Horoscopes May 15-21

Monday, May 15-Mercury moves into Taurus
Friday, May 19-Venus opposes Jupiter
Saturday, May 20-Sun moves into Gemini
(For further insight read the horoscope for your rising sign as well as your sun sign-Don't know your rising/ascendent sign? Look it up for free at astro.com)

This is a week of planetary musical chairs as Mercury moves into Taurus and the Sun into Gemini. The Sun in Gemini kicks off the time of the year when information, people and projects begin to pick up speed. With so much to learn, do and understand now, how can we possibly take it all in? Luckily Mercury’s journey through Taurus gives us a chance to play catch up and put any new ideas and “aha!” moments into practical form. When the winged messenger was travelling through Aries there may have been a general underlying sense of impatience as we all wanted to make our ideas happen RIGHT AWAY. Mercury in Taurus slooows thoughts down, giving support to the patience we need to put ideas into form. 
Venus opposing Jupiter increases our desire for fun, pleasure and good times. But how much fun can we have? The recent Venus retrograde reminded us of what we really value, now Jupiter comes along to expand this new awareness, asking us to re-affirm to ourselves the core experiences that brings us love, pleasure and joy.

How do you impact the world? Are you saying the words and talking to the people that resonate with your deepest self? This week themirror of the soul is raised for you to take a good long look inside and really see your self clearly. As you gaze into your reflection what do you see? If you like what you see reflected, ask yourself: am I sharing my gifts and skills with people in a way that is accessible and easy to understand? If, while you gaze into that great celestial mirror, you see room for improvement, consider what needs to be changed. How can you express yourself in a way that makes room for other people to participate in life along with you? Or, what needs to happen to make your message come across in a way that others can more easily receive it? This week marks the beginning of a month long focus on the art of communication, community relations and interactions with those in your immediate environment. You’ll be tasked with updating your skills in this area of life, taking a look at how you’ve grown since last year at this time and if change needs to happen here, now is the time to make it real.
Ahh, time for a little Taurus style relaxing, as Mercury moves into your sign, the pace of our words, thoughts and ideas sloooooows down a little bit. As this shift happens you may find yourself the recipient of some new messages that bring a little buzz into your life. You are going to be focusing on your value this month, taking a look at what you’ve got going on in the area of self-worth, skills and resources. So Taurus, what do you have going on? What do you have to offer the world? Probably a whole lot, so now is the time to recognize and share it with others. You’re being tasked with the job of knowing thyself and then figuring out how that self can share what it’s got with everyone else. How do you want to be of service? This applies to service to others, but you also might consider how you can better serve yourself, particularly when it comes to self-maintenance and those niggling details of eating right and exercising. Are you maintaining the container you arrived in? If not, why not? You’ve got a chance now to really become aware of those patterns and habits that prevent you from serving yourself and others in the best way possible. So if you can, say yes to this opportunity and make bank. Take one step towards a routine that supports you, your health, and your longevity. Now is the time to really up your game in that realm, so you can choose if you want to move with or against the cosmic flow.
It’s finally your turn to take that yearly birthday dance around the sun. So how are you going to celebrate the greatness of you? With your ruling planet, Mercury, moving into your 12th house of contemplation, in the earthy sign of Taurus, the arrows point towards the unfolding of your birthday month as a time for retreat and reflection. As you look back on the last year and reflect on the challenges and opportunities that you were offered, what did you learn? Your birthday gift from the stars is a chance to deepen your spirit and uncover the greater depths of your soul. Sure, it may not be the fast paced wonderland of constantly changing people, places and experiences you normally thrive on, but….this time is a necessary detour.  Strive towards inward reflection, take a little time to retreat and next month you’ll be back in your Gemini saddle riding off towards your next big adventure in an even more exuberant style than ever before. Ignore the call to take a time out and you could find yourself feeling frazzled and exhausted before the party has even started. Pace yourself, little butterfly, life is long and there is plenty of fun on the journey forward, you just need to prepare yourself to take it all in.
Finally, the pace slows down a little bit in your world and you have time to absorb and digest the events of the last month. As Mercury moves into your 11th house of groups and community, you can benefit from support from friends as you shine a light on your unconscious mind via the Sun’s movement into your solar 12th house (the house of the unconscious, spirit and mystery). This week is also a good time to consider how you share your wealth of inner wisdom with the rest of the world. You may have opportunities to re-connect with family or powerful memories from the past in a way that brings you positive attention and affirmation. Are there memories, or family members (dead or alive) that inspire you and fuel your purpose in the world?  Now would be a good time to re-connect with them via ritual or just intent to communicate. You are impacted by those who came before you in a deep and profound way, so paying homage, or making efforts to heal relationships with ancestors and family members can give you a stronger foundation on which to build.
Time to let your voice be heard with a great leonine roar! You can have an impact now, leading your community forward and delivering important messages that need to be heard by the collective. You like to shine, you need to shine, even if it’s only in the privacy of your own home. Hopefully while Mercury was retrograde last month in your 9th house of beliefs and philosophies, you gained some clarity on what kind of message you want to deliver. Now is the time to let the message ring out loud and clear. Don’t hold back, tap into your most dazzling, entertaining self and figure out how to tell the world what you know it needs to hear. Say it in song, say it in dance, write it down, do a comedy routine, or paint it on a wall, just get the word out however you can. You’ve got Jupiter in Libra blessing you with the gift of diplomacy, charm and grace as it travels through your3rd house of communication for the next 6 months, so don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. If you haven’t already figure out what you believe in, or what guiding philosophy you want to live your life by, do it now and then let Libra’s honeyed tones take over, as Jupiter broadcasts the message far and wide.
Hopefully while Jupiter’s been travelling through your 2nd house of self-esteem this past six months, you’ve been re-discovering your own worth, tapping into your value and loving yourself up with abandon. Hopefully. This week as Venus in Aries moves through your solar 8th house and opposes that Jupiter transit, you have a chance to check in and see how you’re doing with this once every 12 years, Virgo self-love project. Other people may voice their opinion now about what you should be appreciating about yourself. It’s nice of them to weigh in…..maybe. It is certainly worth it to consider their input, and if you find that you agree, it may not even hurt to internalize their positive feedback. But what really matters right now is how you feel about you. You’ve got a lot of skills and right now you’re figuring out what you believe in and how you want to share your gifts and abilities with the public. This doesn’t need to be a big, fancy splash of brilliance, or a firework display of perfection, but whatever you share should be grounded in your integrity and real knowing of what you most love and value about yourself.
As the Sun moves into your 9th house, your thoughts turn to far away places. You may long to re-discover yourself, have an adventure or just escape from your day to day reality somehow. You’ve been feeling growth happening during Jupiter’s visit in your 1st house of self and now you want to see that growth manifest in the outside world. So in what direction do you hear the call? Where is it that you could see opportunities manifesting? Are their people you might like to join you on your journey to the far horizons? Now is the time to figure out what you want first and then invite others to join you, rather than the other way around. Sometimes you’ve played follow the leader and ended up the loser. As Venus lights up your 7th house of relationships, you have a chance to figure out how you want to lead in your encounters with lovers, partners and close friends. This is the time to communicate your needs and get clear on what you want in terms of intimate connections and energy exchanges. Mercury in Taurus in your 8th house says, “take it slow, but go deep” as you express what is closest to your heart.

