Cosmic Love Notes June 12-June 18

art by @Mariano Peccinetti

June 13-Mercury trine Jupiter and square Neptune

June 15-Sun opposing Saturn

June 16-Neptune Retrograde

June 17-Sun square Moon

June 18-Mercury opposing Saturn

After the Full Moon last week, this week’s slower planetary pace gives us time to process and think about anything that may have cropped up. Appropriately, Mercury, the winged messenger makes the most aspects this week. Our thinking cap is working hard, trying to digest, understand and make sense of all the sensory input and external changes we have been taking experiencing. There may be conversations to be had, emails, phone calls or other messages that need to be exchanged.
Neptune the planet of dreams, spirit and magic goes retrograde on Friday, beginning a five month journey inward. Neptune retrograde reshapes our perspective on our reality, inviting us to re-imagine our understanding of what is possible.  We re-enter our internal dreamtime and the realm of our unconscious mind which gives us a chance to search more deeply for the magic within. The shadow side of Neptune is addiction, victimization, illusion, deception and confusion, so this retrograde motion is also an opportunity to do a “re-do” on our relationship with the more challenging face of Neptune. How do we perpetuate these qualities in our lives? Is there anyway that we are behaving or feeling like a victim or perpetrator? Are we deceiving ourselves our someone else with our words, actions or behaviors? These are some of the questions to explore as Neptune takes it’s backwards journey through the sign of Pisces, revisiting territory already covered to give us another chance to go deeper with this planetary muse.

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With Mercury making back flips in your solar house of communication, you may find that there are lots of words, ideas and conversations flowing into your life. There are big ideas and lots of dreamy dreams at the beginning of the week as Mercury trines Jupiter and squares Neptune, but things get real at the end of the week as Mercury squares Saturn. If there are conversations or words that need to be said, it’s important that follow through happens, otherwise there could be some challenging kickback on Sunday, when the Mercury/Saturn square is exact.

With Neptune turning backwards in your 12th house, Neptune’s house, your dreams may kick it up a notch, meaning it can be helpful to try and make more time for sleeping and communing with your dream self. Neptune is also the planet of retreat and this week may bring a greater than usual desire to take a step away from the world into a more private, secluded space. If you don’t have the luxury to take a few days away from your day to day routine, see if you can try to carve even 5 minutes from your schedule to just be with yourself. Nature walks, meditation, music and time with animals are also Neptune favored activities.



Your question for the week centers around how you are making use of your talents. What are your gifts, skills and resources and how are you talking to others about what you do well? You may need to adjust your communication at least within your own mind, assessing your inner self-talk and making changes as necessary. As Neptune turns retrograde in your 11th house of groups, friends and community, your dreams and visions about what you want out of this area of your life become more pronounced. If you have had illusions or fantasies about your friendships and group relationships, this is a chance to gain more understanding of how you could be potentially fooling yourself. Are your dreams and expectations too much for the average human? Over the next 5 months you may need to revise your vision of reality, factoring in a more up to date version that better fits your current life. Take this time to expand your dreaming power, going deeper and seeking more insight and inspiration from your inner well of wisdom. While you can find support in the broader community for these efforts, the real treasures will emerge when you seek within yourself for answers.



With your ruling planet Mercury happily moving through your sign and making several aspects this week, your life is probably a continuing flurry of action and movement even after the Full Moon shenanigans of last week. But since you thrive on lots of activity and communications, you are likely to soak in this airy, Gemini, mercurial energy more than most of the signs. This week you will have a chance to really feel what it feels like to touch base with your most essential self and gain energy from this encounter. As the week ends, you may have to get serious as Mercury opposes Saturn and your ideas or thoughts receive a challenge or two. Neptune turns retrograde in your 10th house of career and public reputation, asking you to take a deeper look at any dreams, visions, fantasies or illusions you may have been harboring in this realm. If you have been struggling with knowing your place in the world, or feeling disillusioned in any way with your career or life path, this retrograde motion can give you a chance to dream up a new fantasy future, based more on who you are now, rather than who you were in the past.



