Cosmic Love Notes-June 26-July 2

June 27-Mercury square Jupiter/Mercury trine Neptune

June 28-Mercury conjunct Mars/Venus quincunx Saturn

June 29-Mercury opposing Pluto

June 30-Sun square Moon/Chiron retrograde

July 2-Mars opposing Pluto

Mercury is the star of the cosmic show once again this week, as the planet of communication, information, travel and technology moves through Cancer, touching off some planetary hotspots along the way. Cancer is the sign that brings us home to ourselves, re-connecting us to our emotions, our past, our family and our roots. Cancer reminds us of our tribe, of what it means to feel a sense of kinship. We are deep in the depths of the Cancerian oceans now and feeling everything all the time, even if we may be trying to avoid, hide or run away from those feelings. But this week we will be more motivated to talk about what is going on as Mercury activates 4 different planets. Mercury begins with a square to Jupiter that can lead us to want to make big promises, promises that we may find hard to follow through with. We want so badly to connect now as Mercury trines Neptune, but on Wednesday we’ll be reminded that boundaries are as necessary a part of love and relationships as praise and affection when Mercury conjuncts Mars. The planet of communication meets the planet of “no”, signaling a good time to check in with yourself and assess where you need to draw the line. Venus quincunx Saturn later that day emphasizes the energy of limits, patience and follow through as important qualities to emphasize in relationships mid-week.  Thursday as Mercury opposes Pluto, there may be challenges around communicating our feelings in a way that gets to the root of what is really going on. The best course of action is to dig deep and stay true to ourselves as this will bring us a greater sense of power and integrity over the long run. Friday, as the Sun squares the Moon and Chiron moves into retrograde motion, issues may arise related to healing conflicts between the archetypal masculine and feminine in ourselves, our relationships and the culture at large. Finally the week ends with a potent Mars/Pluto opposition, bringing issues of power, control and authority front and center. With this opposition once again highlighting masculine/feminine polarities, it is essential to recognize how we might be carrying old messages, memories, hurts and issues from the past into the current time and explore how we can heal and let go of outdated ways of thinking about what gender and gender roles should look like.



You are continuing to sort through the depths of your inner world, coming to terms with the foundation on which your life rests. What holds you up? What do you draw on for sustenance? The 4th house is the place of roots, the part of the plant that is hidden below ground, gathering nourishment and drawing up nutrients through the earth. The roots keep a plant grounded and they hold the plant firmly so it can grow upwards and out into the world. Without enough water and food, roots whither and die, cutting off the plant from it’s nourishing lifeline from the earth. This underground place is your terrain for discovery now, your roots, your history, your past and your deepest most private self. As Mercury makes a series of intense aspects from your solar 4th house this week, there is possibility and potential for greater understanding and clarity in this area of life. But there is also a chance for conflict and strife. The likelihood is that there will be a bit of both, as it usually takes some work and a bit of struggle before we can benefit from the “fruits” of our labor.



At this time you are encountering your voice, learning to understand and express what is really, really true for you. What are the thoughts that drift through your mind most frequently? When do you make the space to listen to yourself? Are you talking to yourself and others in a way that makes you feel good? But communication isn’t all about words, in fact, the majority of communication often takes place through energy and emotion as we pick up on subtle clues from others and the world around us, gaining information and insight. So notice what you are taking in from the world right now and how it shapes your perspective and beliefs. Notice also what you are putting out there energetically. Are people paying more attention to your energy body when they “listen” to you than the words you are speaking? You may be communication far more than you know to others through your energetic expression. If you find that you are not getting the response you want from the world this week, then it may be time to focus more on shifting the emotions and energy you are bringing to your communications than the words themselves. Integrity happens when your words, intention and actions are in alignment. As a sign that values integrity, how is yours shaping up? This week you should find out.



