Birth Chart Consultation

Birth Chart Consultation


This is the perfect reading for first time clients!

A birth chart consultation provides you with clarity and insight about your gifts, challenges and life patterns. Learn about your personal North Star and how you can help yourself stay centered when life feels chaotic. This reading also covers current events and takes a look at how the planets will effect your chart in the future. 


How does it work?

1. Pay for your reading online

2. I will email you to find a good date and time to either talk on the phone/skype or in-person in Sebastopol, CA

3. I will contact you to schedule a date and time

4. At our appointment time we will talk for an hour about your natal birth chart and also forecast the energetics of the planets in relationship to your chart in the next 6 months (this is called your "astrological transits").

5. Don't have time for an appointment? Check out my Guided offering for a direct to your in-box astrology option

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