Cosmic Love Notes December 4-10


December 5-Chiron in Pisces turns direct

December 6-Mercury conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius/Mercury sextile Mars/Mars sextile Saturn

December 9-Mars in Scorpio

December 10-Venus square Neptune/Mercury trine Uranus/Mercury square Chiron

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The two most active planets, Mercury and Mars, are in the planetary spotlight this week making moves and preparing us for some major shifts throughout the month of December. Mercury, now retrograde, asks us to do the “re’s”, re-thinking, re-negotiating, etc. (for more on how to both survive and thrive during Mercury retrograde, check out my Astrology Everyday ebook). As Mercury conjuncts Saturn again for the 2nd of 3 passes on Tuesday, the need to integrate reality more firmly into our thinking becomes even more necessary. Mercury also sextiles Mars the same day, asking us to take action on the reality integrations we have uncovered. Mars sextile Saturn solidifies the focus on practical, grounded and realistic progress.

Mars moves into Scorpio on Saturday, highlighting action that takes place underground, behind the scenes or in otherwise hidden places. Mars in Scorpio is a powerful, transformative energy that has the ability to focus almost obsessively on one area or subject.

The week ends with two aspects that advise inward searching over external gratification. First, Venus squares Neptune early Sunday morning, cautioning us to not drift too far off in fantasy land when we go looking for love, comfort and pleasure. A few hours later, Mercury squares the now direct Chiron, reminding us to bring humility and gentleness into our communications, with a goal of listening for twice the amount of time as we speak.


Aries and Aries Rising

This week the two major power players, Mercury and Mars, encourage you to turn inwards, approaching yourself with curiosity and a questioning attitude. Mercury retrograde in your 9th house asks that you spend time exploring and updating your beliefs about reality. If you’ve changed your perspective at all over the last couple of years, what effect has that had on you? Then, Mars travels into your 8th house of shared resources, heightening your awareness of what you are sharing with others and motivating you to get clear on your boundaries in this realm. If you don’t feel right about what, how or who you’ve been sharing with, Mars’ month long  journey through this house is going to amplify and add energy to these feelings. If all is hunky dory and your sharing feels just right to you, then you may began to feel like sharing even more. Either way, good or bad, you are likely to feel more aware of all the ways that you exchange energy with others during this transit.


Taurus and Taurus Rising

How deep do you want to go Taurus? This week, in the land of relating, intimacy and energy exchange, you have the potential to go very deep indeed. Like all the signs, you’ve got some “re” work to do as Mercury turns retrograde. The current retrograde cycle is activating your 8th house of intimacy and shared resources, so this can be a good time to re-pair, re-think, re-flect, etc. all the ways that you share and exchange energy with other people. You may find as the retrograde continues that it’s time to re-negotiate certain agreements, or re-view how or what you are sharing and exchanging. Meanwhile, Mars in Scorpio has just moved into your 7th house, bringing a burst of energy to your own realm of relationships. This is a house of mirrors, teaching you that the qualities that you are both attracted to and repelled by in others are qualities that you have something to learn about on your path towards wholeness and self-acceptance. Mars’ placement in Scorpio demands that you go deep into your mirror,  seeking understanding and transformation via the power of the phoenix.


Gemini and Gemini Rising

You have a tendency to so often be in a state of constant motion that you can have a hard time slowing down long enough to attend to the more mundane details of life. As Mars moves into your 6th house this week, it’s time to pay attention to your daily routines, your wellness rituals and all the ways that you serve both yourself and others. At its best, Mars will energize and activate this house, bringing you a force of motion that you can use to make things happen. At its worst, you could feel irritable and impatient, as Mars helps you realize where and how you feel burnt out or taken for granted. Mercury, your ruling planet,  has turned retrograde in your 7th house of relationships. Over the next few weeks, as the retrograde cycle commences, you’ll fare the best if you use the time to re-flect and assess your communication habits in your most important relationships. Are you doing more talking than listening? More listening than talking? What is the quality of the conversations you are having and can you go deeper, or inject greater meaning into your interactions?


Cancer and Cancer Rising

If you’re looking for love, Mars could bring you a burst of energy and action, if you want to have more fun, Mars may bring opportunities to enjoy yourself and have a good time. But Mars also has the potential to inflame, challenge and irritate. Watch and notice how you might feel impatient or ego driven in your romantic or creative efforts now so you can temper yourself and activate the more positive potential of Mars.  Mercury retrograde and conjunct Saturn in your 6th house of wellness and service is encouraging you to remember your basic needs and re-think any areas of self-care that might need to be addressed right now. The Saturn influence asks you to take your needs seriously and explore how you might make more serious commitments to your own health and well being. This is a good time to take a closer look at your belief systems and how they shape your approach to your health and wellness routines. Now is an important time to ask yourself if you are you serving yourself as well as you serve others, and if not, why?


Leo and Leo Rising

There may be a lot of activity on the home front over the next month as Mars in Scorpio takes up residence in your 4th house. Mars expresses itself through movement and action, which, if blocked turn into conflict and tension. Mars is also the planet of boundaries and protection, letting you know when someone or something has crossed a line. Pay extra attention to your own inner need for protection, space and sovereignty as Mars travels through your 4th realm. You may find that you need to fight to protect your own space at first, but as you get more skilled in protecting your territory, you will learn to wield the power of Mars more gracefully. As Mercury retrograde and Saturn make their final pass through your 5th house, you seek to express yourself more truthfully, connecting to your own authentic voice. You may need to confront any fears that arise of being seen and heard as you navigate the last round of this transit, but your courage now in facing your doubts will help strengthen your resolve in the long run.