Money has so much emotion around it because those who have more of it usually have more power, more influence and a greater chance of surviving, or at least thriving, in our current political reality. So when our money or resources are threatened, it can be really scary, keeping us awake at night and affecting the quality of our relationships with others. Dealing with this fear and moving away from it towards action can feel almost impossible at times. Luckily Gemini, you currently have Mars the planet of courage, movement and will, moving through your 2nd house of money, values and resources. Mercury, planet of communication and connection, has also been visiting this house, bringing you the potential for new understanding and ideas. You have a chance now to gain clarity and perspective on what you have, what you “own” and what your value is to yourself and to others. If fear or feelings of lack arise, call on the power of Mars, activating your warrior self and helping you to affirm that if you don’t feel like you already have a seat at the table, you can, as Senator Shirley Chisolm once so wisely suggested, just “bring a folding chair”.



You have a formidable planetary alliance supporting you for the next few weeks, with three of the personal planets (Sun, Mercury and Mars) in your sign and a 4th (Neptune), making a harmonious water trine. If you’ve been looking for a boost, you’ve got it as these planets align with your life force and channel the power of the moon throughout your being. Your physical body in particular can benefit now, as this is a particularly opportune time to get stronger, healthier and more fit. Exercise, sports and other physical activities are great ways to make the most of the power of the Sun and Mars travelling through your 1st house of self, the body and physical appearance. Because your sign is so strongly influenced by emotion and intuition, it can be especially helpful to move feelings and energy through your body so that you don’t start to feel stagnant or get other people’s dramas stuck in your energy field. You may also notice that you have more of a desire now to confront others with your feelings, even if they may be resistant. Use the courage of Mars to stay strong, becaue this is your time to be true to yourself, no matter what anyone else might think.



There may be some turbulence in your inner world now, as Mars continues to fuel the flames of emotional and spiritual renewal in your 12th house. Mercury provides a key of understanding, supporting you as you explore your unconscious mind and helping you to seek out any ways you may be sabotaging or undercutting your best self without being aware of it. Dreamwork, hypnotherapy and automatic writing can all be helpful tools  that can help you gain a deeper understanding of the hidden forces at work in your psyche during this time. As you journey through your unknown places, touching in and gathering insight, you will lay the groundwork that prepares you for the upcoming eclipse in Leo this August. The next several weeks before the eclipse will continue to be a time best spent in retreat and reflection, connecting to spirit and working on shifting your consciousness so that you can see and understand more than ever before. Though your Leonine nature thrives on the attention you receive for being fun, playful and creative, the cosmos are encouraging you to go inwards, to contemplate, seek understanding and listen for guidance from spirit and your own wise inner voice.


The cosmic Cancer cluster continues to settle in your 11th house, bringing you a desire to nest and hunker down with a community of friends and people of like mind. You have a lot of energy to devote to humanitarian efforts now, as you replenish your well of emotion, clarifying what causes matter to you in your heart and gaining a greater understanding of what kind of future you want to help create. This week you may have to “speak truth to power”, standing up for what you feel in your heart is right, even if someone tries to bully you into their way of thinking. You are laying a groundwork now and preparing a trail for future friends and associates who want to join with you to shape a new vision that incorporates care, justice and service into our social contract. Trying to create a world with more equality and fairness for everyone will not come without challenges and this week you may be faced with a power struggle here and there, as you try and integrate your own niche into the greater weave of community. But a community is made up of individuals and everyone deserves to have their voices heard and respected, yours just as much as anyone else.


How do you want to be seen in the world? What mark do you want to make? You have a lot of power this week to step out into the limelight and shine, impressing people with your charismatic and caring nature. You are a diplomat extraordinaire and your charm and grace are unmatched, so how do you want to use your special Libra powers to shape the world around you? You may face some challenges from the home front this week as you express yourself in the world at large, so make sure that you have cleared out any stagnant energies from below you to give you a strong foundation from which to work. This can range from doing a clutter clearing around your home, to clearing up old issues with family members or those you live with. There may a communication that needs to happen at home to free up more energy for you to bring to your work. Avoidance will just make the problem bigger, so try not to stick your head in the sand if challenges arise, instead muster your courage and face the issues head on.



