Cosmic Love Notes December 11-17

The primary source of heat in my house is a wood burning stove, so over the course of several winters I’ve learned that if I want to stay warm, I need to develop a relationship to fire. Add too much wood and it smothers the flame, add too little and the fire dies out. Turn your back for a moment with the door ajar and risk a spark flying out and burning the floor. But if I listen to the fire, watch it and notice what it needs to burn just right, then I am rewarded with a cozy, hearth and heart warming blaze.

This week’s stars ask us all to develop a deeper relationship to fire and specifically Sagittarius mutable fire. The Mutable signs are changeable, flexible and fluid and can change on a whim, intuitively and without thought. Mutable fire is inspiring, encourages growth and helps us remember the light during a growing season of darkness.

Everyday we are getting closer to the darkest part of winter, the time just before the returning of the goat, Capricorn that is. But now, just before the light begins to grow again, Sagittarius shares its fire in the darkness with us: the stories and tales of inspiration and adventure, the joke or funny anecdote that makes us laugh right when we need it the most, the impulse to use our bodies to feel strong and powerful, the light of hopefulness when all seems hopeless. During Sagittarius season we can get cozy and dream of far away lands, heroic deeds and lessons to be learned from the great unknown.

These are the super powers of Sagittarius, though they’ve been hard to come by as Saturn has worked its way through the sign of the archer.

This week brings us a taste of the gifts that the archer has to share when we receive our “report card” from Saturn as the planet of lessons finds itself at the end of its journey through Sagittarius. These gifts arrive in the form of a New Moon in Sagittarius on Sunday. This New Moon blossoms in the sky at 25 degrees of Sagittarius, right between Venus at 19 and Saturn at 29 degrees. This will be the last lunation for 29 ½ years in Sagittarius that is conjunct Saturn. Over the last 2 ½ years, you’ve been working on something or other in the house where you have the sign of Sagittarius and if you have planets in Sagittarius also, you’ve been working very hard.

As the Sagittarius lunation activates your Sagittarius ruled house, the essence of the New Moon energy arrives like a final blessing, bringing you the opportunity for a new beginning and a fresh start in this house. You can release and let go of what is no longer alive and relevant and also begin to dream about what you want to cultivate in the future. Venus brings her gifts also, offering grace, pleasure and love in the form of Sagittarius. What beliefs and ideals still hold meaning for you? In what ways do you love to grow and expand? How do you enjoy diversity and adventure in your life? Take some time this week to say goodbye to the old Sagittarian themes that you want to let go of before this New Moon of many blessings.

 Ideas of negative Sagittarius themes you might want to release and kiss goodbye: Thoughts that your way is the only way, aka fundamentalism. Greed, hedonism and excess/overconsumption. Travel and adventure without purpose or meaning, arrogance. Preachiness and “know it all” attitudes. Taking on too many projects or activities and losing focus on the ones most important to you. Rigidity in beliefs or morals. Expansion just for the sake of expansion. Fake guru mentality ie making “it” up as you go along with no real experience to back up your teaching, writing, speaking or preaching.

 Aries and Aries Rising Do you believe that the earth is flat? Or that money doesn’t grow on trees? Or that you get what you pay for? This week’s New Moon in Sagittarius invites you to spend some time exploring what beliefs you had in the past, what beliefs you have now and what beliefs you would like to cultivate for the future. If you look at the stories that have shaped your life, what common themes run through all of them? You may want to make a list this week of your favorite books, movies and other stories that have had an influence on you. Which of these stories are still relevant and meaningful to you? Are there new stories that you might like to draw on to shape your perception of reality? You are the author of your own life and the New Moon is your chance to reflect on the narrative you are creating and make changes and adjustments as you see fit. What plot twists would you add in to spice things up? Do you need more fantasy, humor or romance? Draw on the New Moon power to re-write the story of your life in a more empowering and meaningful way.

Taurus and Taurus Rising Although you are generally seen as practical and stable, there is a part of you that is far more magical and mysterious than you may let on at a first meeting. This is the part of you that is activated by this week’s New Moon in Sagittarius. Over the last couple of years you’ve had to learn from past mistakes and pay more careful attention to the part of you that believes in magic. You may have had to deal with the problems that can arise when you open up to fast and too hard in magical spaces or with other people in positions of power. Think of this New Moon as a gift of clarity and cleansing that offers you the blessing of renewal of your faith in the unknown. You are scheduled for a “do-over” in the realm of sex, death, magic and power. So how do you want to “do” your “do-over”? It’s possible that you can let it just drift pass you as a barely noticeable blip on the screen of your life, or you can work it and take this opportunity to set some meaningful intentions about how you exchange and share energy with others.

