Cosmic Love Notes-June 19-25

June 20 Summer Solstice-Sun into Cancer/Venus sextile Neptune

June 21-Sun conjunct Mercury in Cancer

June 23-New Moon in Cancer

June 24-Venus trine Pluto/Mars square Jupiter

June 25-Mars trine Neptune

This is a powerful week in the cosmos as we greet the Summer Solstice on Tuesday with a blissful sextile between Venus and Neptune. With Venus in her home sign of Taurus, and Neptune (Venus’ higher octave planet), also at home in Pisces, love is in the air, love is all around us and we are loving up a storm this week in a most magical, mystical and delightful way.

The Sun, newly in Cancer, then joins Mercury and the New Moon in Cancerbringing us an even stronger desire to heal and connect with those we care about, talking about our feelings and sharing ourdeepest truths. Cancer brings the healing power of water to the forefront of the planetary story, cleansing us, soothing our hurts and offering wisdom from the roots of the past to nurture and encourage us forward. There is grace to be had in settling into our feelings now, making room for us to create a home (inner and outer) that is safe, secure and comforting, despite the storms and trials of the outside world.

Venus trine Pluto and Mars trine Neptune over the weekend bring a further power and grace to relationships, encouraging deep intimacy and the possibility of acting in tandem with spiritual support and guidance. There is assistance to be had from the spirit world, our dreams and intuitions, we just need to take the time to ask, show gratitude and stay open to receiving.



They say “home is where the heart is” and your cosmic challenge this week is to figure out where you heart is exactly. For the most part, you like to be out in the world, facing challenges, taking risks, leading the way and just being your bad ass Aries self. This week is different. This week it’s a chance to get in touch with your vulnerable, soft, emotional private side. The side the world may not get to see very much, but that you know is there. This inside self is key to moving forward in all your relationships, especially your relationship with yourself. The New Moon brings you an opportunity, a tiny seed for you to plant and nurture, a small hope of new life. How will you care for your own vulnerability? What can you offer up as a promise to yourself to listen to your inner voice, the voice of your soul? The peak energy of the Solstice will bring some clues and a sense of direction, but this week is mostly about listening, connecting and loving. Relaxation is recommended, but not necessary. What is most important is that you make space for your inner world to emerge in way that is safe and true to your heart.



The stars align this week to bring you a renaissance of sorts. If you have felt any blocks to communication or saying what’s on your mind, a breakthrough is on the way. You will have an opportunity to tap into your deepest feelings and express these emotions in a way that feels true for you. If you have been feeling any urgency around communicating what’s in your heart, looking for the right words or opportunity to speak, this week you should began to feel a greater ease as the planets bring you support and encouragement. The New Moon in your solar 3rd house also offers you the chance to welcome in a point of view or frame of mind that includes self-talk that is kinder, gentler and more supportive. You have a chance to connect with your own beauty now, tapping into that part of you that is filled with divinity and grace. Take a moment to recognize yourself, just observing your unique style of being human and noticing what makes you so particularly you. Venus moving through your sign is an opportunity for you to honor and love yourself in a whole new way. It is up to you to receive Venus’ gift of abundance with appreciation and respect.



Your New Moon Solstice gift brings you new clarity around what you have to share with the world. Your solar 2nd house is amplified, bringing understanding to your perception of your own gifts, skills and resources. Now is the time to feel, rather than think about what you are good at, what you appreciate about yourself and what you want to offer others. If money is on your mind, this week’s planetary shifts can point you in a new direction that will offer future opportunities to grow, expand or strengthen your resources in the world. Challenges from others who want more from you, or feel like they are owed something can be faced with power and strength, as long as you have first gotten clear on what is yours and what you want to share with others. Gifts arrive from the past that bring something new to the table, possibly giving you a new insight on a part of yourself that you had not been able to see clearly up until now. There’s a chance for you to gain greater clarity about what you value, which will help you decide how you want to use the resources you have in a better way. If you pay careful attention this week, ideas for new directions will arrive all by themselves, all you have to do is plan a course of action.



This month’s New Moon puts the spotlight on you, amplifying your innate powers and connecting you with your deepest self. You are the holder of dreams and imagination, you are a nurturer and intuitive. These are just some of the powers available to you, so how do you want to use them from here on out? The ongoing Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries transiting your Sun have brought many changes, clearing old patterns and making way for the new. What do you envision for your future when you dream your wildest dreams? You are offered an opportunity to meet yourself at the crossroads of the moon this month and gaze deep into a pool of renewal and rejuvenation. Mercury, the planet of communication and connection is closely involved in your new moon experience, so you may feel inspired to communicate more than usual. If you are a writer, this month offers inspiration from a wellspring of creativity. Imagine you are looking into a magical cauldron where the future is still unwritten. What ingredients do you want to offer up as a promise of your intention? What can you see or imagine as you gaze into the cauldron of possibilities?



Your New Moon renewal arrives behind the scenes in your most private terrain of the 12th house. This is the spirit home and the place of soul retreat. It is here that you find sustenance, renewal and inspiration for the warm heart that you bring out into the world. It is your nature to create and radiate like the sun itself, offering fun and inspiration to those around you. But even the sunniest of Leos need a quiet place to rekindle their solar fires. As the New Moon joins the Sun, Mercury and Mars in Cancer in your 12th house, you are being called to re-connect with your own silence and reach out to the voice of spirit. A friend of mine calls this voice “the voice in the shower”. I often hear this voice in the garden, or in the moments before I am fully awake. However you understand your connection to your sacred source, now is the time to honor this connection, reach out to it and make some space for it in your life.  An altar, a poem, a painting, a song or dance, a prayer or even a heartfelt wish can be the beginning of a deepening in one of your most important relationships.



