Cosmic Love Notes October 23-29

October 24 Mercury trine Neptune/Sun sextile Moon

October 26 Sun conjunct Jupiter

October 27 Venus square Pluto/Mercury sextile Pluto

Scorpio season is a transition time, as the wheel of the year turns once more. The leaves change colors, the light shifts and the temperature drops. If we are following the guidance of the seasons, we begin to plan our retreat inward, headed towards the warm embrace of the cave of night as winter comes closer. Scorpio season 2017 arrives with a powerful flow of moving water: four planets, (plus asteroid Chiron) are now in either Scorpio or Pisces. This is the time to feel all your feels, let down your guards, curl up and nest, strengthen your bonds and dig deep into the underground caverns of self.


This week’s cosmic love note brings you Mercury in Scorpio trining Neptune on Tuesday. On this day, plan to keep your intuition antennas up, ready to receive messages from spirit that offer love and support for all beings. Tuesday evening, October 24th,  the Scorpio Sun forms a sextile to the Capricorn Moon, bringing easy creativity and guidance in staying focused on the things that really matter to you.

But the really big (literally!) news this week comes on Thursday, October 26, which in some astrological circles is being referred to as “the luckiest day of the year”.


For some, this over the top (Jupiter style), astrological fortune telling style predication may be true, but many of us will likely experience more subtle effects as the conjunction plays out depending on our natal chart and our current reality. Either way, luckiest day of the year, or subtle influence, Thursday’s interaction between the Sun and Jupiter Scorpio shows potential to bring opportunities, growth and openings as the vibrant life force of the Sun dances a cheek to cheek tango with the expansive abundance of Jupiter in the sign of magic, sex and power.


Just remember that what you choose to do with this day will in many ways (again depending on how the Sun/Jupiter meeting interacts with your natal chart) determine how lucky it is. YOU have the power (remember Glinda’s wise words to Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz: “The power was in you all along my dear”), the planets and stars are what you make of them, not the other way around. Look to the house (see horoscopes below) in your chart where this cosmic union takes place for more clues as to how to make the most of this laser beam of transformation, healing and intensity.

The week ends with even more Scorpionic juju as Venus squares Pluto and Mercury sextiles Pluto. Venus in Libra wants to keep things lovely and light and Pluto in Capricorn isn’t having it, this can be sexy or painful depending on your intention and how you work with this energy. Luckily, Mercury arrives an hour later to help air things out, process whatever came up and support conversations that are kind, honest and necessary.


Aries and Aries Rising

You have a chance to do some deep sea exploring in one of the spookiest areas of your chart as the Sun and Jupiter bring their power packed planetary duo to your 8th house of sex, death and power. Usually you thrive on a challenge, but the watery realm of emotion and mystery is still a little scary, even for you Aries. This week’s vibe gives you a chance to invite some of your skeletons out of the closet to a cosmic dance party that frees them up to go on to a better place. If there are secrets you are tired of hiding, pain that you don’t want to carry around anymore or resources that you no longer want to share with someone, use the Scorpio force to purge, let go and release. Scorpio doesn’t just deal in physical death, this water sign also teaches about what it means to let go of the snake skins that are ready to be shed, as life continues differently, but also the same.  Though you may need to slow down a little to reap the best benefits, this week offers you up a chance to rid yourself of any baggage that has been keeping you trapped in the past.


Taurus and Taurus Rising

Scorpio season invites you to step into your own depths by exploring your reflection through the mirror of other people. Who is showing up or not showing up right now? What lessons can you learn from the people you are encountering in your life? Some of them may be reflecting the more challenging sides of you back to you. Some of them may be reflecting your best qualities. Pay attention to how you interact with everyone you relate to this week and notice where you are being asked to stretch and grow. The Sun/Jupiter conjunction gives you a chance to transform your perception and reality of what is possible in relationship. Practice cultivating expansion and growth as you respond to others this week. Ask yourself: What would it mean if you allowed yourself to be more vulnerable? More open and emotional? What would it mean if you felt truly empowered in your most intimate relationships? This is the week to explore what power, vulnerability and soulful connection might look like. You have the solid, grounded foundation that you need to dive into the deepest realm of Scorpio’s cauldron of magic and transformation. Whether you decide to take the leap is entirely up to you.


