Astrology Chart (for new clients only)

Astrology Chart (for new clients only)


For those who are new to my work, new to astrology or anyone wanting a more focused look at their natal birth chart

An astrology chart consultation provides you with clarity and insight about your gifts, challenges and the unfolding story of your life. Learn about your astrological North Star (the North Node) and how you can use this potent astrological zone to help you stay centered and focused on your soul's purpose. Depending on your interest and what else is happening in your chart, I will also weave in the stories of the asteroids (Chiron, Juno, Vesta, Pallas and Ceres). This consultation covers current planetary (and life) events and also looks ahead to how the planets will effect your chart six months into the future (in astrospeak we call this " the transits and progressions".)

Time: 1 hour

How does it work?

1. Book your consultation online and fill out the online form (which will appear once you click “add to cart” above.)

2. I will email you as soon as I receive your on-line booking and confirm a date and time for our appointment.

3. We will meet either in person in Sebastopol, CA or by Zoom or by phone.

4. At our appointment time we will talk for an hour about your natal birth chart

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