Virgo and Virgo Rising

Although you may feel repeatedly provoked right now and want to respond to those who are aggravating you with a few verbal hand grenades, remember that you do have other options. As your retrograde planetary ruler, Mercury forms a second conjunction to Saturn and Mars moves into your Mercury ruled 3rd house, it may be wise to try and count to 10 before you let go and launch this week. Spend some time sorting through how you feel in response to others attempts to throw you off balance. Is there a power dynamic involved? How can you stay connected to your own sense of power when you feel attacked? Mercury’s movement through your 4th house of home and family may be stirring up old dynamics that are contributing to you feeling like you need to defend yourself when someone is aggressive with you by attacking first. You don’t need to put up with bad behavior from others, but your growth this week comes when you shift your habitual response and find new and creative ways to respond.

Libra and Libra Rising

As Mercury and Saturn join up for the second time in your 3rd house of communication this week, you have another chance to gather information that may prove to be very important over the next few months. This transit asks you to slow down and really notice what is in your environment and what mental messages you are giving to yourself and others. Because Mercury is such a fast moving planet, it can be hard to track. The retrograde cycle gives you a chance to catch up and digest what is happening around you and also inside of you. Given your innate inclination to please others, mistakes can be hard for you to make, but this is a good time to get comfortable with making mistakes because there is much to learn from the mistakes that you do make. Mars in Scorpio moving through your 2nd house of resources and self esteem over the next month will also give you plenty of opportunity to explore how you are protecting your values. Your only challenge will be to stay up front and direct about your feelings, rather than resorting to covert means to retaliate when your feelings are hurt.


Scorpio and Scorpio Rising

If you are yearning to feel like the phoenix rising from the ashes right about now, hang on just a little bit longer.  Mars moves into your 1st house this week and while this gives you a chance to experience a sense of renewal and hope, you may still need to wait a few weeks before you can enjoy the full benefits of Mars’ transit into your house of self. This week’s round of Mercury retrograde conjunct Saturn takes place in your 2nd house of self-esteem and values, so you may have some more work to do before you can really take off and fly like the phoenix you are. Mercury and Saturn demand focus and careful patient attention as they travel slowly through your house of inner and outer resources. How are you recognizing and appreciating what you have to offer the world? Are you truly aware of all that you have to share? This is a good time to assess and inventory your skills and gifts, paying special attention to how you communicate them to others.


Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising

You might be feeling a little impatient these days to reconnect with the free and easy wanderer that you are at heart. Reality has been feeling just “oh so very real” over the last couple of years as Saturn has moved through your sign. And if Saturn’s not enough now you’ve got Mercury retrograde right up next to Saturn for the 2nd time this month. There’s probably a part of you that’s feeling like “enough already” and who could blame you? But don’t let your horsey heart get too blue, because relief is just around the corner. You will need to pull back on those reins a bit and slow down, taking a little more time to really take a look at who you have become and also where you might like to go next. Have you adapted yourself to reality over the last couple of years? If not, why not? What is the reality that you might be fighting or resisting in your life long soul quest for growth, freedom and adventure? This is the week to really focus in on these types of questions, whether the answers come easily or not.


Capricorn and Capricorn Rising

Community can mean many things to different people, but for all of us community is a way to connect with the rest of humanity, reminding us of both our highest potentials and our human foibles and limits. As Mars moves into your 11th house of groups, friendships and the future, you may experience a powerful drive to make something happen in this realm of your life. For example, you may decide to join a new group or take on a leadership role in an old group. But with Mercury retrograde joining Saturn in your 12th house of the unconscious mind, it is of the utmost importance that you take care to ensure that your ego is not driving the show. Are you using unnecessary force to push your own agenda or are you looking at the overall good of the group and thinking of how things will play out in the future? Now is the time to slow down and take the time to do things right so that you can really understand on a deep level what is motivating your desire to take action.


Aquarius and Aquarius Rising

Your ability to shake up the status quo is well known and documented. You are the freakiest freak of them all and you relish the role. This week, as Mars in Scorpio moves into your 10th house of reputation and public identity, you may feel a strong drive to make changes in the way you are seen in the world. But there is a push/pull dynamic afoot in the cosmic scene right now that asks you to juggle two very different energies. While Mars is demanding action and change, Mercury retrograde right up next to Saturn is a yellow light of caution, asking for a slower, more careful approach. You’ll need to reality check your beliefs right now, ask more questions and listen to what those around you are saying. Mars will be in your 10th house all month long, so there will be time to make some moves, this week is about feeling that impulse to move forward and resisting it with love and kindness until you have better information to act on.

Pisces and Pisces Rising

With Mars now in your 9th house of travel and education, your world has the potential to expand and grow as you feel a burning desire to transform your perspective on life. But the ongoing Mercury retrograde (also featuring slow down planet Saturn) brings you questions about your role in the world that need to be asked, though not necessarily answered. You have been exploring what kind of mark you want to make, what legacy you want to leave and what fruits you want to bear. Right now this may feel like a slow and unending process, but if you can do the hard thing and take your quest seriously, you will likely find (over time), that the questions begin to answer themselves. Just now is the moment to be in the moment, without distraction, denial or escape. The more you can befriend reality, taking it on its own terms, rather than how you might like it to be, the better you will feel when Mercury goes direct and the action begins to speed up and take on a life of its own.






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