For those who are new to my work, new to astrology or anyone wanting a more focused look at the natal birth chart

A birth chart consultation provides you with clarity and insight about your gifts, challenges and the unfolding pattern of your life. Learn about your personal North Star and how you can help yourself stay centered and focused on your soul's purpose. I will also weave the stories of the asteroids (Chiron, Juno, Vesta, Pallas and Ceres) into your chart depending on your interest. The Birth Chart Consultation covers current planetary (and life) events and also looks ahead to how the planets will effect your chart six months into the future (in astrospeak we call this " the transits".) 1hour

How does it work?

1. Book your consultation online and fill out the online form

2. I will email you as soon as I receive your on-line booking and let you know which of the dates you chose work.


healing with plant energies


Flower essences work with your chart on a vibrational level. Flower essences effect the subtle energy body and can result in profound shifts in perception and patterns. During a consultation I will recommend one or more essences or blends designed to work with your natal chart and/or your current transits.

I will customize any Wisestars Flower Essence or Wisestars Body product for you according to your current transits.

Flower Essence Consults (without a full reading) include a twenty minute overview of the current patterns in your chart. I will share why the prescribed essences are appropriate for your current planetary weather and review your future star trends. 




Using astrology and other tools, this consultation helps you and another person understand your challenges and maximize your potentials, including communication dynamics, chemistry and conflict management. 

This consultation uses the natal birth charts of two people in a relationship of any kind. Both parties involved in the reading must consent to having their birth data explored and know that this reading is taking place, however, both parties do not have to be present for the reading to take place. (highly recommended that each person have an individual natal chart consultation done before the relationship session) 1-1.5 hour