Cosmic Love Notes November 20-26

November 21 Sun into Sagittarius/Venus sextile Pluto

November 22 Neptune turns Direct

November 24 Mercury square Chiron

We begin the journey into Sagittarius season this week as the Sun transitions from Scorpio to the sign of the Archer on Tuesday. The Scorpio impulse inward expands into a quest for new experiences as the fiery spirit of Sagittarius shoots an arrow into the unknown, searching for unexplored territories and adventures of the body, mind and spirit. Then Neptune turns direct on Wednesday, enhancing the abilities of this planet of spirit, magic and mystery. Forgotten dreams resurface, synchronicities ramp up and our connections to spirit grow more powerful. The house where Neptune goes direct is the realm where magic is possible, faith is renewed and we remember to flow with the current, rather than trying to fight against it. When Mercury in Sagittarius squares Chiron in Pisces on Friday, we may need to find ways to communicate our beliefs and philosophies with greater sensitivity and compassion.


Aries and Aries Rising

Finally! When the Sun moves into Sagittarius this week, you receive a much needed boost of fire sign support in the midst of a heavy cosmic water sign influence. As the Sun moves into your 9th house, your awareness turns to adventure, exploration and consciousness expansion. How can you step outside your day to day reality and encounter new ideas, cultures and influences? Neptune moving direct in your 12th house of dreams and the unconscious mind adds a spiritual dimension to this unfolding cosmic picture. You are being encouraged to enter into new realities and expand your awareness to include possibilities and ideas you might have been closed to in the past. If you don’t know what you believe in, or don’t have any particular life philosophy that you follow, this is the season to take a deeper, longer look inwards to try and  gather clues that can lead you towards a greater sense of meaning. As you get ready to face Saturn’s movement into Capricorn next month and the growth and change this will entail for your sign, you can prepare by forging a deep connection inside yourself to a spiritual or philosophical base of support.


Taurus and Taurus Rising

Relationship growth continues for you this week, as the Sun’s movement into Sagittarius brings your awareness to the deeper, more mysterious terrain of your 8th house. This house is concerned with energy that is shared and exchanged with others. As the house of sex, death and joint resources this is a powerful house of change and transformation. The Sun’s movement through your 8th house over the next month has the potential to shine light on areas in your life that are normally more hidden in the shadows. Your earthy Taurus nature seeks stability and security and tends to shy away from anything or anyone that challenges these qualities. However, during Sagittarius season you may need to resist your natural inclinations and dive head first into the transformational potential that the season offers. Neptune turns direct in your 11th house of community, the future and friendships, bringing a gentle, healing touch to this area of your life. This can be a good time to develop a stronger connection to a community or group that helps to support you in your spiritual journey, or you may just experience a greater feeling of compassion in your relationship with your friends and community members.


Gemini and Gemini Rising

Love and work are in the spotlight for you as Sagittarius enters your 7th house of relationships and Neptune turns direct in your 10th house of career and public  reputation. This is the time to focus on the outer realm, paying particular attention to how you relate to others. The Sun has entered your 7th house just as Saturn is preparing to exit, bringing you a new sense of possibility and renewal in this realm of your life. If relationships have felt heavy, oppressive or challenging over the last couple of years, get ready for things to ease up. The Sun lights up this realm so you can see how any work you have done has paid off. How have you taken steps to develop more depth and greater meaning in your relationships? What do you believe now about relationships that you didn’t believe a couple of years ago?

Meanwhile, as Neptune turns direct in your 10th house of career, your dreams and fantasies about the work you do in the world may become more clear, or you could reach an understanding about which you want to pursue and which you want to let go of once and for all.

Cancer and Cancer Rising

You’ve been learning a lot about your approach to wellness this last couple of years as Saturn has traveled through your 6th house of health, work habits and day to day routines. Saturn consolidates, focuses and teaches us how to make more mature choices in whatever area it activates. Now, as the Sun moves into Sagittarius and joins Saturn on the last leg of its journey, you have an opportunity to see how all your hard work has paid off. Have you been making healthy choices that contribute to your overall wellbeing? Setting limits and boundaries with co-workers? Maintaining routines that help you feel healthier? If not, this would be the week to begin, especially before Saturn moves into Capricorn on December 21st. Meanwhile, Neptune moves forward in your 9th house, handing you back the keys to your imagination and showing you where to use them. Walt Disney once said, “If you can dream it you can be it”.  Neptune moving forward in your 9th house invites you to move forward on some of the amazing dreams you’ve been dreaming up and begin to incorporate those dreams into your beliefs and philosophies about your life.


Leo and Leo Rising

Finally it’s fire season! Your lion’s roar gains support from the archer as the Sun moves into Sagittarius this week and into your very own 5th house. Now you have a chance to reconnect with your own inner joy and put the fun back into your life again.  Saturn has been working its way through your 5th over the last couple of years helping you to develop a new level of maturity and learn many important lessons about how you express yourself and your creative pursuits. Now the Sun joins Saturn’s final weeks in your 5th to illuminate these lessons so that you can move into your next cycle. Haven’t experienced any joy for awhile? Now is the time to change that. This week Neptune also goes direct in your 8th house, activating the mysterious side of life and reconnecting you to your own deep self. If you have been keeping secrets from yourself or trying to escape reality, Neptune’s movement forward could wake you up. If, on the other hand you have been trying to float gently in the waters of your own mystery, you may have some completely magical experiences of synchronicity this week.


Virgo and Virgo Rising

As the Sun moves into Sagittarius and enters your 4th house this week, all the work you have been doing during Saturn’s two year transit through this realm of life is lit up for you to see. Have you been expanding your faith in yourself? Establishing strong foundations that rest on your beliefs and philosophies? Exploring your roots and drawing on the wisdom of your ancestors? If not, you still have time before Saturn moves into Capricorn on the Winter Solstice to dive down into your inner world and use both the Sun and Saturn in Sagittarius to guide your process.

