Cosmic Love Notes October 9-15

October 9-Mercury square Pluto/Sun square Pluto

October 10-Jupiter into Scorpio (last cycle was October 2005)/Venus opposing Chiron

October 11-Mars square Saturn

October 12-Mercury sextile Saturn

October 14-Venus into Libra

October 15-Mercury opposing Uranus/Mars opposing Chiron

There’s BIG cosmic news this week, big as in: expansive, abundant and over the top. Jupiter, the biggest planet, the planet of growth, opportunity and everything LARGE, is changing signs this week, moving from Libra into Scorpio. This isn’t the most unusual transit, as Jupiter changes signs once a year, returning back to the same sign every 12 years. But it’s a transit to pay attention to, because if you want to grow, expand and take advantage of new opportunities, the sign and house Jupiter is currently moving through in your chart tells you where to go and what to do to maximize the possibilities that come your way.

Jupiter has spent the last year travelling through Libra. Airy Libra is most known for being all about relationships, beauty and love. But Libra is also the sign of the scales, with a keen desire for justice, equality and fair treatment. Last year Jupiter moved into Libra shortly before the presidential election, exquisitely tuning us in to issues related to injustice and inequality. Jupiter makes bigger what is already there so we can see things more clearly, but we need Mercury to communicate about what we see and Mars to take action. Jupiter’s role is as an amplifier, broadcasting (Jupiter rules publishing and mass media) what already exists. When Jupiter moves into a new sign, you may first see the qualities of that sign in more challenging ways, as Jupiter makes bigger what it is that we need to see so that we can transform the old into something new and more relevant to the current times.

Jupiter in Scorpio is going to bring us both growth and depth as it amplifies the underground terrain of Pluto: starring sex, death and power. At first it may feel like you picked up a rock and suddenly noticed all the creepy crawlies hidden underground. But gradually you may start to realize that those creepy crawlies have some gifts to offer up to you. There’s treasure buried underground, hidden jewels and rare objects that may not have been seen for years (12 to be exact, the length of one Jupiter cycle). This is where the growth happens, this is where the opportunities lie, deep, down and underground. The house in your natal chart (read your Sun sign and your Rising for more insight) where Jupiter in Scorpio begins its journey is the place to start digging.


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Aries and Aries Rising

You’ve been in a hardcore class of learning about “putting the shoe on the other foot” this past year as Jupiter and a whole lot of other planets have been lighting up your 7th house of the “other”. You’ve been looking in the mirror of other people, watching and noticing how they reflect back to you different versions of yourself. Well, now you’ve got a chance to literally merge with the “other”. That’s right, Jupiter in Scorpio brings you opportunities via merging this year. Merging energies, merging money, merging value systems. As Jupiter moves through your 8th hosue you’re going to be exploring energy exchange, what happens when your energy and someone else’s energy joins together? Sometimes it feels good and sometimes it doesn’t. The more you embrace the exploration of what it means to share and exchange your most important parts with another, the more you benefit. The more you try to avoid, distract or run away from the powerful feelings that will probably arise as you do this work, the more you won’t benefit. Remember that Jupiter makes bigger what is already there, so if there’s an elephant in the room, it’s just going to get bigger.

Taurus and Taurus Rising

You are Venus ruled sign, so relating to other people is one of your special talents. You particularly love to make them feel more comfortable, more beautiful and just a little better about being on the earth plane. As Jupiter moves into your 7th house, growth happens in the area of your most important relationships. If you are single and open to a partner, this is the year to expand your search. Jupiter rules oversees travel, so you may even want to go looking far away from home. If you are already in a relationship, this year can bring you growth and new understanding. Again, travel can be a medium to grow with your partner. The only thing not to do in relationships this year is to constrict or try to control. The watery bite of Scorpio (your opposing sign) can be a little unnerving for your grounded, earthy self. You may want to seek terra firma at some point, finding yourself overwhelmed by the intensity and sometimes the drama that Scorpio can bring. But this year, the only way out is through learning about deep emotions and how you can transform through your connections to those you love.

