Horoscopes May 22-29

Horoscopes May 22-29

May 25/Thursday-Venus square Pluto

May 25/Thursday-New Moon in Gemini-4

May 29/Sunday- Mars opposing Saturn

Saturn continues ongoing trine to Uranus


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Over the last six months or so, many of the planetary movements at play have kept the spotlight focused on relationships. The most important question of the star story of early 2017 is: how do you experience the “other”, your mirrored reflection of lover, friend, business partner, enemy or frenemy?

 Have you been updating your overall “operating plan” in relationships? How have you been keeping things on kilter, especially when the world is out of whack? These planetary shenanigans have been challenging you around how you adapt, adjust and keep loving, relating, and staying in some kind of human connection with other people. Jupiter in Libra set the stage for this work to unfold starting in the Fall of 2016. Then, when Jupiter went retrograde in Libra in early February 2017 the questions became deeper and more internalized. Venus turned retrograde in Aries in early March, followed by the Mercury retrograde period in April and this only heightened the polarity of Self/Other. Who am I exactly? And who the hell are you? Especially now, as the ground shifts under our feet and there is so much rapid change occurring on a daily basis. How do we stand together now? And where do we stand apart?

We may not even be conscious of these questions, they may only appear to us disguised in our dreams, or come as vague whispers in the back drop of our lives, but the underlying heartbeat of the cosmos right now demands that we get real about relating. We can take the challenge on with a warrior’s stance, or turn our back to it and reap the consequences later.

This week presents us with an opportunity to do one more round of clutter clearing of the relationship closet as Venus, who has just moved out of her shadow retrograde phase at 13 Aries, forms a square to Pluto on Thursday, May 25. Purge the poison, let go of the gunk, throw away that old dress of betrayal that you’ve been carrying around for 40 years. Now’s the time to release or at least confront, the hurts and grudges that you can release, to look them in the eye and say “goodbye, thank you for what you have taught me over the years and I’m ready for something new”. Or, “I’m still hurting here and it still feels horrible, but I’m going to sit with myself and grieve and be kind to that part of me that has been injured”.

Pluto wants us to reckon with Venus, who represents the spirit of love, pleasure and value. Pluto demands some kind of confrontation as these two planets pass each other for one day in the intense, smoky tango of the square. Venus in Aries is so up to the challenge, that she may not want to admit her own vulnerability, or look at the parts of her that need deeper healing. But Pluto won’t rest until Venus slows down and takes a deeper look at old patterns and accounts for what is ready to change and what is not.

The New Moon in Gemini arrives just hours after the Venus/Pluto square, bringing a chance for a breath of fresh air, a new perspective, and a vantage point on all the struggle and strife of the last several months. What have you been thinking and talking about? Who are you connecting with? How’s your inner social butterfly? The New Moon will guide us over the month to incorporate new insights, information and connections into our reality.

While the New Moon gives us a bit of a green light, Mars in Gemini opposing Saturn on Sunday is a yellow light, a cautionary slow down that asks you: “What kind of meaning are you going to make from the ideas, conversations and insights that have been coming your way? What does it all mean? How can you take the new knowledge and make it into something with depth and substance?”



Your warrior’s heart wants so very badly to stand up for what you believe in, Aries. And this week you’ll be feeling that inner pressure even more than most. You want to shout your beliefs to the rooftops, leap into battle and wave your weapon of choice around. But before you go anywhere, I advise you, dear brave Aries, to first look down. Look down and also look inward. Go deep. What’s really going on that is propelling you forward in such a hurry, off to fight the latest fight? Normally, this is your most powerful super power, the one that makes you a leader and someone other people look towards to chart the course for the way forward. But this week, with the planetary forces at play, it’s definitely a wiser course of action to look before you leap. Maybe take just a 30 second moment if you can, (or maybe even longer), to consider who might be standing in your way as you head down the road ahead? Have you got anything that needs healing with someone from the past? Someone that you may have hurt, or been hurt by? The New Moon in Gemini in your 3rd house of communication is a gift to you from the cosmos. If you choose to unwrap and accept this magical gift, it offers you a chance to clear the air, say the words and speak your mind. You’ll move more quickly in your direction of choice if your baggage is lighter, so if you want the most benefit from the wise stars during the last week of May, take this opportunity to lighten your load. That way you can be the Ram you are rather than a beast of burden.



