Cosmic Love Notes November 6-12

November 7-Venus into Scorpio

November 9-Sun sextile Pluto/Mars quincunx Neptune

November 10-Saturn trine Uranus

Scorpio season continues as Venus joins the Sun and Jupiter this week, bringing a touch of grace and beauty to our intense journey with this most powerful of water signs. Venus in the collective chart shows the tone of our loving, relating and valuing for the month or so that it transits through a particular sign. Venus in Scorpio brings a greater desire for deep relating, passionate connection and love experiences that make us feel alive, honest and vulnerable. As Venus gets ready for her grand conjunction to Jupiter next week, there is a chance for us to reconnect with the essence of Venus in Scorpio before the meeting between the goddess of love and the god of growth and expansion.

A sextile between the Sun and Pluto further enhances our deep dive into Scorpio territory on Thursday, bringing possibilities for empowerment front and center. Mars quincunx Neptune on the same day could bring some confusion as to how we use our energy to bring our dreams to life, but with persistence there can be forward progress.

The week wraps up with the final pass of the ongoing Saturn/Uranus trine, which has taught us over the last year how to bring form and structure to our desire for freedom, innovation and individuality. The fire trine between Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries has featured Saturn as the drummer, keeping a steady rhythm and a solid foundation for Uranus to riff off of in it’s own wacky ways. Together, these two planets have taught us how to take strategic risks, experiment with structured plans and explore new terrain (but only after researching our adventures thoroughly). As the final trine completes, we may began to see some results from work, effort, time and commitments that we have put forth over the last year. If you’ve been waiting for the tide to turn in your favor and you’ve put in the time and effort, this could be the week you’ve been waiting for.

 Aries and Aries Rising

With Uranus shaking and waking your sign over the last several years, you may have an ongoing background feeling of your finger being stuck in a light socket and being jolted alive with a bolt of pure electricity. But over the last year, as Saturn formed a gentle trine to Uranus, there have been opportunities to ground some of that lightning strike power and put it into a more solid form. Saturn has been moving through your 9th house of adventure, philosophies, belief systems and travel. Hopefully, you’ve been doing the work that Saturn demands from this terrain and figuring out what you believe, taking some time to carefully and thoughtfully expand your consciousness and understanding of the world and growing into new life philosophies that fit with your current level of growth as a human. If you’ve been paying Saturn his just dues, then you are likely to see some real, solid results in your life. A trine aspect can be easily passed by, but with attention and effort a trine can bestow opportunities and grace to even the most difficult of situations. Hopefully, you took the time to follow the fire this year and put effort into understanding your beliefs and how they shape the world around you.

Taurus and Taurus Rising

This week Venus enters “her” 7th house in your solar chart, adding to the Scorpio party that already got started by the Sun and Jupiter earlier this month. Venus and the 7th house are dedicated to teaching us about human relationships. The 7th house is our “mirror” house, reflecting back to us what we need to become more whole through the lense of important “others” in our lives. As Venus now travels into your 7th house, you can begin to see more clearly the beauty that comes from allowing yourself to be really seen by another. You may find you have more capacity to let go of any defenses you have put up in relationships and with Venus’ help you can also more easily dive deep into the emotional terrain that Scorpio knows so well. The only way out of any current relating challenges right now is through, and Scorpio is just the guide you need to walk along with you as you confront fears and rediscover your place of power in relationships. As Uranus in Aries completes it’s final trine from your 12th house to Saturn in Sagittarius in your 8th house of intimacy, you also have a chance to root out any unconscious patterns from the past that may have been holding you back.


Gemini and Gemini Rising

Over the last few weeks, your 6th house of health, wellness and service has been experiencing Scorpio’s amazing ability to transform energy and nurture empowering change. Hopefully you’ve been drawing on the power of Scorpio to get to the root of what you really need to enhance your overall feelings of wellness and connect you to more meaningful ways to serve. When Venus joins the Sun and Jupiter this week, your experience of your 6th house should feel a whole lot better. You may find yourself enjoying that new diet, exercise program or wellness retreat more than you ever thought you would. You could find that a role opens up at work that allows you to serve in a way that brings you greater pleasure and joy. Venus brings grace to life and a receptivity to others that fosters love and connection. As you grow more open to Venus’ gifts you will in turn have more goodness to share with other people who cross your path. Meanwhile the Saturn/Uranus fire trine has the added potential to bring ongoing relationships into a new structure that feels both stable and exciting at the same time.