Gemini and Gemini Rising

It’s time to get some work done Gemini, because this is where your growth will come this year, through the 6th house of wellness, work and mentors. Opportunities will come through your dedication and attention to service. Service to yourself through wellness routines and service to others either via your work or the day to day actions you take. No matter what your work is, or how you make your money, there is always, in every profession, an element of service. Expanding and growing your ability and understanding of how, why and who you serve and also exploring how you are served by others, is where you will see your gifts manifest. If you have something to teach or share, look for someone to mentor this year. If you have something to learn in order to serve better,  or more deeply, look for someone to mentor you. With Scorpio involved, the work is likely to be powerful, transformative and yes, even sexy. That doesn’t mean there needs to be actual sex involved, but notice how you feel the life force running through you this year as you explore the art of service. You have a chance to learn a lot about the power you wield in the world this year through performing even the most mundane acts.

Cancer and Cancer Rising

Jupiter in your 5th house is like a cosmic gift from the universe. While it’s not always all fun and games 24-7, Jupiter moving through your 5th house is one of those years that every astrologer looks forward to. The 5th house is the house of creativity, self-expression and also gambling. I never play the lottery, but the year that Jupiter travelled through my 5th I decided to try a little astrological experiment, bought a ticket and won. This year, it can pay to take some calculated risks. Try something new, take some chances, try expressing yourself in a new way.  This is your year to focus on what fun really means to you, not anyone else, just you. This is your year to dive deep into yourself and bring back what you find to share with the world. This is your year to really let yourself shine, removing every obstacle that stands in the way of you enjoying the feeling of expressing what is in your heart and soul. Scorpio demands intensity and you understand intensity. Scorpio demands power and passion and you understand power and passion. Allow yourself be supported by Jupiter in Scorpio’s waves of  deep waters as they carry you closer to your true self.

Leo and Leo Rising

You have a chance to return to yourself as Jupiter moves into Scorpio this week, entering your 4th house of home, roots and family. The 4th house is a place of retreat and restoration, offering you a way to shore up your foundation in life. This Jupiter transit will ask you what it means for you to feel “at home”? As the year goes on, you will have a chance to answer this question on many levels. You may make changes in your physical place of residence that bring you more space or a greater sense of abundance. Your relationships to your family or connections to your ancestral roots can become an important part of your year, as you find new meaning in your heritage and gain greater understanding of how the past has influenced your current life. But probably the most important growth this year can come from inside yourself as you explore what it means for you to feel a deeper sense of home and connection to family (both of blood and by choice). You may be surprised at what emerges as you sift through the depths of your own soul, uncovering treasures that may have long been buried.

Virgo and Virgo Rising

Your sign is ruled by the planet Mercury, which means you are blessed with Mercury’s many gifts, which include: highly tuned communication skills, an ability to process complex information, attention to details and an interest in sharing and exchanging information and ideas.

That’s why it’s so special that Jupiter is moving into your “House of Mercury”, (the 3rd house) this week. In a way, it’s almost like having Jupiter travelling through your own sign, as the planet of growth and expansion brings it’s cosmic goodies to the house that you have a particularly strong affinity with. So now is the time to clarify what’s on your mind and then shout your message to the rooftops. There’s also extra benefit to be had through the connections, conversations and written or verbal exchanges you have with the people you meet. Jupiter’s visit in this house amplifies your interactions with the people around you, opening you up to new ideas that can help your mind grow and expand beyond the limits you may be used to. This can be a good time to take a class or workshop, or you may even find yourself in the role of the teacher, opening up new doorways to reality for those you teach.

Libra and Libra Rising

As Jupiter leaves your sign, you have hopefully come away with a renewed sense of self. Jupiter’s job as it moved through Libra was to expand your awareness of your own uniqueness so that you could understand more deeply what it means to be the balanced, justice seeking, beauty creating being that you are here to be. But now that Jupiter has moved into Scorpio and entered your 2nd house of resources (inner and outer) and values, your lesson shifts. Now you are going to began learning about the skills you have that you use to build resources. This skillset is as unique to you as your fingerprints. No one else knows how to do exactly what you do, in just the way that you do it. Jupiter’s offering as it moves through your 2nd house is to bring you a recognition of your own gifts and also introduce ways that you can expand on them. You may find yourself wanting to develop new skills that could potentially help your resources grow, or learn skills that are more in alignment with your values. Jupiter will bring you the potential and the opportunities, it will be up to you to mobilize and take action.

