Encourages grounding into the earth as well as spiritual growth in the midst of chaos, shock and surprises.

Take 3 drops 2-4 times a day or add to water bottle.
Use externally in bath, spritzer or lotion.

Ingredients: Corn, Dill, Star of Bethlehem flower essences and Smoky Quartz gem essence in a base of Rose and Honeysuckle infused brandy.

Corn: Grounds and centers you in your body. Brings a greater sense of connection to the earth.

Dill: Feeling overwhelmed and disorientated by too much information/technology. Helps to process, absorb and make the most of a large amount of sensory input or stimulation.

Star of Bethlehem: Restores and soothes when a shock has occurred. Brings connection to spirit as a source of healing and renewal.

Smoky Quartz: Brings a grounded sense of connection while detoxifying from unwanted energies and influences. Connects the body to the earth

The base of these flower power elixirs is a combination of: purified water charged with quartz crystals, brandy infused with organic local honey and organically grown roses from my garden. The flower essence blends are made from either a mixture of flowers I grew or hand harvested from the wild of Sonoma’s west county, or they are sourced from a local flower essence company.

Every essence has been made in accordance with lunar and planetary cycles, depending on the intention of the particular blend.

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