Your awareness of spirituality is heightened this week as all the planetary action takes place in your houses of spirit, beliefs and philosophies. You have been on an extended journey to discover the heart of what you believe in and to understand what gives your life meaning. Mercury’s movement into your 12th house brings thoughts and ideas that come to you via your unconscious mind. Your dream activity could be heightened, or if you meditate, you may receive some crystal clear messages this week that leave you understanding more about your connection to spirit. As Saturn opposes Mercury on Sunday from the 6th house of day-to-day routines, health, wellness and maintenance, you may find that you need to turn your attention to more worldly matters. Try to funnel everything you have been learning about your unconscious mind, the divine, god, spirit, dreams and magic into your mundane reality. What lessons can inform your work here? What can be gleaned from your inner conversations that can help you in the practical side of life? These will be some of the more important questions for you to address as the week wraps up.


Boundaries blur this week as your reality goes through some interesting changes. Though you may only experience this on the inside, there is something happening here, even though you may not know exactly what it is (ala Bob Dylan). Neptune, the planet of magic and spirit turns retrograde in your 8th house of energy exchange (sex, death and shared resources), you are having an encounter with mystery, whether you like it or not. How will you conduct yourself during this meeting? What standard will you hold yourself too? There is a softening and a deepening underway as your animal self sniffs changes in the air. This may catalyze new thoughts and ideas about the future, or your role in your community of friends as Mercury simultaneously does back flips in your 11th house. You are trying to figure out your place in the order of things, but it doesn’t have to happen all at once. Neptune’s retrograde movement invites you to let go and trust in spirit and the numinous, luminous presence of the divine. Where you will go from there is unknown, but right now your lesson is simply to let go and allow the presence of whatever god/goddess energy you are friendly with to fill you up to the brim.



You are going through a multi-year experience of seeing the divine in your closest relationships, but also learning how to let go and surrender to forces greater than yourself when it comes to love. Neptune going retrograde in your 7th house amps up the volume of the divine force, pushing you to go deeper and learn to relate to spirit on a more intimate level. You may start to have inspirations, intuitions and epiphanies around relationships that seem to come from a more spiritual place. On the other side, you may see signs of how you support others in their own victimization, acting as the enabler to their on-going drama of helplessness and sorrow. Your planetary ruler, Mercury, travels through your co-ruling sign of Gemini in your 10th house of career now, bringing in new ideas, thoughts and communications around your role in the world. Who are you and who do you want to be? What is your mission and purpose? You’ll be mulling these kinds of questions over as you began to understand yourself and your relationships with others more. You have a lot of kindness and compassion to offer the world, the question is how can you serve in a way that is healing and affirming to you as well as the people you help?



When a planet goes retrograde the best way to work with the energy is to “re” it. Re-think, re-flect, re-new, and so on. Neptune, the planet of spirit, magic, mystery, letting go, loss, fantasy, illusion and deception has gone retrograde in your solar 6th house. This house is the place of health, wellness, day-to-day work and service, pets and mentors. This change in planetary direction means that there is some “re” work to be done for the next 5 months (the length of the retrograde) on the themes of the 6th house and Neptune. So how can you tiptoe back through the territory that you have covered already? Where do you need to go deeper and surrender to the mystery that this planetary movement brings? Who are you serving and who is serving you? Have you invited the divine in to your life to help you serve? Do you include magic and mystery in your wellness activities? If not, now might be the time to reflect on how you can incorporate more spiritual connection into your health and wellness routines, whether through prayer, meditation or some other form that feels right to you.