Cancer and Cancer Rising

When Venus joins the Sun and Jupiter in your 5th house this week, she brings with her the potential for enhanced ease and grace in your terrain of pleasure, creativity, romance and self-expression. If you have forgotten how to have fun, or been reluctant to take some time to just enjoy yourself, Venus’ transit through your 5th house over the next month or so should remedy that. Now is the time to reconnect with your playful, fun, childlike self. If you don’t have children of your own, borrow one and do something fun with them to remind yourself of what playing looks and feels like. As you cultivate your ability to be in the “fun zone”, you can unleash a powerful flow of creative energy that can be directed just about anywhere in your life. With Scorpio ruling your solar 5th house, fun for you is probably edgy, intense and involves exchanges of energy in some form or fashion. So having Scorpio style fun could be as simple as watching a dark comedy or as involved as creating a piece of writing, a painting or a photograph that expresses your deepest emotions.


Leo and Leo Rising

The Sun and Jupiter’s journey through your 4th house have amplified and heightened the energies of this place of roots, family, home and inner self. There are changes afoot here now and calls to do deep work by transforming the very ground you stand on. You may be exploring old family patterns, making changes in your physical home, or just delving down into your very own world in an attempt to understand yourself better. When Venus shows up to join the Scorpio party this week she will be bringing her rose gold sparkle dust with her, ready to sprinkle a little pleasure and good times over everything you have hopefully been spending time examining. If you welcome her magic into your life, Venus can help you to feel more love, pleasure and comfort in your home (both inner and outer). She’ll add more beauty to your surroundings, bring more enjoyable guests to your dinner parties, offer a touch of grace to your inner meanderings and allow you to feel more relaxed and receptive in your most private of places. Just remember that Venus likes to be invited, wooed and appreciated, so the more that you appreciate and recognize her gifts, the more she will bring you.


Virgo and Virgo Rising

Over the last couple of years, Saturn has been slowly travelling through your 4th house of home and family. During this time, Saturn has hopefully helped you plant new roots and shore up loose foundations. Maybe Saturn has showed you areas that were in need of repair and got you focused on where the work needed to be done. Meanwhile Uranus has been electrifying your 8th house of intimacy, shared resources and energy exchange. As the fire trine between these two planets completes this week, allow yourself to recognize the deep work you’ve been doing at the very core of yourself. You may find as the trine completes that Uranus brings a surprising gift via another person. This gift could be an inspiration, a wake up call or a new perspective that helps you feel more secure in yourself. This gift could be the invitation to free yourself from old emotional baggage from your past, so that you can move forward into the future with a lighter heart. As you ride the waves of the fire trine’s last spark, try to stay alert for signs that some of your hard work over the last two years is starting to pay off.


Libra and Libra Rising

Prepare to experience yourself through the lense of love as your power planet (Venus) goes deep in the sign of Scorpio. In your chart Venus will now be travelling through one of the houses it rules: the 2nd house of resources, self-esteem and gifts. This will be your month to get to the root of anything that is standing in the way of you feeling love and appreciation for yourself and what you have to offer the world. Venus will help you gracefully embrace your own value and recognize the power and resilience that your Scorpio ruled 2nd house brings to your life. If you have been feeling a sense of lack or restriction in your finances, this Venus transit could help to bring you a sense of greater ease and open doors that will allow more abundance to flow into your life. You may find it helpful to do a self-worth inventory over the next month as Venus continues to move through your 2nd house. Write down, draw or collage everything you notice about yourself that you appreciate, love and value. At the end of the month of Venus in your 2nd take your inventory and place it on your altar with flowers and a candle. As the candle burns, imagine yourself receiving and re-absorbing all those qualities and love that you have for yourself.