Gemini and Gemini Rising

Scorpio prepares us for winter, bringing us down and in-guiding us to reconnect with our deepest selves. Your season is Spring, when the bees are buzzing, the light is growing and life is busy re-creating itself. So Scorpio season is a time in the cycle of the year when you may feel reluctant to participate in the collective planetary flow. You may resist the journey towards Scorpio’s cave of magic and mystery. This year though you are offered an incentive, via the cosmic pairing of the Sun and Jupiter, which amplifies your 6th house of wellness, day to day routines, service and mentors. You may notice doors opening in this realm of your life, opportunities offered, gifts coming your way. Notice who you encounter this week, notice what connections you make and what information comes your way, especially as it relates to 6th house themes. You could find a new exercise class, meet a co-worker who broadens your perspective, or receive a healing treatment that shifts your health in a positive direction. All of these things are possible if you stay open to the powerful transformational magic that Scorpio offers.


Cancer and Cancer Rising

If you’ve been wondering where the romance is in your life, this week could bring some juicy action your way as the Sun and Jupiter in sexy Scorpio enhance your 5th house of fun, romance and creativity. This is a powerfully fertile combination, filled with all the possibilities of the depth and power of the water signs to create new life (take note for those who want to make a baby and also those who do not). The action won’t happen however without your participation and receptivity. As a Cancer, one of your special gifts is nest making, i.e. creating a space for life to flourish and grow. So this week, the more time, energy and effort you devote towards feathering your nest, the more likely it is that you will soon have a beautiful egg, full of potential to put in it. What form is your nest going to take and how will you make it a safe, comfortable, nurturing and sustaining place for life to grow? Will you make an alter, decorate a room, paint a painting, dance a dance, write a story or poem? The Sun and Jupiter invite you to express your most distilled and inviting essence, showcasing your inner beauty to the world to attract in the energy that you most need right now.


Leo and Leo Rising

Scorpio season offers you a chance to dive deep into your roots, following yourself down into your underground cavern of self and discovering there your own hidden treasures. The Sun/Jupiter conjunction happens in your 4th house, the “Midnight House”, the house of ancestors, home and family. But this is also the house that contains the rich fertile ground of your inner world. Your imagination and the private dream spaces that nourish you are part of this house’s terrain. When the Sun and Jupiter meet here you are invited to travel inwards and explore the adventures of your soul. You may see signs of this inward journey manifest in the outer world through corresponding changes in your physical home environment. Or you may choose to work this energy out in your home by redecorating, expanding or making changes that make you feel more secure, private and nurtured. The gift of this week is in the growth that is offered, the opening and the expansion that is possible in one of the most personal areas of your life.


Virgo and Virgo Rising

You excel at discernment, sorting out what is helpful and needed from what is unnecessary or even damaging. Like Psyche in the Greek Myth, when you face what seems to be an insurmountable task, you are often offered help in seemingly magical ways. But sometimes you take this ability to discern too far and that’s when it turns into criticism and nitpicking. The job that already seemed big becomes even bigger, and you refuse the magical help, because it must be PERFECT. As this week’s transits unfold, you have an opportunity to uncover the dynamics of your mind and reveal to yourself what is shaping your perspective on reality. You can assess if you are approaching life with too narrow of a lens and make adjustments where necessary. The Sun/Jupiter conjunction amplifies your 3rd house of communication and thoughts, bringing you growth and spaciousness. Be open to an idea this week that changes your life. Be alert for a conversation that blows your mind (in a good way). Consider that you could write something that has the power to heal and transform. Though you are an expert at shrinking things down to their essence, this week the magic arrives through expansion and openness to the unknown.


Libra and Libra Rising

Your healing arrives this week from a deep and powerful understanding of your own worth. The planets have come into alignment and they have come with gifts for you, gifts that represent the parts of yourself you may have forgotten about, or tossed aside at some point in your life. If you’ve neglected to show yourself respect or honor in the past, this week you can let your hurtfulness towards yourself go. This week offers you a love cocktail made up of opportunities for deep healing. You can sink into the well of yourself, knowing that you are surrounded by support and care. As the Sun and Jupiter bring their Scorpio mojo to work in your 2nd house of resources, self-esteem and talents they offer you all the tools needed to get the job done and revamp this important terrain in powerful and profound ways. If you haven’t asked to be paid what you’re worth, if you’ve been shy about letting people know how good you are at what you do, if you realize you need to add some tools to your toolbox in order to really shine, this week brings you the chance make the changes you need to create a better relationship with your own value.