This week love, romance and intimacy are in the spotlight. Whatever your current relationship status, love and relating are on your mind, as Mercury moves through your 8th house of sex, death and shared resources and Neptune goes retrograde in your 5th house of romance and creativity. It’s a “deep and wide” kind of planetary influence, where you cover all the territory that comes with navigating the terrain of love. Neptune retrograde brings you the opportunity to re-consider what romance means to you-if you have been experiencing any loss in this realm, this time brings you a chance to grieve the losses you have sustained. Your heart needs gentleness and kindness to heal, so ensure that loving and supportive people surround you if you have suffered the loss of a relationship. Mercury in your solar 8th house is making all kinds of aspects this week, bringing many changes in your perspective on life, death and intimate connection with another. You don’t need to hold to one perspective or another, this time is about growing, changing and observing your own transformation like a caterpillar watches itself turn into a butterfly.


Neptune is the planet of the ocean, a vast, mysterious body of water with many treasures and gifts to share. As Neptune travels through your chart it awakens the ability to connect with the energy and magic of the ocean, both symbolic and literal. Neptune turns retrograde in your 4th house of home and family this week, and so it may be an opportune time for you to spend more time by the sea, searching for shells, walking through the water and soaking in the negative ions of the cleansing sea air. The 4th house also represents roots, ancestors and family traditions, so you may need to spend some time  re-considering beliefs about family and what you have learned from them. Illusions and thought forms that you may have held onto for a long time are becoming more transparent while Neptune has moved through your solar 4th house (a multi-year transit). With the retrograde, you have an opportunity to take another look at your own perceptions around home, family and roots and see if it is time to make let go of any false ideas you may have been holding on to.


Communication is a strong theme for you this week, as Neptune goes retrograde in your 3rd house of words, ideas and thoughts. Transiting Mercury is also moving through your 6th house of work and service, amplifying this communication influence even more as it visits one of the houses it rules. What is on your mind and how are you sharing it with others? With Neptune retrograding in your 3rd house you have an opportunity to tap into your intuition more deeply and listen more carefully to spiritual guidance and insight. But the more challenging potential of this transit is that your thoughts and ideas can become confused or hard for you and others to understand. Mercury’s movements in your 6th house points to the need to pay more attention to how you are communicating to the people you work with and serve. In what ways are your words healing or hurting? Is there anything that is particularly important for you to say that might help you to heal your body or improve your wellness routines? You may even learn about a new healing or wellness modality during this time, so put some feelers out there, making the most of this month long transit.


You may have been letting go of and releasing values, resources and things that you no longer really care about as Neptune has moved through your solar 2nd house over the last several years. During Neptune’s retrograde through your 2nd house over the next 5 months, you may want to mentally (or physically if possible) revisit with the qualities, possessions or resources that you have been shedding like an old snakeskin. During this time you will have an opportunity to really assess what your current values are, what you really care about both in yourself and in the world and then say a final goodbye to what no longer fits your current reality. Mercury’s movement through your 5th house is giving you an opportunity to dream up new ways of expressing yourself as you let go of the old and welcome in the new. Try to capture or record any creative inspirations or ideas that arise over the next month to make the most of this active transit. You may also find that there is more of a need to talk and communicate about 5th house matters like romance, creativity, self-expression and children (all 5th house matters).



Neptune has an important message for you as it goes backwards in your 1st house of body, self-image and personality this week. You have been in an ongoing process of coming to know yourself in a new way and as you have continued on this journey of self-understanding you have probably experienced a few losses. You may have been dealt some physical challenges or simply had a shift in perspective of how you view yourself and the “mask” you have worn to the world. This week as Neptune goes retrograde and over the next 5 months, you will have the chance to catch up with yourself and digest more of the changes you have been experiencing. Mercury will also be moving around in your 4th house of home and family this week, bringing new ideas and insights into your relationship with your roots and foundations. You may make some changes in your home, or just have a lot of activity happening there as people come and go, bringing information and movement into your environment. This can be a good time to write down or record our inner thoughts and ideas so you can refer to them later to better understand all the changes you are going through.