How do you get perspective on your life? Where do you go and what do you do when you need a another viewpoint? It can be challenging when you are trying very hard to see a forest, but all you can take in are individual trees. This is when it’s time to invoke the power of the hawk  and find a place that allows you to gain distance and space so that you can understand more clearly what pattern are unfolding in your life and what belief systems are driving these patterns. You may have a challenge or two this week as you try to find a way to express your changing perspective to the rest of the world. Other people may resist hearing about the shifts you are undergoing, or just not want to listen to anything that doesn’t fit with their own ideas of reality. Your mission is to stay true to your feelings, holding on to what you know to be right. You maynot have all the words together yet to say what is on your mind, because you are learning as you go. But trust that when the right time comes, you will be able to say exactly what you need to make your point clear.



Your focus on security and values is strong these days, as you sort out what resources you share with others and which are yours alone. You have been engaged in some deep work as you’ve explored your hidden terrain, delving under the surface to your more shadowy places. This week the pace picks up as you realize a greater need to understand what has value to you, exclusive of its importance to anyone else. There may even be a confrontation of sorts as you try to protect and defend your own values. Know that this process is simply to help you better define where you stand. If you don’t know what you care about and what is important to you, how can you communicate this to others? There may be emotions that come up as you strive to gain greater insight and understanding, but try to allow these feelings to move through without judgment or resistance. The soul work you are doing now is building an important bridge to your future growth, if you can just trust the process and continue to stay with it, you will find that there is much to be gained.



You’ve been spending a lot of time looking in the metaphorical mirror lately, observing yourself, observing others and most of all observing your relationships. There’s a good chance you’ve been learning a lot and probably even made some changes. This week may bring some of these changes front and center, as Mars moving through your 7th house opposes Pluto in your 1st. You may need to confront how your evolving self has impacted the people closest to you in your life. The changes you have made in yourself may be positive and life affirming, or you may feel that lately life has brought you to a place of instability or insecurity and those around you are feeling your pain. However your personal transformation is evolving, this week catalyzes a greater awareness of who you are now and who you are in relationship to the external “other”. Are you wielding power responsibly? Are you staying open to your own vulnerability and the vulnerability of others? Are you boundaries strong enough or have they become a bit too harsh?  Better to ask these questions of yourself this week rather than leaving them to be answered by your significant other, friends or family.



Your long period of spiritual excavation reaches a critical moment this week as Mars in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn (which has been moving through your 12th house of spirit and the unconscious mind.) There has been a lot going on behind the scenes for you, changes and loss and letting go, but also a deepening of your soul and a greater compassion for suffering of all kinds. This week Mars presents you with a real world challenge that showcases all the recent changes that have taken place on the more ethereal planes. This is that moment of “chop wood, carry water”, where you take your spirit work and put it into form. Because Mars is moving through your 6th house of health and wellness, you may need to  spend some time being with your body as if it really were a temple. What kinds of offerings need to be made in your body temple now? What prayers need to be said? What dances need to be done? This is your one and only temple and caring for it is a way to have a more embodied relationship with the divine.



There is so much going on for you right now creatively as the sign of Cancer continues to light up your 5th house. You are finding new ways to express yourself and shine in the world as you explore what it means to follow your heart’s desire. This week, there may be a need to negotiate your creative self-expression and child like longings (or your children’s longings) with your longer term hopes and wishes for the future. There is a chance that you could face some opposition or challenges from friends or community members now, as they may question how your actions will benefit the community at large. Try not to engage in power struggles, but instead honor your own feelings while also trying to be respectful of any longstanding traditions or rules of the groups you belong to. There are a lot of sensitive feelings flowing around now, your own included, and people are likely to react without thinking. If you can allow yourself to be your compassionate, intuitive self, while making sure you protect your boundaries, you can turn this week into a powerful show of your creative vision.

Image by Devany Wolfe