Cosmic Love Notes October 16-22

October 17 Mercury moves into Scorpio

October 18 Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio

October 19 Sun opposing Uranus/New Moon in Libra

October 22 Mars moves into Libra/Sun moves into Scorpio

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A friend and avid horoscope reader wrote to me this week and asked, “which planet is responsible for October”? Between the hurricanes, the Las Vegas shooting, the Northern California fires, the ongoing racial injustices and the exposure of even more sexual violence it sure seems like something is up. But because I live 15 miles from the site of the worst destruction of the fires and have spent all week getting ready to evacuate in moments, I didn’t have much of an answer for her. When I taught my astrology class this week, I was also faced with questions and asked for answers about all the bad things that seem to be happening right now. After all, as an astrologer, it seems like I should know right?

But I don’t have any easy answers. Many signs do point to the August eclipse, which has a reputation for stirring things up along the eclipse pathway of visibility for six months before and six months after an eclipse.

However, I think it’s important to remember that bad things have happened and are continuing to happen to people all over the world. Horrible disasters, war, torture, starvation, the works. But perhaps because of the eclipse, or because of other transits facing the United States chart right now (see below for more), we are, as a country, starting to feel more vulnerable. Eclipses expose and illuminate and shake up lives and perceptions of reality.

In addition to the eclipse, the chart of United States has been, and is still, experiencing major astrological influences similar to what we experienced during the Civil War, the Great Depression and during the heart of the 1960’s. That’s a lot right?

So we are living in interesting times. That’s the fate part of it. How we respond to these ever so interesting times is the free will part. This is the part that is up to each and every one of us and has nothing to do with whether we are an Aries or a Scorpio, or whether our Uranus is squaring our Sun or Pluto is opposing our Venus. The free will part of it is what makes you, YOU. Free will, combined with some insight into your Fate (courtesy of your natal astrological chart) is how you shape your destiny, your experience of your life and your future.

May the cosmic love notes help guide you in the most positive direction as you exercise your own authority over your life using the guidance of the stars and knowledge of their cycles, so you can make the best decisions about how you want to live your “one wild and precious life”. (Mary Oliver)



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The Libra scales tip towards the Season of the Witch

The Libra vibe remains strong this week even as communication planet Mercury moves into Scorpio on Tuesday, bringing a greater depth and intensity to our words. As Jupiter and Mercury join together in a conjunction on Wednesday, there is an opportunity to dig deep and release pent up emotions and left over baggage before the New Moon on Thursday.

This Libra New Moon promises to bring some surprising new directions as it opposes Uranus, the lightning bolt planet of awakening. Libra wants to plant the seeds of justice, balance and harmony but is opposed by a force that wants to win at all costs and doesn’t mind breaking the rules to enforce its will (Uranus in Aries). You may have to get creative to find ways to integrate and blend partnership/autonomy, equality/independence, peace/conflict over the next month as this lunar cycle plays itself out. Mars moves into Libra on Sunday, bringing a “peaceful warrior” energy into the cosmic flow. At it’s best this pairing helps us fight fair, use our will for justice and peace and remember to try putting “the shoe on the other foot” from time to time. But Mars in Libra can also bring passive aggressive, fake and overly accommodating tendencies to the forefront, making it difficult to really relate on the level that the growing Scorpio vibe of depth and honesty would prefer. When the Sun enters Scorpio on Sunday, the balance tips into the sign of the Scorpio, signaling it’s time to get deep and down with yourself as we enter into the season of the witch.

 Aries and Aries Rising

Aries your spirit is so very good at anything that requires courage and leadership. You might be afraid, you might even be very afraid, but when push comes to shove, it’s pretty likely that you will be the one who does the scary thing, the hard thing, the “absolutely terrifying are you out of your f’ing mind” thing. You might not even know this all the time about yourself, you might even think of yourself as a scaredy cat. But this impulse to be a hero/ine is innate in you, just waiting to be activated in the right situation. This week’s new moon asks you to be a courageous leader in a different way, by taking some time to tend to your relationships with the most important people in your life, stepping up to the plate and making moves that enhance the fairness, the kindness and the equality in your interactions. You’ll be at your best (and avoid the more destructive types of relationship dynamics), if you really stretch yourself to understand what is going on in the mind, heart and spirit of those you love the most.


