Cosmic Love Notes June 5-June 11

Horoscopes June

June 6-Venus into Taurus/Mercury into Gemini

June 9-Jupiter direct/Full Moon in Sagittarius

North Node trine Uranus

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This is one of those weeks that astrologer’s wait for. I’m calling it “Thank you, thank you, thank you, please, please, please week”, ala Anne Lamott. Of course luck is what you make of it but this week just begs to have something made out if it. So, enough of the suspense, you probably just want to know what the heck is happening, right? A lot, so much, so much….. just pure GOODNESS that I am simply bursting to share with you all. Ok, first up is on Tuesday when Venus moves into Taurus and Mercury moves into Gemini. Now the planets change signs regularly, every couple of days for the Moon and every month or so for the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars. No big deal you might be thinking….however, this week (as I mentioned earlier) is special. This week, Venus, who has spent way too long in my opinion (as a Venus ruled being), either retrograde or in her detriment in Aries, moves HOME to one of her ruling signs: Taurus. Can I get a hallelujah?

Then, if that’s not enough to have you jumping for cosmic inspired joy, Mercury, who also has been travelling some rocky roads for the last few months, also retrograde and also in Aries, finally moves HOME into Gemini. Wow. On the same day, two of the relational planets move into their own cozy nook of pure beingness. I feel like having a party to celebrate and I probably will, but I think I’ll wait until Friday because on that day Jupiter ,(retrograde since early February), goes direct and it’s also a Full Moon in Sagittarius (Jupiter’s ruling sign) that same day. Jupiter, planet of expansion, growth, abundance, generosity goes direct in Libra, sign of love, beauty, justice, partnership, diplomacy and giving a f$&*ck about your fellow human being, the planet, animals, etc. etc. Like I said, I’ll be celebrating…Now of course it’s not all roses, sunshine and unicorns, cause life (sigh) never is. A little sobering niggle like the Moon conjunct Saturn Friday night can put a slight damper on the festivities, but the night ends with Moon trine Uranus, so liberation follows constriction, always a good thing in my opinion.

Speaking of Uranus, which figured so, so prominently in last week’s astrology, this week takes place on a backdrop of the transiting North Node (collective evolution point), continuing to trine Uranus. Despite all seeming evidence to the contrary, there is hope for humanity, we are growing and evolving, and this week we may even began to see some signs of this.



Well, you’ve had your time, as Mercury and Venus log jammed in your sign for oh so many months. You’ve been able to witness some of your shadow side and also your gifts and skills. You are a brave, courageous warrior, a champion and a trailblazer, your leadership is inspiring and dynamic. But sometimes, when you forget about other people and their contribution to the project, the movement, or the family, well, sometimes, you can be a really selfish, thoughtless, pain in the “you-know-what”. But hopefully you’ve been reflecting on all of those different parts of you and hopefully, you’ve even made some changes in the way you act. The world needs your bravery, courage and strength of self, but the world also needs you also to learn about being diplomatic, fair and how to play well with others. As Jupiter goes direct in your opposing sign of Libra, the heat is on for you to step up to the plate and take the first step in the direction of peace and justice. Is there someone you need to apologize to? Is there something you need to take responsibility for? Can you admit, even to yourself, that you might have been wrong? This week is cosmically blessed in oh so many ways, and you have every opportunity to take advantage of it’s blessings, as long as you get real with yourself first, making sure that you are as even as you can be on the karmic front.


Oh happy days Taurus! Your patron planetary goddess, she of divine love, beauty and everything wonderful, has moved home to you Taurus. Venus has had a rough road travelling through the wilds of fiery Aries, and then going backwards for months on end during her retrograde season, but she has finally returned home for a visit and it’s time for you to welcome her with open arms and a party or two (or three). You revel in the divinity of the senses, the pleasure of touch, taste, sight, smell and hearing. Everything that makes life so sweet: good food, music, sex, art, the smell of roses, all of this is your sensual domain. So enjoy, Taurus, lap it up like a cat drinks cream, because it’s your time for pleasure. And, as an added bonus, Jupiter goes direct in Venus’ other home sign, Libra, in your solar 6th house which only adds to the pleasure party. The only cautionary tale that this tells is to watch the over indulgence, because Jupiter expands whatever it touches and with Jupiter moving through your 6th house of health and wellness, well, one or even two slices of cake=good, the whole cake=could lead to a diabetic coma. If you are feeling the desire for something sweet and you probably are, with Libra ruling your 6th house, try and fill your life up with other kinds of sweetness, like a beautiful bouquet of flowers, a relaxing massage, or some new perfume or music. These sensory sweeteners will add more to your overall bounty in the long run.



