Cosmic Love Notes November 13-19

November 13-Venus conjunct Jupiter/Mercury square Neptune

November 16-Venus trine Neptune/Sun trine Chiron

November 17-Mercury sextile Mars

November 18-New Moon in Scorpio

November 19-Mars square Pluto

If you’ve already been feeling and responding to Scorpio season, you know that part of Scorpio’s lesson involves finding the power in vulnerability. When Venus and Jupiter meet up in Scorpio on Monday, there is an expansion of awareness about how we expose or hide ourselves in our most intimate relationships. Scorpio demands honesty and a raw, real look at our deepest instincts. Venus in Scorpio evokes love that is passionate, intense, and at its best, has the power to transform and heal. As Venus meets Jupiter, awareness is heightened about how we can grow and step outside our comfort zone in matters of the heart.

Mercury square Neptune hours after the exact Venus/Jupiter conjunction sends a cosmic message that speaks of listening more to our hearts and spirits than trying to stay fixed in our rational, practical, logical sides.

The healing potential continues throughout the week, as Venus trines Neptune and the Sun trines Chiron before the New Moon on Saturday. If there is anything we need to release or a peace we need to find within ourselves, these days before the New Moon are ideal.

The Scorpio New Moon is the prelude to a shifting of awareness about how you wield your power in the world. You may want to examine and explore your relationship to power, how you disown, claim, appreciate or abuse power in your own life. This New Moon offers the chance to clear the slate and form a new relationship to the power you have within and the power you wield in the world at large.


Aries and Aries Rising

Scorpio’s x-ray vision is making itself at home in your 8th house, which also happens to be Scorpio’s own house. As the Venus/Jupiter conjunction and then the New Moon work their way through this house of mystery, magic and energy exchange, you may find that many layers of yourself begin to emerge. Scorpio invites you to go deeper, to drop down and down into your own mystery and power. From a practical perspective, now can be a good time to look at how you are sharing your resources with other people. Is your energy being used the way you want to use it? Do you feel good about the balance of power and resources in your most important relationships? The New Moon brings the potential for a fresh start in this terrain, an invitation to free yourself of old and outworn agreements and patterns of sharing yourself that are no longer current. If you’ve been giving away too much or not opening up and sharing enough, this is the week to understand why you’ve handled your energy exchanges in the way you have and make changes that feel more in alignment with your true, present self.


Taurus and Taurus Rising

If you had any illusions that you could move through Scorpio season unchanged, this week will likely put an end to that way of thinking. As your opposite sign, Scorpio teaches how you to become more whole by asking you to stretch, go deeper, peel off old layers when necessary and to face your own inner reflection. Your Scorpio lessons often come to you through other people, as Scorpio rules your 7th house of relationships. Monday’s Venus/Jupiter conjunction in your house of relating brings you an opportunity to benefit from your relationships with others, but this meeting also reminds you to diligently uproot any old dysfunctional relating patterns from the past so that you can move forward into the future unencumbered. When the New Moon unfolds in your 7th house of relationships later in the week, you will have hopefully released any parts of you or your relationship that are dead wood, outdated and better left in the past. This New Moon offers you the opportunity to plant the seeds of depth, intensity and connection that will allow you to feel more real, more alive and more empowered in your most important connections with others.


Gemini and Gemini Rising

You’ve been experiencing the unfolding Scorpio story in your 6th house of work, routines and wellness. This week is your opportunity to notice what you are passionate about in this realm and release what does not support you. If you’ve gotten tired of an exercise routine, or aren’t feeling the benefits you’d hoped to receive from a diet, this week brings clarity and the energy to make changes happen. You may also realize that while you love some parts of your daily routine and some of the people who are part of it, that there are other parts and people that aren’t contributing to your “joy juice”. Notice what comes up this week, particularly on Monday when the Venus/Jupiter conjunction is exact. This meet-up can focus you in on what you really need to feel passionate and alive in your day to day routines. The New Moon then offers the opportunity to set intentions that will help you to commit to a path that brings you more depth, honesty and healing into your life. While Scorpio can seem harsh sometimes, this sign also has the power to transform and realign us with our truest essence.

