Cosmic Love Notes October 2-8

October 3 Venus trine Pluto

October 5 Venus conjunct Mars/Full Moon in Aries opposing Mercury and square Pluto

October 8 Venus square Saturn

This week the planets bring us a deep exploration of love and freedom, two human experiences that can sometimes seem contradictory. Venus, the planet of love and relationships, welcomes in the week with a trine to Pluto, affirming our very human need to change and grow through intimate relationships. Then on Thursday morning, Venus, the ruler of the Sun in Libra, conjuncts (joins with) Mars, the ruler of the Full Moon in Aries that takes place a couple hours later at 11:40 am pdt on Thursday. Two planets, the Sun and Moon are in a stand-off, opposing each other, giving us a clear view of their differences, differences we need to learn about to become more whole, but meanwhile the two planets that “oversee” these opposing planets are merged in a planetary love affair that rocks the cosmos. This is quite an interesting Full Moon to say the least….

As Venus and Mars dance their sacred dance in the sign of Virgo, amplifying the power of this already powerhouse Full Moon, we are reminded that when we combine love, receptivity and creativity (Venus), with action, will and movement (Mars), we can manifest new life. This is the ultimate fertility combo, so if you want to make a baby, an art project, a book or bring anything new into the world, this week is prime creation time. The house in your chart that the Venus/Mars conjunction falls in will give you clues as to how to make the most of this pairing. (Read horoscopes below for your solar house which is a more general perspective, or for more specific info get a free chart at to find your natal chart houses, or book a reading with me for even more depth!)

Every Full Moon is an exploration of opposites and polarities and offers us all the opportunity to stretch and grow big enough to understand and embody the multitude of diverse ways to be human. This particular Full Moon however, has a particularly strong focus on all the ways that we both connect and separate ourselves from the other people we share space with. The Sun and Mercury in Libra are opposing the Moon in Aries and all form a square to Pluto. Communication is a huge part of this lunation, communication that is authentic, honest and fair. Depth and intensity are also part of the story, because at this lunation we will be challenged to go below the surface and get to the root of what really needs to be said. Pluto supports a purging of poison from the past, so now is the time to lovingly get real and speak truthfully about experiences that you may have not wanted to or been able to share before.


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You are here to learn about how to be courageous, independent and true to yourself. As you go through life and learn how to embody these qualities, you will probably make mistakes. One common Aries mistake is to forget the feelings and emotions of the people you interact with, because you are so focused on your quest for self-discovery. This week, as the Full Moon powerfully activates your sign, you will have to dig deep and take a look at emotions and patterns that may be hidden far below the surface. You will have to learn to be courageous in a different way, trusting that you can still be yourself, while you also consider and take in the needs and emotions of the people you are relating to. You may have to assess what your “deal breakers” are in your relationships and what issues you can negotiate on. You may have to give in a little and let go of some things that you thought you couldn’t live without in order to create a bridge in an important relationship. You will most certainly have to pay some special attention to all the ways in which you communicate, with a particular focus on the art of listening.


Your Full Moon experience gives you a chance to uncover the hidden factors that keep you from being as healthy and productive as you want to be. Part of your Full Moon story revolves around your strong desire to please those you serve, which can lead to you sacrificing your own needs and desires. This is a good week to make a list for yourself of all the things that you would do if you didn’t have to worry about what anyone else would think. You might also want to explore the concepts of sharing vs. selfishness. How and when do you judge yourself as being selfish? Are your judgments valid? What do you share with other people? Is it enough? Too much? These are good questions to ponder, especially as Venus and Mars come together later in the week in your 5th house of romance, creativity and fun.  These two planets joining up in your pleasure house gives you a chance to understand more about what you want and need to experience life more fully.


