Saturn helps to develop patience and resilience. Encourages ability to manifest dreams and build foundations.
Take 3 drops 2-4 times a day or add to water bottle.
Use externally in bath, spritzer or lotion.

Ingredients: Blackberry, Elm, Gentian, Penstemon, Sage, Rose flower essences and Amethyst gem essence in a base of Rose and Honeysuckle infused brandy.

Blackberry: Supports ability to root in and develop the strength and will to manifest in the external world.

Elm: When responsibilities seem overwhelming and exhaustion and overwhelm set in. Helps bring a sense of ease and support from nature and spirit.

Gentian: To develop feelings of inner faith and hope when there is little to be found in the external realm.

Sage: Learning from life experiences and patterns. Seeing karmic connections and gaining wisdom from the aging process.

Penstemon: Develops fortitude and resilience when life seems unfair.

Rose: Raises awareness of beauty, especially in the complexity of life. Enhances love and pleasure.

Amethyst: Spiritual clarity and protection, helps to calm and soothe nerves.

The base of these flower power elixirs is a combination of:

  • Purified water charged with quartz crystals
  • Brandy infused with local honey and organically grown roses.

The flower essence blends are made from either a mixture of flowers I grew or hand harvested from the wild of Sonoma’s west county, or they are sourced from a local flower essence company.

Every essence has been made in accordance with lunar and planetary cycles, depending on the intention of the particular blend.


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