And, you’re baaaaack! Or at least Mercury, your ruling planet is, and with Mercury moving into your home sign and the Sun still moving through Gemini, you have some serious communication juice to work with. It’s time to get into gear as you prepare to communicate, communicate, and communicate some more. Jupiter going direct in your 5th house (of fun, romance, creativity and childen), only adds to the big fun coming your way. Self-expression, interactions with children, creativity and leisure activities are the focus of this house, so turn your attention there and see which of those themes is ready to blossom. With the Full Moon lighting up your 7th house of relationships on Friday, it seems that there is something coming to fruition involving those closest to you. It could be a new love blossoming into a full on relationship, or a creative endeavor that attracts an amazing business partner, or any number of other unique combinations. Whatever is stirring at this time, take note, particularly when it involves your own beliefs and philosophies and how they intersect with others. There could be some kind of awakening, or deepening of your basic belief system this week, one that is spurred on by other people, particularly those you care about the most.



There’s movement behind the scenes and a stirring in your deepest self as the planets do their dance this week. Something is about to blossom and grow, emerging from the darkness of the earth as it reaches towards the light. With the Full Moon in your 6th house of health, wellness and daily routines, you will have all the light you need to take a good look at how you have been taking care of yourself and helping YOU grow better. At the same time, Jupiter moves forward in your 4th house, your house, the terrain of home, family and your inner, private life. There’s been something brewing in this Cancerian realm for the last several months, but the pieces have not been fully in place. As Jupiter goes direct, you can start to  move forward with plans, expanding in just the right way for you. Whether you have been working on expanding your home environment (perhaps expanding out of your current one and into one more appropriate), your family, or just your relationship with yourself, there is progress to be had this week and more to come as Jupiter picks up speed and clears its shadow phase over the next few months.



Have you been practicing your Leo roar? I sure hope so! With Jupiter moving forward in your 3rd house of communication, it’s time to be heard. You are ready to launch your own particular Leo style platform into the world and do it with your signature creativity and class. The Full Moon in Sagittarius on Friday also lights up your favorite arena: the 5th house. You have every opportunity to shine as brightly as your ruling planet, the Sun during this Full Fire Moon, as you bring your innate creativity, playfulness and talent for fun out into the world. Though you might have had to work a little harder to express yourself this past year, as Saturn moved through your 5th house, this Full Moon could bring a reward that helps to keep you on track and motivated. Part of your journey has been about learning about how to integrate other people’s beliefs, concerns and ideas into your own value system. Hopefully you have been learning more about listening and learning from others, as well as how to share your own beliefs in a way that other people can hear them. Expect to see some progress around communication unfolding in the next few months as Jupiter picks up steam.



Let’s talk about the 2nd house, because there’s a lot of action taking place there this week. Your area of self-esteem, gifts, skills, resources and yes, money, has been going through some changes over the last 6 months as Jupiter moved backwards through this terrain, giving you the opportunity to re-assess your relationship to these themes. These are some of the questions you may have asked yourself during this time: how much I value myself and gifts and skills and how much do other people value them? What does a right livelihood look like for me? How can I reflect my values in the world? Of the things I possess, material and otherwise, which are the most important? How would I like to see expansion here? This is just a few of the questions that may have passed through your mind and as Jupiter moves direct in this house, you may begin to receive some answers. The Full Moon will add even more insight to what you need to be in greater alignment with yourself, your beliefs and your values. There is growth happening, though it may take a little while longer to see it emerging into the outside world.



This is the week you may not have even know you’ve been waiting for, as Jupiter finally goes direct in your 1st house. Not that it’s been all bad, as you’ve had a chance to review, rethink, remember, reflect, and do the “re” dance that is a retrograde. But Jupiter is a planet of expansion and while inward expansion and growth always precede outward expansion, there is a certain relief that comes when the movement begins to shift. Jupiter in your first house has likely been a process of re-connecting with yourself and getting to know who you are now, in this moment in time, at this stage of your life. You are beginning a 12 year cycle once more and the retrograde has given you a chance to really start this cycle off with intention and care. Hopefully you have arrived at a greater understanding of who you are and what you want out of the rest of your life, so now you can begin to create that. Jupiter brings opportunities and gifts, but just because something has been offered, doesn’t mean you need to accept it. Now is the time to consider carefully which opportunities are really right for you and which you can appreciate, honor and let go.