Depth becomes you, adding to your already considerable mystique and general aura of magnetism. With the Sun in Gemini now travelling through “your” house: the 8th house of sex, death and power, you are re-connecting with your deepest self. Jupiter’s year long visit through your 12th house, another watery realm of mystery and magic, only adds to the emerging picture of behind the scenes transformation and healing. You’re being asked to dig down, to paraphrase Sylvia Plath , “to your very tap root”. It may be dark and a little spooky, but you tend to thrive in these kinds of environments, bringing back lots of treasures to share. Yes, you’ve got some healing to do, particularly in relationships with others, but these times of retreat help you to return to the outside world refreshed and transformed. If you feel judged by other people now, or feel like you have been deemed wanting in some way, dig deeper down, seeking out that solid place in you that knows your own self-worth. You have all the regenerative power you need, sometimes you just need to take some time out to re-connect to it.
You are such a wonderful teacher, guide, guru and role model, but this month asks you to cultivate beginner’s mind and open up to learning from others. How can you listen, learn and serve? The Sun moving through your 7th house highlights the impact that relationships have on your life. What do you have to learn from other people? What new information can they provide? You have an opportunity to connect with those of like mind this year, as Jupiter continues to travel through your 11th house of groups, friendships and community. How are you going to make the most of these connections and use them to grow and expand your perspective on life? Cultivating a “holy curiosity” will allow you to maximize this week’s transits and prepare you to expand your sense of what is possible. There may be experiences and situations that you have never dreamed of that are soon going to come to your attention, so try to stay as open as possible. Even though your faith may have been challenged over the last year or so as Saturn has moved through your sign, there is more good to come,  as long as you can just try to keep on believing.
Who do you serve? What do you serve? And where do you serve? Goal achievement isn’t enough without knowing the answer to these questions. Without a deeper sense of purpose, achieving goals can feel empty and meaningless. This month as the Sun in Gemini makes its way through your solar 6th house of service, wellness and health, you are offered a chance to look more closely at the concept of service both to yourself and others. You may have had opportunities this year to expand your work in the world, as Jupiter has settled into your 10th house of career. You thrive on having a purpose and a direction to focus on and Jupiter brings growth and expansion in this realm. This month is a chance to reflect and re-connect with what drives your feelings of achievement. Who are you hoping to benefit and why? How are you taking care of yourself as you do your work in the world? As the Sun continues to travel through your 6th house, you will have explore these questions and possibly gain a greater understanding of what success means to you at the deepest level.
Evolution becomes you Aquarius, and this month you will find the evolutionary path takes you to a greater place of creativity as the Sun in Gemini moves through your 5th house of self-expression. You have been in a process of expanding your belief systems and your concept of right and wrong, as the week goes on, you’ll be asked to share what you’ve been learning so that others can benefit. You may feel called to write something that captures your evolving perspective on life, or even teach a class. However you choose to share what’s on your mind, finding a way that is diplomatic, yet fierce, will feel the most satisfying to you in the long run. There’s no sense in trying to hide your inner rebel, just make sure that you are reaching out in a way that actually engages people rather than repels. You have a unique capacity to wake others up and bring awareness to minds that had been closed. You are at your best when you remember to make a human connection before you share your brilliant insights, translating your thoughts into a language that the masses can easily understand.

What’s on your mind Pisces? Whatever it is, it’s probably pretty important, as Mercury enters it’s own 3rd house of communication this month. Spending some time in nature now will help you gain clarity and understanding of your most important ideas and epiphanies. Lately, you’ve been in a process of re-connecting with your own gifts and skills, assessing your self-worth and coming to terms with what you have to offer the world. You may find that you developed a greater sense of confidence and appreciation for yourself, after a time of self-doubt and questioning. Now it's time to consider how to share your gifts and skills with others. Imagining collaborative projects and ways to share energy can pay off, especially if you have someone who wants to invest in what you’ve got on offer. You may find that you have to take more time alone right now to gain further self-understanding before you bring your gifts out into the light. Creating a cozy nest to land in when you return from flights out into the world will give you a greater sense of strength and stability.