Gemini and Gemini Rising Have things gotten a little heavy over the last couple of years in relationships? Slowed down or gotten more serious? You can thank good old Saturn for putting the brakes on your love life, because the planet of lessons, maturity and patience has been moving through your 7th house since 2015. You’ve probably learned a lot about the “others” who have come into your life (or those who have already been there), you maybe have also learned more about how you relate to these others. Either way, this week’s New Moon brings you what is most likely a very welcome gift in matters of partnership and relating. The New Moon offers you a chance for a breath of fresh air, new insights and new beginnings. If you can stay open and aware this week, you’ll notice what you need to say good-bye to and also have some insights on what you want to welcome in and cultivate. You can start now by writing a list of relationship patterns that you want to leave in the past and then, on Sunday, as the New Moon seed is planted, write another list, of all that you want to create for the future of your relationships.

Cancer and Cancer Rising While Saturn’s traveled through your 6th house over the last couple of years you’ve had to get serious about your approach to serving both yourself and others. You’ve probably revamped your daily routines and made some changes in your approach to self-care and wellness. Hopefully you’ve integrated more self-discipline and commitment into your life and are starting to see some results. Lucky you, because just as Saturn gets ready to leave this house, you are gifted with a lovely New Moon dancing hand in hand with Venus, planet of pleasure and grounded by Saturn, who helps to keep things real. New Moon energy is the energy of promise, hope and possibility, joined with Venus, there is the potential to infuse your new beginnings with love and joy. So what more could you wish for in the realm of the 6th house? A supportive coach? Discovery of a supplement or procedure that brings you greater health? An opportunity to serve others that brings you joy and satisfaction? Use the blessing of this New Moon to shine a light on the path ahead and set intentions that support all the work you have already done so far.

Leo and Leo Rising What a lucky bonanza for you Leo as this week’s New Moon lights up your very own house of fun, romance, creativity and other shiny pleasures. You’ve had to work very hard over the last couple of years, trudging through the sometimes hard knock lessons of Saturn as he slowly brought a greater structure and sense of reality to your house of fun. But hopefully you paid your dues, knuckled down and did some work to discover yourself in a more grounded and solid way. If you allowed yourself to get Saturnized, this week’s New Moon should bring you the blessing of hope and possibility. Yearning for romance? This is one of the best times of the year for you to open your heart again and let yourself believe in the power of love. While there is so much potential for you to benefit from this lunation,  you may have to clear out the clutter of the past in order to see the future arriving. So take the week before the New Moon arrives on Sunday to say good-bye and release any old loves, creative projects or “fun things that are no longer fun”. 

 Virgo and Virgo Rising Saturn’s been working the very root of you, strengthening your inner world and demanding that you build a more solid foundation for your life. You’ve been tested in the realm of life that is one of the most vulnerable and private: the terrain of home, family and your inner dream world. The 4th house is the place where you retreat to rest and recover from the work of the 10th house of career and public persona. Saturn has made you get serious about having boundaries in this area of your life, paying careful attention to who you let in and who you want to keep out. You have a right to feel safe, secure and peaceful in this most personal of places and Saturn has taught you lessons about how to ensure this right. Now, as the New Moon lights up this house just as Saturn gets ready to take his leave, you have a chance to set intentions about the pathway ahead. What do you want to see grow and flourish in your 4th house territory? What new beliefs do you want to cultivate around family, home and safety?

 Libra and Libra Rising Your mind has been getting a workout over the last couple of years as Saturn, your friendly neighborhood boot camp instructor has traveled through your 3rd house of communication. You’ve had to become more conscious of how you think, what you think of and how you say what you are thinking. You also may have grown more serious about how your thoughts and words shape your experience of life. Maybe you’ve said some things that you shouldn’t, or said some things that other people have taken very seriously. Words hold weight when Saturn is in the 3rd and you’ve been learning about how to be more responsible with the way you wield the power of your words. This week’s New Moon in Sagittarius offers you a chance to start fresh, clearing your mind of old patterns from the past as you set intentions for the future. With Venus close to this lunation, you may also find that you are now able to think of yourself and others with more love and kindness, as you have released thoughts that once kept you trapped  in a negative or pessimistic frame of mind.

