Horoscopes May 8-14

Tuesday May 9-Mercury conjunct Uranus in Aries at 25/Nodes move into Leo/Aquarius

Wednesday May 10-Full Moon in Scorpio

Thursday May 11-Mars square Neptune at 13 Gemini

(If you know your rising sign, read the horoscope for that as well for a fuller picture of the week.)

Breakthroughs of all kinds are the theme this week as the final conjunction of Mercury conjunct Uranus in Aries clears out the cobwebs and breaks us free from the past and of old patterns of thinking. There is a chance for the emergence of radical new ideas, technology and awakenings as these two electric planets meet up for their last tango of the year. The nodes shifting into the Leo/Aquarius polarity with the North Node moving from Virgo to Leo further highlights fire, moving us collectively forward towards action and self-expression.

Emotions are front and center with a Full Moon in deep water sign Scorpio on Wednesday. Cleansing and transforming all the feelings that emerged during the last months of Venus and Mercury retrograde, this Full Moon brings us the possibility of healing and a renewed sense of power.

The last major aspect of the week is Mars in Gemini squaring Neptune in Pisces on Thursday morning, putting the planet of action in a tense relationship with the planet of dreams, illusions and magic. If used properly, this can bring creative inspiration via words or the body (ie dance), but can also result in attempts to destructively escape the confines of reality if we get our signals crossed.


Feeling the fireworks ? You are discovering yourself in a new way, opening up to the possibility of even more of something you have a special fondness for: freedom. You are a fighter and know how to win, so focus your powerful will on an area in your life that could use a breakthrough. You have the ability to inspire and liberate, leading others forward, but take care to include even those who may seem to be moving more slowly than you would like, they can teach you the art of patience which will help you obtain the freedom you seek. That patience will come in handy as the Full Moon brings deep feelings to the surface and relationships take on a greater intensity. Your ruling planet Mars meets Neptune on Thursday, suggesting that the road through frustration and impatience can be best traveled if you encourage a more gentle state of mind; nature, especially near water, can help you cool down and take a few deep breaths.

Remember that your new direction will still be there even after you take a little time out and you can return to your place of freedom refreshed and renewed and ready to begin the work of creating the vision you have in mind.


Cozy, comfortable Taurus, you may get a little “wake up, shake up” call this week as the Full Moon in your opposite sign of Scorpio demands that you dig down and deep to move old gunk out of your system. Words you didn’t know you needed to say could emerge from your mouth without thought-it’s time to let what’s inside out and share it with others. But the more thoughtful and intentional you can guide these messages, the more you will receive in return. You are getting a chance to stretch and grow this week, gaining a new perspective on old ways of being. There’s a method to madness sometimes and though it might not seem clear at first, near the end of the week you will likely gain some insight onto an old pattern of behavior, or a hidden truth that helps you appreciate yourself in a whole new way. Try not to hold on to tightly, because if you can trust that more is to come and that it may even be better than what was before, you will allow yourself to take a leap in the great cycle of growth.


There is a dance between practical action and dreamy dreaming that you encounter during this Full Moon week. You may need to flush out hidden fantasies and stories that can help you to more fully imagine a future that you want to be a part of. Seek out friends who are available for inspiration and adventure, just remember to pay attention to the details that will allow the fun to happen. You are close to learning what it means to have more meaningful relationships and part of the answer lies in taking care with the little mundane tasks that may not seem all that important at first. If you tend to these and treat them as a sacred act, you can come to find out that they had the magic all along. Your daily acts become a prayer, as the ordinary begins to seem much more extraordinary. The magical in the mundane is your greatest teacher this week, the place you’ll go to find the answers you seek. Trying to push forward without paying dues to the divine will only bring exhaustion and overwhelm, so remember to honor spirit where you can. Your growth stretch continues to build, as your muscles get stronger and you reach towards some surprising new possibilities for deeper love and greater connection.


This week you get to dance with your water sister Scorpio, howling with pleasure as your wild soul is nourished by this most magical of full moons. Your animal self revels in this kind of celebration, stretching and purring with pleasure. There is deep power at work this week and your spirit is right at home in the sea of emotions that is churned under the light of this moon. Her fullness asks you: how can you express your essence? What does your soul need to say right now? The electric buzz of Mercury and Uranus in Aries are waking up new directions in your life, how will you bring these into the light of the world? There is no need to rush things, as your style of musing and imagining is right in line with the watery imprint that the week brings. But if you can stay attuned to your inner self even more than you usually do, taking note of what environments, people and situations feels most like you, you will glean information that can be useful later. You are aware that dreams take patience to turn into reality, but you feel the future more closely this week than most.


Supreme jungle cat, the time is ripe for adventure, though before you head out, it’s a good idea to really get down with your deepest self. This week’s Full Moon helps you grow more aware of the difference between your inner realm and your outer mask. Are you in alignment? Do adjustments need to be made? You may want to keep the party going full stop, but if you can slow down a little bit and adjust course as needed, you’ll find that the end results are more satisfying all the way around. There is big fun to be had and it's just about ready for you, but there’s also some feelings that may need to be addressed before you can really receive the joy with all of your enormous leonine heart. Dig deep, down to the bottom of the root and excavate any old family patterns, or just general clutter from the past and kiss it goodbye. It may be actual real stuff that needs to join the “get rid of it” pile, or just a pattern of action and reaction that you dance a different step to. Whatever feels old and tired this week though, consider letting it go.



