Rosylicious Body Butter/Cream

Rosylicious Body Butter/Cream


1.7 oz

Body Butter Cream

Enhance love, sensuality and beauty with this rich, luscious butter/cream. Enjoy a special blend of essential oils, flower and gem essences intended to increase love and pleasure. Rose infused honey moisturizes the skin and gives this body butter/cream a delicious flavor. Use on the face and/or body. Great for massage and other sensual pleasures.

  • Name: Rosylicious Body Butter Cream

  • 4 oz.

  • Ingredients: (All Organic) roses infused in olive and coconut oils, Sonoma County beeswax, vitamin E, rose infused honey

    • Essential OIls: rose, honey absolute, lemon

    • Flower Essences

    • Rose: nurtures self-love and an open hearted awareness, nurturing, comforting and soothing.
      Borage: helps to relieve feelings of hopelessness and emotional heaviness. Encourages an optimistic and positive outlook on life.
      Dogwood: For graceful movement of the body and ease of physical expression. Helps to release trauma from the body and encourage acceptance and joy in the physical incarnation.
      Pretty Face: helps you to feel pretty, inside and out. Promotes self-acceptance and a sense of divine beauty. Encourages inner beauty to radiate out into the world.
      Rose Quartz Gem Essence: builds confidence, unconditional love and heals heart from old wounds.

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