Mercury, your ruling planet, is a starring player in the powerful Full Moon that takes place this week. Because of this, you may find yourself being asked to support your community or your friends in a more profound way, by offering insight or support around communication related issues. As the energies of the Full Moon grow on Thursday, multiple areas of your life will demand your attention. Luckily, as a Gemini, you are great at multi-tasking. Try to stay anchored in your particular form of genius, which is knowing how to share and gather information in a way that people respond to. You may be the one reporting on or articulating the complex story that is unfolding. You may be documenting your experience and the experience of those you are close to. This process can prove very beneficial to you, as you develop a greater understanding of who you are in relationship to the wider collective. What are you creating or planning to create that can be shared with your community? What do you have to say that needs to be heard? These are the questions to be explored this week, as you embark on a mission to free your voice and the voices of those you love.


This Full Moon calls you into the world, asking you to look at your place in “the family of things” ala Mary Oliver. Despite your reputation as the shy, retiring type-you do have the ability to fight for your space in the limelight. So as the Full Moon in Aries lights up your 10th house of career and public reputation it can be a good time to ask yourself what is worth fighting for. What would you stake your reputation on? You may be asked to leave the safety of your cozy cave and take a stand in a public way. This could be challenging and may even cause some conflicts or confrontations in your relationships, but it is a necessary part of your growth process right now. You are in the process of redefining your relationship to your own power and how to communicate this power out into the world. Venus and Mars in Virgo join forces in your 3rd house of communication this week and help you to better articulate what is on your mind and share it with people in a way that is both your effective and precise.


As the Full Moon lights up your 9th house of adventures, beliefs and mind expansion you are called to stop and take a look at your relationship to your own consciousness. What around you is influencing your beliefs? How are your thoughts contributing to your choices and decisions in life? This Full Moon invites you to ask questions of yourself that challenge your philosophy on life. This is the time to courageously test yourself and explore more deeply what it would mean if you changed or expanded your current version of reality.  At the same time, Venus and Mars bring a fertile burst of energy to your 2nd house of resources and self-esteem, offering you a gift of awareness and a recognition of your own talents and skills. This can be an excellent time to ask for appreciation, especially if you have been feeling deprived of receiving your full on Leo style allotment. Adequate praise can be as important to you as food and fresh air-the only hard part can be when you have to ask for it. The Venus/Mars conjunction in the 2nd bring you the burst of energy you need to get this Leo requirement met.


You have a natural humility that other people often take for granted, assuming that you will be the one to step aside, stay in the shadows or allow someone else to take credit, simply because your basic nature centers around the art of service. This week, you will be called to serve by claiming your space and NOT stepping aside to make room for anyone else. This week, Venus and Mars bring you the gift of magnetism, offering you the chance to demonstrate Virgo charm in the best possible light. At the same time, the Full Moon amplifies your values, giving you an opportunity to explore all the ways that you are living according to what you find meaningful and also looking at how you share your values with those closest to you. You may need to make some adjustments at this Full Moon, aligning your actions more closely with what it is that you believe has meaning. Pluto’s ongoing transformation of your 5th house is encouraging you to find new and more accurate ways for you to express your true essence in the world and the Full Moon acts as a pressure point to help you align your basic values with your efforts towards self expression.


Your birthday month is punctuated by the theme of reconciliation. Over the last several years, as Uranus and Pluto have influenced your Sun, you have been exploring contradiction and paradox in your life and learning to live with the tension created by opposing forces. This week’s Full Moon in Aries brings this tension into a laser sharp focus, allowing you to see clearly what is needed to bring more balance and harmony into any situation in your life that feels challenging or difficult to navigate.  At the same time, Venus, your home planet, joins with Mars, your opposing planet, in your 12th house of the unconscious mind. This can bring you a greater understanding of any hidden dynamics in your psyche that have been contributing to unbalance in your life. You have an opportunity to create a space for healing and growth inside of you, awakening to your own deep capacity for inner peace. You may also be called to act as an anchor for the people you love, helping them by exuding a balanced calm that others can feel just by being around you.