Your magic mirror is working overtime this week, reflecting back the ideas and thoughts you have about the world in a big expansive way. What have you been thinking about? If it’s anything that makes you feel more empowered, maybe it’s time to share it with others, so they can benefit from your “gets to the heart of the matter” Virgo laser beam. You can see clearly now, just be careful you’re not hurting yourself and others in the process of getting to the heart of the matter. There is a chance to feel renewed and alive in your closest relationships and the best way to keep the odds high of creating more fulfilling connections is to “check yourself  before you wreck yourself”. Remember: “is it kind, is it helpful, is it necessary?” You’ve got the communication mojo, so use it for love rather than the not so satisfying pleasure of just being right.


You are learning new and exciting ways to communicate in relationships. Trial and error is a necessary part of the growth process and over the last couple of months you have probably gained a lot of insight into your patterns of relating. There may have been wake up calls and new ways to look at old habits. This week there is a completion of some kind, a chance to really get clear and start in the new direction you have been contemplating. Greater awareness is possible on many levels, but in particular in regards to the “others” in your life. Partners (business and love), friends and even enemies. You may find that you now have a better understanding of how to state your needs and get what you want. If it feels like conflict is about to emerge in a relationship, stay still, take a deep breath and notice how you feel and what you need. You don’t have to try and make nice or smooth things over, there are other options. It may be necessary to just hold firm and stay rooted in your self until the storm passes and then return to your needs and stating them clearly.


The Full Moon in your sign shines a beam of lunar magic directly on you, bringing enlightenment and awareness to all aspects of your life. You are being asked at this time to remember your body and pay attention to the routine needs of your daily life. Though it may be tempting to take a magical mystery tour, escaping into the call of spirit while leaving the mundane world behind, you would be missing out on the greater lesson of this week’s transits. Integrating Taurus’ earthy practicality into your inherently mystical soul brings you greater wholeness, balance and a deeper experience of being human. You may even experience some surprising new insights and understandings as you navigate the day to day business of keeping your mundane world running smoothly. Take note of new ideas that emerge, as these can help to shape the next chapter of your life. Part of the gift of your sign is your powerful emotions, and during this lunation your emotions will be fully activated. Your mission should you choose to accept: to figure out how can you harness your great emotional power and channel it into experiences of positive transformation and healing for yourself and others.


Saturn’s been giving you some important lessons in “adulting” these last couple of years and though it may feel rough at times, you will come out of this Saturn cycle stronger, more solid and deeper than you were before. The Full Moon brings you insight into your unconscious mind and the places that are usually hidden in the light of day. You have a chance to air out your closets and bring a breath of fresh air into areas that are usually shut down. Shining a light into dark spaces can feel scary at first, but gradually the unknown becomes more familiar and easier to access. Given your love for adventure, you can easily adapt and began to more skillfully approach the unfamiliar terrain of your inner self, all it takes is willingness. Family issues demand your attention as well, as you began to see more clearly dynamics that may have remained hidden up until now. If you feel like shaking things up and rocking the boat, remember to integrate compassion and patience into your message, as it will be much easier to instigate change within yourself and other people if you bring love to the table.



The buzzy electricity of Mercury and Uranus in Aries are stirring up your deepest places and possibly waking a few sleeping giants. Though you generally like to try and keep everything steady and stable, it is helpful now to try and roll with the earth moving under your feet. Your foundations are shifting and change is happening, whether you’ve planned on it or not. If change is happening, how are you going to respond? You’ll be asked that question a lot this week, in all kinds of inventive ways. Though you don’t need to have all the answers, you may want to begin imagining a new vision for your future, one that goes deeper, wider and longer than what you had in place before. There is a call to re-invent old routines and ease up on rules and regulations that may have kept you locked in to a system that no longer works for you. The growth move now is towards change and transformation, opening up to the unexpected and welcoming the unknown. You will have many opportunities in the future to recreate your settled routines, so why not embrace the moment and receive what it has to offer you?



Your ruling planet, Uranus, meets Mercury this week in it’s final connection of the year. When the planet of individuality meets the planet of communication, you have a chance to really express your divine uniqueness to the rest of the world, in whatever creative form you dream up. Are you willing to take the leap and step into a more powerful relationship with the world? Is there anything that is holding you back? This week you can channel the phoenix rising from the ashes and emerge from the past, headed towards a future of your own making. As you step back out into the public eye, you may want to ask yourself: what do you have to say that is different than anyone else you know? What stories do you have to share? Remember that no one else can say it the same way that you can. Your stories are yours alone and no one else can tell them with the same passion and authenticity. The world awaits you, so how will you tell the story of you?



Feeling like you’ve got wanderlust? Ants in your pants? There’s movement happening under the surface that may soon translate into outer events, but now may not be exactly the right time to take action . You’re trying to figure out what really matters to you, excavating your values and re-inventing your beliefs. It’s ok to wander off the path to smell the flowers and this week reminds you of that necessity, but you are also feeling the call to get clear on what kind of changes you need to make to take the next steps in your life. You want to grow and expand, but you sense there is more to understand about yourself before things move forward in the outside world. Your watery “go with the flow” nature has an innate ability to sense when it’s time to stop and when it’s time to go.  Trust in this superhero gift of Pisces and re-calibrate yourself to your inner knowing. As you listen more attentively to yourself, you will begin to know exactly what you need to do to align yourself more completely with your deepest values.