Scorpio and Scorpio Rising

You don’t really like the bright glare of the spotlight, preferring instead the shadowy spaces of the underground realm. This week, while you probably won’t have to put up with with a beam of light shining in your face, there is a good chance that you will have an opportunity to feel more fully in your power and experience yourself in a more expansive way. The Sun is now in your sign, bringing in your birth month with a bang as it joins Jupiter, which will be moving through Scorpio all year long. Notice what happens this week, as it will set a theme for the rest of your year. There is growth and possibility here and a rich fertile ground to plant the seeds of beginnings. Fertilize the soil, make it ready to receive your wishes and dreams for renewal and a new life. You are on the edge of discovering some grand adventures and a greater territory in which to roam. You are on the way to becoming BIGGER, as you reach out to the world outside and understand more about what the next steps are on your pathway towards the future.


Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising

Scorpio brings its mystery to your 12th house, which is itself a house of secrets and spirits. The watery flow of Scorpio harmonizes with your most hidden house of self, allowing you to drift and flow with the currents of the cosmos now. Your inner treasures are waiting for you behind the veil of the unseen. If you take time to cultivate your relationship to the symbolic realm, the dreamtime and the power of your own unconscious, mystical self, there is much to be discovered and enjoyed. Jupiter, your ruling planet, is taking up residence in your 12th house for the next year, orientating you more closely to your spirit guides, your own deep wisdom and your connection to spirit or the divine.  Jupiter amplifies the bounty of your inner journey, revealing parts of yourself that you’ve never experienced before. Your only work is to follow Jupiter’s lead inwards and create the time and space to retreat as you explore your own uncharted waters. You may find it helpful during this Scorpio season to or return to a dream journal, or begin work with a healing arts practitioner who specializes in symbols and exploration of the unconscious mind.


Capricorn and Capricorn Rising

The 11th house offers a window into the future, a place to explore and try out your hopes and dreams. This is known as the “wishing house” and planets placed here will often help you make your dreams come true, though these planets may not be fully active until you are older and beginning to live your own future. This house is also known as the realm of friends, groups and community, as our connections with the collective help us to contribute to the future of the world we all share. The Sun in Scorpio meets Jupiter here this week, amplifying your focus on this realm of your life. Use this week to explore your dreams for the future, no matter how old your are. What are your wishes, your hopes and your dreams? This is also a good time to gain clarity on what you want to contribute to the future, particularly in the context of your community or circle of friends. You have the potential to have a powerful influence on your collective story, how do you want to make the most of this potential and turn it into a reality?


Aquarius and Aquarius Rising

If you’ve been looking for your luck, this week you may find it in your 10th house. Traditionally the 10th house is known as the house of career and public reputation. But, like every house on the cosmic wheel, there are layers of meaning to uncover that offer a deeper perspective and more profound insights. The 10th house is how you shine in the world, what you offer up like the fruits on your tree of life to share with others. As the Sun and Jupiter meet this week in Scorpio and amplify your experience of your own 10th house, you have an opportunity to reap a harvest from your life’s work. What have you put into your work? What efforts, focus and intention? Scorpio’s depth may ask you to dig down into your deepest emotions, guiding you in the process of emerging with a power that is real, true and vulnerable. Your courage lies in revealing yourself in all your kooky glory, so this is one of the best weeks of the year for flying your freak flag high. As you tap into your own root of power, draw it up, feel it’s magnetic vibration run through you and bring it out into the world.


Pisces and Pisces Rising

If you’ve lost your faith in yourself, this week offers you a pathway (sprinkled with fairy dust), through the woods, back to your own magic. You’ll need to bring a few tools with you on your journey, including your ability to believe in the several impossible things before breakfast (ala Alice in Wonderland). Your ability to feel and your empathy will also aid you on your journey. As you wander through the woods of your own mind, consider these questions: If you could explore anywhere in the world, where would you go? If you could learn about anything, what would it be? If there is a philosophy or belief system that calls to you, what stops you from exploring it further? This week you will find your growth in the 9th house, where the Sun and Jupiter join up to bring you the ability to expand outside of your comfort zone. Your experience of this cosmic pairing is particularly auspicious because Jupiter rules this 9th house, making this beneficial planet even stronger and its gifts more impactful. Hopefully, by the end of the week you will be reunited with your faith in yourself and your ability to create a more magical life.


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