Cosmic Love Notes October 30-November 5

November 2-Saturn square Chiron

November 3-Full Moon in Taurus square Ceres in Leo/Venus sextile Saturn/Venus opposing Uranus

 The Halloween/Samhain time is smoky and mysterious, the veil thins, the spirits dance between the worlds, we hear the voices of the dead in the wind, we feel them brush by us on the street. We remember their stories, the stories that shaped their lives, the stories that remind us of their essence.

Stories are powerful. The stories we tell ourselves about who we are, the stories we tell about the world, the stories that we tell as a culture, these all shape our reality. But stories can be changed and re-written. As the final square between Saturn in Sagittarius and Chiron in Pisces completes this week, you are offered a chance to re-write the stories that have wounded you and create new stories to empower your current life and the stories that will shape your future.

The Full Moon in Taurus on Friday squares Ceres in Leo, amplifying the power of the Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius). Ceres, the goddess of the grain and the harvest demands respect. She is the keeper of nourishment and abundance, offering her bounty to everyone, no matter who they are. As Ceres squares the Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Taurus, she gives us a powerful reminder that there can be no true security, no real wealth, if the earth is not protected and cared for. Currently in Leo, Ceres asks for recognition, appreciation and love. On this Full Moon, you may want to make an offering to Ceres, honoring her with an act of devotion. (One devotional action idea is to donate to the organization Ceres which feeds sick people in need)

You can also work with Ceres by exploring how you appreciate and recognize those who feed you, from farmers to cooks. How do you show your gratitude for the abundance you receive? Who do you feed and what are you providing for nourishment? How do you receive and gracefully take in what is offered to you? This week offers a chance for deep healing on many levels, if you are willing to flow with the Scorpio season and continue to do the work of transformation, letting go and releasing what is no longer serving your essential self.  


Aries and Aries Rising

As Scorpio season continues to rattle all the skeletons in your closet, this week’s Full Moon asks you to stop and take a moment to notice who you are becoming. You may be feeling undernourished when it comes to expressing your true essence in the world. The Full Moon asks you to figure out what you need to nourish your own unique creative spirit. What kinds of people, experiences and practices can help you to create a life more in alignment with your essence and values? Are there values that you have that are in the process of changing? How do your personal values align with the values you share with others? Hopefully you will make time this week to explore these kinds of questions so that you can gain more clarity about how to live a life that is meaningful. The Saturn/Chiron square will also offer you a chance to uncover and heal any parts of you that feel victimized or “done wrong” by another. This week, you can rewrite the stories of victimization you may be holding on to and create new and more empowering stories to live by in the future.


Taurus and Taurus Rising

This week’s Full Moon offers you an invitation to return home to yourself and discover what nourishes and feeds you at the deepest levels. The dynamic energy of this Full Moon may feel pulled in several different directions at once, so if it seems like you are getting distracted from your own process by other people’s crisis’ and demands, it could be time to set boundaries that are both clear and kind. You are under no obligation to offer up your peaceful, grounded nature for others consumption, so remember that when you share yourself with other people, it is a gift to be respected and honored. The Full Moon can also bring a greater clarity around what you want and need in relationships and what you want and need for yourself alone. This lunation helps you to gain perspective on what you have been learning and working on in your most important relationships, taking a pause to assess what might need to change. As you nurture yourself, drawing on Ceres in Leo’s journey through your 4th house, you are able to more easily understand what it is that you need from others.


Gemini and Gemini Rising

Prepare to listen and learn from your dream life this week as the Full Moon lights up your 12th house. You have a chance to gain new insights on habits and patterns that have been preventing you from feeling as strong and healthy as you might like by tuning into your unconscious mind and listening to what is going on in this mysterious realm. With Taurus in the mix, it’s important to go slow and stay steady as you work to undo damage from the past. If you can try and be patient and take your time, the Full Moon will bring you the understanding you need to make some important shifts in your approach to wellness. Communication can also play an important part in your healing process this week as you gain more confidence in asking for what you need. If you have felt at all like a victim this year, this week offers you a chance to re-write your own story. But you may find that you first have to set a boundary in an important relationship in order to change this story, or you may need to take some time away from your relationships in order to focus more on your own needs.


