Dandelion Body Butter

Dandelion Body Butter


1.7 oz

(Dandelion infused Organic Coconut oil, Sonoma County Beeswax, Rose, Honey Absolute, Orange and Cacao essential oils, Dandelion, Dill flower essences and Red Jasper gem essence)

Creamy and buttery, this rich body cream smells like rose chocolate infused sunshine. Made in small batches from wild-crafted dandelions and infused in coconut oil for a tension easing muscle rub or massage cream, or just a daily moisturizing cream.

Eases both emotional and physical tension. Helps to integrate sensory overload and over stimulation from technology and modern life. Great for over-planners, over-doers and over-thinkers. Helps to create feelings of inner calm within an active environment.

Dandelion Flower Essence-Energy without effort, releases deeply held physical and emotional tension.

Dill Flower Essence-Calms nervous system, increases ability to absorb and enjoy the abundance of life.

Red Jasper Bead-Nurturing and protective against negativity. Promotes healing of liver.

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