Saturn Session: how to be a better adult

Saturn Session: how to be a better adult


Having your Saturn Return I or II? Want to learn how to get better at “adulting”? Curious how you can excel or become an expert in your field? Or do you just want to just focus on Saturn in your chart and learn how to make the most of this famous ringed planet?

Saturn is the planet known by the ancient astrologers as the planet of “melancholy” ie “depression” and was said to bring hardship, suffering and sickness.

But if this is the case, why do so many successful people have Saturn strong in their charts? Why is Saturn also associated with maturity, resiliency, wisdom, depth and mastery?

During your first Saturn transit you cross the threshold into the official astrological age of becoming an “adult”, leaving your youth behind and stepping through one of the major initiation cycles of being human.

In this 45 minute session I will focus in laser beam like on your natal Saturn. First I’ll explore your Saturn’s sign, house and aspects to other planets and then take a look at Saturn’s past, current and near future transits.

You’ll come away from this experience knowing how to work with your Saturn to reap (notice the symbol for Saturn looks like a scythe! And Saturn is known as the original “Father Time”.) the best from your natal Saturn placement and current Saturn transits.

Art by Steve Butko

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