Cancer and Cancer Rising

Imagine during this Full Moon week that you can time travel, that you now have the ability to journey into the future and observe how your creative efforts have unfolded over time. What do you notice about what you have created? How have your creations played out and what have they turned into? How has the baby (literal or metaphorical), grown into an adult? This Full Moon on your 5th/11th house axis, offers you an opportunity to test drive and experiment with your creative capacity, amplifying your awareness of how you express yourself and how this self-expression is then reflected back to you through the lense of your community and the potential future. If you like what you see in your future imaginings, proceed as planned. If your current mode of self-reflection, playfulness and romance in your life is not what you want it to be, now is the time to transform how you approach your wellspring of inspiration. This may call for a re-boot in your investment in yourself. Ceres in your 2nd house asks you to nurture and nourish your self-esteem in order to have more juice to guide your future and your ability to create the life you that best expresses who YOU are.


Leo and Leo Rising

With Ceres moving through your sign right now, issues of nurturing, mothering and nourishment are front and center for you. You are doing deep work around what you need to feed your body, mind and spirit to be your best self. You may need to explore family patterns from the past that are influencing your current relationship to self-care. Part of what feeds you is appreciation and praise from others and right now, that may be in short supply. This is the time to try and self-generate the praise and appreciation you crave, so that you aren’t so dependent on receiving it from  outside sources. With the Full Moon happening in your 10th house of career and public reputation, you have a real opportunity to explore how you are making an impact on the world and shift course if what you observe is not in alignment with your larger goals. This lunation offers you a chance to see yourself in the spotlight and make changes to your performance if you feel that what you are presenting is not firmly rooted in the strong foundation of the depth and emotional power you have available to you.


Virgo and Virgo Rising

What do you believe and what is the story that you tell yourself and others about what you believe? While Scorpio has been travelling through your 3rd house you have had an opportunity to dive deeply into your communication patterns, hopefully discovering and uncovering a voice in you that allows you to be both vulnerable and honest. The Taurus Full Moon shines a light on this process, amplifying your awareness of how you are communicating your truth to the world. This Full Moon asks you to make connections between your beliefs and life philosophies and how you are presenting these concepts in a practical, day to day format. Ceres in Leo in your 12th house is also activated by this lunation, encouraging you to explore how you are nurturing yourself spiritually. You may find it helpful to retreat and listen to your own inner voice this week in order to gain more clarity and insight. As the Saturn/Chiron square energizes your 10th house of public reputation and 7th house of relationships, it will be helpful to find a balance between the focus you put on your work in the world and the need to attend to important relationships.


Libra and Libra Rising

This week’s Full Moon is likely to bring you a greater awareness of how you share your energy, gifts, skills and resources with others. Are you sharing too much? Not enough? How do you decide to share what you do? The Full Moon brings insights that can help you make better decisions around how you want to direct your life force in the future. Notice what comes to light this week in particular around the themes of generosity vs. selfishness, transparency vs. secrecy, investment in self vs. investment in others. Your growth edge comes from being able to become more balanced in the way that you hold onto your resources and skills and how you share them with others. With Ceres in Leo in your 11th house there is also a call for attention from friends and community who may be feeling in need of greater nurturing or care this week. If you start to feel stretched thin in response to demands placed on you by other people, remember that it is ok to take a break, set a boundary and withdraw in order to take care of yourself.