Mostly, you could take or leave words, unless they are sung. You tend to prefer instead the music of the wind in the trees, water flowing over rocks and all the many sounds of the earth; these are the sounds that bring you solace. This week as Venus in Aries gets close to completing her journey through your 12th house of mystery, spirit and retreat, you may have to grapple with the realization that sometimes the reality of the outer world is going to intrude on that sense of inner peace, stability and earth songs that are so very much a part of you. Pluto in Capricorn remains a powerful force in your 10th house, continuing to give you a long lesson in power, authority and your role in the outer world. Confrontation happens, no matter where you may go to hide. This week it can serve you better to peek your head out and look directly in the eye of anything that comes out to challenge you. This is the way of “going through” rather than “going against”. You are a Taurus and you are mighty, able to dig in your fixed sign heels like the bull you are and stay still, very still. This week you can stand for yourself. So find a place that feels good to make your stand and take a look at what may frighten you, challenge you, or just plain piss you off. Look at it long and hard, unflinching. What do you notice, what do you see? What does this moment tell you about you? About the situation? About your values and what you find meaningful? The New Moon plants seeds this week in your 2nd house of gifts, skills, resources and values. The 2nd house is “your” house, the house that is ruled by Taurus. Here’s your chance to know yourself even better, by getting clear on what you stand for and what you stand against.



Hey butterfly! This weeks New Moon brings you a lovely breath of flower scented spring air. Like all the signs, you too will be wrestling with the dance of Venus square Pluto, but the New Moon in your first house will keep you buoyed and floating above the fray like the creature of air that you are. Venus has been hanging out for the last few months in your 11th house of friends, groups and communities while Pluto has been travelling through your 8th house of shared energy and exchange of resources with others. Have you been sharing any of your resources with the community? If so, you may be re-thinking your whole approach now. As you examine the values and beliefs that you share with the collective, your community, your groups and you friends, ask yourself: do you believe everything they believe? Some of it? None of it? All of it? What’s changed over the last several months and how can you re-align your inner compass back to your own true north? That’s what this week asks of you and with the power of the New Moon, you’ll likely have the perspective and insight you need to gain clarity on some of these questions. The answers may not appear all at once, but you will begin to have a greater grasp of where to focus your attention for future understanding.



The 12th house is a water house ruled by Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac. This house is mysterious, hidden and hard to fully comprehend. Known as the house of the unconscious mind, of spirituality and retreat, this is the place of gestation, where endings meet new beginnings. Your Cancer nature resonates well with the whimsical, watery nature of this house, happy to drift along in the currents of timelessness that the 12th house evokes. This month’s New Moon in Gemini takes place there in this house of mystery, indicating that you are on the threshold of creating something completely new, by planting seeds in the deepest recesses of your unconscious mind. You may have pivotal dreams this month that guide you forward on your path, or you may come to a new understanding of a pattern that you have never really been able to see or understand before. At the same time, Venus squares Pluto in your 7th house of relationships while travelling through your 10th house of career and public reputations. You have been on a journey to take back your authority and gain a deeper sense of your value to the world, this week you may become aware of power dynamics in your closest relationships that need to shift in order for you to gain a greater sense of mastery in your life.



There’s a certain pride you take in, well, just about everything! You are after all the King/Queen of the jungle. But over the last few months your moral center has been challenged as you’ve been asked to basically re-evaluate your understanding of right/wrong, good/bad, up/down. This week brings a testing time, as Pluto in your 6th house of service squares Venus in your 9th house of beliefs and philosophies. How are you putting your ideals into action? What do you need to do to really live your beliefs every day? With the New Moon lunation in Gemini happening in your 11th house of groups, community and the future, this can be a time to envision a more communal approach to life. Are there others of like mind who share your beliefs and support the changes you want to make in the world? If you haven’t found your tribe already, now is the time to start looking for them. Got a tribe that’s good to go? What actions can you take now to support your work together in the future? This is dream seeding time, where you explore the visions that support your beliefs and philosophies and conspire to create them.



You’ve had some deep waters to navigate these last few months, as Mercury and Venus retrograded back through your 8th house, focusing you in on deep emotions, intimacy and shared resources. You’ve had to contend with issues that needed clearing, skeletons that might have demanded to be let out of the closet and ghosts that wanted to be heard. As Venus squares Pluto this week, you have a chance to move the energy in this realm and transform pain or other challenging emotions. What might be standing in the way of merging with another? What keeps you from trusting? How can you both support and be supported in your intimate relationships? Exploring these questions can help you move forward and prepare for the New Moon possibilities that are ready to be revealed in your 10th house. If you’ve been waiting and wondering when you would see some signs of progress in your career, this month may be the turning point as the New Moon in Gemini blows an inspiring breeze of insight, new connections and inspiration into your life. Imagine yourself being cleansed and renewed by this New Moon, ready to launch a whole new self into the world and present your gifts and skills from a place of power and confidence.



With Venus, (your planetary ruler), retrograde and in it’s opposing sign over the last few months, life probably hasn’t been quite as graceful, beautiful and lovely as you would like. Sure Jupiter’s been in your sign, but it’s been retrograde too, so you may not really have felt the benefits you were promised by other horoscopes as Jupiter traveled through your sign (which occurs once every 12 years.) Luckily, this week you should start to feel the beginning of some relief.

