Cosmic Love Notes November 27-December 3

November 27 Mercury conjunct Saturn

December 1 Venus into Sagittarius/Mars opposing Uranus

December 2 Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius

December 3 Full Moon in Gemini square Neptune

To understand Sagittarius, it’s important to know that for the sign of the archer, shooting the arrow is more important than actually hitting the target, or in other words:  for Sagittarius, the journey is more important than the destination. Sagittarius is captivated by the quest, seeking to know, be and do more. This mutable fire signs is driven by the desire to grow and expand away from the familiar, towards the unfamiliar. Recently, a Spanish friend of mine, (featuring his South Node, Uranus and Neptune in Sagittarius) told me that his long term plan was to travel around the world outside of Europe, and then, as he got older, to begin exploring the countries closer to Spain as well as Spain itself. Like my friend, many of us with a Sagittarius influence will find ourselves in our younger years reaching out into the broader unknown to learn and understand the world around us, and then as we age and mature, begin to seek self understanding by returning closer to home and even inwards, ultimately seeking our answers inside of ourselves.

This week the cosmic lineup features a strong infusion of the essence of Sagittarius. Four planets settle into the centaur’s sign, Mercury goes retrograde in Sagittarius (check out my new ebook Astrology Everyday for a “survive and thrive” guide to Mercury Retrograde) and a Full Moon highlights the tension between Sagittarius’ quest to know and Gemini’s quest to understand. But it is the meeting of Mercury and Saturn in Sagittarius that will shape much of the energy of the next month, as the planet of the mind, communication and understanding joins up with the planet that teaches us lessons about authority, boundaries and patience. This aspect, which begins on Monday, demands that the typical Sagittarius optimism become integrated into more of a real world practicality. This means that Saturn has been teaching everyone with Sagittarius planets how to focus more on hitting the target and reaching the goal, narrowing down many areas of interest and action into one focused point.

Saturn will only be in Sagittarius for three more weeks, not to return again for 29 years, so there are important insights for us to understand (Mercury) and internalize (retrograde), before Saturn moves into Capricorn at the end of December. We need to know what we believe and how to communicate it in the best of ways. We need to understand where we stand from a moral perspective, what is right and what is wrong in our code of honor? Mercury retrograde conjunct Saturn demands deep introspection and serious thought, but this can also be a time to identify our sacred cows and find ways to laugh at the parts of our beliefs we take too seriously. Overall, the meeting between Mercury and Saturn demands that  Sagittarius energy come down to earth and settle into a more grounded, focused and practical way of being.

Stay tuned for more in the weeks to come about this month long influence…..



Aries and Aries Rising

Imagine that you could learn about anything in the world, right now, with nothing to hold you back. In this made up world, you have no restraints on time, money or opportunity, all you have to do is choose. What would you choose to learn? What or who or where would you like to explore or gain more insight about? This week brings you these questions, asking you to open up, remove any blinders you may have been wearing and look around you. Who are the people in your day to day life? Are you learning what you want to know from them? How can you expand or grow your circle to get closer to what you really want to know more about? You are a natural at taking risks and embracing new challenges, but sometimes Aries, because of your natural leadership skills, you may feel that it shows weakness to ask questions or pursue knowledge for learning’s sake. Right now however, it can only add to your strength and power to grow more aware of what you don’t know and look at ways to remedy your gaps in understanding.


Taurus and Taurus Rising

You are travelling closer to meeting your touchstone, the place where your truest meaning rests and where you find your deepest sense of value. This week’s Full Moon invites you to look at the difference between what is meaningful to you and what is meaningful to the people closest to you. You may need to have some hard conversations about where your beliefs diverge and where you think and feel differently than others. But the point of this week isn’t to pick fights or invite more conflict into your life, the point of this week’s cosmic dance is for you to gain clarity and insight on where you stand in your life. What ideas, beliefs and ways of being make you light up inside? How do you channel these concepts into your practical, everyday life? How do you share your resources with your beliefs? Do you walk your talk? Ask yourself these hard (ish) questions now, but don’t look too hard for answers. Let life answer you as the planets continue to play out their story over the next month. The answers will come soon enough, followed by whatever actions you feel moved to take.