Scorpio and Scorpio Rising

The Sun, Mercury and Jupiter have been moving through your sign for the last couple of weeks, reconnecting you with your sense of self and your deeper purpose. Now, as the Full Moon arrives in your opposite sign of Taurus, you have a chance to look in the mirror of relationships and gain insight on how you have been changing. How does the current you relate? What do you need, want and expect? Who can you ask to meet your needs? This lunation offers you the opportunity to process some of your changes with the assistance of those you trust the most. As you ground yourself in the power of earthy Taurus, you have a chance to gain perspective, insight and a sense of safety and comfort. Be aware that Ceres in Leo travelling through your 10th house may provide you some challenges in focusing on this work of self vs. other. As Ceres has lit up your 10th house, you may have been serving as a beacon of light and warmth to those in need. The Full Moon asks that you re-adjust the balance of your energy and attention back towards your own needs and the needs of those you are in close intimate relationships with.


Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising

Whatever has been hiding away in the unconscious dream realm of your 12th house is due to emerge this week into the light of day as the Full Moon amplifies your 6th house of routines, wellness and service. The Scorpio “do-over” of your house of secrets is bringing you change and transformation that may be hard to grasp or even understand right now. But the Taurus Full Moon allows some of these changes to emerge into your every day world. You may feel inspired to implement new diet or exercise routines or make a shift in habits that have felt fixed in place for awhile. Ceres in Leo in your very own 9th house is catalyzing a greater awareness of how your beliefs shape your approach to health and wellness. Are you nurturing and caring for yourself in accordance with your philosophies and beliefs? If not, is there anything that you’ve recently become aware of in your unconscious mind that may help you understand why you are not living according to your beliefs? This week offers you a chance to observe and notice more closely how your actions may be motivated by unconscious needs, desires and impulses.



Capricorn and Capricorn Rising

As Scorpio has moved through your 11th house of friends, the future and community, you’ve had a chance to dive deep into this realm, exploring more closely what you want and need. This week’s Full Moon opens up a new door, bringing you in touch with your creative self and asking you what your unique contribution is to the future and to your community. You have a chance to look more closely at what you have to offer and also what you might want to offer in the days ahead. Ceres in Leo in your 8th house of shared resources is also activated at this Full Moon, bringing forward the issue of what you want to share, invest and contribute to help create a more sustainable future. You natural inclination is to be conservative and contained with your resources, saving them for the long term.

At this lunation, you may feel challenged to be generous now and share more of your resources. It is up to you to explore what you can give away and what you need to keep in order to feel safe and secure.


Aquarius and Aquarius Rising

Your work this week is to ground into yourself, reconnecting to your roots, your foundation,  and your deep self. No matter what is happening in the outside world, no matter what is happening in your relationships, as the Full Moon energy grows, your job is to come home to yourself. Ceres in Leo is moving through your 7th house, activating your mirrors, your others, your relationship peoples who are asking for, or offering attention. You may have some mirrors who are giving you perfect love, acceptance and deep nourishment, you may have other mirrors who are needy, creating drama and hungry for attention. Ceres square the Full Moon is bringing all of your relationships to you, wanting you to look, to explore, to feed and nurture what feels right to you, withdraw from what doesn’t and then to return back to yourself. The Taurus lunation asks you to look for your peace inside of yourself. It asks you to notice how you get grounded and also how you find your center. You may need some silence, you may need nature, you may need a massage. Whatever feels most like doing the “Taurus thing” this week is the thing for you to do.


Pisces and Pisces Rising

Chiron, the asteroid of the wounded healer, has been moving through your sign for awhile now. This last year, it has formed an on-again, off-again square to the planet Saturn. This week, the final round of this square comes to an end. This means that this is the week for you to put the final touches on your re-write of any story that you have told about yourself as the victim, the scapegoat, the one who suffers. This week, Saturn gives you a chance to create a new form for your story. Saturn responds best to hard work, commitment and focus, so how can you do a re-write that makes you the heroine? The Superhero/ine even? With the Taurus Full Moon lighting up your 3rd house, communication is strongly emphasized, making it even more important that you focus on how you can best express yourself. Your best medicine this week is to find your truth and create your own personal narrative in some kind of earthy form. So what is your best container for self expression? Writing, visual, dance, design? You have an opportunity to showcase the reality that you want to invest in, to tell a new story that empowers you and brings you hope.


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