Do remain cautious though, because before you’re totally in the clear, the Venus/Pluto square is going to demand that you take a good long look in the mirror and confront your own contribution to any difficulties you might have been having with those closest to you. Pluto’s been doing a very slooooow dance through your 4th house of home and family, so are there old family patterns that might be affecting your relationship dynamics? If you do identify any behavior patterns it might be time to say good-bye to, this is a great week to show them the door. The New Moon brings a new perspective, possibly through an adventure to someplace completely different from your normal stomping grounds. Don’t let the gunk keep you stuck in the past, if you can release it or at least stop and give it a heartfelt, loving look before you say good-bye, you will clear the way for wonderful new experiences to come into your life.



You’ll be keeping it deep this week Scorpio, just the way you like it, as the New Moon in Gemini takes place in “your” 8th house, keeping the focus on all things mysterious, intense and smoking hot. A New Moon offers a chance for new beginnings, fresh starts and is an initiation of sorts. With the New Moon in your very own house, there is an opportunity, should you choose to accept it, to reconnect with yourself and/or another in a powerful way. “This ain’t no party, this ain’t no disco, this ain’t no time for fooling around,” this is the real deal and the New Moon reminds you of the fragility of life and how to make the most of what you’ve got. Venus in Aries has been hanging out in your 6th house of health, wellness, work and service, so if you’ve been feeling and dealing with any impatience or challenges in these areas, this week as Pluto squares Venus, you may encounter a breakthrough after a momentary upset. Take this opportunity to push through any resistance you might encounter, whether from the inside or the outside. There may be some tension, but resolution is possible if you persist in what feels right.



It’s time to start emerging from your cocoon Sagittarius, and aim your bow high, focusing on what you want to create in your life, especially in the realm of relationships. The New Moon in Gemini in your 7th house of relationships reflects back both your deepest desires and greatest fears when it comes to love and relating. It asks you questions (and LOTS of them, this is Gemini we’re talking about after all), about what kind of relationship you really want to be in. You may have lost some confidence in your ability to create as Venus and Mercury retrograded backwards in your 5th house of creativity, pleasure and love affairs over the last few months. But this week you feel the pull to make something happen. What? That’s for you to know and everyone else to find out and only when you are really ready. Pluto squaring a now direct Venus is going to add one more note of depth and power to your future creation, so be intentional this week as you spend time dreaming up the future, leaving some room for the intelligence of spirit to add some final touches to your plans.



Work is pretty much your thing. Without a focus, a goal or a plan, you wouldn’t really be you. As the zodiac’s resident mountain goat, you are designed to keep moving up the mountain, one little goat foot at a time. You are patient, you are foresighted and you are so, so determined. The New Moon this week in your house of wellness, service and routines gives you a chance to consider what it is that keeps your world moving smoothly so that you can do the work you need to do in the world. How do you take care of your body? What are you sharing with others as service along your path to meet your goals? Are there new daily routines you might incorporate into your life plan to make things work better for you and other people? This week is an opportunity to try something new in that realm, preparing the ground for the long-term. And this is a good thing too, because Venus, that alluring goddess of love, is squaring Pluto from your 4th house. You’ve been having to re-think your relationship to home and family the last few months, the core of your foundation, your center, your root. As the square exacts this week, there may be one more piece of the puzzle that falls into place, but first you’ll have to find it. With your flexibility enhanced by the New Moon in Gemini, your chances of discovering that puzzle piece grow stronger. 


Oh Aquarius, fun times for you this month! A New Moon in airy Gemini, your own element, perks up your 5th house of pleasure, play, creativity and romance. You’ve got a clean slate to plan some good times now. Dream it up with abandon, and while all your wishes may not come true, you may be surprised at the goodness that does manifest. Let the muse inspire you, seduce you and enchant you-she’s whispering in your ear now, just waiting for signs that you are listening. This is the time to do a vision board, write those new moon wishes and create, create, create. With Venus in your 3rd house, you’ve been clearing up some communications clutter and trying to let some light into the dark places. This week as Venus squares Pluto, a challenging conversation may arise, or difficult words may need to be said. Try to embrace these shadows with courage and grace, knowing that good times are coming, but some loose ends need to be tied up first.



Home sweet home is calling to you, as the New Moon in Gemini energizes your 4th house of home base, roots and family. This is the house that represents your deepest, innermost self. With the New Moon happening here, you’re ready to create a new feeling deep inside you, opening up the lines of communication to your inner voice and listening carefully to your own guidance. This voice tells you what home feels like, it lets you know when you feel safe, comfortable and “cozy”. Listen to this voice and let it help you create a home that feels just the way you want it to. Your most important relationship right now is the one with yourself and this New Moon reminds you of what kind of foundation you are building the rest of your life on. If the ground is solid, so is your life. Your confidence over the last few months has been growing as you have been wrestling with feelings of self-doubt and facing them head-on. Though this week there may be a re-visitation of these challenging feelings, it is just a test of all that you have been working so hard on lately. If you can remember to connect with your foundation and your own ground, you will come out even stronger and surer of your self, your gifts and your resources.