Relationships also have a chance to re-gain some of their magic and mystery as Neptune goes direct in your 7th house. As the planet of spirit slowly begins to move forward it can help you to look beyond the practical, mundane veil of reality and strive to remember the divinity in your partner, close friend or mate. Like a wave splashing on the shore, Neptune’s forward motion can re-connect you to the greater purpose of your relationships and reflect your own magic back to you through its mermaid mirror.


Libra and Libra Rising

Communication has been an important focus for you over the last couple of years, as Saturn has worked its way slowly through your 3rd house, focusing you in on your neighborhood, your siblings and all the many ways you interact in your close environment. There have been lessons to learn and work to do and it’s very likely that you’ve grown and matured in this area of your life. As the Sun moves into Sagittarius this week and joins Saturn on it’s last few weeks in Sagittarius, you have a chance to see more clearly all that you have learned. Allow yourself the time to notice and reflect on how you have changed. What new beliefs do you hold? How do you think differently now than you did a couple of years ago?

Also this week brings you the magic of Neptune as the planet of spirit moves forward in your 6th house of wellness, service and routines after almost 5 months retrograde. How has your approach to service and self-care changed over the last several months? As Neptune slowly moves back up to normal speed, your dreams and fantasies may began to manifest, bringing you a new, more magical approach to how you care for yourself and others.


Scorpio and Scorpio Rising

You’ve had to come to a reckoning with your self-worth over the last couple of years as Saturn in Sagittarius moved through your 2nd house. While Saturn travelled through this area of your life, you’ve had a chance to get more serious about the management all of your resources, from inner resources like your skills and talents, to outer resources like money and possessions. Saturn is almost done with his work in this realm and this week the Sun also enters your 2nd house of values, self-esteem and resources, ready to shine light on what you’ve accomplished. Use the last few weeks of Saturn in Sagittarius to tie up loose ends and complete 2nd house related projects. Neptune’s forward motion in your 5th house of fun, pleasure and creativity can bring you inspiration from the unseen realms of life that inform how you express yourself in the world. How does your spirituality or belief in the divine show up in your creativity? Do you have creative dreams that you have yet to realize? What kind of magic can you bring to the world that is uniquely yours? Some or all of these questions may arise as Neptune slowly begins to gain speed over the coming weeks.


Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising

This is the week where you can began to gain clarity and understanding around all the changes you have been going through over the last couple of years as Saturn has moved through your sign. In about a month, Saturn will move into Capricorn, not to return to your part of the zodiac wheel for another 30 years. This next few weeks, as the Sun joins Saturn in your 1st house of self, is an excellent time to really focus in on who you have become and who you want to be. How has your faith and optimism changed? Do you believe in yourself? What else do you believe in? How has your understanding of right/wrong, or your morality changed? This is a questioning time, a time of continued focus and dedication, as you slowly began to move forward, gaining more and more freedom from the stabilizing, but sometimes stifling influence of Saturn. Neptune moving forward in your 4th house of self gives you an opportunity to tap into the deep well of spirit that is available to you, turning over any hard decisions, anxiety or problems to the divine to guide your way forward.


Capricorn and Capricorn Rising

The behind the scenes work you’ve been doing over the last couple of years as Saturn has moved through your 12th house of retreat is about to come to an end. But before Saturn leaves this house of mystery, the Sun’s transition into Sagittarius this week illuminates both the effort you’ve already put into this realm of your life and also any further work that needs to be completed. This is the house of dreams, spirit, the unconscious mind and self-undoing. If you’ve focused attention and care to this part of your being, then you may began to see some rewards now, in the form of synchronicity, or enhanced intuition. Meanwhile Neptune moves forward in your 3rd house of communication, siblings and neighbors. You may find a more intuitive way to connect with others, relying on your right brain skills more than your left, as this planet of spirit and dreams gains more traction in this part of your life. If communication seems unclear this week, try to incorporate a more compassionate approach, taking the time to really feel into the other person’s point of view, rather than just relying on your logic and reason.


Aquarius and Aquarius Rising

You get a nice burst of “youness” as the Sun in Sagittarius moves into your very own 11th house this week, joining Saturn as he completes the final leg of his once every 30 year visit through the sign of Sagittarius. As Saturn has travelled through this visionary house of yours, you may have had to make some difficult decisions about friends, groups, community and future hopes and wishes. Saturn asks us all to “cull the best and leave the rest.” You have had to get serious in this realm of your life and take a realistic look at what works for you and what doesn’t. As the Sun moves through the same territory as Saturn you’ll have an opportunity to revisit and gain more confidence around some of the choices you have made over the last two years.

Neptune’s movement forward in your 2nd house heightens your awareness of the role that spirit plays in your relationship to your gifts, skills and resources. You may even feel inclined to give away possessions that you no longer attach as much value to now that you have a better understanding of what really matters.


Pisces and Pisces Rising

Your role in the public eye becomes more pronounced this week as the Sun in Sagittarius joins Saturn in your 10th house of public reputation and career. As the powerful light of the Sun lights up this important house, you now have an opportunity to gain greater understanding of how others view you and also reflect on your work in this realm of life over the last couple of years. Though your faith and optimism around your work in the world may have felt challenged as Saturn moved through your 10th house, you are now in a position to regain some of your basic trust in the goodness of life. Neptune, your ruling planet, also goes direct this week in your 1st house, a very good sign that now is the time to step into your best self, tapping into your innate intuition and ability to bring magic to everything you do. If you’ve felt at all slowed down, or held back over the last 6 months, you should begin to notice more movement and flow in your life as your main planet picks up speed and gains greater traction over the next few weeks.





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