Cosmic Love Notes December 18-24

December 19-Saturn into Capricorn

December 21-Sun into Capricorn/Sun conjunct Saturn

December 22-Mercury Direct

December 24-Venus into Capricorn

The root of the word austerity comes from the Latin austeritus, which means “severe”. Severity strips away all that is not essential and useful. Severity can be harsh, but honest. Severity, austerity, simplicity=Capricorn, the earthy sign ruled by Saturn, planet of bones, time, lessons and limits. This week we enter the start of a three year cycle that is heavily stamped with hoof print of the goat. This week brings a shift in awareness, a crossroads where we have a chance to look back at where we’ve been and forward to where we might be headed.

The Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year (this year’s Winter Solstice is exact at 8:28 am pst on Dec. 21) is marked by the moment when the Sun reaches 0 degrees of Capricorn. Out of the darkness comes the light and the Sun is reborn on this day, beginning its journey towards fullness once more. Capricorn teaches, through limits and lessons, how to find your inner light inside even when you are surrounded by the darkness. Capricorn shows you how to slowly, patiently bring this light out into the world.

So as you begin this once every 28 and ½ year journey with Capricorn, notice where in your life you might need to pare down and simplify, what could use a more severe or austere approach so that you can see your own potential more clearly? The dark can be warm, cozy and hard to leave once you’ve settled in, but as the sun’s fullness returns, it is time to start thinking of how can you begin your journey back into the light of the world.

Mercury also turns direct the day after the Solstice, opening up the doorway for clearer communication, uncrossed signals and plans beginning to take form. How will you build on Mercury’s forward motion to shape your plans for the future, now that you’ve had a chance to reflect on the lessons of the past year?



Aries and Aries Rising

You’ve had the archer’s arrow primed and loaded and now it’s time to let it fly. Where have you been focusing your wishes and intentions for the future? What deferred dreams still stir in your heart? As Capricorn begins to make its presence felt in your life more strongly, you may find that you have more drive, more ambition and more of a sense of urgency around fulfilling some of your lifelong goals. Always wanted to learn how to tango? Secretly wished you could own a flower shop? Having a burning desire to live in a tiny house? Now is your chance to strip away whatever is not meaningful and get serious about whatever is preventing you from moving forward on these dreams. You may have to take measures that are both severe and austere in order to make bigger dream come true, but the more willing you are to do so, the more benefits you will reap. Now is the time to reign in your short term impulses on behalf of your heart’s greatest desires.


Taurus and Taurus Rising

Like a kaleidoscope of color, the diversity of our planet is beautiful to witness and experience. There is so much life, abundance and pleasure to revel in, so much to do and explore. Lucky you, because your sign has got the inside track on how to make the most of it all-because you Taurus, you excel at “La Dolce Vida”, or living the good life. But sometimes the “winter” cycles of life come around, when it’s time to pare down and get back to the essentials, to “simplify”. As Capricorn moves into your 9th house of travel, beliefs/philosophies, teaching and publishing, you are going to start feeling the urge to strip away all your false gods, the altars that no longer have any meaning, the beliefs you didn’t even know were influencing you. This is your time of getting to the heart of what is really true for you, what does really have meaning and what you believe in above all else. Capricorn will be helping you along your journey by offering structure, boundaries and reality checks as needed.


Gemini and Gemini Rising

Your ruling planet is Mercury and Mercury in its elemental form is known for its ability to liquify, to shape shift, to move quickly and with great stealth, like a thief in the night. In fact, one of your great superpowers is thievery, pick-potting in particular, as you take a little bit here and a little bit there and put these things back together in a new form. This is why Gemini’s are also known for your other great superpower: writing and communicating. Lucky for you, Capricorn has arrived on the cosmic scene to help provide you with some deep and powerful experiences to share with others. Capricorn stands poised to give you an initiation of sorts, walking you back and forth across the line between spirit and form, energy and matter, visible and invisible. You’re poised on the threshold of some VERY IMPORTANT LESSONS, Gemini, so put your seatbelt on and get ready to dive down into the depths of life, with earthy Capricorn as your co-pilot, helping you land on terra firma with confidence and grace.


Cancer and Cancer Rising

Get ready to do some mirror gazing Cancer as your opposite sign, Capricorn, begins a multi-year journey through your house of the “other”. You’ll be learning a lot about how to integrate form, structure, accountability and simplicity into your relationships as Saturn brings its lessons into your life. This week is the opening act, giving you a preview of what is to come. You can co-create with Saturn by preparing yourself to pare down, get real and come to terms with your commitments (or lack of) in your most important partnerships. If you have been over-nurturing and playing the mom role this week may be the time to make a commitment to pull back, focus on mothering yourself and look to see what kinds of boundaries you might make with others who depend on you. Or, you may began to explore the possibility of new business partnerships that can help you add greater structure and accountability to your work. Spend time this week dreaming in the darkness, using the guidance of the stars to pave your way to the future.


Leo and Leo Rising

You are a natural artist, creating your life with the guidance of your heart and expressing your essence in everything you do. As Capricorn shifts into gear this week you will began to turn your attention to how you can serve your creations to the others in a way that is meaningful. In order to take on this task and fulfill it in the highest way, you may first need to turn your attention to the more mundane areas of life: your daily routines and habits, your health and your day to day work environment. This new cycle puts a special emphasis on getting real about how you take care of yourself so that you can do a better job of helping others. If your diet needs tweaking or you need to get more or better exercise, now is a good time to begin planning your new routines. Although you usually like to focus on the more entertaining areas of life, if you invest time and effort into these practical areas of concern now, your future rewards will be great.


