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Connect to the stars and connect with yourself. Guided is a tailored service offered by Wisestars Apothecary to empower you with astrological knowledge in order to better understand cosmic forces and how they affect you and the world. 

Included in Guided services are the following:

  • A written overview of the planetary transits for the month and how they interact with your personal astrological chart. Delivered to you via email at the beginning of every month.
  • Flower essence and holistic remedy recommendations that can help you during these phases as well as rituals, books or videos.

This information is included in a personalized write-up but we are available to you for additional guidance including: 

  • An hour long group phone/Skype session to talk about the monthly cosmic happenings and answer questions.
  • Email support if you have questions about the material covered

With a Guided Subscription you are also entitled to discounts on all Wisestars Apothecary products

There is no obligation to subscribe and each Guided session can be purchased each new month. SPECIAL OFFER: sign up for 3 Guided months at a time for $219 ($73 a month)

Three Months of Guided:
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