All of the behind the scenes work you have been doing to better understand your unconscious mind and the realm “behind the veil” is brought to the surface at this week's Full Moon. You are now challenged to find a way to bring what you have been learning on your inward journey out into the “real” world. Aries’ influence at this lunation will support you in being bold and courageous as you attempt to translate your spiritual experiences into the world of matter. How can you retain your sense of the sacred as you go about your daily routines? Communication is also an essential part of your Full Moon experience, so journaling or talking with someone you trust are good medicine this week. You will need to cultivate spaces where you can feel authentic and honest as you share the truth of what is on your mind and in your heart. Finally, Venus and Mars join up in your 11th house of the future and community, offering you grounded support as you work to transform your dreams into reality. Friends and community could also be the source of some good times that help you to adjust your perspective long enough that you are able to more clearly understand the next steps on your path.


Jupiter, your home planet, has been traveling through your 11th house of community, groups and the future over the last year, expanding your awareness of the themes of this house. This week's Full Moon activates the Sun in Libra, also currently moving through your 11th house. As Jupiter gets ready to move into Scorpio next week, you can use the potent Full Moon energies to review your progress. Jupiter asks you to explore how you have grown and expanded your relationships to friends and community. Have you reached out to others this year? Are you finding ways to contribute to the community that incorporate your own unique talents and vision? How can you bring greater balance, harmony and justice to your groups and community? What seeds can you plant now for the future that will contribute to a better world for not just yourself, but the collective as well? As Venus and Mars come together in your 10th house of reputation you have a chance to make an impact on the world, contributing your own “special sauce” to the greater good. Think carefully about what you want to bring to the table for what you come up with may live far into the future.


This Full Moon asks you to bring your awareness home to yourself. Though you will likely feel a very strong pull to be out in the world now, getting your work done, you will experience the greatest soul growth at this lunation if you take some time to return to the place that nurtures and feeds you. This can be your actual, physical home, or it may just be an internal state of mind that you cultivate. The powerful impact of the Aries Full Moon on your Sun sign is a push for growth and transformation of your deepest self. Though it may take some time to fully understand all the changes you are going through, this week punctuates your progress, offering you a chance to stop and take a deeper look at how far along you are in your own personal journey. A shift in your perspective can come through opening yourself up to a different perspective via a trip to someplace new, or through learning about a belief system or philosophy that exposes you to an alternative way of thinking. Flexibility and receptivity are two qualities that will be important to cultivate as you go deeper into your inner world.


This is the week that you have a chance, if you want it, to really let loose on speaking your truth to whatever or whoever you feel has power over you. But this freedom will not come without its own set of challenges as you will need to stay grounded in your own integrity and honest assessment of any personal blind spots or sacred cows that could be motivating your message. This Full Moon emphasizes the need for proactivity rather than reactivity in communication, especially with those you most care about. If you can work to get clear and focused on creating a message that is in full alignment with your most important values and beliefs, you will have an opportunity to create profound and positive changes. You may even find that freeing up your voice and speaking your mind gives your libido an added boost as Venus and Mars joining up in your 8th house of sex, death and energy exchange. This planetary passion play could bring some steamy interludes your way, so make some time amidst the Full Moon shenanigans to enjoy connecting to the sexier side of life. The flower essence Trumpet Vine can be a great one to keep in your healing toolbox to help you free up your voice.


Your Full Moon story is focused on gaining a more solid awareness of who you are, what you have and how you share yourself with the world. Are you living your life according to your own values or trying to accommodate to everyone else? You are so good at merging, going with the flow and soaking up the energy around you that you may sometimes find that you are living your life according to someone else's plan. Then, when you find yourself far from your intended path, you can dissolve into victim mode, feeling like you have no power to reverse course. So this is the week to check in with yourself and get grounded in what has meaning to you. What do you care about and value more than anything else? How are you expressing your life in accordance with what has meaning to you? What might need to be tweaked or adjusted in order to live a life of greater honesty and integrity? The cosmic invitation is clear, this Full Moon in Aries is offering you a chance to take action and recommit to yourself and what you hold dear, the rest is up to you.



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