Cosmic Love Notes May 29-June 4

May 30/Mars sextile Uranus and the North Node

June 3/Venus conjunct Uranus

June 4/Mars moves into Cancer

June 3-4/North Node forms trine with Venus and Uranus

Uranus, the trickster planet of freedom and revolution dances a jig with Venus and Mars this week, love and sex, beauty and will, receptivity and action. This shake up in the make up of our archetypal masculine and feminine is at the forefront, but Uranus’ easy interaction with the Nodal axis this week let’s us know that there are larger forces at work. Nothing less than collective evolution is on the menu now. We are given some illumination to work with via the Uranian lightning bolts of change shaking up our foundations and bringing new and exciting currents into our stream. Uranus speaks to the future, paving the way for completely original and revolutionary concepts to emerge into our paradigm of reality.

Mars moving into Cancer will encourage more energy and action around emotions, imagination and connections with home and family. With most of the other planets still in air and fire signs, Mars in Cancer can provide a respite from fast paced words, ideas and actions, but this planet/sign combo is not the most restful, so watch for passive aggressive behaviors and actions based on pure emotion that may end up back firing in the long run.


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Surprise, surprise! Yep, there are more surprises coming your way as Venus meets Uranus in your first house of self and personality. You have been undergoing a much needed makeover of pretty much everything for awhile now and are still in process. You’ve been trying on new personas and shaking up your normal operating instructions and while you may like all the action there are parts of the experience that may have felt de-stabilizing and a little bit overwhelming. As Venus joins Uranus in a private tete a tete, anything that has felt irritating or been setting your nerves on edge may just get smoothed over for the time being. You may even experience the tiniest moment of grace and ease as these two meet, allowing you to imagine the future possibilities as your new self begins to emerge. Mars, your ruling planet settles into water sign Cancer later in the week and this could have you feeling a bit frustrated as emotions arise in yourself or others that need to be dealt with. Try to be patient as you navigate these deep waters, there are treasures at the bottom if you take the time to sit with the feelings that arise.



We all know you like what is tangible and real. You may even be somewhat suspicious and wary of something that you can’t touch, smell, see, hear or taste. Your earthy nature feels most comfortable with reality just staying put on the physical plane. But…but, there is a part of you that also longs for the mystical, magical unknown of spirit. This week, as Venus conjuncts Uranus in your 12th house, you may open a door into other realms of reality and unknown aspects of yourself that up until now have been ignored. The 12th house is the world that exists beyond the veil of the physical plane, it is the house of dreams and spirit, a place where magic is possible in the void of the unknown. Take some time out to ground your spirit self in the world and bring the mystical into the everyday so that you can feel the connection between those two different modes of reality. You have a chance to develop a greater sense of wholeness as you stretch yourself and make room for the unexpected to arise. Your dreams can give you clues as to what it is that you are birthing into the world.



You have been in a long process of transforming your many relationships, both the “up close and personal” ones and also your interactions with community, friends and acquaintances. This transformation process has changed your perspective on your goals and wishes for the future as your alliances and bonds change form. As Venus and Uranus meet in your 11th house, you get a hint of good things to come. There are possibilities brewing now that haven’t quite come into form, but you can almost see, taste and feel them as they get ready to emerge. What brings you the most pleasure in your relationships? What do you want in your friends, community and groups? These questions can help to guide you in the right direction as you navigate the changing face of your world. Mars in Cancer moving into your 2nd house will also help you to put new energy into your values and what is meaningful to you. This planetary transit can help you further define what it is that you need to create a life of more depth and quality, as Mars brings you the ability to act on your resources in order to express your values in the world.


Cancer Mars moves into your sign this week, energizing you as it brings a powerful wave of juicy “you-ness” your way. How can you step into your essential self? Where in your life do you want to take action? What physical activity is important to focus on now? Expression of your emotions via your body is an important self-care tool as Mars moves through your sign over the next month and a half. Dancing, martial arts, long hikes, yoga and bodywork are all good mediums to explore. Though you may be tempted at times to curl up and hide in your crab shell, the only way out now is through. So use the force and power of your feelings to drive you forward on your path. The Venus/Uranus conjunction in your 10th house also supports you on your journey, bringing the possibility of surprising new connections and powerful allies who can help you further your mission. You are here to feel, to imagine, to nurture and to create, so what do you need to assist you in this work? Who do you need to walk with you or offer insight and mentorship? This week you can gain clarity and a whole new awareness of your life purpose.


Leo There may be a lot going on behind the scenes, agitating your internal waters to a boiling point as Mars moves into your 12th house of spirit and retreat.  Your inner realms are calling for a little tender loving care right now, your dream time a little attention. But at the same time Mars activates your most private spaces, you are also feeling the pull towards external growth. You may feel called to take a long trip to some unknown destination, learn something new or expand your awareness of other philosophies and cultures. Venus conjunct Uranus in your 9th house of growth, foreign travel, belief systems, publishing and education wants you to think of how you can move through the world in a bigger, more impactful way. Are there beliefs you feel like broadcasting right now? It may be good to first really get clear on your own touchstone, inner mystic and guide, before you begin to spread your message to the masses. The 12th house can be a little tricky, like an ocean undertow in calm waters, you may be under the sea before you know what hit you, so better to take a little time to sit with those deep inner places before you move too quickly into the outside world.



