growth and maturity taking place that you hadn’t seen before.  This can be a time of reaping the rewards from what you have worked hard to imagine into being, so make sure you take some time to assess and recognize the progress of your efforts.