Scorpio and Scorpio Rising

Jupiter enters your sign this week, giving you the chance to experience yourself more fully in the world. Your key words this year will all revolve around Jupiter themes: growth, expansion, opportunity, possibility. This year you will likely find yourself wanting MORE. More love, more juice, more life, just more, all the way around. And this is your year for discovering more as you grow out of your old boundaries and stretch into new terrain. Because you are a Scorpio, your growth doesn’t usually just stretch wide, it also stretches deep, so there may be times that you get lost in your own process of self-discovery and healing. That’s why, as Jupiter moves through your sign, it’s important to remember to reach out, to practice growing wide as well, by connecting to other people and sharing yourself with them. You have a lot of deep wisdom and soulful support to offer and this can be a year where the world asks you to share yourself to bring greater healing to all. Look for opportunities to grow that have meaning and resonance to you, possibilities that you believe will help you also to transform and heal, because these are the pathways that will help you to become the best version of yourself.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising

Jupiter moves into your 12th house this week for a year-long journey that brings you opportunities for self-discovery, soul searching and connection with the divine. The 12th house is a place of retreat from the world, where you have a chance to explore what goes on behind the scenes of your conscious mind. Often, when Jupiter travels through your 12th you will find your treasures in your dream world, as your intuitive voice speaks best through symbols and with Jupiter involved, this type of communication will likely be enhanced and amplified. Try to create a cocoon like environment for your self to retreat to over the course of this year. The more you are able to spend time listening and being still with yourself, the more you will enjoy the rich abundance of your inner realm. As your imagination has room to take flight, you can dream up new possibilities for yourself. If Jupiter amplifies any fears or anxieties that lurk in this house of your unconscious mind, try to use your heightened awareness to gain more insight on where your more troubling emotions are coming from. Jupiter can help you to face any monsters you find hiding in the closet of your mind during this transit so that you can transform your fears and be free of them.

Capricorn and Capricorn Rising

Jupiter has been moving through your own 10th house this past year, amplifying your professional goals and offering you opportunities for advancement and success. This week, Jupiter moves into your 11th house of community and the future, paving the way for you to grow through your connection to your “tribe”. As Jupiter brings it’s expansive qualities to your 11th house, you will have a chance to offer gifts both to the future and to your community. How do you want to contribute to a future that is empowering and healing for everyone? What can you give to your group, community or tribe that feels authentic and real? If you feel unclear about who your community is or what kind of future you want to participate in, Jupiter can help you to build bridges and make connections that will bring a fuller, more expansive experience of these 11th house themes into your life. It will be up to you to open and walk through the doors Jupiter offers to you, as your participation is an important part of having a more abundant Jupiter transit. But if you show willingness, Jupiter can bring you new possibilities for the future that you may not even be able to imagine now.

Aquarius and Aquarius Rising

The 10th house is the highest point in the zodiac wheel, marked by the pinnacle of the chart: the Midheaven or “MC”. This is the place of your career, your life’s work and your reputation, where what you do in the world is seen and recognized. When Jupiter moves into the 10th house terrain, there is a potential for growth in your career or in the work you do. But Jupiter only expands what is already there, waiting to be developed. If you haven’t put much energy or effort into your 10th house, the fruits that ripen during your Jupiter transit may not be very juicy.  But you can avoid a non-starting Jupiter transit by cultivating a greater awareness for the role that career and reputation have in your life. Delve into a study of what you see as your “mission” in life. Explore and expand on your life goals and take a long look at how you want to be remembered after you have passed from this life. This is the work of the 10th house: to create a legacy, or a body of work that you will feel proud to leave behind you.

Pisces and Pisces Rising

Jupiter is known to be “exalted” in the sign of Pisces, meaning that this planet of growth and abundance is particularly happy in your home sign. When Jupiter moves into Scorpio this week, adding water to your watery vibe, it also transitions into your solar 9th house, which just happens to be Jupiter’s own house. This all bodes well for you Pisces, very well. Jupiter’s movement through your 9th house can bring you the gift of a renewal of your faith in magic, mystery and spirit. Jupiter in the 9th can offer you opportunities to travel and expand your consciousness, opportunities that help you to transform your reality and perspective on life. Jupiter’s journey through your 9th house can help you feel more right in the world, attuning you deeply to the natural order of “things” and reminding you of what it means to be alive, in a human body. So starting now, put yourself on a “Jupiter Alert”, scanning your environment for people, places and situations that seem to offer growth and expansion. Look for those opportunities that resonate the most deeply with your inner voice, as this Jupiter transit offers you a pathway back to your own intuitive guidance.

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