Rosylicious Sugar Scrub

Rosylicious Sugar Scrub


4 oz

(All organic: Rose infused Coconut Oil/Sunflower Oil, Rose infused Sugar, Aloe Vera juice and Rose powder. Rose, Mandarin and Honey Absolute essential oils, and Rose, Mountain Pennyroyal, Star Tulip, Sagebrush flower essences, Rose Quartz Gem essence).

Rosylicious Sugar Scrub is five layers of rose bliss, including: rose infused oil (both coconut and sunflower), rose powder, rose essential oil, two different rose flower essences and rose quartz gem essence. As you scrub you will be surrounded by the comforting, sensual beauty of the rose. Flower essences were specially chosen to enhance the ability of this scrub to not only clean the body, but also to cleanse and open the heart. Regular use of the Rosylicious Scrub will help you listen more carefully to your own “voice in the shower”. 

  • Flower/Gem  Essences:

  • Rose: nurtures self-love and open hearted awareness, nurturing, comforting and soothing.

  • Pink Lady Encourages feelings of beauty and self-worth. Strengthens relationship to the feminine divine and helps to incorporate a sacred connection to sexuality.

  • Mountain Pennyroyal Cleanses the mind and energy body of unwanted or toxic thoughts and energies taken on from others. Brings positive mental clarity and focus.

  • Star Tulip Helps awaken receptivity to inner guidance and messages from the divine through dreams and meditation.

  • Sagebrush Purifies and cleanses old patterns and emotions that don't fit with current sense of self. Brings a greater connection to the true self.

  • Rose Quartz builds confidence, unconditional love and heals heart from old wounds.

  • Directions: Apply liberally to the body, scrub with love and rinse.

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