Gemini and Gemini Rising

Sagittarius season always brings you a multitude of mirrors to gaze into, seeking out your many reflections gazing back. You are a natural paradox Gemini, never one thing, not really another. You wear more faces than even you yourself can recognize. This week the cosmic dance asks you to pause, to pay attention to your parade of selves and to weave a song of meaning from all your varying parts. You naturally collect information and people, gathering stories and sharing the diverse weave of humanity with us all. Sagittarius asks you for more. Sagittarius wants you to step outside your comfort zone, your familiar people, places and routines and EXPAND. Sagittarius wants you to grow and learn about even more than you do now, to imagine the world opening up in front of you and for you to step out into its wide expanse. You like to be busy and active, fluttering like a bee from flower to flower, but Sagittarius wants to know the reason for the busyness, the activity, the deeper meaning or belief that drives you. Now, as the Full Moon in your sign lights up your 1st house of self, is your time to find out.


Cancer and Cancer Rising

What are your beliefs about the best way to take care of yourself? As Sagittarius amplifies your 6th house of wellness, you may need to come to some new terms about what self-care really entails. While for some a massage and healthy meal are the ultimate road to wellness, for others, cutting down on time spent on Facebook and devoting that time instead to writing may be more in alignment with real self-care. If you were really honest with yourself what is it that you need to do to care and serve yourself in a way that contributes to your ultimate good? What stands in the way of you accepting this truth? Sagittarius is invested in finding truth by gathering beliefs, wisdom and philosophies that each hold a piece of what is generally considered to be true. As Sagittarius season continues, you are challenged to find your own truth and your own beliefs around the 6th house themes of service, wellness and work. Saturn’s last days in Sagittarius are demanding that reality, practicality and commitment factor into our assessment of truthfulness. Truth without a solid foundation says Saturn, is no kind of truth at all.


Leo and Leo Rising

So many planets in fire signs! Fire thrives on action, movement, risk taking and spontaneity. There is passion and creativity in fire, possibility and hope. But fire also has the potential to destroy. With Sagittarius season amplifying your 5th house of creativity and Saturn in Sagittarius just about done with its work in this house, you stand on the edge of both possibilities. Will you dance with the fires of creativity or destruction, drama and intrigue? The choice is up to you and Saturn demands that you get real about your responsibility to make a choice, rather than allowing other people or circumstances to decide for you.

Saturn will only be in Sagittarius and your 5th house for a few more weeks, bringing its steady hand, focused eye and demand for excellence to this realm of your life. As Mercury retrogrades back through this house, you have a chance to review all the work you have done so far to express yourself and reveal your true essence to the world. Notice what needs a little more work and what feels complete, as you have an opportunity now to make changes before you introduce your  new self to the world.


Virgo and Virgo Rising

Home and family have been a lot of work this last couple of years as Saturn has slowly traveled through the 4th house of your chart. You’ve had to get more real about what you hoped would happen and narrow down your focus to the essential elements. What do you need from family? What do they need from you? Are these needs realistic and/or doable? You have been doing the undercover work of the soul, looking at the inside view of life, even as you have continued to navigate the outside world. As Mercury joins Saturn during the last legs of its transit through Sagittarius and then turns retrograde, you have an opportunity to assess the fruits of your labor. You may need to do some writing around what comes up for you processing deep emotions related to the past and old family patterns. Look for new insights around your home environment and how you might like it to expand and grow in the future. Now is the time to record, observe and document all that arises. You are in a process of growing from the roots up, so take the time to get your foundation stable and solid.

Libra and Libra Rising

Communication continues to be an important focus for you, now even more than ever, as Mercury turns retrograde in your own 3rd house (the third house rules neighbors, siblings, teaching, learning, listening and speaking.) Later in the week, your ruling planet Venus joins the Sagittarius party, bringing a greater ease and grace to your efforts to revamp this important house. Though you have a natural and innate understanding of how to interact harmoniously with others, as Saturn has moved through your 3rd house, you have been learning new lessons about how you might need to up your game. This week, these lessons are highlighted and heightened, as Mercury joins Saturn on Monday, before turning retrograde on Saturday. Sunday’s Full Moon amplifies the energies even more, asking you to integrate your beliefs and life philosophies into your communication and outreach efforts. Saturn will only be in Sagittarius for a few more weeks, not to return for 29 more years to the sign of the archer, so now is your chance to learn all you can about how to improve your ability to exchange information and communicate even more effectively with others.