Cancer and Cancer Rising

As you’ve been exploring deeply in Scorpio’s waters over the last few weeks, there’s probably been a lot of emotions that have risen up in you. Emotions take time to feel, understand and process. Sometimes we hold on to them longer than is good for us, sometimes we don’t feel them enough and they come back years later to haunt us. As Scorpio has been moving through your 5th house of creativity and self-expression, you’ve hopefully had a chance to channel some of your feelings in creative, life affirming ways. If not, you’ve got a huge opportunity on Monday as the Venus/Jupiter conjunction reaches its peak. This is an important day for you to notice what you are feeling, what you are creating and whether or not you are having FUN! You can use the rest of the week to clear out anything in your life that you have noticed is standing in the way of you bringing more creativity, more joy and more pleasure into your life. As the New Moon arrives, your magical opportunity arrives to set intentions and plant the seeds of renewal, inviting the power of positive transformation to take root in your 5th house.

Leo and Leo Rising

Home is where the heart is and you’ve got a lot of heart to give. This week will help you realize just how much as the Venus/Jupiter conjunction amplifies your 4th house. You’ve already been finding yourself more aware of this part of your life as the Scorpio season has brought you to a closer connection to your roots, family heritage and deep primal self. But this powerful conjunction has the potential to transmit a Phoenix rising like energy into your awareness. You may tap into a power potential within that you never knew you had. Allow this week to bring the parts of you that may have been hidden to the surface and take a good long look at them. Some you may want to say goodbye to once and for all and others you may want to welcome back for another round. As the New Moon energy takes hold at the end of the week you have a chance to breathe a breath of fresh air into your home base, your center and your root. Plant your seeds for the new cycle carefully, with awareness that you are laying an important foundation for the future.


Virgo and Virgo Rising

Scorpio season always brings you new awareness around the power of your voice, your words and how you communicate with and to the world. You already know that words have power and you usually try to choose your words carefully. Words can hurt and words can heal and your words have probably done a bit of both. This week, as the Venus/Jupiter conjunction amplifies your 3rd house of communication, you have an opportunity to shape the power of your words with love. Notice what stories and messages you are carrying in your mind and set an intention to carry more thoughts of love and healing. There may be a need to purge and release old messages that are not serving you right now, that don’t support you in your current form. Take note of what these messages might be and set an intention to release them. When the New Moon arrives this weekend, you can write a new story of power and healing for your mind to carry into the world. Think of what you want to share and what you want to learn to help make this new story more of a reality in your life.


Libra and Libra Rising

This is the time in the yearly cycle when you have a chance to remember your own value and re-connect with what really matters to you. Every year Scorpio season brings you the opportunity to dig a little bit deeper down into the vaults of your own worth, uncovering and re-discovering your self-love. As Venus joins Jupiter on Monday in your 2nd house, another doorway opens here in this realm of skills, resources and values. As the conjunction completes, you may have an insight on what blocks you from loving yourself more fully, what stops you from valuing the gifts you bring to the world or what prevents more resources from coming your way. There is a powerful gift of healing that can come from this conjunction, allowing you to more fully embrace yourself and appreciate what you have to offer. As the week goes on, you may want to do a purging and cleansing of all that has been holding you back, releasing your self-doubts, and freeing yourself up for the future. This will prepare you for the blessings that are on the way as the New Moon in Scorpio arrives on Saturday.


Scorpio and Scorpio Rising

How is your season going so far? Are you re-connecting with yourself? Feeling the YOU that you wants to be? Your season is a powerful one, bringing all of us, collectively, the opportunity to shed old skins and strip ourselves of what is outworn and dated. You are the holder of this transformation wisdom, the carrier of a mystery tradition of renewal and Phoenix powered potential to rise from the ashes of destruction and create a new world, a new life and a new day. As the Venus/Jupiter conjunction arrives on Monday, you are offered a cosmically super powered opportunity to love yourself up in a big way. This day could be a magical spell to honor all the gifts you bring into the world. You could see it as a ritual of appreciation from yourself to yourself. If anything stands in the way now of you seeing yourself with anything but love and compassion, root it out, shine the spotlight on it, have a talk with this part of you and advise it to get with the program. The New Moon that arrives on Saturday offers you a whole new way of being in the world, so the more you clear space before hand to welcome in a fresh start, the better.


Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising

Your ghosts are calling out for attention as Scorpio season continues to hold a steady beat in the backdrop of your 12th house of dreams, the unconscious mind, retreat and mystery. If you’ve been listening to the voices that arise from this place behind the veil, you will have hopefully received some guidance and insights about how you sometimes are your own worst enemy. What makes you feel like a victim? What keeps you feeling small? How do you “shoot yourself in the foot”? The 12th house holds the answers, though they may arrive in the form of dreams, symbols or in another mysterious kind of package. As the Venus/Jupiter conjunction arrives in this realm on Monday, you have a powerful healing opportunity to unveil old patterns and hurts that have kept you stuck in the past. Venus offers love and value, Jupiter expands whatever it influences and Scorpio shades these two beneficial planets with a depth, power and intensity that can’t be ignored. Sweep your 12th house clean to prepare for the blessing of the New Moon in Scorpio on Saturday, when you can welcome in a new way of relating to your mysterious, hidden places of retreat and dream new dreams into being. 


Capricorn and Capricorn Rising

Some of the other signs may be hiding out and hoping Scorpio season will just pass them by without changing or altering the scope of their life too much. But you Capricorn have a native grit and resiliency that is able to welcome the Scorpio challenge to go deep or go home. Your only resistance may arise when confronted with the emotional intensity that Scorpio evokes. You are the sign of “stiff upper lips” and would rather just tough your way through difficult times in life than stop and feel the pain. But that’s exactly what Scorpio season demands, that you stop and feel the pain long enough that it is able to move through you and be released. This week you have a chance to take a look at what most desire in your future, your community and in your friendships with other people as Venus and Jupiter form a brief alliance in your 11th house on Monday. Use the rest of the week to purge, release and let go of old plans, hopes and fears so that you can welcome the New Moon on Saturday with open arms, ready to plan your future with a clean emotional slate.

Aquarius and Aquarius Rising

You’ve been so brave Aquarius, revealing your heart for all the world to see, sharing your inner process of transformation in the public eye and setting an example for your people to follow. This week, the Venus/Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio in your 10th house should hopefully bring you some rewards for your hard emotional work, mirroring back to you the passion and intensity you feel for your collective family. There’s the possibility of an expansion in your heart space, as you see how much you can open up and invoke even more love, strength and power. There’s pain in the world and you are not flinching from it, but there’s healing possible too and if you accept the challenge you will continue to lead the charge towards a more humane, loving world for all. Before the New Moon in Scorpio on Saturday, try and clear the way in your professional, public realm, letting go of what is old, to make way for the new world you want to help create. The New Moon has the potential to bless you with a renewed sense of power and focus, helping you clarify exactly what it is that you  want to create.

Pisces and Pisces Rising

You’ve hopefully been doing some really deep magical work during this Scorpio season around reshaping your reality to more closely align with your belief systems. Scorpio, like you, is a water sign and all of the water signs have the power of their emotions to draw on like a beacon of light, guiding you forward towards the next steps on your path. But he caution with the water signs is to not allow your emotions to control your reality or keep you stuck in the past. The Venus/Jupiter conjunction on Monday amplifies your awareness of faith, love and the power of transformation. This conjunction may bring some areas of your consciousness to attention that at first feel painful to acknowledge, but if you can face this mirror straight on and gaze into the reflection of your own beliefs, you have the potential to discover the power to transform your perspective and reshape your reality from within the framework of your own mind. The rest of the week is about releasing, purging and cleansing cobwebs from the past that may have been dimming the powers of your awareness. As the New Moon clicks into place on Saturday, you will have a clean slate to work with, preparing you to create a whole new story of your life.

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