Scorpio and Scorpio Rising

You have a chance to reconnect with your own beauty, both inner and outer as Venus enters your sign this week. One of the best way to use this energy over the next month or so is to try and heighten your awareness of the beauty that you bring to the world and also the beauty you see around you. Notice what you have been encouraged to think of as beautiful by your cultural, family or friends. Then ask yourself: What is beautiful to you? How do you create more beauty in your life? What are the actions, objects and behaviors that you recognize as beautiful? You may need to release old patterns and ideas in order to create the space for true, real, authentic beauty. Because Venus is also the planet of values and meaning, you can draw on Venus’ gifts to help you become more aware of the areas in your life that you feel passionate about, with the intention of aligning yourself more closely to living your values in the world. As Saturn makes its final trine to Uranus, your 2nd house, which is Venus’ own house, is also activated, lending even more emphasis to your focus on values, self-esteem and resources.


Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising

This week can bring a little wind to your sails as the final trine from Uranus in Aries harmonizes with Saturn in Sagittarius. As the trine completes on Saturday you may began to see little glimmers of light at the end of whatever Saturnian journey you have been on over the last couple of years. If you’ve been feeling trapped or hemmed in, wondering where and when your freedom will come from, Uranus offers you innovative possibilities and new directions to explore. Your job is to stay alert to opportunities and take action when an opening arises. If you are feeling the downside of Saturn: depression, frustration, blocks and obstacles, turn inward to explore any issues that may need your attention and a focus of healing and kindness before you can began your journey back out into the world. The Scorpio infusion in your 12th house of retreat supports this inner healing and can bring you a greater depth and potential for self-awareness. Scorpio demands that you go deep before you travel outwards and in your 12th house of unconscious mind, it is even more important that you take a good, long look at old patterns and habits that may need releasing before you can move forward.


Capricorn and Capricorn Rising

If you haven’t yet embarked on a project that will bring you a greater connection to community,  new friends and opportunities to shape the future, this week brings you a new gift to help you along that path. When Venus moves into Scorpio on Tuesday, you are offered a powerful opportunity to draw on Venus’ magnetic charm in her Scorpio costume. Hopefully you won’t let your typical Capricorn reserve get in the way of the possibilities that Venus has to offer. She wants you to bring your skills and abilities to the task of healing and regeneration. She wants you to connect with your community and show leadership and demonstrate hard work so that others have a sense of the direction to follow. But Venus is a receiver and a reactor, she will only respond to what you bring to the table and if she is not cultivated with care, you may not notice much of anything as she travels through your 11th house over the next month. If instead, you choose to welcome her with love and appreciation, you have the opportunity to enjoy many pleasurable encounters with new friends and community members during her transit through your 11th house.


Aquarius and Aquarius Rising

Now is the time for you to really turn the love on and show your people what it means to be a lover, not a hater. Venus in Scorpio joins her Scorpio entourage in your 10th house of public reputation and your sacred work in the world. She brings you a powerful healing opportunity to share with those who “follow” you and see you as a leader and trend setter. You can embody and channel her deep Scorpio love power, her healing transformative grace and her no bullshit ability to go deep and be real in love and relationships. This is your work right now, to set an example by being the example. Love hurts and no one gets out alive-you know this. But love also heals and love is really all there is, in the end. This is the Venus in Scorpio message and she’s chosen you and your Aquarius tribe to bring this message out in a powerful way over the next month as she continues to move through your 10th house. Be her public persona, speak her words, let her work through you and feel her love transform you as she works her magic.


Pisces and Pisces Rising

The Scorpio tribe brings its watery grace to you in the form of Venus in your 9th house. With your own finely tuned intuition and ability to create magic out of the mundane, you are already primed to welcome Venus in and appreciate the gifts she has to offer. The 9th house is the terrain where we expand and reach out of day to day world, of our own cultural influences and collective conscious mind. Here is where we meet the “other”: the other culture, the other language, the other person who is different, the other belief system or religion. This is the realm where we expand, have adventures, grow and open up to new influences, ideas and beliefs. Or we don’t. We choose to close our minds, hold tight to our beliefs and philosophies and stay narrow in our understanding of the world. That’s why Scorpio’s transitory influence through your 9th house is so exciting, because now you have the ability to transform, dig deep and bring power and healing to this area of your life. Venus invites you to this work with a touch of grace, beauty, love and pleasure to help smooth the process along.



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