Virgo and Virgo Rising

What have you created and what do you want to create? What needs to happen so that your future creations have a strong foundation and solid roots? This new Capricorn cycle is going to encourage you to get clear on how you are expressing your essence in the world. Before you can even ask yourself the right questions, you may first need to clear out old rubble from the past that is preventing you from seeing yourself clearly. This will likely take a lot of work and dedication, but if you approach your task with commitment and serious intention, you will benefit from the clarity of purpose that can result. You are preparing yourself to connect more deeply with your inner divine spark of life and inspiration. The journey to this place has both challenges and gifts along the way. As you muster your strength and fortitude to begin this work, remember one of your most important superpowers: the ability to discern what is precious vs. what no longer has value or meaning.


Libra and Libra Rising

Where do you go, what do you do, who do you surround yourself with when you want to feel safe, secure and at home? This will be the essential question as Saturn works its way through Capricorn over the next few years. You will be exploring the depths of yourself, digging for inner treasures, memories from the past and all that has shaped you into who you are today. As you travel down these roads inward, you may find that you need to erect new boundaries and set limits around who you allow into your most private spaces and places. You may feel the urge to simplify and pare down what you hold onto as you discover that you can do more with less. This week introduces a time where you have an opportunity to gain clarity and insight as you pare your life down to the essentials, focusing in on what has true value and meaning and leaving the rest behind.


Scorpio and Scorpio Rising

Saturn’s movement into Capricorn brings you the opportunity to reshape how your mind works. You have a chance to first get clarity and understanding of your mental processes and then find new ways to think about and communicate what is on your mind. Saturn always brings work, discipline and austerity to whatever areas of life it touches, so it is important that you prepare yourself to focus in on your mind, your style of communication and how you connect to those in your immediate environment (especially neighbors and siblings). You will need to commit to these areas of your life and set intentions that you are going to be taking them more seriously. This can be as simple as taking your dog on a walk every day through your neighborhood and making an effort to say hello to your neighbors. Or you may sign up for a meditation or communication skills workshop. How you show your intention to yourself is up to you, the important thing right now is that you make the commitment and set the intentions.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising

As Saturn moved through your sign, you received many lessons about your own limits and boundaries. You may have learned what you would tolerate and what you would not tolerate. You probably gained some clarity about your own challenges and hopefully also learned ways to work with these challenges. Saturn reminded you of the benefit of patience, simplicity and commitment. Now, as Saturn moves into Capricorn, you will have a chance to put your newfound knowledge to work. Saturn’s new cycle brings you opportunities to learn new skills and find ways to enhance the gifts that you already have. Your values and resources (both inner and outer) will be undergoing a refinement process, slowly transforming the coal inside you to diamonds. You will need to withstand some pressure and take some time as diamonds do, but if you can persist in your belief in yourself you will be richly rewarded when this cycle comes to a close.


Capricorn and Capricorn Rising

It’s time for you to show your grit, Capricorn style. Saturn has arrived in your sign, its own sign, to offer up its hard won gifts to the collective. Your role in the unfolding story is to tap into your self in the serious, focused way, in the way that only a Capricorn can. You are the goat, the determined, industrious goat who knows how to move up mountains, stopping to rest only when you have achieved your goals. Saturn is here to remind you now to periodically refine, pare down and simplify as you trudge up the mountain. You may need to gain clarity on what you are bringing along with you and what might need to let go of as you continue the journey. What are you serious about? What have you committed to? What are you only involved in because you think it adds status or notches to your belt? The clarity comes with your intention, your commitment to what is true, your connection to your own deep sense of integrity.


Aquarius and Aquarius Rising

It’s time to learn about cave dwelling Aquarius, retreating, renewing and refining. You are entering a period of learning about what it means to go beyond ego, beyond self and personality. As you enter the realm of spirit and let go of yourself to swim in the great cosmic soup, consider what practices you can commit to that will hold you anchored in this realm. What intentions can you set that will help you on your journey? The Capricorn cycle is preparing you to get to know the deepest recesses of your soul, the parts of your unconscious mind, your dreaming mind that you may not have ever known existed. If you choose to embrace this cycle with fortitude and focused intention, you have the potential to know yourself and the spirit world in a whole new way. You will encounter many paradoxes as this cycle unfolds, questions that have no answers and mysteries that may never be revealed. But if you can hold these contradictions and embrace them with love, your rewards will be great.


Pisces and Pisces Rising

You have a natural gift for dreaming dreams into being. Your imagination is legendary and your intuition mighty. As Saturn moves into Capricorn, you will be both motivated and challenged to anchor your dreams into reality. There may be challenges at first that make you doubt yourself and your ability to create the visions that dance through your mind, but Capricorn has the ability to teach you how to nurture the resilience in yourself that will help you to continue. Capricorn can also help you gain the clarity and simplicity that you need to ensure that your hopes and wishes will come true. Finding support during this cycle from a group or community that meets regularly is one way to embody the commitment and routine that Saturn in Capricorn thrives on. It may also be important to do some work figuring out what your limits and boundaries are as you move forward towards your vision for the future.







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