New Moon Musings: how to navigate the “Pisces Flood Zone”

I’m writing this to you from the West County of Sonoma, in the middle of one of the biggest floods in Northern California history. After a summer and fall filled with terrible fires, life is feeling more than a little surreal.

We have now entered the extreme Pisces zone of 2019, a season that is even more watery than usual as Mercury goes retrograde (March 5-March 28) in the sign of the Fish, just a day before the potent New Moon in Pisces almost exactly conjunct its own ruler: the oceanic Neptune.

 Pisces is the last sign in the sacred wheel of 12 celestial archetypes. As the last sign, Pisces serves as a cosmic vessel, like a cauldron holding the dream of life, flavored by the ingredients of magic, imagination, spirit and compassion. Pisces has the ability to open the doors to alternative perceptions of reality, step through portals and enter completely different realms. Pisces is the embodiment of mystery: tantalizing, magnetic, otherworldly and hard to grasp.

 But just like every other sign, Pisces too has its pitfalls: delusion, addiction, madness, victimization, suffering and loss.


As the Pisces influence grows stronger from March 5-20 we are offered an opportunity to swim with the mystery, align our energies with the cosmic flow, open up to nudges from spirit and say YES whenever possible to the magical experience of being alive. Healing happens with Pisces when we connect to the divine, IN WHATEVER FORM. Pisces is the sign of spirituality, rather than organized religion, philosophies of set belief systems  (check out Sagittarius for that). So whether you worship nature, animals, goddesses, gods, symbols or your ancestors (or all the above), you are on the right track. Pisces is the sacred womb where life is held before being birthed into the fiery form (Aries) of Spring.

Let your feelings flow as Pisces opens up your heart chakra, connecting you more deeply to your inner world. If you need to cry, let your tears flow, releasing what has been lost and allowing space for something new to arise.


If you attempt to make every decision based on logic and reason during this time, prepare for disappointment. While logic and reason are important survival skills, this kind of Pisces cycle is not the time to put them in the driver’s seat of your life.  

These weeks are the time to BE more than DO. Trying to make big projects happen, emphasizing action and “pushing the river” will backfire now and likely cause anxiety and depression. Again, use your common sense, this doesn’t mean you need to spend the next 3 weeks in deep meditation, or binge watching movies on the couch, but allowing the energy to unfold will pay off more when the Aries season begins.

And last, but not least: remember that too much water creates a flood, so if you find yourself overwhelmed by emotions or outside energies, remember to take some time by yourself to clear your space. Try breathwork, a detoxifying Flower Salt Bath (recipe below) or exercise (particularly in the forest or by the ocean), to re-center and re-connect yourself to YOU.

Magical Pisces Detox Bath

1 cup of a salt mixture (epsom /dead sea/Celtic Sea)

1/4 cup of hydrogen peroxide

7 drops of Rose Geranium Essential Oil

7 drops of Lavender oil

3 drops of Mountain Pennyroyal flower essence

3 drops of Pink Yarrow flower essence