Neptune supports soulful connections, psychic protection, boundaries and enthusiasm for life. Take 3 drops 2-4 times a day or add to water bottle. Use externally in bath, spritzer or lotion.

Ingredients: Centaury, Fawn Lily, Forget-Me-Not, St. John’s Wort, Wild Rose flower essences and Lapis Lazuli gem essence in a base of Roses and (local) Honey infused brandy.

Centaury: Encourages strong sense of self and own needs; supports ability to say no and set boundaries when needed. If you are one of those people who feel that you allow yourself to be taken advantage of and feel you are "too nice", Centaury is the remedy for you.

Fawn Lily: Feeling too sensitive to engage with the outside world. Delicate nervous or energetic system. Helps you to feel protected and supports an engaged spiritual presence when interacting with others.

Forget-Me-Not: Feeling connected to spirit world and beloved dead. Heals feelings of loneliness and separation that can arise from feeling cut off from spirit.

Love-in-the Mist: Encourages the ability to share intuitive and spiritual gifts with others, strengthening the ability to communicate these gifts with confidence and ease. Also purifies emotional wounds from the past, freeing the soul up to see life more clearly. This essence helps the “mistiness” of spirit emerge in a supportive rather than confusing manner.

Wild Rose: Feeling hopeless and disengaged with life. A lack of life force energy. Wild Rose encourages "joie de vivre" and enthusiasm for life. Renews vitality and engagement with life.

Lapis Lazuli: Clears unwanted energies and grounds you in your own spiritual power and connection. Encourages receptivity and understanding of messages from spirit and the divine.


The base of these flower power elixirs is a combination of:

  • Purified water charged with quartz crystals
  • Brandy infused with local honey and organically grown roses

The flower essence blends are made from either a mixture of flowers I grew or hand harvested from the wild of Sonoma’s west county, or they are sourced from a local flower essence company.

Every essence has been made in accordance with lunar and planetary cycles, depending on the intention of the particular blend.

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