Taurus and Taurus Rising

Taurus, I need to talk to you about one of those words you hate the most: change. One of the reasons you hate this word so much is that when things change it makes it more difficult for you to do what you do best, which is to create sensual, earthy goodness that brings comfort, safety and security to the world. You are so good at that. But part of being alive is dealing with change, growth and transformation, which isn’t always comfortable or cozy and sometimes doesn’t even involve chocolate. As the growing Scorpio influence gains weight in the cosmic story and this week’s New Moon brings some twists and turns, you may experience a desire to hang on even harder to your everyday routines, comfort rituals and familiar way of life. But this week is going to ask you to practice flexibility and embrace growth. The New Moon in Libra activates your 6th house of wellness, service and daily routines, indicating that some of the changes afoot have to do with creating new and better habits that allow you to bring more sweetness and love into your life vis a vis your Venus ruled 6th house. There, that’s not so bad now is it?


Gemini and Gemini Rising

Lucky you, just as the cosmic weather starts to dive deep with Scorpio bringing its all in the form of Jupiter, you get an airy New Moon in Libra to support your free flowing Gemini self. This electrifying New Moon happens in your 5th house of love affairs, fun, children and creativity. This is where your participation in your life becomes important, because you can use this new moon opportunity to plant some pretty wonderful seeds for the future, or you can passively participate in the cosmic drama that unfolds without contributing your very important two cents of free will. Uranus rocking the New Moon from your 11th house will ask you questions like these: What do you want to create that will bring more joy and pleasure into your life? How can you involve your friends and community to participate in this creation in innovative and unusual ways? Is there any romance afoot? If not, why not? Whether you are single or not, this is the Full Moon of the Year for working love mojo. Try dedicating just a little extra time and effort towards inviting the romance back into your life and you will likely be surprisingly pleased at the results over the next few months.


Cancer and Cancer Rising

Where would you like to begin again? What deep part of yourself needs renewal and rejuvenation now? As the New Moon blesses your very own 4th house this week, you can plant the seeds of change and transformation. This New Moon may send up a few shock waves in your auric field, but try to view any surprises or upheavals as opportunities that can show you a clearer pathway to the future. As Mercury and Jupiter meet up in your 5th house of self-expression, creativity and romance, you may find yourself tapping into a wellspring of emotion that needs to be birthed into the world.  Soulfulness is one of your superpowers and the world needs more of it right now. As you let your soul flow through you, you will feel the source of your own strength and ability to nurture, soothe and heal. Allow the changes the New Moon offers to filter in as slowly as you can, taking them one slow and soulful Cancerian step at a time. Soon enough there will be a time to take action in the world, but right now you are only in charge of your own experience.


Leo and Leo Rising

Usually anyone with any kind of Leo signature yearns for and often experiences what some would call a “big” life. You want to see and be seen, have fun, celebrate and play. You don’t think small or act small most of the time. You are a grand shining sun of possibility and creativity. The reason I say all of this is that we are currently, planet by planet, moving towards the full on season of Scorpio.  Scorpio is a sign that relates to Leo from a “square” aspect. Meaning that Scorpio energy tends to excite, attract and stimulate, but also challenges, irritates and frustrates Leo. The Libra New Moon in your 3rd house of communication asks you to approach life from a different perspective and encourages you to observe how you think, what you think about and who and how you talk to about what you are thinking about. Scorpio season enhances these New Moon energies by inviting you to go deep inside of yourself and spend time in your own underground realm. You may resist this call, as Leo prefers the light of the sun rather than the cool darkness of the cave. But the cave is where you will find your magic now, as you search for those treasures that only live in the dark.


Virgo and Virgo Rising

Virgo how often do you appreciate yourself for your wonderful, sensual earth beauty? Do you ever just stop and recognize all the gifts you bring to the world? If not, or not often enough, the New Moon in Libra brings you an opening into what you will need to gently and lovingly soak up all the goodness that is you. Your New Moon beginning may arise on the heels of some surprising awakenings in your most intimate relationships. These developments are supported by Scorpio’s entrance into your 3rd house, emphasizing the need to communicate with passion and honesty. You won’t get away with trying to rationalize your needs or emotions now, because Scorpio demands that you get real with yourself and how you are interacting with those in your most immediate of environments. In old school astrology this ment your neighbors and siblings, but in new school astrology this can also mean your roommates, co-workers and any other people you interact with on a daily basis. This is no time for pussyfooting around, it’s Scorpio’s season  and it’s time to shore up your self-esteem if it’s damaged and then let other people know that there won’t be anymore “taking for granted” attitudes allowed where you are concerned.


Libra and Libra Rising

Libra, even though Jupiter, the planet of abundance and growth and all things good was travelling through your sign all of last year, there were some, well, complications shall we say. These complications came in the form of planetary badass Pluto, god of death, change and power and cosmic trickster Uranus, known for shaking things up. Jupiter in Libra squared these two all year long, bringing you into the mix for the ride of a lifetime. This week’s New Moon in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries, giving you one last zing from the zing master before you get to hopefully have a chance to catch your breath and recover. The New Moon is your opportunity to wake up and take action on any changes that have been percolating over the last year. As the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter in Scorpio begin to work their way through your 2nd house, you have a chance to upgrade your relationship to your self-esteem, resources and values. You may need to expand your perception of what is possible, as you gain new insight on your skills and the gifts that you bring to the world.