You may experience a resurgence of faith in yourself this week or receive messages in dreams, during meditation or in nature that bring you encouragement and support as Jupiter moves forward in your 12th house, the house of spirit, the collective unconscious, mystery and retreat. You may want to take a moment to honor Jupiter in a ritual or prayer this week, asking for any guidance you need as this planet’s gifts are available to you now via a more open line to spirit and the divine. As the Full Moon in Sagittarius lights up your 2nd house of talents, resources and skills, you may gain a boost of hope and optimism around what you have to offer the world. This Full Moon can also be a particularly powerful time to attract greater prosperity and abundance, as the sign of growth and expansion lights up your money house. On the other hand, if over expansion in the realm of money and finances is a concern, this week can be a good time to come up with a budget or a plan to shrink debt and maximize your resources to generate more income.



You may remember this week later in the year as the beginning of a time of accelerated growth and personal evolution. This week is particularly special for the sign of the archer and will likely signal a turning point, when you begin to feel that all the hard work you’ve done, all the effort you’ve made, all the losses you have sustained, may actually start to add up to something. Not only is your ruling planet going direct, but there’s also a Full Moon taking place in your sign. You are going to be hearing the call to adventure, the pull towards freedom and the opening of the road ahead. You’ve been doing the Saturn dance for the last year and a half, travelling the cosmos with the planet of limits, boundaries and lessons. You’ve probably had challenges around your beliefs, your hope and optimism, your very faith in life itself. This is the week when things begin to shift, when you start to sense just the slightest glimmer of something different, something new and something wonderful. You just need to activate your Sagittarius spirit, get that arrow ready to fly and point it at the target.



There’s movement on two fronts for you now, one very public and one very private. You’ll be pulled in two different directions, wanting to attend to the fireworks exploding behind the scenes, while you simultaneously try to manage the action taking place in your arena of career and public reputation. The Full Moon in Sagittarius illuminates your 12th house, which is the house of endings, of letting go, of all that we share collectively that we might rather just keep in the closet. This Full Moon lights up your solar 12th house, shining it’s great lunar light into the reaches of darkness. This is the home of spirit and dreams, it’s a place of retreat and it demands your attention now. It tells you that you will need more than a few moments to yourself this week, to drift and dream and take some breaths. At the same time, Jupiter turns direct on Friday in your 10th house of career, reputation and the public eye. There’s opportunities at hand, people to talk to, things to do. Growth is happening now that you can’t ignore. So how do you navigate both of these areas of your life, making room for each to have their moment? That is your cosmic paradox this week: learning to integrate the inner realm with the outer.



You’ll be feeling even more Aquarian than usual this week as the Sagittarius Full Moon lights up your very own 11th house of groups, community and the future. As if this lunar extravaganza is not enough, your ruling planet, Uranus, continues to trine the North Node, opening up a pathway to collective evolution, a pathway that you are more than ready to start walking down. This is your moment Aquarius, so what action are you going to take to make your vision a reality? Jupiter also goes direct in your 9th house of beliefs, philosophies, higher education and travel to foreign lands. As this shift happens, it makes you even more aware of how much of a great big world is out there, how much of life is still unknown, how much more you want to know and learn and explore. Dream big, dream deep, and notice as the Full Moon lights up the sky, which dreams hang on, which have a greater resonance, which dreams you feel are really worth your time and energy. You’ve got a chance to make some revisions as you get a better look at where the future is headed, so notice which seeds have been growing, what need nurturing and what might need to be weeded out to make room for something better to come.



It’s time to embrace the spotlight and take a bow as you emerge into the world on this Full Moon, with the Sagittarius lunation magnifying your 10th house of career and public reputation. Your challenge right now is simply  deciding what you want to share with the world. What values, ideals or skillsets is it time to showcase? You have the mike, so what are you going to say?

It’s important to get clear on where you stand because there could be an opportunity arising to partner up with others as Jupiter moves forward in your house of shared resources.  Possibilities may present themselves in business or romance, and possibly both, or the issue may be involve you joining together with larger energies, like death and birth (both of which are states of being ruled by the 8th house ). But no matter how you are poised to merge right now, you will benefit more in the long run if you have your own space clear before you share your energy with another. This can be a good time to get clear on what kind of resources you want to share, how much of them and with who. You are going to be getting some important feedback on your role in the world that can help you gain more clarity about this issue, so try to stay awake now, stay open and observe what direction your mighty intuition guides you.