Pluto helps integrate “shadow” sides of personality while developing personal power and strength. Take 3 drops 2-4 times a day or add to water bottle. Use externally in bath, spritzer or lotion.

Ingredients: Black-Eyed Susan, Penstemon, Sagebrush, Sweet Chestnut flower essences and Black Tourmaline gem essence in a base of Rose infused glycerine.

Black-Eyed Susan: Helps to integrate all parts of the personality, recovering power and energy that may be blocked from trauma or upsetting experiences from the past.

Penstemon: Helps build fortitude and resilience when life seems unfair or harsh.

Sagebrush: Purifies and cleanses old patterns and emotions that don't fit with current sense of self. Brings a greater connection to the true self.

Sweet Chestnut: Brings courage and faith when life seems bleak and hopeless. This remedy is for "dark nights of the soul" times, when all seems to be lost. Helps restore a sense of connection to spirit as a source of sustenance and hope.

Black Tourmaline: Helps support detoxification process and release accumulated negative or unwanted energies. Protective, grounding and "rooting". Supports and nourishes the 1st chakra.

The base of these flower power elixirs is a combination of:

  • Purified water charged with quartz crystals
  • Brandy infused with local honey and organically grown roses

The flower essence blends are made from either a mixture of flowers I grew or hand harvested from the wild of Sonoma’s west county, or they are sourced from a local flower essence company.

Every essence has been made in accordance with lunar and planetary cycles, depending on the intention of the particular blend.

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