All that deep relating you’ve been working so hard on should start to pay off now, bringing you a sense of movement and progress in your relationships with others. You may have been holding on to an ideal of who you wanted to connect to and how you wanted to connect . Friends and partners may have seemed lacking from your “perfect world” Virgo viewpoint. But the blinders have been eased off as the retrogrades worked their magic through your 8th house of intimacy. You don’t need perfect, you need what fits you. As you stop striving for the unattainable, you begin to see the beauty that has already been offered to you, just waiting there for you all along. Mars moves into your 11th house now, bringing a force of feeling into your friendships and community. You’ve got a chance to make some new friends, from a new place of understanding. Venus conjunct Uranus in your 8th house has brought some grace to your ability to share nicely with others. You can do it. They don’t need to be perfect first and neither do you, just follow the magical path of love and integrity, there is goodness waiting at the other end.



You’ve been learning how to connect to your own inner warrior, practicing saying no and setting limits and boundaries that are long overdue. The part of you that wants to be nice all the time and “just get along”, has learned that it’s not always the best idea to give in to what comes easiest. You’ve come to understand that conflict and challenge have a place in life too, no one is born or dies without some kind of struggle. You’ve been working the muscle of self and practicing the art of defining who you are in relation to everyone else. Now, you bring that strengthened part of you into the outside world. People are beginning to see that the parts of you that they might have been able to push over before aren’t tipping quite so easily anymore. Your reputation is changing as you become more of a force to contend with in the world. You’re feeling your power and engaging others with greater confidence and self-worth. As Mars activates your 10th house of career, channel any feelings that arise into your work, investing in the future with the power of your imagination.



Water is your element and as Mars moves into Cancer this week the stars begin to speak your language. You understand emotion, you understand depth and intensity, you thrive on the ebb and flow of the watery realm. Mars activates your own power and strength and reminds you of what you believe in. As Mars moves through your 9th house, you may also feel a greater desire to branch out and explore the world outside of your everyday comfort zone. You have been re-writing your own rule book the last few months around how you serve yourself and everyone else. There’s been a re-structuring of the way you go about your daily routines and rituals and now you are beginning to pick up some steam and feeling ready to put your new habits into action by taking them on the road. How do these new habits travel? Are there any adaptations that need to be made? More importantly, how can you expand and grow while still maintaining a focus on service, especially in regards toself-care and maintenance of your essential health routines? You’ll have a helping hand in this endeavor as Venus conjuncts Uranus in the 6th house of wellness, just make sure you stay open, so you can be aware of and receive the help of this Venusian hand.



Well Sagittarius, if you’ve been longing for more intimate engagements with others, particularly of the romantic variety, this week is looking good as far as moving things forward in a positive way as Venus conjuncts Uranus in your 5th house of romance. Venus is love and pleasure and Uranus is surprises, so be open to the emergence of happy surprises. On the other hand, if you are happily single, then this week speaks of more intimacy, fun and pleasure with yourself. Either way, the focus is on energy exchange, pleasure and fun. This could all add up to sex, or perhaps you will grow  inspired to create some particularly compelling work of art, or you may find an enjoyable way to express all the emotions that have been building up. The key is to keep the energy moving and try to have fun while doing it. This is not the week to try to stick to the status quo, hoping that nothing will change, no, this is the time to do what you do best: explore, expand and seek adventure. Your symbol is an arrow shooting outwards, so this week ask yourself: what is your target?



You’re best bet this week Capricorn is to pay attention to how those home fires are burning. As Mercury and Venus went retrograde in your 4th house of home and family over the last several months, you learned a lot about your roots, your family patterns and your home life. There were probably communications that needed to happen and issues that needed hashing out. This week, you may find that although everything is not completely and perfectly hunky dory in that realm, you do notice a greater ease and understanding than existed there before. You are being challenged to continue to stay focused on your closest relationships, staying as present as you can with those who are important to you. They may need extra tlc this month, or a little nurturing attention. Try to understand what they are feeling, cultivate compassion, practice patience, do all you can do to be a kind and understanding human, but…there is no need to toss all boundaries aside and give into any kind of emotional manipulation techniques that are thrown your way. Be a ninja warrior of the heart: treating yourself and those you love with as much humanity as you can muster.



Aquarius, over the last few months, there’s been a communication revolution taking place in your world. This week, you get a little preview of what the new you can look like as Venus joins Uranus in your 3rd house of communication. There’s some ease and grace that arrives in the midst of any turmoil and you may see a glimmer of light emerging, a possibility of a hope that you can begin to say what you need to say in the way you need to say it and it will be received and heard and responded to. Meanwhile, Mars in Cancer activates your 6th house of health, wellness and service. This brings energy and a spark of life into this realm. You’re ready to start exercising, cooking right and getting yourself on a more self-care sort of platform. But there’s no need to do it the way everyone else it, after all, you have your own unique way of doing just about everything, and that goes for the most mundane of activities as well. But do use this Mars juice for pushing forward with something new in this 6th house arena, the universe is asking for it, so why not go with the cosmic flow and see what happens?



There is a part of you that knows exactly who you are and what you want. This week’s planetary movements present you with a chance to re-connect to the part of you that knows you. If you spend some time musing on what it is that you do well, what resources, skills and gifts you’ve brought into this world, you may find that your musings began to be reflected back to you by the outside world. Just like magic…and you’re good at magic, whether you know it or not. It’s part of your innate Pisces nature, even if you aren’t aware of it or don’t practice it much. But, in practical terms: do what you do well this week and you could make some extra money, or get some particularly heartfelt praise, or just feel a deep appreciation for what makes you so uniquely YOU. You’ve got so much creativity and imagination, so much spirit and soul, the question is, how are you sharing these with the world? What is your particular mode of self-expression? Maybe it’s art, maybe it’s raising your children, or having a creative life, or a million other ways that there are to kneel and kiss the ground (thank you Rumi….), whatever it is, do it now, do it now, do it now.