The future begins to open up to you and you feel the freedom to dream again. What kind of world do you want to be a part of? How are you going to help create it and who is going to join you? You are travelling through 11th house terrain with this New Moon in Cancer/Summer Solstice week and the cosmos are inviting you to broaden your vision of what is possible. There is a lot of support for what you plan to create from people who have been in your life for a long time, but don’t expect everything to manifest overnight. Imagine you are standing on a mountain top, looking down at the world below you. From here you have a hawk eye perspective and can see things as a whole, looking at how all the pieces fit together. Your innate gift is to see the details, zeroing in on all the little parts so that you can improve and perfect, so this challenge of stepping away is a way for you to push the boundaries of your comfort zone and try on another way of being in order to expand your sense of what is possible. 



Is there any way that the past still holds you in its grip? Or are old patterns of relating keeping you trapped and unable to move forward? This New Moon brings you the blessing and possibility of renewal and healing from the past. The parts of you that still feel like a hurt child are ready to move into the present, joining you in your current life and bringing joy, creativity and playfulness. You can plant seeds that will grow in ground nourished by your own soul work, composting what is no longer serving you. If you have been in the shadows of a parent or parental figure, bowing to their authority, (but really wanting to be in charge of your own life), the change can happen now. If you have been feeling helpless and at the mercy of a force that seems to want to do you in at every turn, your own strength is now waiting for you. You have an inner wisdom that wants to guide you and is waiting to share, all you need to do is listen. There is progress being made on your journey and the more you honor your own inner authority, the more others will begin to recognize your power to navigate your life with confidence and skill.


Anais Nin famously said, “life shrinks and expands in proportion to ones courage”. If your world were to expand and grow, where would you go and what would you do? This week the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars alight in your 9th house of travel, philosophies and belief systems, bringing you all the courage you need to expand the world around you. This doesn’t mean you need to go anywhere, or do anything. You can stay right at home, never leaving your room if you like, and still fulfill the potential of this planetary alignment. Regardless of where your physical body is, the expansion of your both your courage and your consciousness is very much on the agenda now and that there will be new opportunities for you to try things that you have never even dreamed of before. You live life with intensity and depth, so you don’t take growth lightly, in fact, your whole reason for being is to grow and transform, dying and being born again and again in the same lifetime. But now is the moment to not only go deep, but also to expand widely, reaching out to people and experiences that are diverse and make you stretch, think and go beyond your day to day reality.



It’s deep sea diving time as the element of water pours into your chart, demanding that attention be paid to your emotions, instincts and imagination. Water also connects, blending the boundaries and rough edges between people. The Cancer grouping of planets arrives in your 8th house of intimacy, death power and transformation, encouraging you to explore your own watery depths, and notice what strange ocean life you come across there. Your Sagittarius nature can sometimes be impatient, wanting to move you out of feeling and into action, so this week you may need to consciously make the space to pay attention to how you are emotionally relating to those closest to you. You have a chance to clear the clutter from your emotional closets and set a new intention of growth and transformation in your most intimate relationships. If you have been holding back emotions for fear of appearing vulnerable, this week the dam may break, bringing cleansing tears and an opportunity to approach these relationships from a new place of clarity and strength. As you clear out old gunk from the past, you also have a chance to connect to your inner power source, transforming stuck feelings into a crystal clear sense of direction and purpose.



Sometimes when you are faced with the feelings of the people you are closest to, your instinct is to harden up, pull away and encourage them to keep a stiff upper lip. But at other times there is something strangely compelling to you about other people’s emotions and you feel drawn to comfort or protect them. This week, as the Cancer planetary crowd enters your 7th house of relationships, you will discover a sense of grace as you come to understand with greater compassion what it means when someone shows you their “soft animal underbelly”.  In this way you will also come to better terms with your own soft underbelly. You have a chance to learn more deeply about the strength and power that arise from vulnerability as you begin to honor those who trust you enough to share these parts of themselves with you. There is no shame in crying and having emotions, this is what makes us human. Your strong survival instincts are made even stronger this week as you seek to connect with those you love by allowing them to have their feelings and also bravely sharing your own.



Over the last month or so you have grown more energized and active around the themes of health and wellness as Mars has moved through your solar 6th house. This week, as the Sun, Moon and Mercury join Mars in Cancer in your house of service, a few more pieces to your 6th house puzzle will probably began to fall into place. There is a chance to experience feelings of renewal and a new clarity as you began to realize that when you serve your body and treat it with the care and love that it deserves, you are then able to be of greater service to the world. Aquarius has a desire to see humanity thrive and so your purpose in the world is to work for the good of all people, not just the elite few. This week you may began to exploring how your work to take better care of yourself translates into your work to create a better world for everyone. As they say in certain magic traditions, (mine included),  “if that which you seek, you find not within yourself, you shall never find it without”. (from the Charge of the Star Goddess



The powerful Cancer energy field made up of the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars has settled in your 5th house of fun, creativity, self-expression and children this week.

If you have children in your life (in any way), pay extra attention to them now, as they may have more need of you, or have some important lessons to share. If children aren’t a part of your reality, it is still helpful to cultivate a child-like attitude towards life, noticing what sparks your joy, your desire to express yourself and your sense of play. The New Moon in Cancer offers you a chance to begin again, renewing your sense of purpose and intention, so if there are creative projects you have been wanting to see into fruition, this week offers you a fresh start and a wealth of imaginative possibilities. Your Pisces self has a unique way of looking at the world, able to see beauty and possibility where others may not, so as you recognize and appreciate your own vision and express it into the world, others benefit as well.

Image is a still from the movie A Midsummer Night's Dream 1935 Directed By Max Reinhardt and William Dieterie