Scorpio and Scorpio Rising Saturn has kept you hard at work over the last couple of years, assessing your value to yourself and others. You have probably had to work harder for your basic sense of security and self-worth as Saturn made it’s way through your 2nd house. Maybe you’ve started charging for your services, raised your rates or asked for a raise. Or you’ve learned to set better boundaries and stop giving everything away for free. Hopefully you’ve learned to set limits and preserve your value, sharing what you have only with those who both appreciate and reciprocate. Now, as the New Moon prepares to bless this 2nd house terrain with her bounty, you can kiss the past good-bye and turn your attention to the future. Spend some time this week if you can exploring how you can generate more resources in your life, either physical or financial resources, or inner resources such as learning a new skill, or bolstering your confidence. The New Moon welcomes in a time of new direction and possibility, opening up roads for you to explore as you get closer to a more grounded awareness of your core value and worth.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising It’s been a long haul as Saturn has slowly moved through your 1st house, bringing you a greater sense of gravity, attuning you to reality and helping you secure the basic foundations of your life. But before Saturn leaves your sign, not to return for another 28 and ½ years, you are offered a cosmic gift via the New Moon in Sagittarius. The New Moon walks hand in hand with Saturn on one side and Venus on the other, cushioning any final lessons from Saturn with a little sweetness and grace. Mercury too is still retrograde in your sign, encouraging you to take a trip in the way back machine to reflect on all you have learned over the last 2 ½ years as Saturn has moved through your sign. How have you grown and matured? What beliefs and philosophies have you outgrown? Once you have spent some time reflecting on the past, you can begin to plan for the future, using the gentle light of the New Moon to guide your path forward.

Capricorn and Capricorn Rising Though this week’s planetary shifts may only be experienced in your dreams, they are meaningful nonetheless. You’ve been in a process of clearing psychic clutter and getting to know your unconscious mind as Saturn in Sagittarius has travelled through your 12th house over the last couple of years. Though the 12th house is sometimes considered to be a subtle, behind the scenes house, most astrologers know that when ignored, 12th house themes can be a force to be reckoned with. Hopefully you’ve been taking some time to retreat and connect with your inner wisdom, tapping into Saturn’s role as a teacher and guide. The New Moon in Sagittarius this week gives you a chance to listen more deeply to your inner wisdom and set intentions about how you want to develop spiritually from here on out. As you prepare to enter a more outwardly focused cycle, what sustenance can you gather from your work in the spirit realm?

Aquarius and Aquarius Rising You are almost ready to harvest and reap the bounty from all the hard work you have done for the last couple of years around friendships, groups and community. Saturn has been upping your game, encouraging you to commit to a broad vision of the future you wish to help create. You may have had to learn to set better limits with your broader community so you could focus on the work of laying a strong foundation for your grand plan. It’s likely that at the very least, you have had to pay more attention to “adulting” and get real with some of your more fanciful wishes and dreams. But now, with Mercury retrograde and a New Moon in Sagittarius arriving this weekend, you can shine a beam of hope into the future and re-assess the direction you are travelling. What are you ready to leave behind you and what do you want to create from here on out? This is your moment at the crossroads, when you release and make peace with the past and set intentions that will hopefully carry you forward with grace and a peaceful heart.

Pisces and Pisces Rising Your faith in the world has probably taken a beating over the last couple of years as Saturn in Sagittarius has slowly moved through your 10th house. You may have had to take on more responsibility or get very serious about your career and the work you do, moving away from ungrounded fantasies and bringing your dreams closer to reality. As Saturn prepares to leave your 10th house in the coming weeks this is a good time for you to look back at the past couple of years and assess what lessons you want to remember for the future. This week’s New Moon in Sagittarius has the potential to wipe the slate clean, leaving you with a sense of renewed faith and possibility about what comes next. The New Moon invites you to step back into your life cleansed of any old habits that were keeping you down and encourages you to set positive intentions about the next steps on your journey. Who have you left behind and who do you want to become? Use the light of the New Moon to guide you forward, attuning yourself to its gentle wisdom.








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