Scorpio and Scorpio Rising

This week is a time for you to adjust to the many changes that you have been experiencing over the last several months. One by one, as the planets move into your sign, you will began to feel like you are waking up to yourself in a whole new way. The New Moon in Libra will offer you a chance to cleanse and purify your 12th house of unconscious mind and retreat, connecting you more deeply to the hidden forces in your psyche that influence you in your day to day routines. Scorpio season brings an initiation into the power that comes from the unseen, hidden realm of life. You are the guide who walks into the darkness, unafraid of what might be found there.  As Jupiter moves through your sign over the next year, you will have the chance to transform your basic approach to the world. This transit allows you to become more of the person you want to be, offering you the opportunity to let go of old patterns and limitations that don’t fit with your current reality. Your only challenge will be to recognize, welcome and accept the growth that comes from the planet of expansion and wisdom.


Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising

When your own planet changes signs, as Jupiter did last week, you can count on changing right along with it. Now that Jupiter has taken up residence for the year in your 12th house of retreat and the unconscious mind, you have a chance to turn to the most mystical, mysterious and unknown parts of yourself to explore and investigate. The Sun and Mercury join Jupiter this week for month long journey through this house, orientating you and offering guidance around Jupiter’s longer visit. Then the New Moon in Libra activates your 11th house of community and the future, making this a good time to plant seeds for the future as you explore what kind of dreams, hopes and wishes attract you the most. A New Moon in the 11th house also promises to bring new friendship opportunities and ways to connect to community. All you have to do is set your intentions and show up. Uranus’ opposition to this New Moon will probably bring a few surprises your way, but nothing you can’t handle and you may even find all the action invigorating as the planets form only positive aspects to your Sun and Rising sign.


Capricorn and Capricorn Rising

This is a very interesting New Moon for you Capricorn as the Sun, Moon and Venus activate your own 10th house of career. You’ve already been feeling the electric currents of Uranus in Aries ripple through your 4th house of home, family and roots, but this New Moon gives you the foresight to see the road ahead of you. You have a chance to plant some important seeds of new beginnings in the area of your life that is most visible. So how do you want to be seen and recognized? What do you want to be known for? As the season slowly tips towards Scorpio, awareness shifts to your 11th house of community, friendships and groups. Jupiter brings expansion and growth to this part of your life, giving you opportunities to create community that is in greater alignment with who you really are. But because Scorpio is involved, there is emotional work that must be done before you can take advantage of the possibilities that Jupiter is ready and willing to offer. You may need to heal wounds or release old baggage from your past that you have been carrying around with you for awhile. Now is the time, the rest is up to you!


Aquarius and Aquarius Rising

With the New Moon in Libra opposing your ruling planet Uranus, you are feeling the electric buzz of this lunation more than most. The New Moon opposition lights up your 3rd house of communication and your 9th house of belief systems. As the lunar cycle plays itself out, you will have a chance to find a way to integrate what you believe with what you communicate. You may find yourself shocking or surprising some people, but that is par for the course with you Aquarius, so the surprises that occur are to be expected. Scorpio season approaching may bring some challenges of a different kind as your fellow fixed water sign takes a stand in your 10th house of career and public reputation. You will have to curb any tendencies you have towards distancing yourself from intense emotions and instead work to feel, process and share the depths you are experiencing in some kind of public forum. You may be called to offer support in times of crisis or find that you are called upon to show leadership around an intense situation that arises. You have the power, you just have to dig deep and let it rise up!


Pisces and Pisces Rising

Your Libra season finishes up in the most private of places: your 8th house of sex, death and shared resources (ie money, investments, etc.). The New Moon here gives you an opportunity to make a fresh start in this area of your life, a new beginning with a twist brought to you courtesy of Uranus in Aries. The trickster planet has been shaking up your 2nd house of self-esteem and resources for awhile, but this New Moon allows you to take all those changes and channel them into your plans for the future. Meanwhile, Scorpio is getting ready for go time in your 9th house of travel, belief systems and publicity. Jupiter, the planet that rules the 9th house, is already making itself at home, with Mercury and the Sun arriving this week. Scorpio asks you: what do you want to learn this year? How do you want to expand, grow and step outside of your comfort zone? You’ll be answering these questions all year long, but over the next couple months it will be prime time to focus in on a plan of action.


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