Scorpio and Scorpio Rising

Have you figured out what really matters to you? What you value above all else? As Saturn has traveled through your 2nd house over the last couple of years, your work has been to uncover the roots of your values and gain clarity about those qualities, environments, people and things that are most important to you. This week, as Mercury joins Saturn in the 2nd house before turning retrograde on Saturday, you have a chance to go deeper and gain more insight in your search. Mercury aka “the winged messenger,” brings you the possibility of new insights into your own resources and how you value them (or not). Over the next few weeks as Mercury travels backwards you may discover that there are new resources you would like to acquire or new skills you want to learn in order to better live according to your values. Use this Mercury moment to document what comes up, take notes and record information, saving what you discover to act on when Mercury has gone direct later this month.


Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising

This week you are clearly in the spotlight and your personal qualities and characteristics are heightened as the Full Moon activates your chart on Sunday. The power of the Full Moon will be building all week, so you may feel particularly triggered and in the spotlight now. Sagittarius can sometimes exaggerate reality in order to feel the power of growth and expansion at work, but the stars call for you to come down to earth this week and address the demands of Saturn who is finishing up his two year journey through your sign. You may be called to answer questions and provide information that clarify your position as Mercury meets Saturn on Monday and then turns retrograde on Saturday. Use this meeting to take a realistic view of yourself and apply a careful, conservative assessment of your next steps on your journey. Although Saturn can sometimes feel like a ruthless taskmaster, if you do the work and stay patient and committed, the results that eventually come can bring you rewards that are deep and longlasting.


Capricorn and Capricorn Rising

The mysterious waters of your 12th house grow more intense this week, as the Sagittarius energies continue to call your attention to the realm of the unseen. Saturn has strengthened and tempered this area of your life over the last two and a half years, bringing you new understandings about the terrain of your unconscious mind. Soon Saturn will enter the light of your 1st house, bringing your awareness to your personality and the self you present to the world. But before Saturn moves into your own sign, there is still more work to be done behind the scenes. Mercury and Saturn join up this week helping you to really focus and get clear on what is wishful thinking and what is actually possible. You will need to continue to dig through the layers of your hopes and possibilities as Mercury retrogrades in Sagittarius over the next few weeks. You goal is to integrate your dreams with reality and anchor this integration in the realm of action once Mercury turns direct in a few weeks.


Aquarius and Aquarius Rising

Sagittarius season has been particularly important to you because all of the Sagittarius planets have been concentrated in your very own 11th house. Normally this Sagittarius influx would be a chance for you to feel more expansive and optimistic about your community of friends and your hopes and wishes for the future. But Saturn has been in residence in this house for the last 2 and half years and Saturn brings lessons and growth through limitation. Just as Saturn’s journey through this special house of yours comes to an end, Mercury joins up with the ringed planet this week before turning retrograde here. You have an opportunity now to reflect and revisit all that you have learned over the last couple of years about teamwork, friendship and community. As Mercury continues to move backwards over the next three weeks, use this time to make adjustments and edits to your thinking around 11th house themes in your life.  Where can you shift your perspective? How do you need to get more realistic and grounded? This is a once every 29 year cycle, so take the time to work with these energies carefully and with intention for the greatest future rewards.


Pisces and Pisces Rising

As Saturn has moved through your 10th house of career and public reputation you’ve had a chance to take a focused look at how you are seen and how you want to be seen in the outside world. Saturn transits influence you to slow down and become more patient and intentional. Saturn in Sagittarius has likely asked you to sacrifice some of your dreams to the gods of reality. Over the last 2 and ½ years, Saturn has probably culled some of your professional goals and left you only with those that still really matter to you. As Mercury joins Saturn this week and then turns retrograde, you are offered the opportunity to take a walk down memory lane and review and remember all the work you have done around 10th house themes of reputation, social status and life purpose. Very soon, in about three weeks, Saturn will move into Capricorn and Mercury will go direct, shifting the cycle in a new direction. So take this time now to reflect and tie up loose ends, documenting and recording what seems important to remember and letting go of whatever keeps you trapped in the past.





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